SPFL ‘computer’ giving excuses to fail to those who need them


I love it when opponents get their excuses for failure in before a ball is kicked.  Reaction to yesterday’s Premiership fixture announcement, which sees Newco visit Celtic Park on 17 October, at the end of the first round of games, was conspiratorial.  You would have thought Wee Willie John McFadyen’s computer was running things.  Suspicion was also raised that Newco visit Aberdeen on the opening day of the season.

I hope they continue to lay the conspiracy theories on thick, providing a ready excuse to fail.  They will need it.

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  1. LassieBeattie on

    NB – awfy, awfy, awfy braw!


    Big braw smiley thing :-)



    Traveller- thoughts are with you. Lost my dad last year. Tough times but you will smile again.



    Southampton website has 3 goalies pictured – none of them are Big Fraser!


    Is he now 4th in the pecking order?

  2. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Thursday morning up with the lark……..


    Whilst on this musical theme,first single(not cigarette)’if paradise is half as nice’Amen Corner.


    First album,Electric Warrior…….T-Rex.



    astimegoesby csc

  3. First single was “I’ve got you babe”, by Sonny and Cher.



    2/6 I think it cost.

  4. PapaJoe55


    Belated congratulations on your 42nd Anniversary.


    Our 40th in September approaching fast…!



  5. Traveller Bhoy


    Good to see you on


    Condolences on the passing of your father.


    Take care.



  6. Park Road 67 on



    Blackfoot Sue were on JAM records and identical twins Tom and Dave Farmer were members of the band , I saw them live in Cumnock think it was 1973 !

  7. Nationalizing Groupon for three weeks might not help …ouch says rishi ….😜

  8. PHILBHOY on 9TH JULY 2020 8:00 AM



    “2/6 I think it cost.”



    Is that the odds on what it cost? :)) por cierto

  9. Traveller Bhoy, sorry for your loss.



    Hand of God – that’s right it was a Morris Minor with them all hanging out of it – a convertible maybe? Anyway, there was ‘definitely’ a crossword on the back too. Is that my memory 1 up on yours?

  10. First single bought – Shakin’ All Over, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, 1960.

  11. Hullo… (just the one).



    Ist single AND album were ‘In the City’ by The Jam. Still play them!



    So, enlighten me, with wee Nicolas’ latest statement, does this mean the pondlife are still going to be pyoor ragin’ that they can’t pollute the streets on Sunday (12th)?



    Will they be reduced to marching up and down their living room (backwards of course) with Billyetta or haunting George Sq protecting statues of feck knows who? (Beer belly, shorts and cheap baseball caps mandatory).



    Oh, and don’t get them started (please do) on the SPFL compyooter!



    Jaysus, I miss ripping the pish out of them in the office :(

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting chat re Scott Brown.



    Think it’s safe to assume his physical capabilities will diminish (e.g. by 5% p.a?)



    He’ll likely gain 1-2% more on leadership and experience each year during that time.



    So overall, IMHO, perfectly reasonable to assume Scott will be less of a force than before – that’s life.



    But … coming down to “Ryan Jack” level?



    That’s harsh !!






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. I can remember record shops used to sell ex-jukebox singles at cut prices. The centres had been removed so you needed adaptor discs to make them suitable for using on your record player.

  14. Back to Basics – Sadly when measuring his performance in depth that’s where he’s at (if you want to believe the good ghuys at CBN et al). Now I appreciate we will both agree that our Scott is a much better player so I think their point is he’s going backwards (as you say natural) and we have to factor that in.



    They also made a comparison to James Milner who played his usual role last night to come on at 80 minutes and use his energy and drive to close out the game for Liverpool. Can we use Scott the same way?



    I know we can but great managers don’t get sentimental on this. Rodgers adjusted Broonie and there’s a problem for Neil to solve too. Can he do the right thing for the team? Not so sure personally but hope he does.



    And yep, on here, I do expect emotional responses in return but beats the pile of work I have in front of me :)

  15. Traveller Bhoy, Sincere Condolences on the death of your father,


    Ar Dheís Dé go raíbh a anam.

  16. Watched the Soro clips on Celtic’s instagram feed. Was very impressed. He is very mobile and can cover every blade of grass.



    If he’s able to read the game he could be a massive asset

  17. Traveller Bhoy


    Sincere condolences for the loss of your Dad.



    He’ll be in my prayers

  18. Taurangabhoy on

    Nuestadt glad you are Braw



    TravellerBhoy sorry for your loss, may your dad Rest In Peace. Take care of yourself.

  19. leftclicktic on



    Thinking of you bud, stay safe and strong.


    condolences on your loss. YNWA.

  20. My first album purchased with my money was Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and The Ants. 1981



    My dad got me Just Supposin by Status Quo around the same time, not sure why



    First single was the same year and bought in St Ives ,Cornwall with my fairin money; Can’t Happen Here by Rainbow



    Next album was Architecture and Morality by OMD. A classic still. My auld boy thought it was a bit deep and experimental for a 12 year old😜

  21. TravelerBhoy sorry to hear about your loss.





    Etims is an interesting read talking about buying Morelos as a back up to Eddie and Leigh. Personally I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole but still a good read.




  22. PHILBHOY on 9TH JULY 2020 8:00 AM


    First single was “I’ve got you babe”, by Sonny and Cher


    2/6 I think it cost.




    Don’t think so. My first was You Really Got Me, by The Kinks – 6/8d, or 3 for £1


    So I also bought Have I The Right by The Honeycombs ( with a honey drummer and vocalist) and my sister bought some dross for the third single.


    RonB – the jukebox singles were great unless the original had a solid centre instead of a pop out centre. Tended to play squiggly if you made a mess of getting rid of the solid centre.

  23. TravellerBhoy: sincere condolences on the loss of your father. Thoughts and prayers with you. RIP.

  24. Hrvatski Jim on

    TravellerBhoy – sorry to hear this sad news.



    Friesdorfer – The Carnival is Over sung by Judith Durham is a favourite of mine. You possibly know this but this song is actually an old Russian Volga boat folk song Stenka Razin which is about a peasant uprising in 1670/71.






    The intro bars must be amongst the most recognizable of any song.

  25. Big Wavy,


    Not being disrespectful to other posters.I get really angry with some Celtic fans about Broony.I know a few who still dont rate him.Should hear those conversations.He was fantastic for us a few months ago.Just what do you think might change?Lenny won’t need to worry about being sentimental towards him.Broony will tell him when he feels it.First name on my team sheet every week.A legend that deserves more respect from some fans questioning his legs.Leave that to the Hun Media desperate to see the back of him.Along with the Hun players.