Spending like the Borgias? Time to move on. Conspiracy to subvert the rules? We have a problem.


So much happened yesterday, I’ll be as brief as possible:

Newco Rangers sent their counsel to the Court of Session to protest Charles Green’s contract with the club, stating it should pay legal expenses, now crystallising ahead of his forthcoming criminal trial.

In opposing Green, James Wolffe QC raised various objections, but as is often the case when people speak on behalf of Newco, included an arbitrary insistence that Newco operated the same club as the now liquidated Rangers.

Green’s QC, Jonathan Brown, put his pit boots on before stating his client’s case, but tantalisingly, before lunch informed the court that he would return to the same club/new club debate later.  And didn’t he.  Brown explained that Sevco Scotland purchased the assets of Rangers, not the club itself, with poetic prose adding:

“The team are paid by Sevco, plat at a ground owned by Secvo, are trained by a manager who is employed by Sevco and fans buy tickets from Sevco.  That is the business that is being carried on.”

Adding that Rangers were “a collection of assets”, “What if the players were sold to one person and Ibrox to antoher, where is the ‘club’ then?”

I had to look away from court reporter, James Dolman’s Twitter feed at this point.  It was like watching an acquaintance being humiliated.  Not something you want to see.

Lord Doherty will determine if Newco should pay Green’s costs in due course, but this will be soon, as Jonathan Brown noted, “the rainy day has arrived”.

This next bit is really important:

Soon after court ended, Dave King was out with a rambling statement on the Newco website.  If it was designed to play to the galleries, it hit the spot.  If it was designed to influence what happens to his club, or how others will regard his input, it was surely an horrendous mistake.

It was a hard day to be chairman of Rangers International FC PLC.  The court hearing only happened because the club objected to its contract with Green, so the unedifying episode could easily have been avoided.  Despite this, sometimes you have to shut your mouth.

Sure, some Newco fans love a bit of grandstanding, but you know what yesterday’s statement will achieve.  If the objective of the statement was to convince other Scottish clubs not to consider disciplinary action against Sir David Murray, or oldco Rangers, for their actions, it was an almighty miscalculation.

Threats seldom work.  This one is unlikely to curry favour: “If the history of our Club comes under attack we will deal with it in the strongest manner possible and will hold to account those persons who have acted against their fiduciary responsibilities to their own clubs and to Scottish football.”

In short:

Don’t threaten clubs you are trying to influence.

Don’t grandstand to your own fans if you are trying to influence other clubs.

Keep a poker face.  Keep your mouth shut, even if it means taking grief from your fans for the lack of public reaction.

King’s statement also addressed the sporting advantage issue from what we now know was an unlawfully operated tax scheme.  While the EBT scheme saved tens of millions of pounds, and King earlier intimated this did provide a sporting advantage, yesterday he insisted the advantage was financial, that the shareholders were “committed to providing funding to the club” and would have done so, if required.

Here’s the thing, in 2012 another King statement revealed, “I have made a claim of £20m on the basis of non-disclosure by the then chairman, David Murray, of Rangers true financial position as far back as 2000.”

That commitment to further shareholder funding seems predicated on some controversial information.  According to King, of course.  Controversial enough to launch a £20m claim, but not to inhibit investment.

For the war-chest hunters among you, if you read this article covering King’s 2012 statement, you’ll find a strong clue.

One other quick but important point:

Some media are attempting to portray questions of sporting advantage as Rangers being punished for spending money they could afford, a travesty, as so many other clubs have done likewise.

This must surely be a deliberate attempt to misunderstand the issue and manipulate the debate.

No one suggests Rangers should be punished for spending money they could not afford.  The questions are straightforward:

Did Rangers break tax law, break SFA rules and break SPL rules, when contracting football players?

Did they disclose matters openly with authorities (in other words, inadvertently make mistakes), or did they conspire to subvert the rules by hiding incriminating information?

Spending like the Borgias?  Time to move on.  Conspiracy to subvert the rules?  We have a problem.

Don’t be distracted by potential ramifications to these questions, they are irrelevant for now.  We should consider no more than did they break all of the above rules, should any the rule breaking be interpreted as an oversight, or does evidence of conspiracy to subvert the rules exist?

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Stef Johansen was pretty quiet, he seemed to be sitting midfielder last night, more controlled than he has been with us lately, by the way I like Stef Jo just think he is going through a bit of a tough time with us

  2. Very hot today in Glorious Turkey.My Derek Mc Innes look has now morphed into a Julio Iglesias hue.


    Very dapper.


    Unbridled fun this Hun farce.A wee snippet from Bawsmans Hun article really made me smile



    The mhedia are taig infested and will never do us any favours. The SFA/SPFL are taig infested and fully influenced by the subversive malcontents in the east end. The current issues and mhedia reporting bears testiment to all the aforementioned. –



    Just when you keep thinking they cant get any thicker,stupider,more moronic,more ugly,they surprise all the people that thought they were now beyond surprise.


    I hope the Dundee Unt,Aberdeen,Hibs ,Alloa,even Hearts fans are watching this and paying attention.Anyone with access to any sites should be posting these rants and calling for a united front gearing up to December 2nd.I do not think there is a chance of an appeal.2-1 majority,maybe,but 3 Law Lords will not be appealed against.We must all take on this alliance of SMSM Hun apologists,SPFL/SFA gutless wonders and win the day for our game.


    Once again,BOYCOTT the Semi Final.

  3. Seb Coe to investigate drug cheats?????? he was taking asthma drugs through his career.. to help him breathe……amazing that all athletes seem to suffer from conditions that the ‘cure’ helps them perform better.. You don’t get golfers prescribed speed.. boxers betablockers..

