Spending like the Borgias? Time to move on. Conspiracy to subvert the rules? We have a problem.


So much happened yesterday, I’ll be as brief as possible:

Newco Rangers sent their counsel to the Court of Session to protest Charles Green’s contract with the club, stating it should pay legal expenses, now crystallising ahead of his forthcoming criminal trial.

In opposing Green, James Wolffe QC raised various objections, but as is often the case when people speak on behalf of Newco, included an arbitrary insistence that Newco operated the same club as the now liquidated Rangers.

Green’s QC, Jonathan Brown, put his pit boots on before stating his client’s case, but tantalisingly, before lunch informed the court that he would return to the same club/new club debate later.  And didn’t he.  Brown explained that Sevco Scotland purchased the assets of Rangers, not the club itself, with poetic prose adding:

“The team are paid by Sevco, plat at a ground owned by Secvo, are trained by a manager who is employed by Sevco and fans buy tickets from Sevco.  That is the business that is being carried on.”

Adding that Rangers were “a collection of assets”, “What if the players were sold to one person and Ibrox to antoher, where is the ‘club’ then?”

I had to look away from court reporter, James Dolman’s Twitter feed at this point.  It was like watching an acquaintance being humiliated.  Not something you want to see.

Lord Doherty will determine if Newco should pay Green’s costs in due course, but this will be soon, as Jonathan Brown noted, “the rainy day has arrived”.

This next bit is really important:

Soon after court ended, Dave King was out with a rambling statement on the Newco website.  If it was designed to play to the galleries, it hit the spot.  If it was designed to influence what happens to his club, or how others will regard his input, it was surely an horrendous mistake.

It was a hard day to be chairman of Rangers International FC PLC.  The court hearing only happened because the club objected to its contract with Green, so the unedifying episode could easily have been avoided.  Despite this, sometimes you have to shut your mouth.

Sure, some Newco fans love a bit of grandstanding, but you know what yesterday’s statement will achieve.  If the objective of the statement was to convince other Scottish clubs not to consider disciplinary action against Sir David Murray, or oldco Rangers, for their actions, it was an almighty miscalculation.

Threats seldom work.  This one is unlikely to curry favour: “If the history of our Club comes under attack we will deal with it in the strongest manner possible and will hold to account those persons who have acted against their fiduciary responsibilities to their own clubs and to Scottish football.”

In short:

Don’t threaten clubs you are trying to influence.

Don’t grandstand to your own fans if you are trying to influence other clubs.

Keep a poker face.  Keep your mouth shut, even if it means taking grief from your fans for the lack of public reaction.

King’s statement also addressed the sporting advantage issue from what we now know was an unlawfully operated tax scheme.  While the EBT scheme saved tens of millions of pounds, and King earlier intimated this did provide a sporting advantage, yesterday he insisted the advantage was financial, that the shareholders were “committed to providing funding to the club” and would have done so, if required.

Here’s the thing, in 2012 another King statement revealed, “I have made a claim of £20m on the basis of non-disclosure by the then chairman, David Murray, of Rangers true financial position as far back as 2000.”

That commitment to further shareholder funding seems predicated on some controversial information.  According to King, of course.  Controversial enough to launch a £20m claim, but not to inhibit investment.

For the war-chest hunters among you, if you read this article covering King’s 2012 statement, you’ll find a strong clue.

One other quick but important point:

Some media are attempting to portray questions of sporting advantage as Rangers being punished for spending money they could afford, a travesty, as so many other clubs have done likewise.

This must surely be a deliberate attempt to misunderstand the issue and manipulate the debate.

No one suggests Rangers should be punished for spending money they could not afford.  The questions are straightforward:

Did Rangers break tax law, break SFA rules and break SPL rules, when contracting football players?

Did they disclose matters openly with authorities (in other words, inadvertently make mistakes), or did they conspire to subvert the rules by hiding incriminating information?

Spending like the Borgias?  Time to move on.  Conspiracy to subvert the rules?  We have a problem.

Don’t be distracted by potential ramifications to these questions, they are irrelevant for now.  We should consider no more than did they break all of the above rules, should any the rule breaking be interpreted as an oversight, or does evidence of conspiracy to subvert the rules exist?

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  1. “Like something out of a Bond movie” James Forrest writes . Well remember James Bond was actually there in the form of Sean Connery. 007 who used to come along to Celtic Park became good buddies with SDM enjoying the heady days of (cheated) success at Ibrox .



    I saw him in Dunkeld with a north african mid-fielder (forgotten the name)who Murray was trying to sign. Connery was giving the player and guided tour of Scotlands beauty spots in his sports car as part of the sales pitch.

  2. Keep it simple, Celts…………



    They cheated.


    They cheated us.


    They cheated Scotland.


    They cheated Scottish football.



