Spare me your poor grasp of history


How many times have we been here? Miles ahead in the league, League Cup in the bag – or as often, only a minnow to take care off in the final, when some bright spark realises we’re only a handful of wins away from an elusive treble.

Celtic have had more than three great teams in the last 70 years, but anyone with a grasp of history will tell you that trebles are hard to get, particularly for a Celtic team who occasionally have to play teams at Hampden where outfield players are granted goalkeeper rights.

The ’67 team won the League Cup and Scottish Cup before anyone knew where that season would end. Rangers were still very much in the hunt for the league, while only the hearts of Celtic fans believed they would win the European Cup.

By 1969 the league title had become the formality it is now, as had the League Cup – Jock Stein won his first five League Cups as Celtic manager. A Scottish Cup final against Rangers was all that stood in the way of Celtic’s second treble. Big Billy, George Connelly and our own John Fallon with a man of the match performance destroyed our old, old-enemy 4-0.

Only a fool or a liar would tell you Martin O’Neill would overcome a +20 deficit in the league and take both cups in his first season in charge of a rag-tag looking Celtic in season 2000- 2001. It wasn’t so much winning the treble that made this special, or, indeed, the football we played, but the incredible leap forward we made between Martin’s appointment in May and that Glorious Six in late August.

Everyone was stunned, including Celtic fans, although not as much as some others. In a unguarded moment that season, one Rangers fan said to me, “I don’t think I can take any more of this”. All the old certainties came crashing down. A domination, which for the financially blind looked like it would continue for decades, was over.

Martin had the Midas Touch, for a while, anyway, and the treble was secured, but although his team continued to improve for a few seasons, that would be our last full house.

Brendan and the players are new to this. With faith in each other they may well be prone to getting ahead of themselves. There is a lot of work to do to win the Scottish Cup. Should we get past Queen of the South or the Rovers, the trip to Pittodrie will be difficult. And if we cope there, Tynecastle will be equally hostile in the quarter final.

So spare me talk of trebles until May.

Every pantomime needs a baddie and this year’s is Ally McCoist, who, against all precedent, finds his secret ballot activities for a resolution at Newco’s AGM public knowledge.  It’s astonishing that we know how McCoist did or didn’t vote.  In any other country, ‘news’ like this it would be a story in itself.  It’s something private that we just shouldn’t know.

But when the clarion call goes up in Scotland, “”Who are these people” who failed to support us?”, the answer surely follows.  Whatever reservations McCoist has about the current regime are his business until he says differently.  Behind the headlines, there is little analysis about why he would jeopradise his reputation in order to inhibit King.

There’s the story.


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  1. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Repost from earlier timeline:



    Dreadful news about the aircraft carrying Brazilian side Chapecoense to first leg of final in Colombia crashing with 76 out of the 81 passengers and crew dead. A couple of the players reported to be amongst the survivors.



    Fairy tale story about a small team made good in just a few years reaching their equivalent of the Europa League Final comes to a tragic end, with shades of the Munich air disaster which decimated Manchester United.



    Perhaps those involved in the puerile name calling and bitching that pollutes this fine site should reflect on how lucky we are to be Celtic supporters as football is put into context with this tragedy.



    Chapecoense – YNWA.

  2. Breakfasts



    Yesterday it was cauld pakora followed by the hauf eaten kebab from the night before



    This morning cauld pepperoni pizza



    Add a wee cup of Nescafé and a Cafe Creme and you have the breakfasts of league cup champions

  3. Nae fancy pre-match grub either


    A bag of fritters and a bottle of Irn Bru ….totally sufficient

  4. MING on 29TH NOVEMBER 2016 12:19 PM






    Though he maybe didn’t realise they would reveal how he had voted.

  5. Let’s ‘av it right, Paul!



    MO’N didn’t just ‘overcome’ a 21 point deficit, he smashed it out the park, producing a 36 (yeah, that’s right,lady, THIRTY SIX) point turnaround.



