Spartak sack manager Emeri after derby defeat


Spartak Moscow today sacked manager Unai Emeri after a 1-5 home league defeat against eight placed Dinamo Moscow.  Spartak are confirmed as bottom of Celtic’s Champions League group before they head to Celtic Park for the final game on 5 December.

Emeri has been increasingly unpopular since taking over earlier this year when his spell at Valencia ended, while rumours of dissent in the dressing room were never far away.  I had hoped he would remain in place for the visit to Glasgow but there will be a new man in charge by then.

A group of around 200 supporters demonstrated after the game, many chanting for the foreign players to ‘Go home’.

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  1. I’m no longer a big drinker. Here’s the last pub I was in. Nae nonsense.






    If bevvy didn’t affect us we wouldn’t drink it. In fact we’d ask for our money back. Ditto the drugs.



    I do however think footballers should cut loose on a Saturday night if they’re prepared to train on a Sunday.



    Is there a set of rules to be read as to what may be posted on this site?

  2. BK



    I would like to think that no matter how much we disagreed with the appointment we would at worst stay silent. Ive never heard anything like the universal booing he received before a ball has been kicked.

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Not the ole CQN history of British lawnmower debates…



    I expect that’s what sparked off the angry scenes at the dugout on Saturday.

  4. I would take a wild guess that the guys who booed(sp) the team/manager on Saturday,were quite happy at beating Barca? Some guys are getting as fickle as huns.IMO NO Celtic player or team should be booed by so called supporters.FWIW i don’t think Neil should have reacted the way he did.

  5. Welcome, Ntassoolla.



    There are a few essential rules:



    In short and to paraphrase:



    nay fornirz ur communists


    nay langwij


    nay lip


    nay laffin ina Sunday


    nay g.b.h. (septina war)


    nay nooky huntin


    nay tea-leaven


    nay chanty rasslin


    nay nooky huntin nix doar


    nur kuvtin their ox



    Oaky doaky. Stick way it


    – rahl burn thi lohta yiz.



    © Tom Leonard





  6. I’m goin’ to see a ZZ Top tribute band in December who even get a nod from Billy Gibbons hissel’…….tickets?…….£8……and they’re bloody good…..and they’re from Devon…..what’s not to like.

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    The Suffolk Colt was the Ford Capri 2.8i of Lawnmowers.



    On Benitez/Chelsea, the fans could at least have the courtesy to wait until he’s won the Title and exceeded all expectations in Europe before getting on to him.

  8. NL was booed.


    Some of uas would join in.


    Some wouldn’t but concede others are entitled to do so.


    Some believe no-one is entitled to do so.



    But comparing them unfavourably with huns is just going to start for a rammy.

  9. i got offered some tracksuits by dodgy footballer in the pub one night,



    my pal said dont touch them he is a right fly mo

  10. DBBIA —-



    I went to the Burns Howff once . I was barred thereafter . Fabulous argument with the female charge hand upstairs , even better argument with owner man downstairs . A few years later I had to meet a guy[ at lunchtime ] in a Gorbals boozer called The Pig and Whistle . I had never set foot in the place . I arrived , I opened the door , the place was almost empty , the guy I was meeting was sitting in the corner . I sat down and a man in a suit behind the bar said — You – get out -you’re barred . Seemed appropriate to ask why ?—— ” You are a nutter —- you were barred from the Burns Howff… you’re barred from here ”



    Grapevine CSC -Way down south.

  11. On the subject of lager spare a thought for us over here in Italy who (sometimes) have to make do with Moretti and Peroni – or ‘p**f juice’ as BMCUW calls it!



    I actually quite like Moretti (!!!) – but usually have Beck’s.



    One of the best pints of lager I have had over in Scotland is Foster’s!



    Cheers and cin cin!




  12. Bryce Curdy – Jabba outdid himself today in the Record. You would think he would learn. I suspect todays article will come back to haunt him in the same way as the succulent lamb incident.



    He tries to get a dig in at everyone who has exposed him for the churnalist that he is over the last couple of years. But as with so much of the rubbish he writes and says on air it was empty, meaningless, missing the point, lazy and just downright spiteful. I suspect he had fun writing it but it reads like an angry blog.



    As you say – lots more of this stuff to come. Best thing for us to do it keep our eyes on the facts. It’s the facts what’ll get ’em.

