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  1. LARRYBHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:09 AM



    To give the board a bit of credit, they were quick and decisive when BR left. I wonder if what’s keeping Lennon in a job is that the board are still sourcing alternatives.

  2. onenightinlisbon on




    He expects results to get worse before they get better



    Management change not in the waters……



    These two statements are mutually incompatible..



    He’s as deluded as lennon.

  3. The board should have acted after ferencvaros – it’s getting worse – 2 wins in 9 games is unacceptable.

  4. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Please all do listen to the link in case I picked up anything wrong from Paul67.


    I think Paul67 is as much as the rest of us and wants a management change.

  5. The game on Sunday is in the LC — not sure what attitude the team will have?



    SC attitude — trying a leg because there is a medal at the end of it?


    EuL attitude — only trying to keep the score down to reduce their personal embarrassment?


    Hibbees last week — trying to keep their strips clean.



    I think Sunday could be the worst of the lot.


    The squad have given up completely now.


    There is no treble if we don’t win the league.



    Hints at why the squad has chucked it — tomorrow morning will tell all @ 10.00am

  6. onenightinlisbon on




    Many thanks for putting up the information, appreciated.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    MADMITCH on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:15 AM



    This would have been a great opportunity to play some of the young players who are on the fringes.



    Will he risk that considering the position he is in?

  8. P67 on Radio Scotland saying Neil will be here in January? Wonder if presenter asked him what the overwhelming majority of the fans on his blog and every other Celtic blog think.



    IF Fans were allowed in to games as normal, this Sunday’s game would probably have less than 20,000 at it. In reality, the support would have turned on the team, Neil and the board weeks ago. If change hadn’t occurred, the vitriol would be reaching fever pitch with demonstrations outside the entrance.



    Neil then wouldn’t be coming out with the rubbish he is spouting in his interviews.



    His denials are reaching Trump-like delusion.

  9. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    After last night, I feel the dynamics of the midfield need to change. Brown & Christie need dropping and I question McGregor (although I think he spends half his time covering ground that brown, Mo should be covering. Need to get new faces in there, Turnbull, Henderson, Soro etc. I know 2 of the 3 are unavailable for this weekend.

  10. DENIABHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:17 AM



    I think Sparta at home would’ve been so toxic with fans in the ground, action would’ve had to have been taken.

  11. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:01 AM




    Thanks mate. HH 👍

  12. Chasing the game last night and Neil replaces an injured Eddie for Patrick who hasn’t played for a couple of weeks. Needed 2 up front.

  13. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:19 AM



    Our midfield isn’t functioning. Some have been called “lazy” on here and it’s said that one or two of them want away. The poor, disjointed performances continue which leads me to wonder what Soro and Turnbull have done (not done) to not even get any minutes off the bench.

  14. ONIL @ 11.16



    Group dynamics at play big time.


    SB is not setting the mood music in the dressing room any more.



    Seems that CMcG / RC are the most animated / dynamic in setting the tone.


    SD and the new GK have not settled in well — difficult when all around is quicksand.


    Looks like it is now every man for themselves.



    However NL has not been leading from the front — standards have slipped even from last season with young DD over the water — and RC and CMcG have decided to look for opportunities elsewhere as a result of both personal ambition and a complete fall out with NL who by all accounts is looking forward to career on the TV as the new Rab C.



    He seemingly is taking this method acting lark very seriously — DDL levels of seriousness to get Rab C down to a T.



    Add in the no moves out edict from PL — just shows you his level of ability.


    Completely hopeless would be a generous opinion.


    And we are collapsing at every level.



    Not sure the young guys and the bench warmers have big enough cojones to come in and give it their all.



    You them have the issue of what all they would be asked to give.


    They get the same coaching / conditioning / development as the regulars.

  15. I’ve taken a few weeks off from criticising the manager and demanding change because it was beginning to affect my interactions with other posters. However, I have made it clear that Neil Lennon needs to go and fast if we are to save the season. Nothing has changed except of course that for the first time though I can detect a mounting number of fans beginning to direct their focus towards our CEO, Peter Lawell. Mr. Lawell would do well to take note of the fans anger. We removed an entire Board in 1994 and if Celtic fans become angry enough removing Peter Lawell from his sinecure will not be a major problem.



    Big Wavy



    I agree with everything you have posted in recent weeks. In answer to the question you have posed above though, if Neil Lennon remains in place, then NO, I don’t think we have reached ground zero yet. I think we are precisely in the territory where we can lose a Cup Final to a lower league club. It’s a 90 minute game on neutral ground. Our team is a shambles and the players seem disaffected and our manager hasn’t got a clue. Hearts tails will be up and they have a better goalie than we have. Remember Raith Rovers. It’s only my opinion but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  16. Things look really bad and Neil Lennon appears to have lost the plot. “I don’t think it’s a major football issue. I think it’s more psychological than anything else, really.” Really? What happened to that expensive motivational psychologist that they hired not long ago? rangers or what ever they want to call them seem to be doing fine with the lack of fans and Covid and whatever else is going on and that’s what worries us. Why are they not having psychological problems? It’s not just that we are awful but that they are doing so well both in Europe and in SPFL. The games against Rangers under Lennon’s management (and the last one under BR) show that Gerrard has sussed out how to beat Celtic and he’ll keep doing it unless someone who really understands tactics comes in and sorts out the defense (and I’m including defensive midfield too) . It’s the root of all evil. No goalie can develop confidence with this kind of dire stuff. NL either can’t say what he knows to be true – that his coaches are letting him down big time – or he hasn’t a clue. His series of contradictory comments is bizarre from “I don’t now what’s going on. Maybe it’s the culture” to “I can sort it out because I’m the only one who really knows the players.” (quotes not exact). I personally don’t see how NL can save the 10IAR with the current setup but it may be too late for anyone decent to come in and make a difference. I’d say change the coaches at the very least (G. Strachan and J. Kennedy). It’s hard to see them turning anything around. It’s the same mistakes week in week out in defense. I’d stick with Elhamed at RB I’d not play Brown most games. Apart from that I don’t think there’s any great advantage of one player over another in midfield and upfront if fit and if coached properly.

