SPFL ‘computer’ giving excuses to fail to those who need them


I love it when opponents get their excuses for failure in before a ball is kicked.  Reaction to yesterday’s Premiership fixture announcement, which sees Newco visit Celtic Park on 17 October, at the end of the first round of games, was conspiratorial.  You would have thought Wee Willie John McFadyen’s computer was running things.  Suspicion was also raised that Newco visit Aberdeen on the opening day of the season.

I hope they continue to lay the conspiracy theories on thick, providing a ready excuse to fail.  They will need it.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on




    Put mine and daughters in the bank today,felt no guilt whatsoever. Said before paying for daughters too, she’s not had a wage for months, so my virtual ST’s have been reduced to £890😵

  2. Afternoon folks……my horse ~Out of Breath~ runs today in the 3.40 at Ripon.


    It’s fancied ,trainer says it is ready to run and very confident.


    Best of luck if you invest


    Hail Hail

  3. Hand of God – Apllogies accepted…



    LazyDynamite – I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate. It’s McStay all the way for me.



    If I had only played with Callum McGregor once he would still be better than any of the other players that I played with. Even if Strachan played with McStay a fraction of the number of games he played with McAllister, that should be enough for him to form an opinion.



    The same with Collins.



    I’m also loathed to believe that Collins would be so petty…

  4. Neustadt-Braw on

    Susie Dent






    7. Juli


    smellfungus (18th century): a grumbler, faultfinder, or one who likes to shift the blame for their own mistakes onto someone else.



    smiley nice wan Susie thing





  5. A bit of info while there’s nothing else on, all data from Transfermarkt so add your own caveats. Since 2012/13 season (when rangers were formed) Celtic have a net profit on player transfers of £36.9m, which is spookily similar to the amount in the bank before covid hit. In the same period rangers have a net deficit on transfers of £28m.



    Celtic have generally spent £10m+ each year, with a considerable sale or two every couple of years maintaining the transfer credit. rangers spent no significant sums on players until 17/18 season, when they spent £10m in three consecutive years, however sales revenue has been consistently low as they struggled to find any value in their squad.



    That’s a total net transfer spend difference of £51m over the last 8 years. Despite this delta Celtic have a squad valuation of £66m, compared to rangers at £43.3m. That’s gotta sting some.

  6. Scaniel, way back @9.32



    Sorry for late ‘thank you’, been feeding and entertaining visitors in our pod for last few hours – apparently Mrs Emeraldbee and I are now ‘podlings’.



    Anyway ta for the Polish translation/explanation – something to add to my show-off bow at an appropriate moment.

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 8TH JULY 2020 3:50 PM


    Ryder Cup cancelled









    Thanks for the comment on the ‘refund guilt’. I have not lost any wages, hence could have let the money go



    I have just ordered a load of stuff on Celtic Shop so they kind of got it back!




    I’m late to the party on this one but a big well done on your news fella…..

  10. Would putting an aging (happens to us all) Scott Brown into the back three work, next season…



    Promote a midfield axis of younger, fitter and faster.




  11. Phil Cool



    Re. the 2 goalkeepers in the side you’ll find that Sevco always play with 2goalies.


    Mind you the second one is usually called the ref







    You Are Damn Tooting Cool Phil

  12. It will be interesting to keep tabs on how many penalties Sevco get @ Rent A Midden


    this coming Season (Season 2020/21) No doubt it will be in double figures

  13. whitedoghunch on



    any lack of pace in Mr Brown could be made up with his reading and understanding of the game ?


    he’sback there often enough lending a hand already

  14. I hope we can get another solid Season out of Broony as we go on to make History by doing


    10 IAR Also what has happend to Oliver Nitcham?

  15. We need to look @ trying to find or bringing through & solid midfield holding player


    that reads the game well for the Season after next (Season 2021/22) After all


    Broony is not going to go on forever that’s for sure after this coming Season we


    should be looking @ helping Broony to get his Coaching Badge/Certificate & keep


    him on @ our Club after all apart from James Forrest would you believe Broony is


    our second most Senior Player & also he has been a good Servant of our Club


    Over the years what do you think folks?

  16. I was chewing the fat as you do, with an old pal when we got round to music, and the first records we bought. Kinda makes you think and can be fun too.


    Mine were.


