Spartak sack manager Emeri after derby defeat


Spartak Moscow today sacked manager Unai Emeri after a 1-5 home league defeat against eight placed Dinamo Moscow.  Spartak are confirmed as bottom of Celtic’s Champions League group before they head to Celtic Park for the final game on 5 December.

Emeri has been increasingly unpopular since taking over earlier this year when his spell at Valencia ended, while rumours of dissent in the dressing room were never far away.  I had hoped he would remain in place for the visit to Glasgow but there will be a new man in charge by then.

A group of around 200 supporters demonstrated after the game, many chanting for the foreign players to ‘Go home’.

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  1. BSR


    we may need to convene in the lounge as ole SP and Nakas are snobs…



    gang meeting maybe put on hold…o))



    we could also go to the ole KSC Blantyre..

  2. I dealt with a charming young woman at work one day a few years ago .


    Her name . Chew Mei !



  3. Tallybhoy, goldstar10 & Ten Men Won The League


    17:41 on 25 November, 2012


    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc


    Full time: Hibernian 2 (Lindsay 37, Handling 85) Celtic 3 (Herron 12, Chalmers 76, Johnstone 118) Celtic go into the quarter finals.







    Just catching up thanks for updates and Well done to our young Bhoys.

  4. So much for the greatest league in the world today on Sky.


    2 rank rotten games.


    Give me La Liga and the Bundesliga any time before their beloved Premier League.

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    How was the police and security presence yesterday.


    The “club” must have saved a few bob eh


    I think the GB’s objective was achieved yesterday


    anyone who doesnt look at the interweb which is most,


    found out by asking neighbours where they were.


    The board are now in control of the whole situation


    Its their move, they could have the Green Brigade


    back for the next home game if they want too.


    As for trying to make the GB responsible for the loss,


    there were plenty supporters at the game


    and quite a few who say we dont need the Green Brigade.


    Yesterday was their chance to prove their claim and sing up.

  6. Pity we couldn’t play Chelsea in the last 16 of the CL if we get through..


    Would fancy our chances there

  7. BT



    How very dare you! My butler will be round imminently to give you a piece of my mind!

  8. Canamalar



    The same security that usually surrounds the GB were there yesterday, they weren’t as active as usual, but they were stopping younger male supporters and asking to see their tickets.


    They even surrounded section111 as usual. Okay it was only 4 stewards, but the area was empty, not a single soul in it.

  9. To the lads I took exception to for their critical after-match comments yesterday.



    “Though we’ve had our troubles now & then,


    Now is the time to make it up again,


    Aren’t we all Celtic, Anyhow,


    Now is the time be together now”

  10. Neil Canalamar


    I wasn’t trying to make the GB responsible for the loss yesterday, I think they are one of the reason we are doing so well. My point was aimed at other ST holders whose chose not to go yesterday and think its ok to absolve themselves of any responsibility for the loss. If as a support we are happy to take the plaudits for big game victories it surely reasonable that we accept part of the blame for the defeat. If we had the same support as the Barca game every week we would be Champions of the SPL already.


    As for the GB they have my full support both for their love of the club and financially, they also give us something as a support that we love, passion! They sing non stop and try and support the team no matter how the game is going, maybe that something we should all strive for.




    Standing up for the Green Brigade

  11. jude2005



    I agree mate, they are making their point, peacefully without disruption to anyone else.


    I hope the Board were listening yesterday, and understood why the whole support stood up for the GB.

  12. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    There was a woman about 15 years ago in charge of the Edinburgh Film Festival, and a very nice woman she was too.



    She was Ms Thing.



    “Can I just ask your first name please”



    “Sure. It’s ‘Dorty’.”



    Not the first dorty thing I’ve met in the Cowgate, but certainly the classiest.

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Agreed, he shouldnt have to but I cant think of a better PR exercise for him, mediation is another great string to his bow and I cant think of anyone better at the club to diffuse the situation.


    I expect he has quite a few PR commitments, hopefully some less demanding PR can be handled by collegues to help lighten his PR workload.

  14. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    what about police, did they move their camera to another section and record supporters for identification.

  15. Just watching barca v levante bringing back happy memories of our victory at park head ;-) hail hail what a night

  16. Defender jumped with arm out – ball hits him between hip and armpit – extra linesman consulted with ref – pen to AC Milan 1-0 v Juventus.

  17. Good night all




    Till later


    “Oscar Knox celtic warrior YNWA”

  18. Canamalar



    Agree, a positive outcome would be great PR, however there is a danger of a negative outcome and NL shouldn’t be held accountable for that, it concerns me.



    There should be conciliation between the board and GB, that will help avoid (ha ha) future problems.



    The police will need to be involved at some point – that will prove difficult (understatement)







  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    nah, the strength of the protest was the supporters who stayed away in support of the action, if everyone turned up and clapped I expect those applying the harassment would be happy for the GB to stay away permanantly and the rest to just appaud.


    The GB were looking for support, they did not demand anyone join them and even made a request for thise who did not want to take the action.


    Their strategy was to show there is a unity within the Celtic support, obvioulsy your no happy with that, or you wouldnt be trying to find someone to blame, eh

  20. Sipsini



    Your thinking of alane faberge ;)



    Still in the kirkhill btw … Pm has gone home ….

  21. Messi is five short of Muller’s scoring record



    Lets hope he insists on playing against Benefica

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