Sparta Prague v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 17:55.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HOT SMOKED on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:51 PM


    Up until we scored, we were the better side but I thought we still looked rudderless. Plenty of running but only because our lack of structure made that necessary. Also, when hustled by Sparta, our players did not look like `the better players` many have claimed we have.





    Agree with that. I don’t know where the belief that we are much ‘better’ than them individually comes from either.



    In football – ‘better’ players have a combination of skill, application and awareness.



    We Calmac is one of my favourites – and there is very, very rarely any cause to criticise – but he had no awareness at the goal when he played three men onside (to be fair to him, he was busy covering about four other positions in a team that has zero shape)



    I really admire Ntcham’s skill – love some of his touches on the ball and some great passing – but look at the 3rd goal – shocking lack of application.



    Ryan Christie – skill – crossing – jeezo!!!



    All potentially better players, but tonight, beaten by better application (the whole Sparta Team), better skill (great cross and side-foot finish for their third goal) and infinitely better awareness (they drew us forward all game, and killed us with balls over the top – particularly late on – or into our right back area earlier).



    Undoubtedly, we are poorer than the sum of our parts – they were better than the sum of theirs.



    Bottom line – better tactics, better structure coupled with competent application by good players.






  2. The bonus thief will act tomorrow. The incompetence from Lennon and his back room staff has been breathtaking. They have dismantled every ounce of professionalism that Rodgers installed.



    Financial Armageddon with failure to deliver 10. 30k season tickets max.



    Huns whom the bonus thief brought back to life in the 5WA will make CL as they waltz to 55.



    In one season the Bonus Thief and his puppet have damaged Celtic irrevocably —- it will not bother Lawwell as he is smiling all the way to the bank.



    Dermot at 70 has been shafted by the self serving CEO. He needs to sack him ASAP and put in someone as DOF to help new manager.

  3. Are we all still in disagreement with the Green Brigade ??



    Turkeybhoy, you seem to have all the answers, can you enlighten us on how to move forward and with whom ?? 🎺🎺🎺



    Markiebhoy- I actually put up on a WhatsApp group, I cannot see what other claim to see in Elhamed


    Poor right back

  4. If my jaiket was on the shoogly peg the last thing I would have done this evening is play anything close to a first pick team. Either play a team that gives fringe players a run out or play a familiar team in a new shape that suggests you are experimenting and looking for change. Either way, if you lose it looks like you accepted that it was acdead rubber and you take some of the sting out of it for yourself



    Playing a familiar team in the same shape leaves you nowhere to hide.



    Brave or just not thought through.



    I guess my money is on the latter.



    We need change. I don’t think it can come from within just now. It breaks my heart to say it but I hope Neil Lennon goes now, let’s a new man come in for a cup game on Sunday to assess the team and get a weeks work done before our next league game. The EL game in between is no more than a training exercise now.

  5. Always said the only team that could stop the 10 are Celtic…the season where its all going horribly wrong,

  6. This shambles should be ended tonight. If Lenny still doesn’t want to resign then he should be sacked tonight!


    I don’t know the guy nor his personal financial position and I suspect that this will be his last job in football management, so I can see why he might not want to resign but he needs removed from his position.


    8-2 against a team with a fraction of our budget is just totally unacceptable or should be.


    If it wasn’t for the pandemic the players, management and board would be under much greater public scrutiny.


    Gary Holt could do no worse than what we are currently paying huge amounts not to see in the ground.


    Not taking action sends the message that the board find this acceptable, well if they do, they should think how many will be willing to pay more money next season to witness dross!

  7. PHILBHOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:23 PM





    Wherefore art thou?



    Where to from here ghuys?






    I have had fallouts with both this season. I’ve seen nothing to suggest they aren’t both probably hurting like hell at that tonight. We all see things differently but never doubting their Celtic credentials.



    Just saying like.




  8. SFTB -could you please shout out the other trolls on here.


    People come on and suggest that we have them but either they are being mischievous or haven’t the balls to name them.🤔


    Poor tonight again and you have to wonder just how long it’s allowed to continue

  9. For those asking, Neil hasn’t given his post match interview yet. It’s the only reason I’m still listening to Radio Scotland. It must be very very short odds that this will be Neil’s last post match interview. WE didn’t lose any ground in the league tonight. However, we DID lose any possible momentum of getting 2 good performances before our next league game.


    Changing manager is always a twist or stick gamble. But for me there’s really no more time; we have to twist. Now.

  10. TINYTIM , agree there. Sevco not quite as poor as many like to think


    FF and Eddy papered over the cracks last season.


    I fear this could get a worse for Lenny

  11. NorrieM


    It is the problem position


    I might have upset Turkeybhoy by suggesting


    giving Ralston a run but what else can we do?


    I didn’t even add that they hit the post from a cross into the


    right back position. Right back is a specialist position.


    Elhanned isn’t it.

  12. BIG WAVY



    I don’t doubt their credentials and did not in any way suggest that.



    I asked the ghuys where do we go from here.



    I met St Stivs briefly and GFTB a few times and don’t doubt their sincerity.



    Just asked a question.

  13. Nothing will change much til we get a commanding goalkeeper. However the performances are so bad now Lenny has to go.

