Sparta Prague v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 17:55.

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  1. TIMBHOY 2,


    Ryan has been a shadow of the player last season.For whatever reason.Nothing excuses his shocking corners and free kicks.He either has concrete boots,or Paw Broon slippers on.His best performances have been for Scotland.Heights he has been nowhere near for us.Again,very good player,and I have no idea why he is playing very average.

  2. This isn’t about 10 in a row now. Its about the whole club , we are a shambles. Millions spent on players , who week in week out sit on the bench . Chopping and changing formations. Captain who unfortunately is past his best.


    Not being proactive when making changes.


    I could go on and on.



    As my son said when he phoned me May 19 to tell me NL had been appointed manager.


    This is not going to end well

  3. UNCLE JIMMY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:34 PM




    I ve no confidence in Desmond or Lawwell making the right decision anymore. Btw they have a five year plan, not three.


    The writing was on the wall last season, “What happens when Foster goes?”


    Could have got away with it this season with a commanding goalkeeper. That makes the difference between a team, especially a defence with frailties, playing with confidence or not.

  4. A lot here including myself were calling for Elhamed, Jullien Ajer & Laxalt as our best defense , well we got what we wanted and we shipped 4 goals.


    We have fecked up big time in Keeper stakes, leaving Gordon go & ending up with Bain & Barkas.


    Bain, Elhamed, Brown, McGregor, Christie were all very poor.


    You would wonder what is going through Laxalt’s mind, how long before he get’s pissed off & chucks it.



    There is little doubt that we are in serious trouble and we may well win feck all this year,



    I don’t have the answers, the defense I wanted played & shipped 4 goals in a game where we had majority of possession, all I know is we go again on Sunday against Ross County.

  5. I don’t think we have any choice now but to change management. I really don’t think Neil and his team will deliver 10iar. Of course a new team mightn’t either but i think the risk factor has swung from new team to staying with Neil unfortunately.

  6. Lennon admits Celtic look “unnerved” defensively. “I’ve been in situations like this before as a manager and player. There is no reason for me to believe we won’t turn this around.” Thinks team issues are psychological rather than “major football” ones.



    – Ewan Murray

  7. Whatever it costs to pay Lennon off will be less than we paid for Soro….half the amount we paid for our Greek number 2 keeper.



    It’ll be money well spent.

  8. BIG WAVY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:45 PM



    I wonder what he’s referring to when he said he’s been here as a manager.



    I don’t remember him ever having it this bad and turning it around.




    I don’t think Lenny has the hands on that is required.



    Coaching, tactics. Apparently there is a state of the art “tactics room ” at Lennoxtown that is redundant.



    IMO we need to get the new team in now. Modern thinking manager and staff, pro active in every sense.



    ASAP. If the season is gone we should be preparing for the next one instead of going backwards in this one.

  10. Gary Holt is only 2 years younger than Neil Lennon.


    At that age I would expect a Celtic managerial candidate to have managed bigger teams than Falkirk and Livingston.



    A possible decent shout for an assistant if it was compatible with any new manager.




  11. The only time Lenny has been in a situation like this before,was when he was in England with a bankrupt club.

  12. Lennon admits Celtic look “unnerved” defensively. “I’ve been in situations like this before as a manager and player. There is no reason for me to believe we won’t turn this around.” Thinks team issues are psychological rather than “major football” ones.

  13. Pay £5m for an international goalkeeper and play last season’s 3rd choice in front of him.



    Christie, Ajer, Ntcham all wanted away in the summer. They should have been allowed to go

  14. GeeBee1978 & Turkeybhoy,



    From wiki



    Bolton struggled at the start of the following season, and by October 2015 were lying bottom of the table with only one win in their first eleven league games.[107] Lennon maintained confidence in his ability to improve Bolton’s fortunes, stating “I didn’t realise quite how tough it was going to be but I have got faith in my own ability and I believe we’ll turn things around.”[107] By the end of November 2015, Bolton had gone on a run of twelve games without a win, and remained bottom of the Championship

  15. Hiring Barkas, who played in a nice warm country into the Glasgow “summer”, was always a


    risk. He does not look as if he feels at home and looks nervous.


    A waste of 5M quid? I’d say so.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:50 PM



    Bada , is that quote from tonight’s post match interview?



    If it is , I despair.

  17. So aside from an “unnerved defence”, a shambolic and disjointed midfield, and a stubborn but ill-deserved confidence in a toothless 1-up-front attack strategy, we are in good shape ahead of the Ross County match.



    What could possibly go wrong?




  18. GREENPINATA on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:48 PM




    Gary Holt has more chance of managing a GAA club than he does Celtic. A political vis a vis commercial non starter.

  19. BIG WAVY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:52 PM



    Exactly. That’s why I was careful to add “and turned it around” at the end of my sentence.



    I wonder if he honestly believes he can turn it around or whether he would rather be pushed than jump.



    He’s sounded like a beaten man for weeks…

  20. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    It’s got to the point that you could just repost from previous weeks.



    The rot was in at Ferencvaros.



    The folk that you need to make the right decisions have done nothing but make bad ones.






    Ditto with the defence.It seems whoever plays has a mare.Why this should be,I have no idea.They never seem to be able to be a cohesive unit.Other factors,Broony is no longer winning the tackles and running the show as he has done.Lenny playing Calmac,or Ntcham to help him,does not work.Defence gets put under pressure when the midfield is poor.Its a problem.

  22. Every time we get a corner or a free kick, I ask myself why is Christie taking this again . I am sure everyone on here is aware of how poorly he has delivered these. In fact, more often that not his lack of real ability in this area has resulted, as happened this evening, in the opposition going up the pitch and scoring or having a shot at goal. If I ,with so little coaching ability, can see this why, as others have asked ,has this not been sorted out.?



    Why are our full backs so frequently caught out of position when other teams attack? Has this never been noticed by our coaching staff? And do not get me started on the shambles in the middle of the pitch. But I am still a Celtic supporter and I will be faith till the end of my days. Having given hundreds to my club by not asking for my season book money back, I do feel entitled to criticise when things are so badly wrong.



    Right master chef calling😱



    Thanks for that! Almost missed it with all this stress :)

  24. GERRYBHOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:52 PM




    Barkas will be playing at the top table within five years.

  25. I really appreciate all that NL has done for the club but now is the time Neil to call it a day for yours and everyone’s sake. What I really don’t understand is the holier than tho attitude of some regular posters in here who defend the indefensible.

  26. We as fans cant influence the team the way we normally do when in the stadium. Everything just feels wrong from the outset. We are hanging in there but we need results.. soon


    Is it Strachan that’s the problem ? Seems to have gone south since he arrived.

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