Space indicates why Moussa scores so many against Newco


I read Kenny Shiels’ comments that Newco’s Barrie McKay was better than James Forrest and Patrick Roberts, making me curious about McKay’s contract. The midfielder’s deal expires in 18 months, but when announcing his contract signing, Newco were unusually frank about their newco status:

“The winger has played a total of 78 times for Rangers, after making his first start in July 2012 against Brechin City at the age of 17.”

Before going onto explain in the same article that “The pacey winger made his Rangers debut against St Johnstone in the Light Blues’ last game of the 2011/12 season.”

If you count, that’s two debuts.  For two Rangers.

McKay was clearly Newco’s best player against Celtic, causing problems from the first minute until their challenge ran out of steam. Tying him into a long-term contract will be a priority (or selling him will be).

Yesterday I noted how Kiernan yelled abuse towards Tavernier at Scott Sinclair’s goal at Ibrox, but as this still shows, the entire Newco defence have questions to answer.

There are five defender goal-side of Stuart Armstrong (not counting one on the wing). As the world was about to find out, Sinclair was unattended, but look at the space Moussa Dembele is in! The two central defenders, who will soon claim to be covering him, are five yards away from him. The defensive line isn’t so much a line as a horseshoe.

This is what Moussa scores so many goals against that lot, he doesn’t get this kind of space against any other opponent.

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  1. Yes the two centre backs are too deep therefore the space for Armstrong to run into. If they were further forward then the run and pass have to be perfect. Tavernier though is ball watching. Anyway that is their problems not ours.

  2. Paul, it almost sounds like SevCo are putting their young starlet in the shop window.



    Maybe they have some cash flow issues.



    Hail Hail

  3. ““The winger has played a total of 78 times for Rangers, after making his first start in July 2012 against Brechin City at the age of 17.”



    Before going onto explain in the same article that “The pacey winger made his Rangers debut against St Johnstone in the Light Blues’ last game of the 2011/12 season.”



    If you count, that’s two debuts. For two Rangers.”



    Or the debut was as a sub and then he laterly made his first start?




  4. As I said in previous article McKay is a decent winger who plays on confidence, just as other wingers do like GMS, JF and PR. PR is the most consistent of them all.



    I hope we can keep onto PR but if not GMS is more skillful than JF and BMcK. I remember him tearing Inter Milan apart in the San Siro before being sacrificed when we went down to 10 men.



    He has all the ability and we will see what magic BR will bring out in him over the next few months.



    Still think that the Beer Sheeva Right wing back and centre mid John Ogu would be good additions to our team. Beer Sheva beat Inter home and away in the Europa League. Ogu’s passing range from deep was excellent.

  5. Just seen highlights again, the subtle touch was IMO moving Izzy and Callum McGregor 7-8 yards further forward at the start of the 2nd half, we got the ball into forward areas quicker, specially to Sinclair, who ran them ragged then.

  6. I thought exactly same



    Does Dembele need to play ?



    Especially as you say 5 minutes cameo roles







    All best wishes to CQN for 2017.




    I saw the highlights from lymmbhoy earlier and find it an interesting curiosity of our season so far that Moussa Dembele is the only Celt to play in all 36 competitive games this season, to date.




    When consideration is given to the number of games he hasn’t started and those weird times when he’s sloped on with five minutes left to play, I’m left to think does a £500k signed contract require a promissory addendum.

  7. Moussa scores against them due to his fantastic movement and intelligence when facing up to der hun, fainting and creating himself space to bang in the goals.



    More to do with Moussa than the hun who are just scared witless of him. :@-)))




  8. Paul67



    Moussa has scored five going on ten against Sevco because they are rubbish.



    Barry McKay is the new Lewis MacLeod ( mind him ) he who was sold to keep the lights on?



    14 appearances for Brentford in two years and McKay will disappear similarly he’s just not EBT



  9. Comments from Kenny Shiels are typical reactionary observations. McKay has been posted missing for 90% of this season where as Forrest has been in outstanding form, whilst playing at a really high level. If Forrest or Roberts were left one on one against Lustig, who had a pretty poor game, I’m sure they would have looked great. This is the kind of crap we have been listening to for the last 18 months. Tavernier, Waghorn and Kiernan were all Galacticos once upon a time. The pre-season best 11 picks are now pretty laughable in hindsight. When will they ever learn?

  10. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Remember Brian McLaughlin playing under Macari and TB (rip) good things were expected from the wee guy but it wasn’t to be.Nambarrie same kinda player,best of a bad bunch.Not my cuppa tea,too weak.If he leaves for some other club could he bag a move to some side in Brazil,home of the coffee bean.

  11. Bhoyjoebelfast



    They might do a player swap with some far eastern club.



    One Wee Nambarrie per four Asians.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    They have to try to put some kind of positive spin on yet another defeat and going 19 points behind. Shiels? a total nobody expressing a view completely out of touch with the real world. They are in the **** and they know it and no amount of spin can save them. Long may it continue.