  4. I remember on here there was some debate about when parking tickets are enforceable in Scotland.



    My belief is that only the police and local authorities can pursue you for car parking fines.



    A mate of mine had a lease car from his work.



    He attended a conference at the Menzies Hotel in Glasgow and parked the lease car in the hotel car park.



    He has now changed jobs.



    His previous employer has received a letter from the car lease company saying they have received a parking ticket from Parking Eye Car Park Management demanding a fine of £100.00 be paid as my mate overstayed at the hotel. They are also demanding £15.00 admin for the letter.



    £115.00 in total.



    Do you think the lease company will be aware that the parking ticket and demand are not worth the paper etc and are trying it on?



    Any ideas ghuys?

  5. Philbhoy my daughter has got some threats from the same company my advice ,like I have done is not to respond – at all- more threats will arrive file them but ignore. My advice is they are not legally enforceable but please get your own legal advice. H H Hebcelt

  6. Saw on Facebook we are erecting a am statue of billy holding up the European cup.



    Great move by the club. Look forward to seeing it.

  7. Careful with the unbridled hilarity and comments on DCK…… he might think it’s glibellous!







  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Was sent a fine after parking in Forge during D Utd cup replay last season



    Advised to ignore as it is unenforceable but not sure about your mate as he was in hotel car park

  9. You know all these people that demand big public statements from the Celtic Board?



    Are they jealous of the Zombies?



    Do they sit there and think, “why can’t our board be more like Dave King and come out all guns blazing?”



    Genuine question.

  10. TIMALOY29 “all guns blazing” that’s the Hun way our’s is more measured and mature. H H Hebcelt

  11. Ole Dave King thinks ethics is a county in England.




    Shameless boring Sevco related post.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Fit like Ylurc?



    Every year we watch GB Bake off thinkin’ that they’ll be asked to produce the ole rowies ; no luck so far.



    Must be too difficult for mere mortals

  13. 50 shades of green on

    Re the wee polis houses in the valley.



    Never knew that was mings house as a wean.



    Thats fairly cheered me up on this misrable day, knowing I used to blag his rhubarb as a wean :-) .

  14. Timaloy 29. SIgh.



    This saga has been going on for years and, perhaps apart from being “surprised” by the LNS decision celtic have said and done precisely nothing. When res 12 appeared they didnt take responsibility for it – and that is a disgrace. When the huns wanted in the top league in their new incarnation celtic said nothing (I am assured they voted them out but ONLY because they knew what the celtic support would do if they didnt).



    They hankered for rangers publicly time and again. They have attacked their own support at every opportunity – including helping to criminalise them.



    They have said the OB act is wrong but done precisely nothing about it.



    They were involved in the 5 way agreement.



    They pretend rangers are the same club.



    So what makes you or anyone else think that things are different here. Celtic remain silent. true to form.



    Now we are told this is a clever move (havent we always been told that) that we should wait to ensure no appeal. But tell me, when that day comes and goes and silence remains. What will you say then?



    We hear lots of things about celtic working behind the scenes etc but every single indication that we get is that they desire the return of the racist £.



    The huns certainly are delusional – but I suspect that many of us are too.

  15. The ole rowies!



    Who hasn’t picked one up and though “What would improve this is ainch or two of butter”?




  16. Stefan jo a+ for effort last night but decision making was poor.


    was getting pelters from gary birtles.

  17. And a wee final point.



    We all agree this is one of the biggest sporting scandals in history?



    And our board sit firmly on their hands……..

  18. BT



    I don’t think it is enforceable.



    However, the ticket went to the lease company who are pressing my mates former employers for payment as they leased the car.



    They will, in my opinion know that they can’t be pursued for payment, and are imo, flying a kite hear in the hope they get the £115.00.



    Hope you are all well buddy!

  19. NegAnon2 on 13th November 2015 2:06 pm



    If they say nothing after an appeal is or isn’t made and concluded deal with it then. Until that time what’s the point in saying anything?



    DK won’t shut up just now and he looks like an idiot.

  20. NegAnon2 on 13th November 2015 2:06 pm,




    Well you are certainly delusional.The biggest delusion is,I think,that you think you write something different every day.

  21. Celtics spokesperson on all matters Sevco , is Dave Kig, and I, personally with that am very very happy for him to be that man, as he is doing a sterling job, as PL is not in his league when it comes to club leadership.

  22. NegAnon2 Sigh.



    “This saga has been going on for years and, perhaps apart from being “surprised” by the LNS decision celtic have said and done precisely nothing.”



    “(I am assured they voted them out but ONLY because they knew what the celtic support would do if they didnt). ”



    All I can say is, the information I have had from inside the club completely contradicts such statements.



    If you believe there have been no movement from Celtic behind closed doors, I suggest that you are misinformed.



    Believe what you will.



    I think, as King has proven, that grandstanding statements achieve bugger all.

  23. NEGANON2 on 13TH NOVEMBER 2015 2:07 PM


    And a wee final point.







    We all agree this is one of the biggest sporting scandals in history?







    And our board sit firmly on their hands……..





    How do you know the board are sitting?How do you know they are sitting “Firmly on their hands”.


    Again,these delusions are worrying.

  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Andrew Kerins Green and White Army on 13th November 2015 1:26 pm



    Roddy Forsyth in pole position for the inaugural mint sauce award thus far



    We await the musings over the weekend from the SMSM as they sharpen their quills and a new favourite may emerge




    Maybe Forsyth will come up with something better.


    How about managers who got sacked for not winning anything will sue for wrongful dismissal if cups are stripped from Rangers and awarded to them?


    This will then bankrupt the clubs.

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The huns certainly are delusional – but I suspect that many of us are too.




    Speak for yourself.

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