Sparta Prague v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 17:55.

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  1. Benfica team news


    Benfica defender Nicolas Otamendi serves a ban after his red card in the reverse fixture. Darwin Nunez, Julian Weigl and Adel Taarabt are out after testing positive for Covid-19, while Jean-Clair Todibo, Andre Almeida, Pedrinho and Nuno Tavares are absent through injury.


    8 first team players out is a big ask.

  2. this is a very very understrength Benfica team yet they have had their chances – ranger first was ricochet , then off bar , then dropped perfectly to Arfield. Their second was a good shot. Other than that they don’t look great – carried their luck in Europe and we have had none.



    2-1 now

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Off to bed now.



    I will repeat this until he’s hunted from Celtic Football Club: Nitcham for their third goal.



    Sums it up.

  4. Benfica doing a carbon copy of the last game.Hopeless,then try to up it for the last 15 minutes2-1 now.





    Der hun have a commanding goalkeeper. that’s the main difference this season.

  6. HANKRAY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:11 PM


    Gerrard probably now moving within touching distance of an EPL job Leeds?






    At the rate he’s going, with his rep down there, it’s a matter of time before someone comes calling.

  7. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    There was a clumsy PR campaign put together this week – Sutton included – that has backfired horrendously – because the board chose to stick – then MON does an interview with a Celtic friendly hack and Sutton tells everyone they don’t know what they’re talking about…



    And now we’ve shipped 8 goals against a team that would love to play us every week.



    So, what next? Because Jackson’s already done the WGS schtick and Phil has already done the MON Keane nexus… So, barring Howe & Silva, (Who are getting cast as unsuccessful therefore not worthy of Celtic) who’s left…?




  8. The lack of coaching is embarrassing it’s there for all to see ,but the management do not see this


    How can a manager and his staff watch a player ,Christie,take all corners and free kicks and none are productive,even after clearly signaling a pre plan move.


    How can we see it is all a waste but the manager cannot,.


    I think Lenny has given up and is letting the players do their own thing .


    Sadly he has to go




    If you couldn’t do your job would you walk out and sit unemployed for months or make your employer sack you and be forever to compensate you?



    NL entitled to force Lawwell to sack him and pay him off.

  10. David 17


    It will be interesting to see what happens when the first EPL


    manager gets sacked.

  11. The sentiment has to be this you have had weeks to fix it Neil..



    Sorry time is up we can’t afford. To wait for something to happen thanks for your service but it is not working,!.

  12. DAVID17 on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:39 PM



    If Newcastle eventually get their takeover, they’d be a decent fit for Slippy.



    That’s what’s so frustrating – Sevco have gambled financially and have a manager who’ll probably be off this season. It really is now or never for them – stop them this season and forget 10 – we can go onto 11,12,13…



    It’ll be a killer to hand them the initiative again.

  13. Nobody been on yet to call out the pantywetters and declare that n Lenny we trust? To say we are spoilt brats with our sense of entitlement to expect to win games? To say that Lenny will deliver the ten?



    Or has the evidence of gross mismanagement finally been recognised by even the most faithful? By this time tomorrow they will be telling us that a couple of good results will get us back on the road again. That we have just been unlucky with injuries and covid. That Neil is the man. Bring on the Ross County!

  14. teams reflect the personality of their managers! When Neil came back to replace BR his back was to the wall – he had something to prove , their was an anger and he was perfect for that situation.



    Now what?



    He has withdrawn, is tentative, making excuses, shows no passion from the sidelines – this projects onto the team and here we are!



    I still think we have a better squad than Rangers – we need a LEADER and a COACH



    oh 2-2





    Ntcham tonight, Bitton and Frimpong against Hibs. Something seriously wrong when players heads go like that.


    Not having a commanding gk fills players heads with dread every time you step out onto the park at that level. You smell the fear and despondency from a Coach and his team that have no faith in the recruitment process.



    Fortunately, I’ve never been in that position, but I’m pretty sure I would prefer to resign with my pride intact than suffer the humiliation of being fired. Neil has been fired twice before, so maybe he is inured to it?

  17. Ajer at second goal was shocking. But even worse was second half , left back position and he played a pass with the outside of hi s right foot. Unbelievably it reached a Celtic player.

  18. Although I think Barkas should be in goal. I think goalkeeping position is the very least of our worries

  19. INIQUITOUSIV on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:45 PM



    It wasn’t intended as a criticism of you.



    Maybe NL is used to being sacked, I don’t know. I do believe that he’s entitled to take the position that Lawwell appointed him, and Lawwell can take the moral and financial responsibility for sacking him.

  20. GENE on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:52 PM



    Never mind them four.



    Ntcham is built like a brick outhouse. He was bounced off the ball midway through first half. He should be knocking the guy into the stands with his physique.



    And don’t start me on him at the third goal.

  21. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:50 PM




    He sounds absolutely gutted.

  22. I think the problem is Lawwell has pretty much admitted to appointing Lennon without doing his job first – looking through all the applicants and possible appointments. Sacking Lennon will be an admission of incompetence. Will his ego allow that?



    Lennon won’t quit because he’s entitled to a pay-out…..why should he quit?



    I fear this is it now until the summer….

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