SPFL bet on China


Interesting development reported this morning by the BBC that the SPFL have sold rights to a Chinese broadcaster for around £500k per year.  With rights for major European leagues commanding premium fees, it seems intuitive that there’s space for lower-cost content, but Scottish football must be starting from a position of practically zero market knowledge in China.  Unless Zheng Zhi is a whole lot more popular than I realised.

The other aspect about China to bear in mind is the size and habits of its gambling market.  If you are a gambler, you don’t watch football for the thrill of following your favourite team, you watch for the opportunity to beat the bookie, and in this respect, Scottish football is as valuable as any league.

Sport’s relationship with gambling has been a source of concern, especially in the Scottish lower leagues, but when you look up your fixture list and see the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership, there’s no point getting precious about the influence Chinese gamblers.

I see the Bumblebee’s back!  This NB know how to push our buttons with the retro look.

I know around 100 of you have/can/will run a 10k or half marathon, and a few dozen have told me you’re signing up to do the Great Scottish Run for your Foundation.  You know what it’s about, Health, Education, Learning, Poverty – or in short, it’s about what Celtic means to you and me.

Time to get moving on it.  See the Foundation page here for details.  It’s in October, so there’s a good chance the rain will stop by then.  Let me know when you’ve signed up, celticquicknews@gmail.com

You don’t need to break records, you don’t even need to run the whole course, just get the trainers on and get out there, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I was at both rotterdam tournies, like por l have made good arsenal mates, they played in the second one, were an 18 year old ruud guillit ripped danny mac a new one, an aging danny mac I may add,feck the drinkin that week end was off the scale.drunk in a pub called the wembley stadium.

  2. A third strip?



    Always amuses me why any team outside the Petrified Cup competition require a 3rd strip.



    Still, nice of Celtic to think of the bairns and their road safty glow in the dark humble bees in hoops-ish tops.



    I like it. i am colour blind.



    many congratulations to Prestonpans and his missis.



    MWd said AYE

  3. Happy anniversary to those celebrating one today.



    Mine’s in October.



    Hope I remember!







  4. The ole Chinese viewers will be Peking thru their fingers looking at that 3rd strip! :-)

  5. tommytwiststommyturns on

    P67 – so when are we signing the next young football sensation from China and giving him the No. 8 jersey?!


    PL disnae miss a trick!



    BTW Bumblebee strips normally look good, but they are associated with losing seasons!




  6. Bumble Bee, hideous and I understand the Hoops do not go all the way round…good for the glow on the back as posted by MWD.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Thanks for the congratulations bhoys, now looking oot for any hun to tell them they are dead. Dog with a bone , woof woof!

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Apparently the number 8 is deemed to be lucky for the Chinese. Could be onto a winner here. Would have to get inabouts before Sevco 5088 mind…..

  9. roy croppie & masty



    I was at the 82 tournament as Arsenal played in that one por cierto

  10. roy croppie


    Thought I would ask the weemhans opinion,


    shouted to him ,come here and see the new Celtic top,


    “Seen it on my tablet papa it’s AWESOME”


    he is 5 and i’m playing catch up with him :)))

  11. Tallybhoy




    12:36 on 20 July, 2015




    Happy anniversary to those celebrating one today.



    Mine’s in October.



    Hope I remember!








    Buy Two or more cards today while you remember and you are sorted for a couple of years:))))))))))

  12. 50 shades of green on

    New Strip eh.



    Should be called the Paul ( there’s a buzz aboot the place ) McStay strip.

  13. bournesouprecipe on

    You’ll never wok alone



    Wok on, Wok on



    With hope in your heart



    and you’ll never wok alone



    You’ll never wok alone



    AdInfinitum csc

  14. Thunder Road on

    Dallas Dallas



    Sorry to read that comment made to you last night.


    You always come across as a nice guy and very easy going person so it makes the abuse hard to understand.


    You will know already that those words were just someone being nasty but if anything it gave us an insight into what the poster is like.


    Some horrible people on here but thankfully there’s loads more good ones.

  15. Gambling is fur mugs my auld da told me. Three pay in windaes and one pay out, although here in sunny Sorrento (35°) you gamble with your life every time you cross the road – mental!


    Any top with the celtic crest will do for me.


    Off to the posh hotel down the road for a swim. €5.50 for a small peroni! Still, nice view though!


    Did I mention it’s 35°?

  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    From last thread.



    lercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way


    10:27 on


    20 July, 2015


    thomthethim for oscar ok



    10:12 on 20 July, 2015



    Aaahh, but which one? The wee oval one or the rectangular one with the full blogname squeezed in.



    Hoping that the 4th edition CQN badges will be launched in time for BMCUWP hoot in October…. But only if bundoran bhoy and Doc can get out of holiday mode and get some designs done.



    Enjoy your day.











    It is the inimitable, no other comes near, oval badge, with silver initials on a green background.



    CQN badges don’t “square” with rectangular substitutes. : > )

  17. saltires en sevilla on




    Good news if more money coming into the game – although 500k for a country the size of China looks like a better deal for the distributor.



    500k for an audience of 1.5 billion folk in China (including the undeclared extra weans)



    Tiawan TV could pick up SPFL rights for £8k


    Brunei TV for A roll n skwerr n a can ay bru






    3rd strip: not sure why we need them and who they survey before deciding design


    But….good grief!!!



    Noticing teams are getting stuck right into our bhoys pre-season. Almost in a non-continental fashion. Guys like Broony standing up to them without getting involved and cautioned.



    Seems we are learning how to handle that aspect of the game, which is a really positive development.

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