Spartak hero already dismisses Celtic


I’ve been trying to interpret the Champions League group all evening.  It’s an exciting draw.  The world’s biggest box office team will come to Glasgow, a chance for us to marvel at, and test ourselves against, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and the rest.  We also have a sporting chance of finishing second or third, either of which would be acceptable.

For me most of this analysis is irrelevant for now.  The two most important games are the first, Benfica, and the last Spartak Moscow, both at home, so for now, all that really matters is the 90 minutes at Celtic Park against Benfica on 19 September.  Beat Benfica and you go to Moscow in the following game with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Can we beat Benfica at Celtic Park?   Benfica have lost all three games they have played at Celtic Park, twice in recent Champions League history, but they are not a pot two team and we are not a pot four team for nothing.  They have played only two league games this season and did not benefit from being tested by a Champions League qualifying competition.

In short, playing Benfica in the first game, when we will have played twice as many competitive games as they have, is ideal.  We will be ready for them.

Tomorrow is a big day.  Who was it said ‘perfect day to bury bad news’?  While some of us are busy trying to keep a server online as transfer speculation reaches its annual crescendo, what chance last year’s accounts will be released?

If they are (and I have no information on this), you can count on some very bad news.  Losses will be frightening, which sheds some light on some of the earthy tones from Neil Lennon today on just how big a result the win over Helsingborgs was.

We needed that win.  We needed Messi and his pals to help us sell 60,000 ticket packages, and to prompt Celtic fans to go out and buy some of the many thousands of season tickets still available.

Let me leave you with a word that came out from the Spartak camp tonight.  Andrey Tikhonov, Spartak player until he became a coach at the club last year, said, “Barcelona are favourites from the group. We and Benfica will be fighting for second place.

“Celtic are outsiders. The Champions League competition is about very good technical football.  It has nothing to do with running after the ball that somebody kicked forward.”

Beat these clowns, Celtic.

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  1. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on




    Are you going to light up my life? Or my back garden. Still no word from the wee hacker.



    Probably scared to visit me again, or he,s havin second thoughts and wants to submit an invoice.



    Cheap leccy work csc. Haw!

  2. no, i’m neil lennon “i’ll never walk alone” (fourstonecoppi )




    Sorry to hear the passing off your friend,take care of yourself, thoughts with the family,RIP George Gallacher

  3. Hope PL doesnt try and treat the manager and fans with disdain



    The manager has said since MAY that he wants a Center Half and a Striker and that was BEFORE we shed 16 players @ circa 100k per week and took in about 9m



    We have 3 striker left at club including a young boy of 18 who will have dips in form as all kids do Stokes who will be out for 10 weeks and isnt a first pick anyway and Hoops who has had his share of injuries in the past



    So i am holding back in slagging PL outright BUT our manager stated last night that the squad is paper thin and its up to the board to rectify that tomorrow



    Re last seasons finiancial armeggedon results. Bullshit!!!


    We had 4 Europa league games at home that we didnt have previous season so i dont believe Paul’s assertion that we

  4. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    Having just read the Daily Record’s scandalous report of last night’s game ,I am left to wonder if any Celtic fans still buy this rag.


    P.S. What about S.F.A.’s 3-match suspended sentence for Ally’s incitement. They would have put Neil Lennon in jail for that.

  5. Doc is Neil Lennon




    22:55 on 30 August, 2012






    Dougie Bhoy


    Doc, he is decent player, but comes with baggage – moved on quickly from Sunderland to Stoke, and has not shone there.


    Maybe an opportunity to shine again ?


    Loan deal not as costly ?


    would also take JR from Dundee Utd

  6. Two replies here…



    tom mclaughlin… (from previous blog)… The quote you ascribe to me (about the tranfer of Ki and a.n.other) was not me. Not guilty, mate!





    Yes, it was me who met WDH… Missed your post because I deliberatley, accidentally bumped into him again this evening. We had a great old chat and he showed me hos beach ball edition of the View!






  7. I have no idea how we are going to do – absolutely none.



    The only thing I will say is that I think we can play better than the last few games. Against HJK we were well rusty- hadn’t really got started. Whereas against Helsingborg our midfielders Brown, and Kayal, Ledley before were playing at ~80% with injuries.



    With a bit of luck our midfield will be sharper for these games (touches wood).

  8. lol! This brings back good memories of last season.



    Rangers have had a joint bid for Hearts pair Ryan McGowan and David


    Templeton rejected. STV understands the Ibrox club made their offer on Thursday but failed to meet a combined £1.3m valuation for the two players.

  9. philvisreturns on

    ASonOfDan – Accounts might be mince for last year but compared to a certain Barca who probably have more debt than the entire population of Scotland?






    I’ve said for years that the EPL exhibits all the signs of a financial bubble. The same applies to top clubs in other top European leagues, including Spain.