    Scotland’s Shame is a scoddish problem with a simple solution.


    BAMBOO on 13TH NOVEMBER 2015 10:37 AM



    “Like something out of a Bond movie” James Forrest writes . Well remember James Bond was actually there in the form of Sean Connery. A guy who used to come along to Celtic Park became good buddies with SDM enjoying the heady days of (cheated) success at Ibrox .



    I saw him in Dunkeld with a north african mid-fielder (forgotten the name)who Murray was trying to sign. Connery was giving the player a guided tour of Scotlands beauty spots in his sports car as part of the sales pitch.





    Sean Connery was subject of a puff piece about Murray a good while back. Apart from enjoying the hospitality of the owner of his new favourite team,he was also ‘jetted’ in and out free of charge.



    Well,I say free of charge.



    Ole megamoney earner in Hollywood didn’t pay a penny. Turns out-neither did Murray.



    You and I and every other taxpayer coughed for those two Knights of the Realm to cosy up to each other.

  4. Do themz not still owe Celtic around 40 grand?


    If so we should be demanding it.


    Put as much pressure on themz as possible.





    They do. And I sincerely hope that it wasn’t deducted from their share of the proceeds when we hammered their latest incarnation…





    Are you turning into a podium-chaser?



    Ya shameless hussy. BOGNORBHOY will be miffed.

  7. I feel a wee bit shorry for shirrr shhhhean…………..



    As wealthy and successful as he is as an actor – he picked the wrong horse as he has with politics, team and mates…………



    Surprisingly so, given his reported parsimony…………Hell mend him.



    Memo to future dyke jumpers : Look Afore Ye Leap!




  8. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Re improper registration of players. Surely there is no requirement for evidence of conspiracy, merely evidence that improper registration occurred, resulting in a 0-3 forfeit in every match involving an improperly registered player.



    The arithmetic would then automatically decide whether titles/trophies are stripped and reallocated.

  9. Rangers were penalised for overspending – the club was liquidated.



    Rangers broke sporting rules. They should receive the same penalty for breaking sporting rules as any other club. That’s just basic fairness and equity.



    Sporting advantage and what might have happened is irrelevant. Lance Armstrong might have won one or all of his titles without drugs. He could have trained harder or pedalled faster. But he cheated so all of them were rightly taken away.

  10. Listening to that podcast with @HarryBradyCU restores the belief and fight that we will not be sweeping the biggest scandal in the history of sport aside.

  11. Rubicon and Andrew Kerrins make important points on the end of the last thread that are entirely relevant to this new article.



    Right now this is as much a battle for control of the agenda as it is about the actual alleged offences. That in itself is an utter scandal. Go back and read Rubicon’s post on the last page.



    The scandal must be addressed. At the moment the barriers to justice are being erected quicker than Israeli settlements. The agenda at the moment IS being set by the SMSM. Social media is entrenched in a war of attrition with them. This is not how success was won in 2012. It was fans engaging their clubs, pressurising their chairmen. Don’t waste all our energy on the SMSM, they are taking our oxygen.



    Engage the clubs AND the English media. Push the Souness debate to them. What did actually happen there? There will be interest.



    It is shameful we have two fights to fight. One for justice, but more so the obstacles to even have it reviewed fairly.



    If you haven’t listened to the Celtic Underground podcast, do it. It’s very long and I’m only half way through but what a fabulous resource as a refresher and analysis of the reality. I kinda wish a fan or two of other clubs were on it. Push it to them, it is Celtic fans but informed and educated.



    New media isn’t evolving fast enough for this issue, it will take time, the SMSM are still there. I read minute by minute updates on Clyde and Shortbread phone ins. Arrrggh!! I switched off years ago. Most bampots spend all day back and forth with Jackson and others on twitter. Arrggh!! RTC (and CQN) provided an alternative focus in 2012. They became agenda setting. That is missing now.



    If there were resources for someone to pull the best of CQN, SFM, Kerrydale Street and so on to one weekly place that would be pretty powerful. I don’t know how it’s done, but the fans still have the power for sure, let’s not give it away.

  12. If Green wins, his lawyer has requested Senior counsel, junior counsel, solicitors and expenses for expert witnesses he may wish to call during the criminal trial. Good luck paying that with £500k. If Chuckles wins surely he will look to ringfence a few million at least. Admin could happen next week.

  13. Why can’t the judge just say to Charlie boy, show us your contract .


    To see if it says pay or not pay legal costs.



  14. TGBS



    …….an’ his favourite filllum……..






    ……………………….”Billy” Liar?




  15. Gordon_J


    Liquidation is not a penalty for overspending, plenty of people and companies overspend without suffering liquidation.


    Liquidation is a consequence of being bankrupt

  16. “or does evidence of conspiracy to subvert the rules exist?”



