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  1. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Big Wavy @ 11:34am



    I don’t disagree with any what you say. But right now in this moment he needs to change the MF personal, surely. The huge games between mid/defence is killing us. Its both tactical set-up but also down to player desire to put the effort in. If the players don’t have the desire to give cover the space, then swap the personnel and hope they have the hunger. That along with coaches getting shape & tactics right is only think I can think of right now, other than NL leaving which doesn’t look like it will happen just yet.



    NL is right, part of the problem is psychological. He ain’t getting that fixed though. Its in the players heads now and they ain’t giving any extra to get us out of this. Players, club & supporters need a huge lift in new appointment who can galvanise all with tactical astuteness and ability to distance himself from the pressure of delivering the 10. One game at a time.



    Its gone for Neil now, however. Has been for few months.

  2. I think the next stage in this saga will be 5 subs on at half time.


    Half expecting it to happen last night.



    Only issue was there were only 5 changes allowed to be made.

  3. To follow up on my last note, here’s what good could look like – Ralf Rangnick – 5 minutes worth listening to. A philosophy, an identity, a focus on coaches, coming out of each transfer window with younger and better. All in highly unfashionable Austria.



    A bright future is out there, if we go and grab it and give up on incompetent, old-fashioned thinking that dominates our club.




  4. GREENPINATA on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:44 AM




    I hope if any fan’s go down to Celtic Park on Saturday, they act like dafties.


    The same people who made Brendan leave, brought Neil in, if they make Neil go, who’ll be next? HH

  5. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Harry Brady saying the club has been planning huge structural changes at every level for past 18 months for next summer. This is according to Harry likely reason why they are hesitant to remove NL recently as it will impact a bigger picture in planning.

  6. Bhoy from the Boyne,



    Our problems are multi-faceted and as we have left it too late we are just firefighting so agreed but we have a) no discernible identity as a team (e.g Eddie and Tam don’t press), b) deploy indiscipline systems (e.g Scott goes walkabout in each game trying to do his best but leaving gaps and c) we’ve bought without a system in mind (e.g we focus on wing backs but neither Frimpong nor Laxalt have any (or little) creativity or final ball into the box) leaving CHs exposed too.



    We are basically trying to solve a system and personnel problem to build confidence (dont concede goals) at the same time, in an environment where a defeat is critical and time has passed us by.



    Shamefully sad




  7. Another thing I noticed about Neil Lennon saying things that some of the players they brought in weren’t good enough in training or language was another problem,without these players getting more first team action there are out on loan,and how did he know what the problem was with these players,I got the impression or heard that he never took the coaching side of things up at Lennoxtown,he like Martin O’Neil [whom I don’t want Back ]sat up in his office,and left it all to the coaches,the whole set up has been a huge disaster waiting to happen and it has .

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIN FALLON on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:46 AM



    The million dollar question.



    The people who are paid vast salaries to run our club have that decision to make not me.



    We are heading towards failure in our most important season for decades. Surely they can all agree that we are entitled to better?

  9. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Picture Scott Arfield lifting the league trophy next May with his silly salute.



    Just awful for us and so preventible….even now.

  10. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:53 AM


    Harry Brady saying the club has been planning huge structural changes at every level for past 18 months for next summer. This is according to Harry likely reason why they are hesitant to remove NL recently as it will impact a bigger picture in planning.






    A bigger picture to cover the top tier of the empty stands at this rate…..

  11. On thing I did agree with that P67 said is the Scottish Cup Final is no gimeee, Hearts although not a good team are physical and fit.

  12. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    What can be done however if PL/DD won’t make the move required and NL won’t do the honourable thing…….

  13. BFTB


    Make it known to them no season tickets will be renewed and no merchandise purchased we are a club reliant on both.

  14. I thought that interview was a Lennonesque car-crash.



    A guy who badly wanted to go much, much further and was forced into almost having to defend something he doesn’t believe it at all.



    I’m also sick of this idea that the online reaction is not representative of the Celtic fans as a whole.



    Back when I started doing this, eight or so years ago, I might have agreed.



    Now there are so many blogs and bloggers and forums and Facebook groups and Twitter is a alive and pumping out the opinions it’s luidcrous to suggest that it’s not represenative of supporter opinion. If you can afford a season ticket you can afford a mobile. If you have a mobile you follow all this stuff. If you follow it you have a chance to voice your opinion.



    The idea that all those collective voices belong to moonhowlers (like me!) is, I’m afraid, a delusion that a lot of people at Celtic Park need to wake up from soon.

  15. Bhoy From The Boyne on




    Maybe but its not going to change direction of this seasons league title. More likely to impact revenue/spending for future seasons when PL will likely be gone.


    We need a divine intervention and only 2 people can do it, either NL by resigning or DD stepping up to say enough is enough.

  16. GREENPINATA @ 7:54 AM, DENIABHOY @ 8:35 AM, LUCKY CODY @ 9:05 AM,



    Thank you… yes, it’s all very well talking about culture change and psychological support but understanding what is wrong with the culture and the psychological issues is obviously key. Yes, there can be various and individual issues but in a case like this, we know the culture and environment have a huge role to play.



    DB: “Neil said three weeks ago there had to be a change of culture. He got that right but organisational culture change cannot be driven through by a man in the middle of the flow chart…



    …New board, new vision, new management, new culture.”



    LC: “Agree. Manager is a symptom of the problem.



    Root cause is Lawwell —- self serving control freak. Destroying club from within.



    If Dermot has his marbles and the balls he would change both.



    There are Celtic minded people who can step into do the CEO job until end of season.”



