Speculative class action talk


Suggestions over the weekend that, in the event Newco won the league title and continued to refuse SPFL sponsor cinch the coverage they have paid for, clubs could have issued a class action suit against the Ibrox club is highly speculative.

Newco are in dispute with the League as cinch, a car retailer, compete with their chairman Douglas Park’s business, which is a Newco sponsor.  This conflict of sponsors is common, indeed, before cinch, the League was sponsored by bookmaker Ladbrokes, while Newco’s shirt sponsor was 32 Red, who are also a bookmaker.

As we have discussed before, Newco would like to see SPFL chief executive, Neil Doncaster, his legal advisors and other non-execs forced from office.  This dispute gives them a clear target to aim for.
The SPFL referred the matter to arbitration.  Park’s of Hamilton subsequently challenged this process at court, insisting they should be involved in the process.  In a statement last December, the motor group wrote, “We are prepared to pursue a claim against the SPFL regarding this ongoing conduct.”

The legal process could take years to resolve, resulting in cinch losing sponsorship properties they have paid for.


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  1. Good morning all from a lovely sunny morning in the Garngad



    BRRB – Garngad Ruffians are always lurking waiting to see who or what is said about them then….BANG 🤛👊🤜



    Have a good day yall, the grindstone beckons, the sooner I get started the sooner I can finish.



    D :)

  2. IniquitousIV on 23rd May 2022 12:50 pm



    FAIRHILL BHOY (from 9:16 yesterday)



    “It was my birthday today 52 and feeling it . I usually just read the blog now with the odd comment thrown in.



    But honestly INIQUITOUSIV do you know anything about football



    This Man City team have accepted defeat.


    Not for the first team you have made an arse of it”





    I think the fact that Man City (horrible club) won the game would suggest that the players ON the field kept believing. Indeed, Gündoğan was interviewed yesterday and said something to the effect that they knew that if that could get one, then anything was possible.



    Happy Birthday, Fairhill Bhoy.

  3. celticbynumbers








    Celtic did not concede a single goal in the 5 minutes before and after half time in the SPFL



    They only conceded 2 after the 70th minute



    Most goals (11 – 50%) were conceded between the 51st and 70th minutes

  4. I`ll leave one or two posters thinking: Is Hot Smoked serious?



    Bike time.



    Cheerio for now.

  5. SARGASSOSEA on 23RD MAY 2022 8:39 PM


    Big Jimmy,





    Were you about the Calton in the 60s and 70s? I used to drink in the Braemar with my mate, Joe, who was a part-time barman there, when big Cecil was there. Also in the Oxford Tavern when Charlie Devlin was there. Then on to the Clyde Vaults with Francie Breen and finish uo in the Lough Erne with Norah.





    Hope to be back in August, are they still going?










    Sorry mate but I was a Teenage KID in the 1960’s.


    I cant help you with ANY of the Guys you mentioned on here…nor some of the Pubs ?


    I DID drink in the CALTON Pub called ” The ENTERPRISE BAR” which was on the Gallow gtae…and almost directly across the road from The Meat Market.


    That was between 1974 and 1980, til the Pub closed.


    I havent been in the BRAEMAR Pub for around 4/5 years, and because I dont get around so much nowadays, Ive no idea IF its still open ?


    Sorry, that I couldnt help you.



  6. The Onlooker on

    If the blog has not broken , I assume everyone is on Celtic by Numbers…. just as I have been…for last 20 mins.



    Excellent analysis, and food for thought.



    The Onlooker

  7. SARGOSSEA I See on your comments to Big Jimmy regarding friends of yours back in the day ,the drinking in the Braemar one name sticks out to me is Francie Breen ,I knew a school mate of mine at Pirn School who I think came from French or Poplin Street could that be the same person.

  8. Bit on is correct.Kiel Abada first season for us was sensational..Scoring and assisting in 26 of our goals,compare that to the much praised,Kent,is outstanding.Don’t think we really realise what we hav e.

  9. quadrophenian on

    Someone asked some weeks back if there was any young footie prospects in the Aussie A League.


    I previously mentioned a 19yr old winger called Marco Tilio. Heads for goal near every time.


    Having attended the weekend’s other semi-final, I’m hoping Ange’s scouts are noticing young Alex Popovic [20] from Adelaide United.


    Currently not the biggest of blokes, but cool as F on the ball, and a very nice eye for a pass out of defence.



    PS: Can Western United – formed just 3yrs ago – upset the City Group’s Melbourne outfit on Saturday’s final?


    Bloody hope so!

  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    AN TEARMANN on 23RD MAY 2022 10:37 PM



    I know you often post on the last page so I’m leaving this on here just for you – and will not be communicating with you on any of Paul’s other articles.



    All of your posts to me give me the creeps, you come across as an internet stalker, and unfortunately you have chosen to stalk me, I find that creepy, please stop pestering me. I think you are a raving loony, and I have no intention of spending time chatting on a Celtic website to a raving lunatic.

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