SPFL ‘computer’ giving excuses to fail to those who need them


I love it when opponents get their excuses for failure in before a ball is kicked.  Reaction to yesterday’s Premiership fixture announcement, which sees Newco visit Celtic Park on 17 October, at the end of the first round of games, was conspiratorial.  You would have thought Wee Willie John McFadyen’s computer was running things.  Suspicion was also raised that Newco visit Aberdeen on the opening day of the season.

I hope they continue to lay the conspiracy theories on thick, providing a ready excuse to fail.  They will need it.

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  1. Ever since McCoist brandished those papers and demanded to know those names (which he already knew), I have considered him a highly dangerous individual. Could you imagine any Celtic manager, especially the current one, getting away with such an irresponsible (putting it mildly) action?

  2. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Prestonpans, an old friend of mine who sadly I’ve lost touch with , used to work in the papers over twenty years ago. He interviewed sally When the chunky one still played at Ibrox. . My friend said Sally was quite affable and amusing but had an edge to him he found very uncomfortable if my friend mentioned anything even mildly critical of what was Rangers.



    Its as annoying those Celtic fans who say Ally’s alright as those who still say o@@ f@@@.

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Parkheadcumsalford, his behaviour the.night of the so called shame game showed up what he is really like .

  4. Had to have a wee laugh at John Collins BBC sport dream team of former teammates.


    Tom Boyd is the ONLY celtic player in it.


    Glaring absentee being Paul McStay..never got a mention indeed he picked Gary McCallister ahead of him from their scotland appearances.


    Dont get me wrong he is entitled to his opinion but in no world I have lived was Gary McCallister a better player than Paul McStay…..if collins had picked some technical foreigner from his monaco days fair enough.


    But it smacked of sour grapes against his celtic days to me.The club he played his prime years for and probably the most games for.


    What a a fud John Collins is.

  5. Neustadt braw


    Sorry mate, I had no idea you were ill.


    Great news 👍 Hope you get back to your fighting weight soon pal.


    Geez twa pehs, ain plen bridie an an ingin ain ana……..Braw.




    Re: pubs in Soho mobbed out



    For balance, was similar story in Temple Bar area of Dublin at the weekend. Dame Lane was full of people as well (we lane separating 2-3 pubs off Dame St)



    The Dublin Council chief exec has threatened to confiscate tables and chairs from any pub seen to be serving those hanging about outside

  7. Lazydynamite



    Re: John Collins best XI



    i understand your point about the Maestro not being in his team but John played with us from 1990 to 1996 and as far as i am concerned we were a pile of Derek Whyte apart from the last season John was there. I’m just glad John stayed as ling as he did. Magic player and gave us more highlights than most – Ibrox free kick x2, Cologne, the wee dribble goal at Ibrox when the keeper dropped it, 30 yarder vs Aberdeen in 1995 after McNee i think said he didn’t score enough , etc etc



    and as for the general slagging of my mate Alistair, well…….

  8. Jinkyredstar on

    Neustadt Braw – great to hear your good news in these dark times. All the best.


    Good to hear from a few of the old brigade as well and hope Big Jimmy finally gets a pint😀

  9. CONEYBHOY on 7TH JULY 2020 6:03 PM



    Apart from 18 months or so at Monaco John Collins never played in anything other than ‘average’ teams..including the national side.


    To single out Celtic between 1990-1996 is unfair.



    Leaving McStay out of his dream team said a lot more than you think.


    I am hard pressed to find ANY former Celtic player who played with McStay who does not pick him for their dream team.


    I have found one now and it speaks volumes for the regard he is held with the celtic support compared to McStay.

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Paul McStay was the best home produced player we have had in the The last forty years. James and Calum are up there too. Paul was at his best in his breakthrough season , 1982/83 and our centenary season when he had better players playing with him. Ability wise Paul was always head and shoulders ahead of his team mates for the majority of his Celtic career.



    I don’t know how long the ankle injury he had which forced his retirement affected his career.



    I would have loved to see have seen Paul Play in the Champions League , a tournament he would have shone in.



    Gary McAllister ahead of him , dear oh dear.

  11. neustadt bras



    keep well my friend




    Dallas Dallas


    good to see you post.alas Sally is talking guff.i recall them doing their cheating(offshore 9)


    Richard Guff celebrated their 1-0 victory.


    8 Nov 1997 Celtic played deadfc in the FIRST of that seasons fixtures






    Doc good to see you out your head in.:-)




  12. ‘re those scenes from Soho


    already in France,Spain and Portugal spikes are occurring in group/pub setting.


    we just do not learn.


    Give it a week or so spikes will happen.


    take it easy Celts stay safe




  13. McKallister………?


    ……..He’s what Daleks look like wi’ the lid off………




    As for McKoist………



    The stomach-churnin’ face of scoddish hundom.



    Cheekie Chappie – aye right.







    I agree with everything you said..



