SPFL actions ahead of Government probably saved lives


The Commons report released today only looked at actions in England, noting that a failure to lockdown even a week earlier in March 2020 probably doubled the number of first wave fatalities.  Mirror actions took place in Scotland.

While politicians in London and Edinburgh pondered what to do, football acted.  With the most valuable game on the roster two days away, the SPFL went ahead of the Government and suspended its season on 13 March 2020.  By then, we had all seen what was happening in Lombardy and had an ominous feeling of what lay ahead.  Permitting football games, where tens of thousands of people mingled, was reckless, we all knew it, fans, administrators and statuesque Government ministers.

The decision to stop the season was brave and had consequences for the League’s board, who came under intense personal pressure, some of which remains to this day.   It possibly saved lives, so huge credit is due.  A less self-absorbed political class would have acted ahead of them.

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  1. One of the cruise ships just passed braehead there going into the dock, fantastic sightlook out yir windaes.

  2. Saint Stivs


    As I look out over Arbroath Harbour, I see no cruise ships but one wee boat there makes me smile. The guy who owns the boat only does rod and line and calls the wee vessel The Happy Hooker :-))

  3. ernie lynch



    Do you have any information on the figures posted by PARK THE BUS N BLOOTIR IT on 12TH OCTOBER 2021 4:12 PM ?

  4. SNPcult government hadn’t a clue, or, an expert, (Hugh Pennington was ignored because he wasn’t in the cult) worth its salt, and just took all that came out of UK and ‘Tartanized’ it. Political & Health plagiarism because they couldn’t run a whelk stall and couldn’t pretend to run Scotland without the MASSIVE help, financial & all other, that comes from UKGOV.



    Of course the UKGOV makes mistakes – it is the sixth largest economy in the world with 65 million to look after. SNPcult has a population the size of Yorkshire to administer and has refused a raft of policies that were due to be transferred years ago…why? Because they have neither the nous, nor, interest. Indy is all their are about, and you don’t need brains to ‘stir up sh**’.



    They shout from the sidelines and use hatred and bigotry to ‘fan the flames’, knowing that the cowed & compliant Scottish media will stay nothing.




  5. Freddie’s numbers would suggest that Boris has “unmasked” England rather hastily. More fool them for blindly following an idiots “guidance”!



    Scotlands numbers are not great at almost 2000 but well below the UK average.

  6. Hahaha you stick to phoning in George.


    Maybe you both can embark on another charity venture with the unelectable tory rent boy



    Cowards like you vomit about the Catholic faith ‘our’ we and other collective nouns to inspire fear and dread among the faithful


    .Tell me Tam why would a non Catholic like yourself do that?


    you know your wrong.You practice another faith and out of my own respect for it.will say nothing



    Non Catholics do not speak for Catholicism in Scotland.





    Seek the comfort of your vermin friends.



    Your figures and comparisons are wrong.


    You do nothing but support the next gen of Eton


    As they indebt future generations so their corrupt friends(not george btw) get their family involved in the indebted covid money trough.



    Like always no source for figures.



    Tho I do like the way how you attempt to separate them.its funny that an antiseparist like yourself can only demean Scotland.



    Still waiting on ‘one’ of your multi titles on twitter troll?


    You are welcome to keep looking in on mine.



    So still waiting to find out your politics.you vermin were a disaster for the Labour candidate.oh don’t worry I class fascist enablers as fascist.



    Still waiting on a pro celtic post not devised by one of your heart on arse friends.truly laughable.



    You betray the working class. you are unionist vermin.


    Know what you don’t want, as opposed to what you want to work for.all over the place.a mess.

  7. Since Fitba chat seems so rare today, I thought I would just allude to a report from the Guardian that said :



    “Prince Charles reveals his car runs on cheese and wine byproducts”



    I must admit that for a moment or two I thought he meant “Flatulence”.



    Let’s be honest, him and his kin could power most of England’s home counties wae the amount of wind and hot air they produce.



    Hail hail




  8. Getting_To_Yes on

    B2B Glass Half Full.



    Great point, that would be a measure of actual change; however never going to happen the last 9 years have shown that…..The chance for rebirth to a new cleaner institution one fit for the 21st century would have been black balled from the outset. As a nation it’s time to come out of the dark ages and move away from the culture of lies and sweep under the carpet. Away from Sky Sports and BBC – when they go the way of the Daily R

  9. Magnificentseven on

    How did I manage to log in to Unionist Quick News? wow, last time I make that mistake, what a cesspit this has become

  10. If Austin McPhee is Clarke’s set piece advisor, he is making an erse of it. McTominay just hits a Christie like free kick. It is simply shocking that our international players can’t even get a free kick on target, or force the keeper to make a save.

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