    As Radiohead once told us, gravity always wins. It’s only a matter of time before the years of crazy spending catches up with even the most illustrious of clubs, for in the end all debts must be paid by someone. (thumbsup)

  10. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    What’s not to like:


    Champions league draw on Thursday and draw the best team on the planet



    Gloatfest at work tomorrow with the sevcovians



    Then watching the Champions in a top of the table clash on Saturday.



    Just cant get enough.



    Goodnight & HH



  11. I also missed any replies to my request for info about the Quiz Night Oot… A pal wants to know how to go. I may turn up myself if public sector workers are allowed… (thumbs up)




  12. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    What age was lubo when he dropped in our lap?



    If ADP is good enough and we can afford his wee swansong, get him in hoops.



    If he,s good enough, he,s old enough.

  13. Top of the table clash coming up on Saturday i wonder if any new faces may go straight into the team against the Hibees

  14. ASonOfDan



    We should be signing Ryan McGowan, the perfect cover for all defensive postions. When your squad is paper thin, as the manager said last night, then versatile guys like McGowan can come in handy. He’s big, strong and is not scared to get stuck in.

  15. philvisreturns on

    The Singing Detective – Apologies for not replying earlier, but I’m not good at parsing the Kojoesque posts.



    Kojo is the Bob Dylan of CQN, he is afforded a certain poetic licence. We presume there must be a glimmer of brilliance in his Finnegans Wake style of writing.



    I’m just a backroom boy though, so I prefer simplicity and plain speaking. (thumbsup)

  16. cowiebhoy



    23:01 on 30 August, 2012



    Loan deal, could be, like I said he’d run riot in the SPL and reinforcements for CL.


    I’d rather have JR from DU, the buy young and hungry policy has been paying dividends.


    If we were to bring in someone more experienced a CH with pace would be good.


    Kelvin looked much better last night.


    We’ll find out tomorrow.

  17. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    A Ceiler Gonof Rust



    Caught me just before headin to bed…….i’ll see the poisoned dwarf (can you say that)




    HH PC67

  18. Does anyone know the identity of that competent looking centre half doing the dodgy impersonation of Kelvin Wilson last night? Should we sign him?

  19. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    B T



    Was on edge every time the ball went near him. Over all I thot he had a decent game.

  20. I take it the bold Tikhonov is not a psychologist?



    What I feel really concerning about Paul’s article is his very strong reference to frightening losses. PL has constantly and publicly stated our finances are in good order.



    Oh, and I can’t be doing with all this mince about Hearts. They are a detestable club with a vile and poisonous support. I could never ever countenance giving them any kind of support anywhere about anything.

  21. doc is neil lennon



    22:55 on


    30 August, 2012



    Yeah wages may be prohibitive. Loan might be a good idea….

  22. The post from Paul re the Muscovite comments is the best piece of news of the day.



    I sincerely hope there is no official rebuttal or war of words from us.



    Let’s sneak quietly into the last 16. Let the look and wonder “how did that happen”……





  23. Lennon is hopeful of adding Nigeria defender Efe Ambrose to his squad today. The 23 year-old from Ashdod FC has been identified as the player to strengthen


    Celtic’s back line. However, it looks as though former Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero won’t be joining him at Parkhead. “His name came up in conversation,” said Lennon. “We spoke to his advisers, but I don’t think there is any more mileage in it. “It would have been nice. It wasn’t beyond us, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.” Lennon also hopes to add at least one more forward before the transfer window closes on Friday. “Daryl Murphy is away today on a season-long loan to Ipswich,” he said. “Anthony Stokes is out for 10 weeks and I think we need at least one or two in because at the minute I’ve only got Georgios Samaras, Gary Hooper and Tony Watt up front. “We can’t rely on an 18 year-old to carry the burden if Georgios or Gary get injured. So we definitely need to be strengthened in that area. It could be permanent signings or loans.”

  24. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    PC67 ask the poisoned dwarf to bell me (naw, ye canny say that) :>}



    HH bruv Bring on some spaniards, and wee Aiden.

  25. dougie bhoy



    23:11 on 30 August, 2012



    Jones or Del Piero?



    That rumour is still doing the rounds on twitter.


    I don’t know whether I love or hate transfer deadline day.


    At least we’re not worrying about filling the cavernous stadium in Forres, we’d struggle with that;-)

  26. no, I’M Neil Lennon “i’ll never walk alone” (fourstonecoppi ) 22.41………………



    Sorry about the loss of your friend.


    He packed a whole lot of experiences into his time.


    You will miss him.



    May he rest in peace.

  27. no, I’M Neil Lennon “i’ll never walk alone” (fourstonecoppi )


    So well put, thoroughly decent individual. Condolences and thanks for sharing.



  28. tomcourtney


    23:07 on


    30 August, 2012


    Anonymous gamblers…..


    Guy on Sky said 400 to 1 odds on celtic, didn’t catch where. Resurrected an old Bet365 account and they’ve got 300 to 1.


    Do I take the 300 or can I do better elsewhere with my £25.



    Look at oddschecker site, there are plenty going 500/1.

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