Sparta on 50% Celtic’s game time this season


Sparta Prague arrive in Glasgow today ahead of tomorrow’s Europa League clash at Celtic Park top of the Czech league with maximum points from six games.  Form in the Europa group stage has not been so kind, they suffered three goal defeats at home to Lille then away to Milan, so ambition to progress will already be tempered.

As winners of the Czech Cup last season, they qualified automatically for the Europa group stage, but could only finish a very distant third in their domestic table.  While not having to endure the randomness of qualification is an obvious benefit, they have played only nine competitive games this term.  Celtic have played twice as many.  At this stage of the season, this feels like a benefit, Celtic are certainly better prepared now than they were nine games ago.

A week ago, with so much on the line against Aberdeen at Hampden, I wanted the trip to Lille out of the way without incident.  The points available at Fir Park on Sunday feel significantly more important than those up for grabs against Sparta, but that draw in France gives Celtic a decent fighting chance to progress from this group.

To achieve that, a win will be required against Sparta tomorrow.

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  1. We need a win to maintain any hope of doing anything in the Europa.



    A win against Sparta may not be enough but , if we fail to get 4 or 6 out of 6 points from the 2 Sparta ties then the group is probably over for us.



    Let’s keep the good feeling going all the way through to the Well game on Sunday and give a big GIRUY to Maurice Ross

  2. Biden now 2/5 fav to win!…. When I looked at prices at 4 in the morning as an indication of where we were trump was 4/7….later he went 4/11…. So I’m not sure what’s happening…

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but how strong is 2/5?



    And shame on you, Paul67, for ignoring the real issue that preys on all our minds today – is Rocky a cat or dug?🤷🏼‍♂️😉



    Stay safe all of you.



    HH jg

  4. From Robert Peston on twitter.



    I pray it’s so



    ‘Odds on Biden victory now incredibly short, 1/4, because 95% of votes in updates in Michigan falling to him’



    HH jg

  5. Friend of ours is on Biden’s


    national finance cttee ( Wisconsin) and apparently there is confidence for our bhoy


    and we should


    Keep The Faith!






    Oh God!




  6. Trump wants to stop the votes being counted at the point where he appears to be ahead.



    I forsee a similar ploy being tried with the league title.

  7. EXPAT_CELT on 4TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:07 PM


    MCPHAIL BHOY on 4TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:23


    I live in (rural) Michigan and Biden was leading the polls – I am shocked that Trump is better than expected. The few openly Republicans I have talked to believe Trump is the best for jobs and that the Dems are all Satan-worshipping pedophiles.






    So Bush snr. was right all those years ago ‘it’s taxes stupid’ no matter how despicable the person if he’s going to put more dollars in my pockets so be it.

  8. in ither news…………….



    Any furore abooooot The Huns?


    Any urgent questioning?







    Nothing to see here Timmy the two players were punished and Sevco were praised for their efforts.


    How unpopular must Arfield be when only two of his team mates attended and he didn’t attend his own party, it is alleged?

  10. 6 points against Sparta Prague paired with two Milan victories over Lille and we are in with a decent chance of qualification.



    We’d be 3 points ahead of Lille with a chance of nabbing a point in Milan against a team that should be group winners already.



    Then Lille come to our patch.



    Jamesgang.. Yes 2/5 is pretty strong fav….. Good news.. Its 2/7 now!!







    Forgive my bookies ignorance!


    Having avoided it overnight, to get some sleep, I’m now glued on CNN



    HH jg

  12. Jamesgang


    2/5. The second number (5) is the amount you have to put on to win the first number (2).


    So, 5 pounds put on at 2/5 returns 7 pounds.Two pounds winnings.


    5/2 means 2 pounds put on at 5/2 returns 7 pounds.Five pounds winnings.


    Any clearer?





    Had a dug called Rocky. He hated cats.”



    I had a cat called Dougy. He hated rocks.



    Had a dug called Rocky. He hated cats.





    What a pity.



    You should have taken your Dug aside and advised him that a Cat has as much right to be on this earth than any Dug ?

  15. JG


    That is a great wee sketch.


    Incidentally, my local Radio Station played a jamesgang record the other day. Were it not for you, I would never have heard of them but I was pleasantly surprised .

  16. A comment before I log off:.


    I am expecting Shane Duffy to soon show us the very able player who played in the EPL.


    Cheerio for now.

  17. i think the confidence in Biden is down to the postal votes being counted last and Democrats are more into postal votes this time around



    If Biden wins, I think that is good for international relations (EU, UK, Iran, China) but might set back relations with Russia a bit. Might get a sensible US-UK trade deal and get the Iran deal back on



    Hopefully he re-signs the US up to the climate alliances and the WHO and UN budgets stay sensible.



    For the ordinary US citizen i can’t see him doing anything. Might claw some tax back from top 1% and spend it on infrastructure/health but if lower rate taxes don’t go down or healthcare up, he will be a one term guy.



    If Trump gets in, it will be more of the same but with more lies about jobs and economy and will spend the time setting up his pals with post term gravy train jobs in his own swamp.



    Looking for a big performance on Thurs to get the confidence up for Fir Park. Could be edgy that one

  18. McP-B @ 1.23



    Politics in the US is all about race …



    Get pictures of poor blacks wrecking the place on the TV then guy shouting shoot the loudest wins in huge areas of the country.



    No matter the reason for the violence / who it is bing aimed at / where the damage is being done / who is being affected — Middle America clings to the coat tails of the “law ‘n order” candidate or the guy carrying the biggest stick.



    The US is a scared country — they don’t know who or what they are scared off but they expect bad things to happen and happen to them.



    You could call it guilt but it is a guilt that breeds more guilt.



    Demographics are changing but so is the base politics.


    Working class whites are getting more and more scared and they are voting on emotion not economics.


    Consequently DT is winning or close to winning in some strange places.

  19. CB @ 3.13



    Another 4 years of DT will just dig the hole deeper / fan the flames higher.


    If you think JB can’t / won’t do anything better then you need to get out more.



    BC made huge improvements to the US — not enough but still huge.


    BA brought the economy out of the 2008 tail spin and made some improvements.


    Consequently there is a difference for ordinary people between the two main parties.



    However if you think JB is a card carrying marxist and he is going to bring in some sort of “communism” then you need to switch off Fox News and get a life.

  20. If we win this tie well then I reckon that the away tie will be easier. Milan could well win all their games, so it could be between us and Lille for 2nd place. 10 points could see through

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