Spending big money in France


Christopher Jullien was 26 years old when Celtic paid Toulouse €8m for him four years ago.  We paid PSG even more a year earlier for Odsonne Edouard, then 20.  It is France, not England or Japan, that Celtic feel confident enough to spend their highest transfer fees.

Compared to England, Germany, Italy and Spain, Celtic possibly see better value in France.  €8m would get you little more than a huge gamble in some of these markets.  The possibility of returning to France for a player valued in the same bracket as Christopher and Odsonne, who matches our age and development opportunity profile, makes a lot more sense than picking up players on Kieran Tierney’s wages.

The English FA responded to a mistake in the Manchester United – Wolves game by their Video Assistant Referees last night by the Head of Refereeing apologising to the Wolves manager and suspending both VARs.  They acted in a similar fashion last year.

Mistakes happen, referees and VARs are fallible, it is unnecessary to pretend otherwise.  The SFA would walk VAR technology off a cliff rather than hold their hands up to a mistake made in review.

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  1. This mob are fecking murder. We will destroy this bunch of journeymen.



    Brendan’s hoops will tear this lot apart. 😃👍🇮🇪🍀🏆🏆🏆

  2. I can only get the PSV game on tv – if huns survive Servette, the Dutch will be ready for them.



    Currently 6-2 on aggregate @ HT

  3. Danilo has to be the first Brazilian I’ve seen that can’t control a ball with his first touch. 😂😂😂

  4. Dinamo Zagreb, with alleged Celtic target Dominik Livaković in goals, currently 1 – 0 up in their first leg v. AEK Athens.



    The talk is iF he is coming to us it is not until after Zagreb finalise their position in Europe.

  5. Huns pushing up the back line to squeeze the midfield but Servette craftily punting it over the top look danger ous.



    Hopefully , Huns become even more disjointed second half and will run out 3-0 losers

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Well, as I feared the Servette are absolutely dreadful……….but should be 3 up.



    Their defence were like rabbits in headlights in first 5/10 minutes, but seem to have settled, which is encouraging. Their midfield however, has more holes than a Swiss cheese.



    Finely balanced game.

  7. Servette should be at least 1 goal ahead, hopefully their coach is going through the left forward for the most shocking of decisions.



    IMO, both teams are woeful.



    Newco can start fast but they soon descend into mediocrity. They have tried to copy Celtic’s intricate passing when trying to break down packed defences (not tonight obviously) and after the ~20 minutes they are woeful.



    They have a pact wae the Devil so they may well get through tonight and get money they certainly don’t deserve.

  8. Did I read last week that Copenhagen getting knocked out gives us more money?



    2-2 with 15 mins ET to go.

  9. GrandOLTeam


    @JBLuvsCelticAug 8



    A tie of some financial interest to Celtic is Copenhagen (FCK) vs Prague.



    FCK has a higher 10 year coefficient than Celtic. No one else on that path to the group does.



    If FCK is KO’d, it’s worth another £900k to Celtic in 10-year dosh.

  10. Hall of Fame


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    46,743 posts







    Posted 10 minutes ago


    A captain Davis Ferguson weir would be in that dressing room calling people out. Pity our current skipper can’t even think about doing that because he’s the biggest culprit.



    Oh,FFS,they love their names.Staunchness.Its a wonder there is no Sir in front.



  11. BIG WAVY on 15TH AUGUST 2023 8:35 PM





    @JBLuvsCelticAug 8




    A tie of some financial interest to Celtic is Copenhagen (FCK) vs Prague.




    FCK has a higher 10 year coefficient than Celtic. No one else on that path to the group does.




    If FCK is KO’d, it’s worth another £900k to Celtic in 10-year dosh.






    Thanks BW – that’s it. Now 3-3 – I’ll be watching the pens if it comes to that. Wee bit conflicted due to Mo Elyanoussi and your Larsson playing for the Danes.

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Oh well. I was going to switch off after 5 minutes, so to last in to the second half was surprising.



    Unlikely Servette respond. They can’t string 2 passes together.

  13. Said to Mrs TB,can you smell anything.She said no.Then I realized it was the stench coming from this Servette performance.Shocking Scottish Championship rubbish.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    Sevco might get through this tie simply because they are slightly less shitey than than the utterly shitey Swiss .

  15. Yeah they are not great.



    Looks a packed stadium as well.



    The Swiss will do it,



    Sevco look like an 80s team





  16. Wee todd is too light for football it seems.



    Gust of wind and he’s gone or is he a complete cheat being encouraged by other cheats to cheat?