  17. Gene 11.13



    I agree about Ferencvaros. Neil’s team selection, tactics and post match comments taken in conjunction with huge revenue loss should have been enough for him to get his jotters.




    Paul is not deluded. He is following the party line.



    Paul’s article the other day when he talked of speaking directly to decision makers at the club about whether managers should be sacked, was instructive.



    Firstly, it highlights (as we already know) his access at the club.



    However it was clearly nonsense that the reason he doesn’t voice his own opinion is because it could make matters worse in respect of results.



    It’s transparent that the reason he holds the opinion he does is because any opinion which criticises the decision makers directly or criticses the actions taken or views held by them will result in access being withdrawn.



    Of course, it’s still interesting to read Paul’s articles as it is a window into those decision makers’ point of view and outlook.



    Unfortunately, the views we are confronted with are disquieting to say the least.



    The BS article about sorting the midfield and defence and taking 15 points before Ibrox is so detached from reality it’s unnerving, but that’s clearly the pie and the sky hope at board level.



    That’s all we have now: hope; blind faith. Well I’m an atheist and so that approach has no truck with me.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    MADMITCH on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:27 AM



    Agree totally with your comments, well put.



    And you wonder why such a fantastic talent like young Dembele not even making the bench this season?

  20. One dynamic in play is that NL knows who are not trying a leg and he is trying to shame them into a positive response by continually playing them — he thinks that at some pint they will have to try a leg to keep their profile up.



    Unfortunately the NT gives them another stage to shine.


    And guess what that is what has happened.



    RC’s goal and tears put another £10K onto his potential next wage.



    Caley shambles of 21+ years ago — who was in the team?


    Will they carry that result to their graves?


    RC (team) might be a good bet …

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    ROLLING_STONE on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:29 AM



    It’s like Pravda coming out with “all is fine” comments when the Soviet Union is crumbling before their very eyes…

  22. ILJASB on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:29 AM



    I can see a cup shock and a gubbing at Ibrox. A change might happen then but of course, our season will be in tatters by then.

  23. Bhoy from the Boyne,



    We have a midfield that is aging. All of them now above the age of 25, with Scott a decade older than that. As we have seen against teams like Sparta and others, young guys with boundless energy, strength and some technique are making our team look like the Father Ted over-75s football side…



    Callum at 27, Tom Rogic at 28…even absent messiah James Forrest is a 29 year old winger now and still the go-to guys. Terrible succession planning and recruitment given we have spent tens of millions on supposed successors in Shved, Eboue, Soro, Musanda, Weah, Roberts, etc with Turnbull joining the assembly line and an internal pool with Dembele at the top of it nowhere to be seen.




  24. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Rolling Stone @ 11:29am



    That is unfair on Paul67, he just said this morning on national radio what is happening right now is clearly a route to destruction.

  25. GEEBEE1978 – Can’t fathom those who look down our noses at experienced EPL candidates who are out of a job/in a fair-to-middling one; it was the posi the great Brendan was in after all. EPL is streets ahead of us.


    It’s a delusion to think that we are, atm, a top 4, 6 or even top 10 team by current EPL standards. Not by a mile.


    We’re one of twa bloated fishies in a shrinking wee cesspond, drained of any integrity by the skullduggery of its administrators, political peers, 5-way pact members, its MIB cabal and biased refereeing clique.


    Now I think of it, MON and RK might be the only ones able to take that mob head on and explode the sham.


    Now, back to Roman J Israel Esq HH

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    GEEBEE1978 on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:33 AM



    He won’t survive not winning at Ibrox but as we know, way too late by then and our board’s lack of ambition would possibly see JK in the dugout until the summer.

  27. onenightinlisbon on

    How can anyone back a manager with the record he has this season?



    He will magically turn it around, cloud cuckoo land…Commons is a fat fud right enough.

  28. MARTIN FALLON on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:37 AM



    92 CCTV cameras at Celtic Park & Footprint.




  29. Neil Lennon if he continues as our manager needs to introduce players like Turnbull,Soro,also there is few in the Development Squad that need to be included in the first team squad,and I’m not talking about Henderson or Robertson who in my opinion are not what’s required to be included in the starting eleven,Lennon needs to replace Rogic,Brown,McGregor,Bain,Give the Israeli who I think is a decent right back who needs more games ,also Mikey Johnson is nearing match fitness,and come January those players who wanted to leave in the summer,they can go in this window The ones I’m hearing about leaving are Edourd,Nitcham,Ajer ,and seemingly Duffy is going back to Brighton,





    Who do we get in if Neil goes? HH

  31. Does BBC R Scotland think that Paul is representative of the Celtic Board? Or of the fans true feelings?



    If he thinks there is no managerial change on the horizon, is that because he has been told that by PL? Or because he does’t think it is necessary?



    Anyone remember how the Celtic View was supplanted by Not the View?



    If CQN is now nothing but board propaganda it is a sad day. Paul used to be very balanced and fair. Like any newspaper stringer knows, you will only get exclusives from a valuable source if you are willing to tow the line.


    Does Paul value access to the inner sanctum more than running a blog that has an independent voice?