Spartak hero already dismisses Celtic


I’ve been trying to interpret the Champions League group all evening.  It’s an exciting draw.  The world’s biggest box office team will come to Glasgow, a chance for us to marvel at, and test ourselves against, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and the rest.  We also have a sporting chance of finishing second or third, either of which would be acceptable.

For me most of this analysis is irrelevant for now.  The two most important games are the first, Benfica, and the last Spartak Moscow, both at home, so for now, all that really matters is the 90 minutes at Celtic Park against Benfica on 19 September.  Beat Benfica and you go to Moscow in the following game with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Can we beat Benfica at Celtic Park?   Benfica have lost all three games they have played at Celtic Park, twice in recent Champions League history, but they are not a pot two team and we are not a pot four team for nothing.  They have played only two league games this season and did not benefit from being tested by a Champions League qualifying competition.

In short, playing Benfica in the first game, when we will have played twice as many competitive games as they have, is ideal.  We will be ready for them.

Tomorrow is a big day.  Who was it said ‘perfect day to bury bad news’?  While some of us are busy trying to keep a server online as transfer speculation reaches its annual crescendo, what chance last year’s accounts will be released?

If they are (and I have no information on this), you can count on some very bad news.  Losses will be frightening, which sheds some light on some of the earthy tones from Neil Lennon today on just how big a result the win over Helsingborgs was.

We needed that win.  We needed Messi and his pals to help us sell 60,000 ticket packages, and to prompt Celtic fans to go out and buy some of the many thousands of season tickets still available.

Let me leave you with a word that came out from the Spartak camp tonight.  Andrey Tikhonov, Spartak player until he became a coach at the club last year, said, “Barcelona are favourites from the group. We and Benfica will be fighting for second place.

“Celtic are outsiders. The Champions League competition is about very good technical football.  It has nothing to do with running after the ball that somebody kicked forward.”

Beat these clowns, Celtic.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    To provide that, we need Rogne to stay fit and develop. or we need Kelvin to kick on from his last few better (but not great) performances



    That´s a tall order on the point of being deluded between now and midnight ;-)



    Hail Hail

  2. Del Piero still not made his mind up then?



    What is he waiting on?



    The CL draw, perhaps, or the long-range weather forecast for Scotland?




  3. Don’t think we necessarily need to bring new players in, but it’s always nice. However I am worried most of our targets have already found other clubs.



    I think if we had really wanted Del Piero we could have had him over Sydney. It would be good to have a player of his experience and class around the squad and I do think he still has something to offer.



    Henriksen is a massively missed opportunity.



    Rhodes we couldn’t afford this year but should have got last year for half the amount.



    Russell is a good player but in the Stokes mould. Don’t see the point if I’m honest and certainly not for £2m.



    The defenders we’ve been linked to I’m unsure of – we don’t have the best record in signing centre-backs.

  4. An experienced CH would free up CM & VW to do what they do best


    What we have alredy is more than enough for the SPL but if we want progress a CH it is (IMHO).



  5. 67 European Cup Winners on



    12:03 on


    31 August, 2012


    Mrs 67ECW is a teacher – she tells a story of a new, very pretty young woman, teaching in her first year


    She was encouraging a class of 15 year old boys the night before an exam to go home and work hard for one last night – but go to bed nice and early and come to school in the morning refreshed and full of vigor – One of the boy says – but Miss what if I have an enourmous sexual encounter tonight that just exhausts me – what am I to do about the exam – wright with your other hand came the reply from the new young teacher



    Respect to you and all teachers – what a job – not one I could manage




  6. South Of Tunis on

    The Cheats ————-



    Walking through Comiso I passed a bookies ——- big results screen in the window ——- fixtures from across Europe . One fixture caught my eye ——- a Scottish team called Rangers SDC ———- No idea what it meant ——- I asked the bookie -he didn’t have a clue .



    Does anybody know ?

  7. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Ironic that my subject is teachers and my typo is wright – sorry write


    Hail hail



  8. I love a rant in the morning so I go and do that on TSFM. And I mean what I say on there.


    But here on CQN it’s a much more entertaining experience and I actually learn a lot about a lot of things and even though I’ve never met most of you, you are a very likeable bunch….even the mad right wingers.


    Am I drunk? No.


    Just looking forward to being in Celtic Park when we run out to play F.C. Barcelona.


    I mean, how good is that?


    CFC v FCB. Lovin’ it.

  9. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    CQN on last day of transfer window reminds me of a comment I made describing the KDS forum a few years back.



    It is not that common sense does not surface occasionally, its that it struggles to stay afloat.



    There is an example in post by TBB last night that I would repeat were it not for being on mobile and difficulty finding it.




    11:41 on


    31 August, 2012





    Use your imagination for goodness sake



    What about a statement saying Celtic have lost complete faith in the Scottish football Association and government and The police with regards the offensive behaviour bill and that the SFA´s punishment towards somebody that induced death threats and police intervention to prevent one of Scotlands stadium being burned to the ground and note the lack of comment by these bodies at the clemency that has been shown to one of its biggest perpetrators



    Would too many of us run around feart if we did something like that ?



    Hail Hail


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~



    I’m playing catch-up,but this is a belter of a post.



    We should NOT be sitting on our hands hoping that the wronged parties,ie,Messrs Drysdale and Hutton,come out fighting.



    This is a simple moral question,and Celtic must back them up.



    And be seen to do so.

  11. Scotsman is normally a solid source. it says we are expected to only make 1 signing – efe Ambrose. A bit disappointing if true.

  12. Electronic Tims ‏@ETimsNet



    The mole has popped up…the talk is cream pudding defender talks coming to the boil…and also in talk with 6 players..with 2 bodies wanted