Spending big money in France


Christopher Jullien was 26 years old when Celtic paid Toulouse €8m for him four years ago.  We paid PSG even more a year earlier for Odsonne Edouard, then 20.  It is France, not England or Japan, that Celtic feel confident enough to spend their highest transfer fees.

Compared to England, Germany, Italy and Spain, Celtic possibly see better value in France.  €8m would get you little more than a huge gamble in some of these markets.  The possibility of returning to France for a player valued in the same bracket as Christopher and Odsonne, who matches our age and development opportunity profile, makes a lot more sense than picking up players on Kieran Tierney’s wages.

The English FA responded to a mistake in the Manchester United – Wolves game by their Video Assistant Referees last night by the Head of Refereeing apologising to the Wolves manager and suspending both VARs.  They acted in a similar fashion last year.

Mistakes happen, referees and VARs are fallible, it is unnecessary to pretend otherwise.  The SFA would walk VAR technology off a cliff rather than hold their hands up to a mistake made in review.

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  1. AIPPLE on 15TH AUGUST 2023 1:39 PM



    Hi pal,



    Do you think Trump is any worse than the other Republicans? DeSantis is more right wing and the Dems are pretty awful too… Cornel West would get my vote if I were over there…

  2. Here’s David’s response….



    I hate to say the Celtic Wiki is wrong because they are an absolute fund of knowledge, but I’m going to disagree with them here for two reasons, one of them being what The Scottish Referee says, and the other that there is not a game going to be played this day, otherwise there would be more people around and also there would be just the 11 players who were to play in the game. (The others would be away with the reserves or farmed out to a junior team).



    It is definitely summer 1903 though because Sunny Jim is there having arrived from Bristol Rovers in May. I think it will be the pre-season squad photograph.



    It is a brilliant photo – one of the best I have seen of the old pavilion and don’t you just love Maley’s panama hat?



    David Potter

  3. AIPPLE on 15TH AUGUST 2023 1:39 PM


    BIG JIMMY re: Trump







    Things will get scary over here before they get better. Already finding people armed to the teeth with guns and explosives ready to carry out Trumps work. Next 12 – 18 months may very well bring some extremely dark times.






    TRUMP and his violent followers should be Jailed.



    I hope that you are wrong about possible violence etc ?


    One of my Favourite Comedy Actress’s was KIRSTIE ALLEY from CHEERS.


    Sadly, I read a couple of years ago that she is an AVID TRUMP Follower….I dont know if that is correct or not ?


    HH Mate.

  4. FRANKTERRY re: DeSantis vs Trump



    Agreed. DeSantis is a terrifying man taking Florida back decades if not centuries.



    Trump has the masses though. He sees bumps in his polling with each new indictment. He is 100% worse than any other as he has managed to harness the extreme right wingers. The plan precedes him of course but boy did they get the man for their movement.

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    Hot smoked



    Yes with Scotland and it’s 5M it’s why we’re excluded from SKY wealth. Celtic major in legitimate markets and pay the piper.

  6. Big Jimmy on 15th August 2023 2:12 pm



    SCULLYBHOY on 15TH AUGUST 2023 2:07 PM



    Maybe there was a Bar in there….with BRRB propping it up ?










    😅 😂 🤣



    I hope you are well.




  7. C’mon the Stripes certainly doesn´t have the same ring to it, not to mention uniqueness, as ‘C’mon the Hoops’, but then if we still wore stripes there’d be no point in adopting the chant … we’d just be another team in stripes.



    But Celtic aren’t just any other team and that isn’t just down to a history of breathtaking performances. There is a bond between the players and supporters and the strongest link in that bond is the shirt they both wear on their backs.



    It is the distinctive and eye-catching green and white Hoops that have made people from all corners of the globe with no obvious connection to Celtic sit up and take notice – and it was introduced on August 15, 1903??????????????




  8. After beating Partick, Celtic played two friendlies at Hamilton and Dunfermline (opening the new East End Park) and another league fixture at St Mirren – all without any of a new kit appearing in the newspapers, though these matches were away from home. However, on 29 August 1903, Celtic faced Third Lanark at home in the league and the press reports were awash with descriptions of an exciting new “horizontal striped” (hooped) jersey on display. The Hoops lost 3-1, but the big story was all about the team’s attire:



    The Celts appeared in new jerseys on Saturday – horizontal stripes of green and white, instead of vertical. For some time, the change rather tickled one, but latterly the alteration was appreciated. The players also wore black armlets in memory of Mr Hugh Murphy, who died during the week (first time Celtic ever wore black armbands). The Scottish Referee



    This information suggests that the Hoops were more likely to have been introduced to Celtic on 29 August 1903, rather than the rumoured 15 August date. It is also possible that confusion emanates from the fact that East Fife wore green and white hoops in the early years of their club, and their first ever match was against a Hearts XI, on 15 August 1903! Regardless, it isn’t 100% conclusive, and sure wouldn’t it be nicer to think that the hoops were introduced with a win?!