  14. I think Neil Lennon will be sacked or resign tomorrow.


    Kennedy will be in charge for Sunday, and a new manager by the next league match next Sunday.



    Just my opinion.

  15. Can anyone believe that all of our coaches and manager think RC hits a good dead ball?



    If they do not why are they not screaming at him to feckin leave them,


    as they do not (as we can hear what’s being shouted), then they must think he is doing a fantastic job.


    Keep it up bhoys



    D :)

  16. Gerrybhoy –



    Thanks but it wouldn’t have been sober were this not a school night, I can tell you!!

  17. We need a new coaching team. We need it now.



    This is no longer about the league championship this season. This is for the next 3 years.



    Big decisions needed. No more delays. No more excuses.

  18. The Comfortable Collective on

    Inertia is a fascinating phenomenon.



    Because of it oil tankers can take hundreds of miles to change course.



    Because of it it has taken Celtic 24 months for the Rodgers effect on the team to wear off.

  19. Philbhoy,



    Then my apologies fella. Read it wrongly.



    I hope they have an answer. I used to be of the opinion we had quality players that might see us through. I’m not so sure anymore :(




  20. HENRY JOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:33 PM


    Nothing will change much til we get a commanding goalkeeper.






    We should spend £5mm on an experienced European goalkeeper.



    That’ll sort it.

  21. At the start of the season the board and manager should have got to the playing staff and asked the simple question – who is up for the 10?



    Anyone with doubts should have been punted quicker than they could say relegation side!



    Instead, we got fluffy and lovey with them asking them to stay to realize SOMEONE ELSES DREAM!!






    Secondly, when their performances dropped below par, we continually selected the same players, same formation – absolutely no creativity in that coaching team.



    Play Ajer in front of a back 3 – play Bitton instead of brown – get Frimpong on as out and out winger – try something different!



    I’m not sure this team can recover from the fans onslaught – new management team and 3-4 in January is a gamble worth taking!



    desperate times

  22. Neil Lennon: “We didn’t deserve to lose the game 4-1. Things aren’t going for us at the moment.”

  23. TINYTIM on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:23 PM


    ‘For those that think we have better players than the Huns .Geeze peace.’







    Most of their players are playing as well as they can.



    Celtic’s aren’t.



    Most of the current squad are better players than the huns. Have a look at them all in five years time.

  24. Neil Lennon should not resign.



    He was appointed to a job beyond his capabilities.



    In my opinion he is unlikely to work in football for some time to come. He is therefore entitled to sit right and wait for Celtic to pay him up and sack him.



    Celtic have a track record of leaving managers out to dry and claim ‘we don’t sack managers’.



    Lawwell appointed him, Lawwell can own this and Lawwell should be made to deal with this complete and utter shambles.

  25. lets all do the huddle on

    my main compaint about the teams we generally put on the pitch has been that they are too lightweight and easily shoved off the ball or beaten in physical challenges



    and i include defenders midfielders and forwards in that



    it shows up big time in europe when we play against more athletic players



    its that aspect of the team i want to see changed, and that means different players



    preferably ones who want to be here

  26. Neil walked out on the dodgy executive operatives in 2015.


    Neil joined up again, with the same executive operatives in 2019.


    What next? John Kennedy, the present day, Eric Black?

  27. Phil bhoy 8.17



    Yes .


    But not without a big change in Dermot Desmonds attitude.


    He needs to find a manager or scout who can bring in quality players.



    And then back him with even more money in January.



    I think that is highly unlikely.



    The 10 is gone if we just replace Neil Lennon.


    We don’t have better players than the currant buns .


    Lenny needs to go and a new manager needs to be funded.



    What are your thoughts?




  28. PHILBHOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:23 PM


    Where to from here ghuys?



    A great question I am afraid its going to be a long sorrowful way back. We have a squad of internationalists an academy set up way ahead of anything else in Scotland. The whole set up needs ripped up and we start again, we are poorly coached and managed when did Celtic teams play one up front and tonight not a winger in sight if all the options are injured go to the youth squad and bring in Cameron Harper and stop this playing players out of position. This is even worse than when Big Jock lost the the last potential 10 in a row and I lived through the pain of that season. I live in hope. Hail Hail.

  29. PHILBHOY-they two probably waiting on BIG WAVY coming on so they can bully him again like last weekend:-)))

  30. Go tell the Spartim on

    So the story goes that DD hired BR after being laughed at in a directors box, now that everyone is laughing at us what does he do now. We can say what we like about him but I don’t suppose he got as wealthy as he is by a) always being a nice guy


    b) not having a contingency



    The problem is do we have any faith that PL will hire us a suitable manager / coach if indeed we need one soon, as Ernie said those in charge of hiring are still in position and that’s not likely to change




    So did it take Rodgers 24 months to start to inluence things?

  32. lets all do the huddle on

    lennon will be on a 1 year rolling contract. so he will get a years salary pay off



    thats the point of them and something that all parties know will be paid eventually as virtually every manager gets the bullet at some point



    no big deal

  33. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Look at Nitcham for that third goal.



    Look at Elyanoussi’s all round play.



    Feckin’ imposters.

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