    As for the football, I don’t recall too many complaints at the time, and certainly not on the day of the Glorious Six that you mention.



    “Who’s up front with Henke? Sutton or Hartson?”



    “Disnae matter, as long as we slide passes in behind the defence for them to run onto!”

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “So spare me talk of trebles until May.”




    Couldn’t agree more, Paul.


    The 2003-04 team was immense – a juggernaut. All it needed was one below par performance at Easter Road to kill a treble. Anything can happen in cups.



    Tontine Tim, Magical stuff as per usual.



    Great friends of mine doon the Vale. John Dunlop, Jim Beattie, Tam Baillie amongst many, many more.



    Tex O’Hara and Geordie MCCallion fae the Ranton.



    *I worked with Tex, he was a steel erector with Wimpey when I was a wee apprentice doon the Renton. He knew my da well. His brother Tommy built and owned the Haldane Arms after selling the Kind Man in the Renton.

  8. And while we’re on that era…..



    ‘ks this 100 major honours shite?




     It’s 102, at least!




    Seasons ’02- ’03, and ’04-’05, improperly registered players all over the pitch throughout for the league ‘winners’ (deceased), and by the narrowest of margins.




     But, Tim magnanimity coming to the fore, we’ll just go for one 3 point deduction for 1 such player in 1 league game in each season.




     Same loss as Dundee United suffered last season for their registration transgression.




     So, 102, and 5-in -a – row for Martin and his bhoys back then!




     Quite happy to see that total added to if anyone wants to look at DOS registration implications for ’98-99, ’99-’00, and Naesurname’s second-time-around titles.

  9. As you say Paul67



    With the Huns getting their usual home cup draw, they really only have 2 games to play at Hampden to win the Scottish Cup. All it will take is the assistance of a ref or a linesman or all 3 and the trophy can easily be theirs in this comp.



    I don’t believe however the home draws they are being rewarded are a means to assist them win any trophies but are more a means to assist them to stay alive financially year on year.



    But with the assistance of the brotherhood in black the likelihood of a victory in any domestic cup is always a possibility allied with an off day from us in one match.



    But I’ll happily take a chance here and say that watching Celtic this season that I believe the treble will be coming home to rest at Celtic Park in the Almore Cafe.



    BTW, after yesterday’s result from their Res 11 result I was sent a text to say put a £10 on huns finishing bottom of the SPFL 1000-1 apparently, Obviously this will require an event of financial aramagedon to assist.




  10. the treble?



    no ones talking about the treble?



    who mentioned the treble?



    whats a treble?

  11. Good blog Paul. Each cup should be enjoyed on its own merits and not as part of a potential package of three trophies. That way lies disappointment.



    Here is my celebration of the League Cup win:





    A piece about Ally and his voting…





    And an opportunity to laugh hysterically at STV…



  12. Just in terms of grasp of history.



    Is Scott Brown now our greatest club captain after Billy McNeill?






    I saw Celtic beating that team 1-0 ( ? ) at Celtic Park in the final game of the season. A result which meant the league went to Ibrox rather than Tynecastle.



    *Hate tae be pedantic but it was 2-1 us after the jambos went in one up at half time, a win no matter what the huns did would have given them the title, the sheep only rubbed salt in their wound with a late winner at the bigot dome.



    We finished in 6th place 14 points (2 points for a win then) behind the eventual winners.

  14. Re the Neilson to MKD – what does this say about SPFL when a 3rd div team in engerland can attract the manager of the 3rd team is Scotia


    What next Brendan for Forest Green

  15. Afternoon all



    I made a post earlier this morning. I apologise to all barring one who read it and commented on it especially if it caused your breakfast to be spoiled.



    The one person who I would not apologise to is the one who replied in the way I expected he or she would. Personal invective whilst ignoring the point about the crass -at best- comment this same poster made about the population of a continent last Thursday.



    Oh and Big Peat or whatever your name is I have no interest in your real identity. But you know mine.