    You have left us dangling there Paul67



    My hunch is evidence does exist and I have always believed there has been a conspiracy from the top down with maybe even some political influence

  17. It would be really unfortunate if we didn’t get some Sevco related laughs on Friday 13th…



    Are we becoming spoiled by all this hilarity? Will we ever be able to adjust to normal life again after Sevco die, where you don’t spend all day laughing? I for one feel underprepared for this eventuality.

  18. the glorious balance sheet on 13th November 2015 11:19 am



    Dave King’s favourite pianist was Gliberace.






    I heard he watches Lord of the Rings on repeat as Glib Tyler is in it…

  19. Morning lads going for a double , been told to bet la vaticane in the 1st at Cheltenham only 3/1 fav in big field of 14 runners but told it was a good thing ,I leave it up to you good luck

  20. the glorious balance sheet on

    And if Dave King gets jailed for Contempt of Court and serves his sentence, could be said to be Gliberated on the day that he is released from jail?

  21. Aview from the Darkside, this muppet SOOOOO underestimates the power of the Tim.



    Respect is earned and as our Chairman he has the obligation to behave in the manner befitting that illustrious position. He has very publicly and repeatedly failed in this.


    I was prepared to forego his previous, if he did the right things, but sadly IMO he didn’t by firstly, failing to deliver on promises made. He has resorted to type, the street and nothing wrong with that in general, but you cannot do it as the Chairman of Rangers. The mash issue has been very badly handled. I vaguely remember an early statement when he got personal with the two mash wing men and I thought at the time this will come back to haunt us and of course it has. It was very unprofessional, not the way to conduct business and to be done publicly by the Chairman of Rangers.


    My impression is that he is just not ready for such an illustrious job, in being constantly in the public eye. It is a lot of pressure and not for everyone. He has also got to learn as to who his friends are. It is one thing bridge building, but another to run up the white flag and let let them piss all over you.


    The mhedia are taig infested and will never do us any favours. The SFA/SPFL are taig infested and fully influenced by the subversive malcontents in the east end. The current issues and mhedia reporting bears testiment to all the aforementioned. Then there is that sordid relationship with SOS. The personalities and actions aside, they are a PR disaster and our club should not be within a mile of them. They should be reigned in fortwith after their recent heinous behaviour towards our fans.


    Lastly, mash. Now this particular monster needs handled with utmost care. He just doesn’t do friends. It all about business with him and nothing pesonal if you don’t live up to a deal and fall foul, you will feel the wrath, but it’s business, no sentiment in it, thems the rules, so don’t be upset about it and get all personal FFS, as that is infantile and is a big sign of weakness and actually shows you shouldn’t be in it. DK has very stupidly played that card, due to his inexperience at this level. Now given a second chance I am quite sure he would play it differently.


    He foolishly and single handedly turned him into an adversary, when what he should have done, was look at his strengths and how we could benefit from them and use them when needed. Build the relationship and turn it to our advantage. That is what real businessmen do. Instead it was bull in a china shop time when he took control.


    As I said mash doesn’t do friends, but if DK had built a postive relationship with mash instead of alienating him, using his very obvious strengths, our haters would indeed have to think twice in all their wrong doings perp’d against us and we would see a much healthier and brighter landscape today.


    Bill Gates is the richest man on the planet and if you have researched his beginnings and rise to power, you will see that this a monster that makes mash look like a pussy cat by comparison, but he does speak much more eloquently and appearences can indeed be very deceptive.


    You well know, getting personal in business is the begining of your departure from business.


    Nothing of what I’ve said about mash is in support of him, it is not personal, it is biusiness and it is all about our Chairman taking every advantage of what is put in front of him to the benefit of our club. Business is about buying and selling and there is a thing called mutual benefit and it is every owners obligation to search this out and achieve this if he wants to remain in business. That is good business.


    Between DK and mash they have now just about alienated every adversary that they possibly could have in the Scottish game. For mash, he gives not one fuck, he has nothing to lose as he is too big, but for DK, he has everything to lose, including on our behalf, something we treasure. When he took up that illustrious position, he should have left that ego of his back in RSA.


    The UK is a complex, sophisticated and world leading financial centre, controlled by the corporate elite and mash is in that camp.


    We are not an emerging nation, riddled with corruption and inequality and crime as the RSA struggle to aspire very badly to the ideals of Mandela. The laws of the street remain to prevail and the biggest gun stills rules as there is a buck to be made, but not to the rules of the elite back in the UK, as ours need to be seen to be clean, no matter how dirty from where they originated.



    However, all is not lost. Where there is life, there is hope and all can be saved, even from themselves. Our Chairman’s statement was a revelation and I do hope and pray he is prepared for the onslaught that will come in it’s many forms. He has for the first time put his head above the parapit and in in doing so made himself and the club of course a target. The hatred and bigotry that will be coming our way from the suits, a very dangerous and malevolent class.


