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  1. Mad Mitch



    Well you might be right, but the fact is Victor did improve during his time at Celtic, maybe Johan Mjallby was the positive influence rather than Neil Lennon. Now that I think about it, I was actually at Wanyama’s first game, St Johnstone at home early in the season 2011, lost 1-0. Big Victor played in three positions that day, left back, midfield and centre half. Not the first or last to be played out of position it seems.

  2. Go tell the Spartim on

    Of course no one should have any issues with someone else’s opinion



    I just can’t see any fathomable reason for keeping the status quo, easier fixtures just muddies the water, beating RC then getting humped in Europe, and I mean humped, only highlights we can’t compete with a team with average players and a game plan

  3. Shane Duffy – 6ft 4


    Christopher Jullien -6ft 5


    Kristoffer Ajer – 6ft 6


    Nir Bitton – 6ft 4



    Warwick Davies would comfortably beat them at a set piece.







    Not playing them would be a start.Fed up saying it,they let him down time after time.Every game we play,we are playing with around half a team.Half the team,crap form,the other half,trying to make up for them.Lennys total refusal to give others a chance is bewildering.We watch them,and see 2 or 3 should be hooked at half time.They are not,and its killing us.

  5. SFTB



    Who would have predicted things would get so bad, except me, Big Wavy, Onenightinlisbon , 67 ECW Iniquitosiv, actually quite a few posters, not yourself of course or our host or our CEO that you defend.



    This change could have been made after Sevco with no shots on target.


    You were backing Neil, and pulled me up for making a non prediction, wasn’t going to give you the same get out, so here it is. Note the tone the no doubt in my mind.


    Will our CEO now put Celtic first,not Neil Lennon who is handsomely paid, or his massive ego, but the club. No surprise a man who knows nothing about football has called it badly wrong.



    SID on 19TH OCTOBER 2020 12:55 AM






    Thanks for the response and answering my questions.



    Hope my passion doesn’t come across as aggression sometimes lost in the written word, well someone with my writing limitations.




    I have to admire you standing firm but my experience is telling me this ain’t no blip and easy recovery and progression.



    Yesterday was no worse than St Johnstone only inferior opposition.



    We are now in a position imo that the bigger gamble is to stick than twist and I’m sure we’ll get to see that played out.




    Just hope we are not in a position soon before Christmas wishing we had twisted.



    I’m sure you’ll enjoy me reminding you of this conversation lol.



    Ohh my non prediction was genuine, I was on at half time urging Neil to make a double change now, not wait until we were 2 down.



    SID on 26TH OCTOBER 2020 7:36 PM





    Wish you would understand last season is last season, the evidence is mounting that they have improved and we have regressed, forget about last season, it has zero relevance, other than give you a counter argument.



    Seen as you asked my view of last season’s collapse was that Gerrard made a monumental mistake by throwing his players under a bus with just one bad defeat at Tynecastle. The first defeat in nearly 5 months since we defeated them early September, the players rebelled. I posted at the time and asked the question did any other poster see this as a massive mistake. I got a few saying it was no biggie, not one agreed with me, 10 days later they drew at home to Aberdeen then beaten at Killie.




    Their muted celebrations after defeating us was a worry they are learning, they are improving, their squad has real depth now.




    After Ferencvaros I wanted action , I wanted minimum a good European coach sourced, I think NFL is a good man manager but his shortcomings as a coach are frightening.



    Big Wavy and myself views are so aligned, I have 40 years experience in this game, growing up in Junior dressing rooms, I like to think I’ve learned something, a 4yr old brain soaks up information. I’ve made around 20 predictions on here with 19 correct



    I’m prepared to put my experiences on the line to be ridiculed.



    I’m convinced without immediate action in the management and coaching staff that Sevco will prevail, you can quote me on that.



    I wanted action last week, it was so bad, the situation has worsened now, my genuine Hope’s now are to win a quadruple treble. Would love it but its definitely the second prize.



    Any other season I could see the argument of allowing Neil to fail but my hope is our directors take the action necessary, even if for financial reasons to give us a chance of success. I don’t believe 10 in a row is possible under the current setup.




    SFTB are you still backing Neil?