    Kind regards to everybody else – cabal members or otherwise.




  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    TOHG will be smiling


    He needs cheering up as he was unable to attend Francie Hinton funeral in St Mary’s this morning due to chest infection

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Strange the McCoist vote becoming public knowledge. In fact a lot of “strange” things going on in the MSM lately.


    Could there be trouble afoot somewhere…….?

  18. I really hope BR tells the players to stop ANY talk of trebles, invincibles etc…..the press will doubtless try to push this nonsense and then throw it back at us should we come unstuck at some point.


    Let us do our talking ONLY where it matters…on the park.



    The tragedy in Colombia shows just how quickly fortunes change…RIP

  19. …. kudos to Atletico Nacional who have requested CONEMEBOL postumously award the Sud Americana cup to Chapecoense.

  20. Glasstwothirdsfull



    “Strange the McCoist vote becoming public knowledge. In fact a lot of “strange” things going on in the MSM lately.




    Could there be trouble afoot somewhere…….?”






    Yeah, Kevjungle!!

  21. The Huns get to keep 20% of the gate receipts to cover match expenses.The remaining 80% is divided equally between them and their opponents


    I believe the TV money is pooled and shared among the competing clubs in the competition


    As it stands by drawing them against Motherwell may see them out of the competition having only played 1 game



    “So spare me talk of trebles until May.”






    Couldn’t agree more, Paul.



    The 2003-04 team was immense – a juggernaut. All it needed was one below par performance at Easter Road to kill a treble. Anything can happen in cups.






    Correct. Cold horrible night at an empty Easter Road a week before Xmas. Only blessing was that it didnae go to extra time…

  23. BT,



    sorry to hear big Francie Hinton died. Met him quite a few times standing outside the park back in early 90’s.



    RIP big fella.






  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Tontine Tim,



    What I remember about the Hearts league losing defeat at Parkhead, was Eric Smith scoring and the Celtic support cheering as if we had won the league.



    I think it was later than 1956, though.

  25. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    The evidence of the last few seasons tells us that a piece of mibbery can send us spinning out of any cup competition.



    What we need to do in all rounds of the Scottish Cup is to come out and put all games beyond the opposition early on and take the MIB out of the equation.



    Whilst I would have been more than happy to participate in the Europa League after Christmas, not having this a s a “distraction” will allow us to focus on preparing our best team for each of these games. The league will take care of itself. We would need to undergo 2 administrative events between now and May to give anyone else a chance!



    As for the SMSM, none of our players have stated we want to be unbeatable, invincible or that the Treble is inevitable. What they have said is that they have a mentality that wants to win every game, keep as many clean sheets as possible and if they continue to play as they have been then it will be very difficult for any other team to overcome them.



    I want to hear Celtic players saying things like that! Moussa Dembele says he wants to score in every game and that’s his target. Quite rightly so; it’s what he’s paid for and it’s why he plays football. The players are rightly confident based upon past performances; however, I don’t see any headlines stating that Mikael warns against complacency. That would be too much like not sensationalising the article with a headline no-one actually said.





  26. I know it’s an incredibly long shot, but I’m looking for two tickets for the City game if possible.


    Looking to take my son as a birthday pressie, so really only looking for Celtic End tickets.



    I know thats being a wee bit fussy, but it would be his first Euro away game and as we all know, there is nothing like being in the Celtic End at a Euro away tie.



    Any help would be much appreciated, but as i said I know it is a very long shot and unlikely.






  27. Embramike, thank you for bringing some decency to the blog today amidst all the infighting that has gone on. As true Celtic supporters following the ethos of the club and the desire of the founders to reach out to the need, surely our thoughts and prayers (if we pray) should with the families of those who lost their lives or are seriously injured as a result of the plane crash in Medellin, in Columbia. God grant eternal rest to the dead and may Our Lady of Guadaloupe intercede for those who mourn and for the injured.