    Yes, in Corporate terms, Lenny is stuck in the middle and without true buy-in from above or below is powerless. Also what about Lenny’s attitude… is he part of the problem or solution. Surely he is one of the last people to drive change through.



    His handling of the Bolingoli affair showed he has little grasp on company policies and procedures.



    What does Nick Hammond do, our Head of Football Operations – guess what he’s telt, like the rest of them, no statements or mention of him through this crisis.



    DD is the only man that can change things round. The problem is the TEN, how long does it take to stop the rot, how long does it take to change the culture, how long does it take to restructure.



    A new CEO with the right credenntials and experience could certainly change things, from where we are huge improvements are achieviable and in short shrift. Only a new Quality CEO and Manager will acheive that.



    Personally I can’t see it happening for three reasons…



    1 – The folk that can sanction it are so much part of the problem, firstly they’d have to recognise that, then they’d have to have the will to change; Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas



    2 – To implement this with the urgency required would take up huge time, money and resources. During Covid times the Ten or Quintuple treble isn’t that important to them. Well not as important as the money



    3 – The bigger picture, moving to a new league outside Scotland has always been their holy grail. With the plight that Covid has wrought on European football in general and English football in particular, their main focus will be on the move, any upheaval can wait until they get clarity on English Football’s direction on travel



    NB: If Rangers won the League and were looking competitive in Europe, that must enhance the old firms chances of a move.



    Hail Hail

  17. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:02 PM


    ‘What can be done however if PL/DD won’t make the move required and NL won’t do the honourable thing…….’







    ‘the honourable thing’



    Enough with this bollocks. Neil Lennon is doing what ever single person posting here would do in the circumstances. Those who say otherwise are either liars or too thick to understand how these things work.



    If the Board want him gone they can sack him.

  18. Bhoy From The Boyne on




    I wouldn’t stay as manager if performances under my watch where risking the 10.



    What other fan would, you?

  19. JAMES FORREST @ 12:06 PM,



    Correct and very well put. Yet I can’t help but think there is a willful ignorance at play here.



    Hail Hail

  20. Reading some really poor stuff on the Internet from ghuys who I believed in.


    I know we all feel a crushing disappointment right now but it is how we react to it is the measure of us.


    I’m not screaming for Lenny’s head, I would be relieved if he was mutually consented but while he is here I will support him and the team to the end.

  21. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:02 PM


    What can be done however if PL/DD won’t make the move required and NL won’t do the honourable thing…….





    We can do what we did in 1994 and boycott the hell out of them. Don’t buy season tickets, don’t buy merchandise. Then Mr. Lawell and Mr. Desmond will truly know who runs Celtic. We should begin to flood the club with letters and Emails now. Vote with your feet.

  22. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Paul67’s new article is up btw.



    Avoid if you want some comfort.



    ‘There is worse to come’

  23. Bhoy From The Boyne:



    On the contrary, I welcome it for the first time in weeks.



    Its sobering realism is exactly what is required here.



    And I have to think that everyone inside Celtic Park recognises where this is going and what needs to be done. The board’s fumbling about is all the more disgraceful in light of what must be blindingly obvious.



    It’s the best piece Paul has put up in a while.

  24. It all started at the Ferencvaros game. Poor team selection, tactics and substitutions.


    Then openly criticises the players after the to deflect from himself.


    Next game plays the exact same team as get it up I’m right statement. First shot on target was on 41mins. Then changed it at half time.


    We have not had one decent 90mins this season.


    Should have been sacked months ago. But from what I here 2 people have already knocked us back and that was 3 weeks ago

  25. PL friendly astroturf / web friendly voices:



    P67 @ CQN


    RM @ E-Tims


    HB @ CU



    Some collection to get the message out and understood.

  26. It took years for me to be in a position to have a ST.



    I will not give it up if I can possibly help it.




  27. The Harry Brady stuff can be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s the usual diversionary tactic. “Tell the fans we’re planning major structural change throughout the club for next season. That’ll calm them down and they’ll spend the next 7 months speculating and trying to guess what we’ve got in store for them. Meanwhile we’ll proceed as normal.”



    Remember how they got us all talking about hotels and museums?



    If they leave change until it’s too late then boycott, boycott, boycott.

  28. Football would be in better shape if season books were banned, because fans would have some ongoing influence over their clubs, even if it was a tiny amount.

  29. Paul’s latest piece is not in its usual place on the blog and comments are not open on it.



    So here it is, in case he’s having second thoughts, which he shouldn’t.



    There is worse to come






    Neil Lennon said we didn’t deserve to lose 4-1, as we dominated large parts of the game against a team who have lost their last four games (not against Celtic), conceding 14 goals in the process. But oh, Neil, we absolutely deserved to lose by at least that margin.



    Our disorganisation is a marvel. Scott managing to start his jump goal-side of a dropping ball and ending up wrong side. Callum playing three onside. Kris A. not committing to block the cross (forgiven, trying to cover two positions), Chris J. attempting to intercept with the wrong foot (forgiven, fitness). Hatem reliving his Ferencvaros highlights. Full backs who are never back and produce few assists; there is no defensive midfield, unless you count the goalkeeper who feels the need to leave his box and play that position, just a midfield of nomads.



    The team is a collection of individuals unencumbered by a workable strategy. Opposition managers have their game plan written: defend deep, play on the counter and put numbers forward at set-pieces. If we could defend counter-attacks and corner kicks, we would be having a legendary season, but we can’t, so everyone looks awful.



    In sport, if you have evident fatal flaws and persistently fail to resolve them, you deserve every setback that comes your way. It is hard to recall a Celtic team that deserved to lose more. Let me give you a cheery prediction, you will soon forget about last night, as there is worse to come.