  13. Sky News doing a piece on Brexit, interviews and graphics outside Celtic Park, .67% Remain superimposed onto a Celtic scarf, Level 5 will be in meltdown….

  14. The stenography warning remains in place. Gale force torrents of p!£h to be expected throughout January.



    Long term the outlook is for a plague of squirrels throughout 2017.

  15. Shiels is a Nomark, take a few quid here and there to talk up the huns, nothing new …

  16. Remember the huns are skint and need to sell anyone they can, cue pages of shi#@ when the Window is open, proclaiming any player as the best in Europe in their position.

  17. Another day of mssm hurt.


    So they resort to getting quotes from ex manager and hun who failed at Kilmarnock to praise their latest incarnation of Messi.


    Are they trying to up the price of any asset they can flog?


    Not sure the English would take any notice of the mssm after they hyped up Boumsong and Wilson who sold to Newcastle and Liverpool for inflated fees.


    Both were absolute flops.


    Compare and contrast that to the players Celtic have sold to EPL?


    Virgil,Victor and Fraser are now arguably 3 of the best players in their positions in the EPL while their last Messi(McLeod) has failed in the championship.


    Why allow stupidity to form the narrative ?



    They did the same after the 5-1 humiliation, extolling Windass’ . It’s called clutching at straws, and they’re world record holders at it.



    Mckay’s howling at the moon yesterday, Shiels’ today; joy to behold, BFSDJ would have struggled to pen such.



    Best thing to do is pat them on the head and laugh.

  19. RobertTressell on 3rd January 2017 1:17 pm



    Remember young Fleck? How did Scotlands answer to Leo messi work out in the end?




    Coventry legend.



    They haven’t explained why he was sent there though…

  20. James Forrest’s great run along the six yard line taking a defender with him created the space for Dembele to bang in our first goal,and what a goal it was

  21. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    I was going to include the PG tips TV advert with two monkey’s……But then ah no that would be in bad taste!!

  22. mild mannered Pedro delgado on




    I hear ugly any more bids?



    Robert tressell


    The collective noun for squirrels is a dray or scurry I can’t come up with anything funny to add but I’m sure some could

  23. My tuppence worth on the game.



    Celtic played ok overall. We have vastly superior individual players and play better as a team. But on the day we never really took our chances and we nearly gave away a couple of points needlessly.



    I thought Izi was sleeping and should have been sharper to stop that 6 yard ball coming across but the fault lay in losing the ball in the first place.



    Overall the scoreline flatters the huns big time. We literally could have scored six or seven with sharper finishing.



    Glad to the see the huns are PR suicidal with their breaking of the minutes silence for their own team. Mind you it’s the SMSM, so we can rest assured we have heard the last of it.

  24. Current Table



    1 Celtic 20 40 58


    2 Sevco 21 7 39


    3 Aberdeen 20 16 37


    4 Hearts 21 12 31


    5 St Johnstone 20 1 28


    6 Ross County 21 -13 23


    7 Partick Thistle 21 -5 22


    8 Dundee 21 -7 22


    9 Motherwell 20 -8 21


    10 Kilmarnock 21 -19 20


    11 Hamilton Accies 21 -10 17


    12 Inverness CT 21 -14 16



    I expect the table to eventually look something like this come the split with St Johnstone in 5th place on around 48pts and one team from any of the remaining 7 stealing the 6th spot.



    1 Celtic 33 97


    2 Aberdeen 33 63


    3 Hearts 33 58


    4 Sevco 33 58



    So with us having won the league out of the park and each of the other top 4 losing to us after the split it’s going to be a wee battle for 2nd 3rd and 4th spots with Aberdeen favourite to keep second and Hearts and Sevco fighting it out for 3rd and 4th.



    With the home fixtures likely to benefit der hun after the split they will likely sneak third and Hearts will gain Euro action via taking 4th spot after we win the Treble.



    I doubt though Hearts will complain due to qualifying for Europe with regards Huns taking automatic 3rd spot unless of course they do so prior to our cup final victory.



    If we are going to drop a point or two it will be after the split and likely to the benefit of Aberdeen or Hearts but not both. rather than Sevco, if that happens?



    First game after the split should be against der Hun for us so that should benefit Aberdeen and Hearts unless of course the random draw generator pulls them out to play each other that same weekend.



    Time will tell, but this is my prediction and I expect der hun zombie Zinternationl will gain entry to EL without complaint unless of course St Johnstone put an iron in the works but I doubt that will happen.








    Looks good to me,bud. A lot of fixtures to work out,mind.



    How did you get on in the last LMS compy(!)



    Me,I want them to finish second.



    And be denied a European place by other teams kicking up.

  26. BMCUWP



    I had a wee look at the remaining fixtures for us and the losing clubs and predicted a W L D adding points to current for each I recon will be gained.



    I’m usually pash at this stuff but was bored during my lunch break.



    There is no way in hell or high water that Aberdeen or Hearts will rock their sinking boat just like there is no way in the same hell or on the same high water that our PLC ever would either.



    They will be playing in Europe next season! Likely 1 qualifier then oot.




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