Spending big money in France


Christopher Jullien was 26 years old when Celtic paid Toulouse €8m for him four years ago.  We paid PSG even more a year earlier for Odsonne Edouard, then 20.  It is France, not England or Japan, that Celtic feel confident enough to spend their highest transfer fees.

Compared to England, Germany, Italy and Spain, Celtic possibly see better value in France.  €8m would get you little more than a huge gamble in some of these markets.  The possibility of returning to France for a player valued in the same bracket as Christopher and Odsonne, who matches our age and development opportunity profile, makes a lot more sense than picking up players on Kieran Tierney’s wages.

The English FA responded to a mistake in the Manchester United – Wolves game by their Video Assistant Referees last night by the Head of Refereeing apologising to the Wolves manager and suspending both VARs.  They acted in a similar fashion last year.

Mistakes happen, referees and VARs are fallible, it is unnecessary to pretend otherwise.  The SFA would walk VAR technology off a cliff rather than hold their hands up to a mistake made in review.

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  1. Worthy of a repost if any cheer is required whilst watchng Sevco:



    `SONSOFERIN on 15TH AUGUST 2023 12:44 PM


    BBC site today –



    “Ex-Rangers captain Barry Ferguson believes Michael Beale moving Danilo into a more central role rather than wide on the left was a masterstroke.”




    A masterstroke to play him in the position where’s he’s spent 90% of his career, rather than the one where he’s spent 3%. On this basis my decision this morning to put my underpants on _before_ my trousers should also be considered a masterstroke.`

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BURNLEY78 @ 5:25 PM


    Astonishing decision to overturn the ban on Owen Farrell.



    If ever a guy was bang to rights with previous record of similar offenses it is this guy.






    Agree 100% B78.



    Man is a thug.



    Almost always the same offence.



    Forceful no wrap shoulder to opponent’s head.



    A serial offender. Should be banned.



    Clearly has friends in high places.

  3. cmon the austrians,



    you ever get the feeling that mcfadden hates commentating on thems, morose doesnt quite cover it.

  4. dearie me, cmon the scutz, think of the co-efficient,



    btw, he is their barkas, the keeper is shite

  5. BHEAVER on 15TH AUGUST 2023 7:53 PM


    Servette are a very poor side. Huns should win this.






    you are trying too hard, if your celtic match day performances were not enough,




  6. who said cantwell for a red ?



    ref is not very uefa level so far, you could have booked him there

  7. Oh the Sevco are sh&te!!!




    We will tear this lob a new one!


    Can’t handle pacy players running at them and we’re full of pace in attack.

  8. LiveLIVEWatch: Heroic Butland save keeps Rangers ahead in tie



    hhahahaahm bbc needs an update.



    btw, he is worse with the ball at his feet than big joe is

  9. Even if Sevco survive this, PSV will mollocate them (currently demolishing Sturm who are Sevco’s level).