Spartak and the long road home


Having disposed of Raith Rovers last night, Celtic have two huge away games, against top of the table Motherwell before a trip to Moscow for a Champions League match against Spartak in six days.

Tonight Spartak play just a few miles from the Ukraine border and have a journey of close to 1000 miles on Saturday.  It is little wonder they, like Celtic, are looking for ways to improve their injury record.

Celtic will travel to Moscow only a few hours after Spartak leave the city of Perm to journey home.  On Tuesday we will be the fresher team.  Could this be the game we break our duck away from home in the Champions League?  If we get it right on the park it will be.

I didn’t read the (incredible) statement by Charles Green until late last night, when I caught it via the excellent analysis by Paul McConville on his Random Thoughts blog.  Mr Green, Paul concludes, is “Either… stupid, which he is not, or he has decided to continue to appeal to his core support”.

There is a third alternative.  Last season we watched Craig Whyte, then Duff and Phelps, embark on a series of unfathomable actions.  Neither party was stupid, nor were their actions necessarily guided by anything as a coordinated appeal; they were simply being buffeted along by circumstances.  No one was in control, had the experience necessary or was party to a deliverable Grand Plan, resulting in a series of random utterances.

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  1. Oh, he’s ‘off oot’ again…same old M.O.



    Anyway, I do not like the phrase ‘stripping of titles’. I think it implies some sort of punishment, which it isn’t. I’d prefer a ‘correction of history’ which should then be followed by a punishment.

  2. HAVING hit a fantastic four against Raith Rovers in the Scottish Communities League Cup we are heading for Fir Park on Saturday and a league encounter with table-topping Motherwell – and the only place where supporters overseas can watch the match live is on Celtic TV!



    With the match kicking off at 3pm on Saturday (September 29), the club’s official online channel is the only place where supporters living outside the UK and Ireland can watch it live.



    We will also have live audio commentary from the game at Fir Park for supporters in the UK and Ireland – with the entire match uploaded and ready to watch at 10pm.



    The games are coming thick and fast for Neil Lennon and his players as they face challenges on domestic and European fronts and, as always, the club’s official online channel takes you right to the heart of the action with our live match coverage.



    And this weekend’s match will be particularly tense with Motherwell setting the pace in the opening months of the Scottish Premier League campaign and the game coming days before our UEFA Champions League game away against Spartak Moscow.



    As well as our live matchday coverage, Celtic TV subscribers can also watch our midweek-nightly news show, the Huddle Online, which features all the latest news and exclusive interviews from behind the scenes at Celtic Park and Lennoxtown.



    On tonight’s Huddle I am joined by Tony Hamilton for a look back over last night’s cup tie and we have an exclusive interview with the outstanding new Bhoy, Efe Ambrose.

  3. Good to see we will have some options in midfield next week, two wingers does not gain enough possesion away from home.

  4. P67



    Dun na nGall Abu



    What a weekend and in Arranmore of all places!



    Jimmy’swinningmatches CSC




  5. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Been catching up on some of the inane drivel coming out of transition fc. Losing the plot and trying to cause a real head to head with the SFA and SPL.



    Muppets the pair of them.

  6. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    Some of the things I seen on her statement means that it was a 50/50 call but her general tone decided it for me. I normally do rise above comments like from zombies like her but not today.

  7. Magnificentseven on

    why does anyone respond to “son of Shugg”? all he does is throw mud, usually at the board, or bored as he so amusingly calls them, then retreats as soon as he is cornered.



    He might be a celtic man (I have been assured he is) but he is no Celtic supporter, ignore the clown

  8. tigertim:



    Definitely. however if we do have 2 wingers, 3CM’s can still be an attacking formation.


    I’m noticing more and more teams across Europe rather than play a “traditional 10” behind the front man they play someone at the front of the midfield 3, sitting far deeper than your average 10.



    I wouldnt mind us trying this but dont think we have the creative centre mid for it.



    Another option to me is playing an “advanced destroyer” as it were, the way that Italy played in Euros with a defensive player at the top of the midfield, whose sole role in the team was to press the oppositions sitting midfielder’s stop them having any time on the ball, at the same time having the wingers press full-back to prevent easy out balls.



    To me in Europe we can play that way, it often gets the ball back quick, it stops the opposition playing and at the least stops accurate long range balls being played.


    The only problem is that in an attacking sense you need your centre forward to drag the opposition centre backs around a bit and hope your wingers go into that space, not to mention deep mids arriving late in the box.



    Just an option obviously. It is something I would personally like to see us try.



    I hope we can get a result over there, and think there is a chance.

