Speculative class action talk


Suggestions over the weekend that, in the event Newco won the league title and continued to refuse SPFL sponsor cinch the coverage they have paid for, clubs could have issued a class action suit against the Ibrox club is highly speculative.

Newco are in dispute with the League as cinch, a car retailer, compete with their chairman Douglas Park’s business, which is a Newco sponsor.  This conflict of sponsors is common, indeed, before cinch, the League was sponsored by bookmaker Ladbrokes, while Newco’s shirt sponsor was 32 Red, who are also a bookmaker.

As we have discussed before, Newco would like to see SPFL chief executive, Neil Doncaster, his legal advisors and other non-execs forced from office.  This dispute gives them a clear target to aim for.
The SPFL referred the matter to arbitration.  Park’s of Hamilton subsequently challenged this process at court, insisting they should be involved in the process.  In a statement last December, the motor group wrote, “We are prepared to pursue a claim against the SPFL regarding this ongoing conduct.”

The legal process could take years to resolve, resulting in cinch losing sponsorship properties they have paid for.


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  1. Having watched every clip on the two left backs we are allegedly interested in,Ortega,and Jeahze,both look to be real value for money in todays market.Both very quick,can defend.The Argentinian,Ortega,has a bit of skill about him,takes players on more,and likes to come inside and play,which I think Ange likes.Jeahze,bombs up and down and gets balls in.Difficult choice,both look very good.


    Find it strange that Ange dissed the report we were after Jeahze.If he knows better at that money,he is some man.We sent guys to watch Ortega.Very well experienced for his age.

  2. Big Jimmy,


    Were you about the Calton in the 60s and 70s? I used to drink in the Braemar with my mate, Joe, who was a part-time barman there, when big Cecil was there. Also in the Oxford Tavern when Charlie Devlin was there. Then on to the Clyde Vaults with Francie Breen and finish uo in the Lough Erne with Norah.


    Hope to be back in August, are they still going?



  3. bigrailroadblues on

    Brian, Allison Arms is helluva expensive. Was drinking St Mungo ale. I’m skint! Time for home. 😁

  4. Inquitousiv



    Hertha have been dire this season.



    That’s why they are in a play off with Hamburg who have only recently shown form to scrape into a playoff. Maybe you have watched different games to me ( I like big Boyata both as a player and as a really nice person ) but I don’t think he has been great this season.



    Still hoping he does it tonight. The Huns are all salivating at the prospect of Hamburg finally getting back to the top league.



    Re your earlier post on CL groups it is just as likely we could get the easy option. Porto / Leipzig / Shakhtar would be fine for me.

  5. jamief






    May 2


    Reading the much awaited fifth book in the series by




    which will be out later in the year.



    Fascinating research by the author regarding the life of the lovable and close friend of the Maley’s Charlie Quin aka “the Man in the Know”.



    Readers are in for a treat.







    Book Five – An Ocean of Blood (Season: 1917/1918)

  6. IniquitousIV on



    I have only watched flashes of Hertha this season, ( mainly to see how Boyata was doing ). I watched the first leg ( home ) of this tie in its entirety, and Berlin were indeed pitiful. I thought they were doomed. They have somehow transformed themselves for this game, and Jovetic just missed a great chance to put Hertha up 3-1 on aggregate.


    They have 15 minutes to hold out and prevent the German version of the Hun reaching the Bundesliga. Dedryk has played very well in this leg.

  7. BURNLEY78 on 23RD MAY 2022 8:57 PM





    someone somewhere on timternet did one of those stats things because of the pots, and who cannot be drawn together,



    i cant find it now but it gave a

  8. IniquitousIV on




    Porto, Leipzig, Shakhtar would do me fine, also!



    Felix Magath is one of the most dispassionate managers I have seen. Rarely shows any emotion whatsoever. But he must be in knots inside. 5 minutes to stay in Bundesliga.

  9. IniquitousIV on




    HI SAINT, Unlike you not to be able to find a document. You’re slipping man!😊

  10. IniquitousIV on

    Full time. Hertha are safe. Hamburg stay in lower division for 5th successive season.

  11. Well done big Dedryk. One of the politest and nicest lads to play for Celtic. Glad he is still in the top league and hoping he comes good and Belgium finally get their gold medal this winter.

  12. PAUL THE SPARK on 23RD MAY 2022 10:29 PM


    Reports that Celtic have agreed terms with CCV






    Rumour or source ?



    I really hope so.




  13. PAUL THE SPARK on 23RD MAY 2022 10:34 PM







    It’s been reported in the chip wrappers





    The SMSM ?

  14. ROCK TREE BOY on 23RD MAY 2022 7:54 PM



    An Tearman will you please stick to our agreement, you ignore me and I’ll ignore you. That’s my last word to you



    I don’t have any agreement with you



    You post questionable stuff it’ll be questioned.



    It’s always been the way on cqn.



    It’s not my last word,as long as you post questionable stuffyou’ll get a reply



    Your post earlier gave me the Karen Dunbars.

  15. Sláinte Ange on

    JACKIEMAC on 23RD MAY 2022 7:34 PM


    Do we need goalie cover ?




    I would suggest that if we are serious about becoming a real force in European football again, and we should be, we need two top class goalies.



  16. I liked the look of Micky van de ven I believe presently at Wolfsburg Looks a player , still young and a big unit of a left footed centre half at 6ft 3inch view him on YouTube .

  17. Brilliant news that CCV personnel terms agreed.


    Now every tim on the planet is praying that Peter Lawwell isn’t sent to London to negotiate the transfer fee with Spurs.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Busy day.



    Didn’t get to CQN until after 11pm.






    Priorities all wrong.



    Interesting read back on a certain radio journalist/drunken useless hack (delete as appropriate.



    Weeboabycollins – sturdy case for the fellow you know personally.






    … but I’m with others on this one.



    Judging one by his output that I am aware of?



    I think the man is a biased cretin.



    Yet another who gets a gig because of who he supports, or played for.



    SMSM is full of them.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Not a huge fan of either club



    but prefer St Johnstone in the SPFL to ICT.

  20. ONIL,



    Why?.Think he done very well with,


    VVD,Boyata,Broony,Wanyama,Dembele,Edouard’,Armstrong,Forster,Rogic,Turnbull,Frimpong,,and a few more besides.


    Oh,I am forgetting,he would not let an out and out Mason hold Celtic to ransom over Mc Ginn.


    Damn the man.He still seems to be in your head.Get over it.


    Conclude deals for Celtic?,I hope we get as good in the future.

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