    But yes the really insulting part about Collins dream team is picking McCallister ahead of McStay.


    I am not being anti rangers here just because they now employ him.


    Lets be honest the current Rangers manager was a stunning footballer who gets into almost anyones dream who played with him.


    But Gary Mcallister was never anything more than an efficient -good effective player.


    He never had a trick or was able to disguise a pass.He got forward and got you a goal but so did craig burley FFS.


    Indeed in the remarkable Leeds team that Mcallister starred in he was infact the inferior of their midfield four…Strachan,Speed,Batty….all far better footballers.


    When Paul McStay appeared to be hampered by injuries towards the end of his career it seemed that McCallister was picked in his place for the national team..But this is around 1996.


    I watched a re-run of the Scotland v Germany 1992 Euro’s game a few weeks back and saw McSTAY bossing the midfield against Europes finest and McCallister being bang average..especially one golden chance McStay created for him with a turn and piroette pass….real magic stuff from the maestro.


    Gary McCallister ahead of Paul McStay is almost a criminal observation when you played with McStay for 6-7 years for club and country….fuck you John Collins..you are a fraud

  15. BATEEN BHOY on 5TH JULY 2020 7:34 PM





    I thought i recognised your Moniker 😉



    I was Si IV, I also met Chris, Remy, Yerhavinalaff, and a host of others, including Dunfy 😂






    Ah, SI IV. Never met you or the bold Dunfy. Do remember you were one of the sensible contributors. I used to do the match reports. That was when I could remember every minute detail of a game I watched. Now I forget the score the next day 🤓

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    I would be surprised if true;



    Celtic fans will have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch the SPFL opener against Hamilton and the October 17 Glasgow derby.



    From video celts

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ho ho.



    According to reports here …



    John Collins thinks Gary Mechanical is a better footballer than Paul McStay.



    I’ll just leave that there.



    Never knew you werny well but fair play, things are going well for you and I hope that continues . It all does sound very promising so , stay positive and do what the medics tell you.


    The very best to you.






    We are all concerned for you, please let us know you are well.



    BUT, no more reggae please, try some Blues.



    All the best my friend




  20. Prestonpans bhoys



    Surely that refers to Celtic fans without a ST.



    The virtual one should be available to ST holders as per….




  21. Intigued to look at a few stats…..Scotland goals…..John Collins 12,Paul McStay 9, Gary McCallister 5,Graham Souness 4.



    Souness was a deeper midfielder ‘perhaps’ but considering his ‘legendary’ status his total of four goals for his country three of which in friendlies is kind of pathetic.


    I get so tired of his name getting trotted out in the greats of Scotland when under closer scrutiny he was kind of average for his country.


    The same could be said for Gary McCallister..Very underwhelming international return..five goals.


    Much gets said about the lack of goals from Paul McStay at international level but nine is more than decent.


    John Collins however much a jerk I think he is definately produced the goals from midfield with twelve.

  22. I also wanted to add that messers Souness,McAllister and Collins ALL were aided by taking penalties…Paul McStay never took a penalty for Scotland.

  23. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    BACK TO BASICS @ 6.45


    Knew how to play the game did Collins…B-U-T…….

  24. BANKIEBHOY1 on 7TH JULY 2020 6:30 PM






    ……..He’s what Daleks look like wi’ the lid off…






    Belter 😂😂



    Nuestadt – Braw…



    Hope your up and about soon. 🍀🍀

  25. Neustadt-Braw on

    what a delightful read back……



    thank you one and all for the kind words and support…..this virtual wee place here seems very very real ….kindness trumps everything ….



    from my good self and Miss Braw I thank you ….it means alot….



    smiley may and yours stay safe and munter thing



    Saor Alba




  26. KINGLUBO on 7TH JULY 2020 6:50 PM





    We are all concerned for you, please let us know you are well.





    Attempts have been made to contact him directly but his original email address is bouncing emails back.


    As you say, very concerning.

  27. fourstonecoppi on

    So wits this all about….



    Celtic fans will have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch the SPFL opener against Hamilton and the October 17 Glasgow derby.




    Great news .👍👍👍… Welcome to the chibbed belly c.s.c.

  29. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bhoy Joe Belfast.



    Agreed – John Collins was a very good player.



    Never met the guy but always gives me the impression of being a self serving type.



    I imagine he knows he won’t get a job in SMSM or British football off the back of praising Paul McStay.

  30. fourstonecoppi on

    Can anyone clarify what i’ve posted…


    Video celts


    Celtic fans will have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch the SPFL opener against Hamilton and the October 17 Glasgow derby.


    if this is the case this is one of the biggest cons from Celtic for my virtual ST. Maybe i missed something, but i heard no mention of this beforehand

  31. Just heard that the virtual season ticket does nt cover the Glasgow Derby game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????? Surely thats not right, If that is the case and Celtic knew this but chose not to say that is absoloutely disgraceful from our Board