Sparta Prague v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 17:55.

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  1. If der hun fans had reacted to Gerrard’s failure in the second half of last season the way assimilated tims have so with Lenny the first third of this season?


    Keep the faith and buy a commanding GK?

  2. Anybody watching this inept,lackadaisical,performance from Benfica.Not a jibe at the Huns,but they don’t have to do much here.We could keep a clean sheet here.Keep waiting on them to up it,but so far,no sign.

  3. Bitton and ElHamid stroll through the games that they play in for there country.All of a sudden they are bad players, something wrong.

  4. Despite p67’s frankly pathetic attempt yesterday to have us accept a tanking tonight as no real biggie, I’m afraid there’s no defending this shambles.



    Neil Lennon needs to be removed from his post.

  5. A reflection of our coaching staff ?



    Jack Hendry has been praised by his Oostende manager Alexander Blessin as one of the best defenders in the league with towering experience.




  6. The Huns go a goal up and then play deep, just what Sparta did in the second half when they were leading. Now I know our defenders are crap at the moment, but why can’t we do this. Of course it would be easier to play the counter-attacking game if we had James Forrest in the team, but we are tactically inflexible. Whose fault is that?

  7. Strangely i still think we have better players than the huns,


    but they have a system and a shape that they can play,


    we have players who either look like they would rather be elsewhere


    or have chucked it for this manager.

  8. Turkeybhoy,



    The huns record in Europe is impressive. This is undeniable. Forget luck, Covid , teams not trying etc etc.

  9. Turkeybhoy……….I don’t think Benfica have ever won in Glasgow, certainly never against Celtic in my memory.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Henry Joy



    The big flaw in your jibe is that Sevco have won fuck all and despite their sense of entitlement they know they should be winning feck all.

  11. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    We as a support need to face up that the 10 is probably beyond us. I can’t see how this Celtic team can turn around to be top of the league come end of May. We have a manager in denial but mismanagement at several levels for number of seasons now.



    Not the makings of the support. We have done their bit this season tickets during a pandemic. Only a Hansi Flick inspired appointment akin to Bayern would give us a chance.



    I’m resounded now in absence of any evidence contrary to what NL might think & say.



    It’s a bitter thought losing it.

  12. GENE on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:23 PM




    I’ve a bit of a cheek to ask you for evidence given some of my testimony



    yep,I did explain it at the beginning of the week.Wanted so much for him to turn it around,but I really don’t think he can.Not a complete turn round.I have been critical of his teams,subs,all season.We have seen this with so many other teams.Never ends well.

  14. For the moment, we have conceded more goals in the Europa League Group Stage than the other 47 teams! That’s really, really, really nervous defending! Do we need another culture change, or did I miss the last one? Time to go now, Neil. For God’s sake, just go!

  15. Markiebhoy……Second gone in, coefficient points probably in the bag. thanks for stats that’s Benfica gone again?

  16. HJ


    I used to tune into some of their you tube vloggers and I can assure you they’d have had him gone

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    Sevco winning 2-0 tells us all we need to know about where we are.



    Not that benfica are a great team but by God the huns have everything we don’t at the minute.

  18. The claim that we have better players than Sevco is getting harder to defend each week.



    If you were Slippy right now, what Celtic players would you take?



    Did we pay more for Ajeti than they did for Roofe?

  19. glendalystonsils on

    I hate to admit it but if the Celtic management team were getting as much out of our team as the Sevco management team are getting out of theirs we would not be in this mess.

  20. I slag off Christie’s corners during every game but tonight was perhaps a new low. He actually hit his first corner to almost the half way line. Is that a new cunning tactic being practiced at Lnxtwn? Or is he ripping the piss out of the coaches?

  21. Stunning goal from the Huns,but I maintain my verdict on Benfica.No running down the Huns,its a great win,but anyone watching surely would have expected more from Benfica.Just,inept.

  22. Watching huns hoping them getting a doing will cheer me up what i see is bang average players who are welldrilled, same as as sparta, ferencvros, cluj, molde, hibs, etc etc etc etc . I see a poor attack for the amount of minutes we have the ball at the penalty line, i see a non existent midfield and a defence in disarray.Please somebody tell me the way forward because i cannot fathom why we are where we are. It is truly astonishing. I dont care if we win lose or draw but please somebody make a decision to let me enjoy watching celtic again instead of watching with a knot in my stomach waiting for the inevitable disappointment

  23. Yet another stunning goal from Roofe. Sevco on the way to 10 points tonight, and possibly 16 to finish. There is no doubt in my mind that we will lose in Milan, and be humped at home by Lille, for a grand total of one point.

  24. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:33 PM



    Benfica aren’t brilliant otherwise they’d be in the Champions League. But like most European games since Slippy took over, Sevco are good at killing and controlling games….tight at the back and always a threat on the break.



    Believe me, Benfica are a better side than Prague.

  25. glendalystonsils on

    Sorry Neil we don’t have time to ‘turn it around’ and even if we did , there are few who believe it’s a possibility .



    Please don’t make things worse by coming out with trite stuff like this , we are not fools.

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