    Diana – Paul Anka


    Big hunk of love – Elvis


    Dream Lover — Bobby Darin


    Peter Gunn – – Duane Eddy


    End of the World – – – Skeeter Davis


    Think about Living – – Bob Luman


    Creole Jazz – – Acker Bilk


    Oh Carol – – Neil Sedaka


    and a good load more. I’d be interested to find other peoples lists



    Best to everyone on Planet CELTIC




  17. WDH



    Hello my friend.


    Lovely to speak with you. Broonie’s experience does indeed usually get him in the perfect position long before the event.



    But I agree with AKBW1888’s suggestion that it’s best used just in front of the defence.



    HH jg

  18. AKBW



    I hope we’re prepping Broonie to be Celtic’s next (or next again) manager.



    I think he’ll be exceptional.



    HH jg

  19. Yeah James Gang Broony can do a good job around that Area this coming Season cause


    he reads the Game well & can break up the opposition’s threat & make sensible passess


    as well he should be able to adapt to that position quite easly that’s for sure however


    we need to also look beyond next Season to bring in another holding type of midfield


    player who can read the game well & also make telling passess a sort of a playmaker


    too so that we can get the ball even quicker from back to front with a potent end


    finish in other words being more direct & clinical in front of the Goal Frame & making


    those chances count after all that is the object of the Game that’s for sure COYBIG

  20. whitedoghunch on




    afternoon sir


    and the pleasure is mine


    I am with you on AKBW’s suggestion

  21. Big Wavy



    Brown in a back 3; not for me.



    I just had flashbacks to the penalties he gave away last year, slow to react and wrong side



    His position is already no6 (unless we are struggling late on and he swaps with McGregor).



    Funny how often that works actually. Maybe the deep lying player has energy reserves late on or his different style confuses the defence . Hamilton last year and Killie before that are classic examples of a Broon charge.

  22. JAMESGANG on 8TH JULY 2020 5:00 PM




    I hope we’re prepping Broonie to be Celtic’s next (or next again) manager.


    I think he’ll be exceptional.


    I would go for next again when Lenny decides to Retire as Manager


    because I’ve no doubt that Lenny is a good Manager who knows


    what’s required well & knows it’s a Result’s Industry as well & knows


    how to set out his Stall Accordingly in each Match so therefore Broony


    would learn well from Lenny as regards to setting up ones stall & also


    how to spot a good bargain in the Transfer Market







    HH jg

  23. I don’t think there will be very many big money signings this Summer due to Club’s


    Finances & the Global Health Issue @ Present (The Corronar Virus) however that


    does not mean to say that we as a Club should be looking for Players who would


    have a chance in getting into our First Team Squad (No More Squad Players Please)


    & Also looking @ putting some of our Players out on Loan for example JH & Bolin


    we all know who & other players who will not be really utilized over the Course


    of this Season coming in other words will not be missed its like that old saying


    Horses For Courses

  24. EPL teams have spent over a billion pounds in each of the last 4 summer transfer windows.



    £1.4 billion last summer.



    I think they’ll spend big again despite the pandemic, and am expecting Celtic to face quite a few bids for their most valuable players.

  25. Neustadt-Braw on




    smiley teninarowiers thing



    go go Tom Dooley




  26. Good debate re. Broony fellas. I’m torn. There’s every chance this season he could be exposed more and I think he needs reinvented if he remains relevant. We are getting closer to a post-SB playing era which will feel weird.



    One for Neil to balance….

  27. Neustadt-Braw on

    as for Captain my Captain…..I would imagine every scenario has been discussed within house with Broony….



    one victory at a time …..with Mac .Christie .and the wizard of ozz backed up by Bitton….Lenny has to decide with Broony where the fight is …..one thing is guaranteed ….everyone is HUNting us ….get the reprisals in early …



    smiley use the best of the best for the “big wummin singing ” thing




  28. Cracking thread on twitter from @jucojames re. Broony. Very sobering read about Broonie’s demise to a level equalling Ryan Jack. He’s very respectful and offers up a role where Scott plays like Liverpool play Milner to come in and block and see out wins. Talks about our best Euro team in central midfield as Callum-Christie-Ntcham.



    Will Lenny listen ? Not so sure but the stats are worrying.



    Of course he doesn’t measure the intangibles like on-field leadership but the physical game he brought is regressing.

  29. The worry about Broonie is that Neil is too loyal and plays him regardless of how tired he gets.

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