Special players make the difference for Celtic


The ball from Joto ranged across the field, landing precisely where intended.  So much in football is about the first touch and Kyogo’s did not disappoint.  The ball came from behind him, was allowed to bounce then he cushioned it, simultaneously taking pace off the ball and directing it towards goal.

If the keeper looked stranded, it was because within two touches play moved from possession 70 yards from goal to a shooting opportunity on the edge of the penalty area.  Kyogo rolled the ball between keeper and post to the relief of the 50,000 + crowd.

That moment transformed what was a nervous game, filled by Celtic’s nervy unenforced errors and Ferencvaros’ dogged defending.  Jota’s pass for the second goal was more prosaic but undernotes the contribution he is making to our season.  He later missed a gilt-edged chance, made less noteworthy because it was part of a congregation of missed gilt-edged chances by David Turnbull, twice, and Callum McGregor, from the penalty spot.

Turnbull recovered from his first miss, a fresh air shot from six yards, to bundle the ball over the line.  Ange will doubtlessly ponder that we got away with one after missing a penalty, we will continue to pay a penalty if this weakness is not resolved and a reliable taker found.

We have special players, enjoy them.

Yesterday afternoon’s attendance, during school and daytime working hours, matched any home attendance Oldco or Newco have enjoyed since Roy Aitken scored twice at Ibrox when Celtic took a point there in 1977.  The sheer scale of Celtic is remarkable.

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  1. Tontine Tim,



    Talking of trains they say Big Jock saw Lex McLean on the train going down to Leeds in 1970 and got him to tell the players a few jokes to ease the tension for such a big game. In return Jock appeared on McLean’s T V show in a sketch.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Benfica vs Bayern Munich was a fabulous watch.



    Benfica played like demented souls for 60 minutes just to stay in the game.



    Fair play to them.



    It might have worked against another team who had dominated, hit the woodwork, had goals chalked off.



    You know the script. Frustrate them, get in their heads, nick a goal, hang on grimly fuelled by the home crowd.



    Bayern are just a wonderful human machine.



    They sign great players but never sign megastars.



    They absolutely trust their system.



    They are relentless.



    “Tonight’s not our night!” seemingly never enters their minds.



    Stuck at it, wore a decent Benfica team down and pulled away in the last 20 minutes.




  3. Maybe our penalty-taker should copy the best – Mark Noble who is the second best in the world over the last 20 years, never hits a single penalty in training

  4. INIQUITOUSIV on 20TH OCTOBER 2021 10:20 PM



    You should tell him where he went wrong



    He’s still second best in the world.

  5. IniquitousIV- i remember when we got a penalty, and i think Guidetti wanted it for his hat trick possibly? Got taken off him and was in a huff for weeks after it….



    Noble’s penalty statistics, relevant comparisons and time frame. Is he being compared with present or historical players? How many has he taken?

  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hammers.news/analysis/west-ham-captain-mark-noble-officially-second-best-penalty-taker-in-world-football-of-the-last-20-years-but-will-regret-michail-antonio-gift/amp/



    Noble officially second best penalty taker of the last 20 years in world football



    And West Ham’s living legend is behind only Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski with a superb conversion ratio of 90.5%.



    Lewandowski has scored 46 of his 49 penalties.



    The Hammers skipper is ahead of all-time greats Rivaldo (90.2%), Brazilian Ronaldo (90%) and controversial Italian striker Mario Balotelli (88.4%).

  8. glendalystonsils on

    Practicing penalties till the cows come home on your own training ground may help your skills but transferring


    those skills to a crucial penalty in a crunch situation requires more than motor skills .



    A strong technique also needs a strong mind when the stakes are high .



    Thanks for that. I had no idea about Noble. Every day is a school day!



    The last one he missed, Moyes suddenly sent him on as a sub just to take it. He hadn’t even warmed up on the sideline, which may, or may not, have been a factor.

  10. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Best penalty taker at the moment is Ivan Toney. Doesn’t look at the ball but watches the goalkeeper.



    What might have been…

  11. CELTIC40ME



    “The Hammers skipper is ahead of all-time greats Rivaldo (90.2%), Brazilian Ronaldo (90%) and controversial Italian striker Mario Balotelli (88.4%).”



    I don’t want to beat this to death, but I’m surprised the article didn’t mention Le Tissier (97.9%). Maybe because it was more than 20 years ago?



    Since he only missed 1, the only way to beat him would be to get 100%!

  12. INIQUITOUSIV on 20TH OCTOBER 2021 10:52 PM



    Yes, the last 20 years according to the article. Not one for practice either



    Too small a sample size?

  13. I suppose if I took an interest in the relative success in penalty taking, I might want to know the context of the penalties themselves. No?



    Deans 1972, or Baggio 1994? Your call!!!




    Showing your age !


    Martin Compston loves football, was a decent youth player and has always supported Celtic – probably longer than the Albanian president – should he stop now that he’s a famous actor – would you ?


    Bobby Gillespie has always been open about being a Celtic man – personally would rather hear him singing the Celtic Song (even tho i’m not a big Primal Scream fan) and have it revamped than some old guy , singing in a tin hut in the middle of Brigadoon.


    Hats off to Glen Daly but times and music change. (even tho the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when the tune strikes up at CP !)

  15. lstening to radio tonight…


    Josh Magennis hit a penalty so high and wide that it would have cleared another goal sitting on top of the goals.


    His team, Hull, promptly went on to lose another goal (Dembeles bro scored) and lose 2-1.

  16. Spikey,



    I detest the Glen Daly version.Bollox to tradition,its far too dated.


    Sure we could get the Celeb Tims to give us a great modern version


    Gillespie,Kerr,etc.Far too many to name.Get the place rocking.

  17. The only criteria (minus one factor) for taking a penalty kick is confidence and ability. McGregor bottled it.


    No one with any experience of playing the game at that level strikes a penalty kick waist height at a goallie that size unless they’ve bottled it.

  18. Hello again all you young rebels



    A big bit harsh there mhate, did someone steal your sweeties ?




    H.H. Mick

  19. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    Roy Aitken took a pen v huns at Parkhead he rattled the ball waist high at keeper straight down middle.


    Keeper saved. MiB made Roy take kick again.


    Roy took kick same way and missed again.


    Game finished 1-1.


    Outside after game the Janefield street riot.


    We won the 100th SCF that year 2-1 v Dutd.



  20. garygillespieshamstring on

    Worst grabbing the ball incident for me was Maloney grabbing the free kick from Henke in Seville after coming on as sub and making a complete erchie of it.

  21. MM, there’s no excuse acceptable for failing to convert a penalty kick at that level, unless a goallie has cheated.


    Minus that moment of bottling, I enjoyed the Celtic play. More is merrier going forward, Ave Ave.

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