  6. While we were bad and goat beat……………..


    the huns are brullllyant and threw away a 2 goal lead………………..




  7. Neil once played, Efe Ambrose, and Kelvin Wilson, as our centre half’s against Barcelona, and we beat them at Celtic Park, because Neil put ‘bus’ in front of them. He did the same a few weeks earlier, at Barcelona, and we lost the game in the last 20 second’s!


    I don’t understand why he doesn’t try that again?


    I know we’ve not got the same player’s, but something near that game plan, both, domestically, and in Europe this season, might’ve made a difference. The season is far from over. So why not rip up the present playing pattern, and do what he’s done in the past?


    The cynic in me, is telling me he already IS, playing to a plan, Lawwell’s plan. Throw the season, whilst looking oblivious. I cannot work out why, a very clever man, Neil Lennon, is coming across as though, he is either lying about what’s going on in front of him, or he simply can’t see it. I believe it’s neither of those possibilities, and that NL knows that, if a financial crisis occurs at Ibrox, they might disappear out of the SPFL for half a decade, and Celtic park will host vastly diminished crowd’s, and PL will have to forego his bonus.

  8. I’m going to find my magic recruitment wand to conjure up an instantly winnin’ management team willing to come to scoddland and ride the wee orange tartan unicorn………….




  9. I actually thought he should have went after Ferencvaros shambles and his press conference afterwards. Nothing since then has made me change my mind

  10. “The cynic in me, is telling me he already IS, playing to a plan, Lawwell’s plan. Throw the season, whilst looking oblivious. I cannot work out why, a very clever man, Neil Lennon, is coming across as though, he is either lying about what’s going on in front of him, or he simply can’t see it. I believe it’s neither of those possibilities, and that NL knows that, if a financial crisis occurs at Ibrox, they might disappear out of the SPFL for half a decade, and Celtic park will host vastly diminished crowd’s, and PL will have to forego his bonus.” Possibly the most paranoid delusional nonsense anyone has ever posted on here and yet I agree with it 100% cos its the only thing that makes sense of this total clusterf@@k we are watchin :(

  11. ST TAMS on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:33 PM




    Brendan Rodgers pissed all over Celtic, Desmond and Lawwell in a interview preceeding a Champs League exit to AEK Athens.


    Let me assure you of one thing, NFL has not disgraced Celtic in any interview to date.

  12. CaddingtonCommon on



    First time I have smiled all night.


    Seriously, been trying to rack my brains to find the ideal midfielder we could do with right now and using my memory of players who would fit the bill, I plumped for Peter Reid.


    I’m sure you will have seen him play and in my opinion his style of putting his foot in is just what we need.


    Is there one of them about?


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  13. I started to reconcile myself earlier in the week to losing the ten when Alison McConnell wrote her piece about no one at Celtic panicking.



    Then P67 followed up telling us all Ross County was the big game and not to fret about a thumping in Prague.



    It’s utterly ridiculous how are club is being run. If no one on the Celtic board are panicking right now then it’s because they don’t care.



    Our European reputation lies in tatters tonight. We’ve disgraced ourselves…again.



    Please leave, Neil. I fear your reputation will be unrecoverable among the support should you continue in post .




    Not in the environs of G40.



    From what i can gather (I never watch teams outwith my own) my fellow Townsman, Mr Turnbull is more the fetch-and-carry type whereas we are looking for a non-masonic non-level5 Murdo-type of days of yore.



    Ignorant of other teams ( I watch the Arsenal and there’s nothing there either – …. oh for the Vieira-Petit combo) I’m at a dead loss my friend.



    Nor am I likely to watch other teams _ My current mediums are typically rare.



    With every good wish



    WG, MLBenfica2

  15. AN DÚN on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:55 PM



    ‘ If no one on the Celtic board are panicking right now then it’s because they don’t care.’






    If their main concern is to avoid an insolvency event at Ibrox, because of the long term damage that would do to Celtic, and the only way of preventing that from happening is for the huns to win the league, then the Board will be quite content with the way things stand.

  16. CaddingtonCommon on




    I forgot to add Peter Reid is about 60 plus now so I doubt he could do a full 90 minutes.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  17. Which all begeth THE WEST LUTHERAN QUESTION………



    Did Oldco allow us to win the league in 1998 (for similar reasons or to avoid social upheaval) and this be PAYBACK ?