  13. Top of the morning to ye all.



    Seems west ham fans haven`t covered themselves in glory


    either this weekend. Singing songs about the fan who was





    English game seems ready to explode.

  14. !!Bada Bing!!





    Valery Karpin will be Spartak coach untill the end of this year.


    Petrescu signed for Dynamo Moscow in August 2012. Its this Dynamo who beat Spartak 5:1.

  15. Ntassoolla



    I don’t understand the question: “What about extreme left wing republicans who speak foreign languages?”



    What about them?



    As for ‘moonhowlers’ … best to avoid the night shift, if that expression is causing you concern …




  16. BB



    NL wasnt booed by the fans,it was one person giving him abuse. NL is still supported by the vast majority. I think many are blowing saturday out of all proportion. Some fans are rightly frustrated at what they suspect is a lack of desire being shown by the players

  17. Rafa being given the bird . .?



    Cyberspace Napoli fans got in a real tizz about a rumor that Roberto Di Mateo had been lined up to replace the much loved Walter Mazzari in the summer of 2013 .



    Boycott —— defensive football . Swiss . Speaks Italian with a German accent . End of the world !

  18. Interesting to see that no one on this blog,booed Lenny or the team on Saturday,it is pleasing to be on such a understanding site.But who did the booing etc.,.

  19. Just dropped in to say….


    Celtic FC are dying on their feet as a club on a weekly basis. imo


    Thousands continue to fall off the attendance figures.


    The manager enters the last chance saloon by bringing on – Paddy McCourt.


    Mulgrew plays most weeks at midfield then…on Sat…CM plays at CB and


    what happens….?


    Samaras plays when clearly unfit yet – two new strikers don ‘t get used ?


    Commons continues his excursion in the – comfort zone ?


    Broony plays even though he is – frankenstein-esque ?


    Hooper isny fit but still plays ?


    Neil takes the bait from a fan ?


    But hey-ho….we beat Barcelona the other week ?!?!?


    Who would rule out Aiden coming back and doing a Harald on us ?


    Feckin sick.


    From DD down…the club needs gutted. imo


    Off oot a walk.

  20. I’ll have to go and read the latest comedy piece by the corpulent presstitute, jabba. Know thine enemy, an’ aw that.

  21. kevjungle – murdo’s 30 yds title winning boots 197912:00 on 26 November, 2012:




    That is so depressingly despair filled.


    We only love you when you’re winning?




    More than a club. To me, anyway.






    Quote fro Bill MCMurdo, a the rangers blogger. Record remains a the rangers fanzine.







    I am getting well brassed off by Jim Traynor now.



    If he keeps writing as he has been lately, he may well make the need for this blog obsolete.



    In his piece today he mows down all the usual suspects – discredited journos, Neil Lennon, the Green Brigade, the SRU, the SFA and even wee Elgin City.



    Who does he think he is? Me?



  23. Put’s Neil Lennon’s wee outburst into perspective.



    Real Madrid’s 1-0 defeat to Real Betis on Saturday left coach Jose Mourinho in a foul mood, sparking an outburst which spared no-one, according to Spanish sport newspaper Marca. “He slammed his players for their poor performance, the club for refusing to provide him with a spokesperson, Barcelona for supposedly manipulating the fixture list and the referee for “the penalty not given and Benzema’s incorrectly disallowed goal,” the paper said.

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    I am considering boycotting the next home match in protest at the lack of support for our manager from some who are clearly lesser Celtic fans.



    (Feeling a little contrary this morning, and inexplicably inclined towards ironic absurdity…)

  25. Jim Traynor and Chick Young



    I fondly remember their little spat on who was the biggest Orc. Comedic Au.

  26. How many people will be willing tokeep on putting up nearly £600* to watch a team where the players really look like they don’t give a toss?



    *thats what my season book cost, not including cup games as that puts it well over £700

  27. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    A bampot in the derogatory sense (as opposed to the complimentary ‘internet bampot’),one who comes onto cqn in the wee hours,full of drink and uses bad language for no other reason than there’s nobody else about to vent inebriated frustrations with,not necessarily an attack on the blog or its posters hence the imagery of howling at the moon,its origins didn’t begin with including heated arguments with foul language but has since evolved to cover that too given the frequency of the negative nightshift exchanges. ;)




    I’m as guilty as anybody on the rarest of occasion.