    118 years later, they remain an iconic symbol of our great club.




  9. Paulo – but for every French Moussa, Odsonne or Bobo, there’s been an Aliadiere, Kapo or Mouyokolo.



    What about spunking 8mill on Jullien’s transfer only to get a measly 1mill in return was confidence-boosting?



    Many on here were dismayed by his ragdolling by journeymen forwards from some of our more agricultural foes. Same for Ntcham. Wur Frenchies have a mercurial quality about them – which doesn’t inspire confidence.



    Asian market might even be as or more reliable to date.



    Anyways, I increasingly dont believe the fees we’re told we pay for players; it’s roll-up, roll-up Barnum & Bailey stuff to keep fans thinking we’re bankrolling major transfers. I think we buy cheap and sell a lot better than most.




    Well done Espana – a better opponent if our magic Matildas do the Engerlanders tomorrow night.

  10. paulsthroughball88 on

    Awaiting Sevco statement complaining about referee being a neutral in Switzerland tonight.

  11. Tom McLaughlin on



    One of my Favourite Comedy Actress’s was KIRSTIE ALLEY from CHEERS.


    Sadly, I read a couple of years ago that she is an AVID TRUMP Follower….I dont know if that is correct or not ?



    No way of knowing if she’s still a TRUMP supporter. She died 9 months ago.

  12. scullybhoy



    Great links to the classic strips of old.


    Somehow I don’t think the present home one will ever be referred to as ‘classic’.


    Umbro and more recently Nike provided a modest and stylish addition to the top.


    This season’s attire makes it look like that we, Celtic FC, sponsor Adidas


    Instead of the other way round

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    I was listening to a podcast a week or so ago and a US attorney stated quite categorically that Donald Trump will definitely do substantial jail time.



    He explained that the former president faces over 100 charges and that a guilty verdict on any one of those charges would mean jail. Also, the two attorney generals who will act for the prosecution have 98% and 99% success rates.



    He’s toast.




    18-Yard Man – thanks for ticket update. I am going back to Troon for a surprise visit my parents and was looking for 2-3 tickets together for me, my son, 11, and maybe my Dad (at 84 he may prefer to say no).



    Went onto the site, no seats together, a fair few single seats. Picked two fairly close but the registration process seems to suggest tickets are mailed out rather than sent electronically? Is that correct? If so I need to give my mum’s address and that would ruin the surprise.



    By chance, does anyone have two spare tickets together for Aug 26th that I can but?




  15. paulsthroughball88 on

    Fani Willis who has indicted Trump and others is actually the District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, and, by all accounts, she won’t be pussyfooting around.

  16. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 15TH AUGUST 2023 3:00 PM




    I didnt know that Kirstie Alley had passed away.


    She was a very funny actress and was great in TV Show CHEERS.



  17. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 15TH AUGUST 2023 3:09 PM



    If he does jail time that will be a disaster and pretty much guarantee him the presidency. I loathe Trump but the Dems/establishment Reps have acted unbelievably stupidly in turning him into a martyr…

  18. Trump’s lawyers will spin it out until after the next election which if he wins he can pardon himself – however the case from Georgia is a state one not a federal one and that’s a problem for the Trump(et)

  19. QUADROPHENIAN on 15TH AUGUST 2023 2:38 PM






    I fear the worst though, cos Engurlund are a strong team.







  20. gene



    And that is the one where they have got Trump on tape…


    Didn’t work out too well for Nixon

  21. For some reason, I am beginning to think Sevco won`t go through this evening. Of course it is likely to be wishful thinking but an accurate, subliminal assessment is also a possibility.



    Come on the Napkins !!

  22. Hot Smoked


    I fear it’s wishful thinking – I expect a 0-2 score. But I won’t be watching.

  23. garygillespieshamstring on




    She’ll need to get the FUDs in.



    Sorry, the FEDs.


    HOT SMOKED on 15TH AUGUST 2023 3:44 PM




    SERVETTE 2/1 .Ask BIG JIMMY for correct score fc.