  18. CM @ 10.55



    VW was 20 when he came to us.



    Of course he is going to improve his game — that is what happens when you are 20.


    You gain experience through game time and your body matures along with your thought processes.


    Plus he was playing with better players who could teach him about the game.



    NL did very little to aid VW — the CB nonsense was called out at the time and after a while it stopped.


    VW developed his career because of his own efforts.


    I just wish he had been available when BR joined.



    We have missed him for 6 years plus.


    He would have transformed our team.

  19. HENRY JOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:46 PM




    So, mind you’re P’s & Q’s and you’ll go down as a true Celtic legend?


    No wonder there isn’t a single trophy stripped YET, if you’re representative of the season ticket holder’s.


    The PLC board must be hiding behind the sofa from you all.

  20. Strange events about us and the SPL that don’t make sense?


    The three titles that the TFOD1 managed in 2009 / 2010 / 2011 do stand out.


    They came very close to digging themselves out of the tax hole that SDM put them in.


    The leagues titles and the CL opportunities were a “Ghod” send.


    PL never said or did much at the time.



    And we were very passive in trying to stop them.


    BTM — 13th in a “shortlist” of 16 and even that was being harsh on MMcG.

  21. First came the threats, the assaults, then the bombs and bullets……now der hun supporters greetin about why NFL is heading for a quadruple treble and Benfica reserves have pissed all over them.

  22. AN DÚN on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:55 PM




    I’m quite sure that, since 2012, Neil, Peter, and Dermot, have more than got the measure of the season ticket holder’s by now.
















    From nobodies mug’s in 1994


    To everybody’s mug’s SINCE 1994.

  23. Wow; grisly watching!


    Defensively chaotic; least our legendary young defensive coach (JK) can readily deputise should Lenny be pushed out the door. ffs.


    Someone mentioned Gary Holt incoming: Replacing which of our powder-puff midfielders specifically?


    Ntcham for starters; does he think perfs like that will get him a switch to Ligue Un. Eddy’s no particularly interested either. Who gets any credit for tonights performance? Laxalt, full stop!


    A new guy at the helm; somebody w discipline and tactical shrewdness.


    Who will costa motza seeing the shambles we’re in at present.


    Nice one Peter.

  24. O’NEILL-CELT on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:13 AM




    How der hun got you thinking like a hun is of more interest.


    A quadruple treble with a wounded army is where I stand. Lenny has read all about Napoleon ya bollox ye.


    Onwards. Shoot any deserters. Reserves come in the transfer window. Hold the line..


    Ave Ave

  25. HENRY JOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:31 AM




    You sound representative of those gallant heroes who purchased Old Firm PRICED ticket’s in 2016, then went in Ibrox and started to sing..


    “You’re Not Rangers Anymore”


    Absolutely took to school by, PL, DD, and Brendan the decoy.


    Monty Python couldn’t have written a better script.

  26. HENRY JOY:



    For the second time tonight you’ve hinted that we should punt half the first team in January and give Lennon the money to bring in players who will replace these lily-livers who are the very people on the brink of the Quadruple Treble, and let me put it as delicately as I can.



    The idea is rank insanity, the sort that should have incarcerated up at the Hidden Hills asylum.



    I would rather have the squad that the manager.



    I don’t the manager at the club five more minutes. I would not sacrifice McGregor, Christie, Edouard and others, not even for half a season, for Neil Lennon keeping his job.



    I certainly would not give Neil Lennon tens of millions of pounds more to spend when he doesn’t utilise the squad he already has at his disposal.



    And there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD and NO CIRCUMSTANCES under which I would entrust that man with a rebuild when he won’t be in the building or its environs by the time this season ends.



    It would be mental. It would suicidal. It would be the last step on the road to bottom.

  27. Just dipping in now



    What’s the general split on Lennon- Sack, Resign, No change?



    I personally think he won’t resign and won’t be sacked unless there is a reverse in the next league game



    Don’t think Lawell will go but will at the end of the season if 10 is gone



    Perversely , we might still win the league; the talent is there beyond the defence