    Whilst I still have my doubts about him, he has my 100% support as that particular cabal have done more damage to us than mash could ever do and have it in their power to do even more. We will neither be sullied nor silenced for one day more.


    Now lastly, I want DK to either turn around mash and get him onside to our mutual benefit or indeed get out of this deal with damage limitation and sometime soon, because if he doesn’t, it will continue to dominate to our detriment. If he can do this one act and no mean feat, he will indeed be proven to the true leader that we need and deserve.


    None of us are perfect, DK is only human and has evolved into the man he is today. His previous is a weakness, but only superficially and he can turn it into a strength. He just has to be articulate enough and take the time to recognise that and apply it, so stop the knee jerking, think laterally and he will have our hating morons wishing they were never born. He has the pedigree to do it, so get smart FFS Dave and that statement was the start and get building on it.


    People like mash and Gates may not be nice people, but they are there to be learned from. As adversaries they are fucking monsters, but they always win the long game. We are in a backwater and our haters can see see no further than the end of their nose. DK must also see that, but he is just not quite getting it right in putting these morons to the sword. He must now realise there is no compromising with them. He is held back by what he doesn’t know. I am desperate for him to get them to that tipping point. My posts are sometimes not the kindest, but mostly they are meant for the learning, some are knee jerking pish of course, but I want to prompt action, borne out of frustration in what I know and he knows and struggling with it. They may speak more eloquently than him and me, but behind that facade, they are all pervading cowardly rhat bastards who would do their grandmothers down. They did us wrong and they continue to do so and I want them dead and buried as they they wanted us. They will sing to the tune of Rangers in future and be fucking appreciative of it, in that we allow them oxygen free of charge. Not that I am in anyway bitter.


    I am not afraid to apolgise for some of my rants, as I don’t think we need them, but I know DK has it in him to be much better, he just has to find it within himself and that is what I want and need him to wake up to.


    So for Dave, go get these rhat bastards and smartly I may add!



    Now pp, if you haven’t slowly passed away in trying to get through this, I do hope that ot gives both you and others some insight to where I am coming from.


    I want what is best for our club, but being the man that I am, I also want our haters to pay the price for what they have illegally done to us. There maybe a contradiction in that, but it is achieveable, because if we don’t, we will be forever their whipping boy.

  22. Meanwhile some news of a Celtic variety


    Simunovic pulls out of Croatia under 21 squad with as his ankle injury has not healed




    Emilio hast lost his place in the Honduran starting line up for their game against Canada



    Ok chaps you can get back to work on your forthcoming books

  23. Jeremy Clarkson and BBC sued for racial discrimination by Top Gear producer


    Oisin Tymon takes legal action following incident that resulted in presenter being dropped by BBC2 motoring show



    Friday 13 November 2015 11.56


    The Top Gear producer verbally and physically attacked by Jeremy Clarkson is suing the BBC and the former presenter of the BBC2 motoring show for racial discrimination.



    Lawyers for Oisin Tymon and the BBC attended the Central London Employment Tribunal on Friday for a hearing.



    A spokesman confirmed that the hearing took place but would not provide any further details about the case.



    Clarkson’s fracas with Tymon, over the failure to be served a steak at the end of a day filming Top Gear in Yorkshire, ultimately resulted in Clarkson’s departure from the BBC.



    A BBC investigation led by BBC Scotland boss Ken MacQuarrie found that Clarkson had subjected the 36-year-old Irishman to a 30-second physical attack after a sustained verbal tirade.



    MacQuarrie concluded that Tymon was “subject to an unprovoked physical and verbal attack” by Clarkson, during which he was “struck, resulting in swelling and bleeding to his lip”.



    Tony Hall, the director general of the BBC, said Clarkson had subjected an “innocent party [to] a physical altercation accompanied by sustained and prolonged verbal abuse of an extreme nature”.

  24. mickbhoy1888 on 13th November 2015 12:00 pm



    not so worried about Emilio as that could mean less travel for him and could ultimately lead to better performances for us



    but the Simunovic continued injury is a worry




  25. You’re right, P67. The whole spens, spend, spend debate could be, and probasbly will be/is currently turned into useful obfuscation to keep the public confused and offer Doncaster et al a way out, ‘moving on’ from the ‘confusion’.



    KISS; Keep it simple, stupid (Huns). Ask the straightforward questions of the SPFL – DID Rangers play players in matches while they were illegally/unlawfully/incorrectly contracted/registered?



    Yes? Apply the rules. Matches in question lost 0-3. Then retrospectively recalculate and adjust history books.



    Just ask Spartans how it’s done, Mr.Doncaster…

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