  9. Green has 4 days to pay millions in football debt or face the wrath of Fifa and Uefa. He is desperately trying to get the SFA to declare they are a new club, so he can argue that the debt is not theirs to pay.



    This is the reason behind his constant attacks on the SFA this past week.

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Spread only good, misery begats misery, just let her know who you are, might have a educational effect.

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    It doesn’t matter how clever [or stupid] they are; to appeal to the ‘core support’ they end up saying the things they want to hear, which are unique to the zombie mindset.



    Stupid is as stupid does.

  12. sixtaeseven: Supporting the Finest Team in Scotland on

    Paul67, you may be right about our friend Mr Green.



    His three main weapons are fear, surprise, pandering to his core support, and random utterances – oh damn!



    Maybe he is expecting some kind of inquisition?

  13. Off topic, I know, but


    I have been in Scotland since Friday night, staying with my oldest and closest friends (the zimmermans)


    the most enjoyable week I have had a long time



    On Saturday, I spent a few hours in the company of genuine, good people, being a green bucketeer, I’m still in awe of the total that was donated.



    I then watched Celtic beat Dundee, with my best mate and his daughter.



    I’ve been able to spend some time with my Son and his family, and hang out at the zims, having a few drinks and the kind of laughs only folk who know each for years can have…



    Last night we went to watch Celtic beat Raith Rovers, it’s the first time in over 30 years I could say I was at 2 Celtic games in one week, what a buzz



    I visited with my sister, had a great time, her husband is a BIG Celtic man.



    I’m thinking now, I might push it and stay longer than planned and try get to the game on Saturday as well. I am staying ML2 anyway.



    In all It’s been a blast, but after Saturday, I would swap all these days, for the day wee Oscar gets better.



    I will never forget being part of last Saturday at CP

  14. If we now have three striking options, Hooper, Lassad & Miku, anyone of them should be busting a gut if they are asked to play up front on theire own, none should ever play the full 90 mins, if asked to play this role.


    As for locksmiths, needs must but Ki was made for Europe, Kayal, Brown & Wanyama don’t have the same finesse.


    Ledley can play the pass but most often is not in the centre.


    It will be good when he comes back that Izzy will have some natural cover which he has been missing.

  15. Does lenny chew tabbaca, or use those skoal things?


    Has anyone else seen him put this between his gum and lip?

  16. kilbowie celt:




    I’ll take your point on board. I mean no offence to anyone except the rotten lot who have attacked us, hacked and assaulted our team to bits with impunity over the years, have bent and subverted the game for decades with their financial doping, their ownership of the mib fraternity, their eternal puffing up from their friends in the msm, their murderous intent, their arrogance, their refusal to pay their creditors whilst crowing about being the richest club in Scotland with attendances in the top 20 of Europe, yet they bleat and whinge should anyone criticise them in the slightest.


    Yes. I get real angry, and my language may become florid, but I am at a loss as to why they are still allowed to behave as if the last few decades matter not a jot,and when all that mountain of evidence is..right..there…why they are not being dismantled completely and the worst of the miscreants within that criminal enterprise are not already facing serious charges.



  17. Sargassosea


    12:40 on 26 September, 2012



    Were you big Sadie, John Darroch, Lapiazza vintage at the Mungo?



    Did you play with Gerry Allen with the FPs?

  18. Neil canamalar.


    Just wondered, i thought those skoal things got banned as they caused mouth cancer.


    Has he just taken to it, or been doing it a while?

  19. Spartak will be well drilled for our visit. They’ll have held A.McG. down and tickled him until he spilled all our secrets, tactics , and where NL hides his fags.


    But we’ll still give them a run for their money. I agree with the thinking that says we’ll get a draw…..but a win would obviously be ideal.

  20. tigertim



    I was told they have to pay all outstanding football debt by the end of September or else they are Donald Ducked.



    It is something Sevco agreed to when they were given their license. There are a few European teams who have not walked away from the money they are owed.

  21. newradbhoy



    Insolvency procedures are usually quite time consuming. Administrators still have a number of tasks to carry out before the liquidators (BDO) are formally appointed. This formal appointment also has to be done in court (possibly Court of Session in Scot, not 100% on Scots Law).



    It is not uncommon for there to be 6-12 months between administration ending and liquidators taking over but I expect the liquidators will be formally appointed before the end of the year.



    Once this happens, the process can slow down even more as the liquidators pore over every single piece of information to see if there is a way for them to get more money for the creditors. This process can take years and the more complex a case is, the longer it will take.



    Once this is completed, the liquidators apply to the courts to have the company dissolved and this is the final formal process where a company “dies”, i.e. their record at Companies House is removed.




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