Special players make the difference for Celtic


The ball from Joto ranged across the field, landing precisely where intended.  So much in football is about the first touch and Kyogo’s did not disappoint.  The ball came from behind him, was allowed to bounce then he cushioned it, simultaneously taking pace off the ball and directing it towards goal.

If the keeper looked stranded, it was because within two touches play moved from possession 70 yards from goal to a shooting opportunity on the edge of the penalty area.  Kyogo rolled the ball between keeper and post to the relief of the 50,000 + crowd.

That moment transformed what was a nervous game, filled by Celtic’s nervy unenforced errors and Ferencvaros’ dogged defending.  Jota’s pass for the second goal was more prosaic but undernotes the contribution he is making to our season.  He later missed a gilt-edged chance, made less noteworthy because it was part of a congregation of missed gilt-edged chances by David Turnbull, twice, and Callum McGregor, from the penalty spot.

Turnbull recovered from his first miss, a fresh air shot from six yards, to bundle the ball over the line.  Ange will doubtlessly ponder that we got away with one after missing a penalty, we will continue to pay a penalty if this weakness is not resolved and a reliable taker found.

We have special players, enjoy them.

Yesterday afternoon’s attendance, during school and daytime working hours, matched any home attendance Oldco or Newco have enjoyed since Roy Aitken scored twice at Ibrox when Celtic took a point there in 1977.  The sheer scale of Celtic is remarkable.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    Why do the GB only have one way of getting a message across to a target organisation or body, whether it be the the Celtic Board, SPFL, SFA, UEFA, FIFA or the YMCA?



    Their erudition would appear to be limited to F**K this or F**K that.



    It’s the same tired and peurile format every time.



    When I was a wee boy I asked my mother why a group of older boys on a bus were using the F word in every sentence. She told me it was because of a lack of vocabulary.



    Flippin heck GB.

  2. Park the bus > and blootir it > simple on

    Park the bus….



    Charlie Muldini blootirs it…









    Ibrox Jan 2011

  3. Park the bus > and blootir it > simple on

    Park the bus….



    Jock Stein blootirs it….







  4. Park the bus > and blootir it > simple on

    Park the bus….



    Stan Varga blootirs it….






    the nock down by Larsson….






    March 2004 Celtic 1-0 Barcelona

  5. Big GG is a penalty taker ☺


    My favourite was Andy Lynch’s against the old huns 1977 HH ☘

  6. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 20TH OCTOBER 2021 6:37 PM



    Not only that.



    They’ve criticised the SNP government.



    Cheek of them.

  7. BADA



    “Abada was wanting to take a penalty, until Eddy took it from him a few weeks ago.”



    BADA, you’ve made my point, exactly! There should NEVER be any dubiety about who is going to take a penalty. The kicker should be the selected after a rigorous pre-season competition, with a back up, or two, and he should take 20-30 after training every day. If he misses one, he doesn’t get to hit the next one. For example, I think Man U, after the latest miss from Fernandez, should hand off responsibility to Ronaldo. It will be interesting to see who takes it if they are awarded one against Liverpool on Sunday.



    Do you remember a few years ago Maloney and Simon Lynch squabbling and wrestling over who was going to take one? Just embarrassing that we had not assigned definitive responsibility to one player. It looks as if things haven’t changed. Can you imagine Mane or Firmino trying to wrestle the ball away from Salah?

  8. Is it politically / socially / diplomatically acceptable to do a Japanese flag with a green sun?


    It would fit in well with the green and white version of the St Andrew’s cross we see from time to time.



    KF must be getting a bit of media attention back in his homeland.

  9. There have been some phenomenal celebrity celts down the years. Glen Daly for example, who sold out theatres for decades all over the world and was known as Mr Glasgow wore his Celtic colours on his sleeve. In 2021 the crop we are getting dished up is dire. Martin Compston may be a decent actor but ……………

  10. glendalystonsils on

    RIMTIMTIM on 20TH OCTOBER 2021 7:48 PM



    Aye . What chance have we got against Andy Cameron?

  11. Good result yesterday, particularly the first goal.


    Up to that point Kyogo hadn’t been heavily involved, so to take the chance so clinically in an important game shows not just skill but mental fortitude



    Hi Folks,





    How do i go about getting my QR code thingy for Saturdays and all other games?







    Go on google play store search for ‘nhs app scotland’ scroll down to ‘nhs scotland covid status’ app…install and fill in details.


    Good luck.hh

  13. Check out Atlanta’s second goal against Man U. Absolutely perfect curving corner just too far out for De Gea and firmly nodded in.


    Could be cricket score for Chelski against conquerors of Zombie Club. Berget and mates absolutely toiling.

  14. Jhb @ 2-37pm


    My god.


    I will give you one thing.


    You never fail to disgust.👏👏👏👏

  15. Tom McLaughlin on




    No I don’t think so. There was no SNP Government when I was a wee boy and going shopping with my mammy.

  16. FAIRHILL BHOY on 20TH OCTOBER 2021 8:04 PM


    I liked the GB banner,and FCUK if you didn’t 👍




    FB – :) :)



    D :)

  17. Can’t any off the Bhoys tell me when the Main Stand runs out of being a listed building,I’m sure I read somewhere that it had only a few years lifespan left.

  18. Glendalystonsils



    Cameron is rank, Lex McLean was at least funny.



    Martin Compston and Lewis Capaldi are blowing their own trumpets via Celtic, Rod Stewart is anither. And we’ve now got Bobby Gillespie moving up the field……The president of Albania or Joe Biden, those are celebrity fans, even if we ignore the politics.

  19. Celtic practised penalties before the Inter Milan game. Big Jock believed they would play for penalties. Dixie Deans was best in practise but missed in the game. Maybe practise doesn’t make perfect.


    The Celtic keeper didn’t get near any of Inter’s penalties.



    I was right in line with Dixie’s blooter into orbit. I was always taught to hit it as hard as I could without relinquishing control. Dixie unfortunately lost control.



    Do you remember at 5-3, Bobby Murdoch taking the meaningless fifth penalty which the Inter keeper didn’t bother trying to save? A custom that has disappeared.

  21. Rimtimtim, Lex Complain, as his tv show was called, used tae take the last train fae Queen Street tae Helensburgh and maintained that’s where he got most of his scripts fae.

  22. CR7 may not be the GOAT but in terms of longevity and the impact he has had, no one else comes close.



    Probably keeping OGS in a job just a wee bit longer.

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