SPFL fails to understand Scottish football’s magic ingredient


With no genuine drama left in the title race, the SPFL had significant licence in determining which game Celtic needed to win to secure the league title. A home game would have been a great event for supporters and the club. But, with only one more TV game allowed at Celtic Park this season, the decision was made to prioritise TV needs. We will receive the trophy on the final weekend of the season against Aberdeen, and a few thousand of us will shuffle into Tynecastle hoping to see the league won on Sunday, 7 May.

It is as though those making the decisions don’t get what it means to follow a club through the long months of a season in the hope of winning the ultimate prize, the hope of being there in person to see the event. More than anywhere else in the world, Scottish football is about the live event. We all know and understand this, perhaps with the exception of whoever scheduled our next fixture.

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  1. Huns are at St Mirren, last day of season, as we get the trophy at CP,city centre will be a war zone,and guess who will get blamed….

  2. Very harsh P67. If there’s only one more televised game allowed at CP then of course the sponsors will want it to be trophy day.

  3. The Celtic support are treated with contempt by the authorities,supported by the other clubs in the league .


    Next season let it be known that No away tickets will be accepted.


    Suck the life blood out of them .HH

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Sorry you’ve missed the point – the don’t care. Scottish football isn’t meant to be dominated by Tims.

  5. Only two teams in Scotland are Away for their first two fixtures after the split.


    Celtic and Livingston.

  6. Small minded, hopeless, spineless SPL fixture committee. That fixture schedule is not accidental. Utter disgrace.

  7. Of course we only have one game left for TV. They have fiddled the fixtures all season so that deadco played Saturday and we played Sunday. Of the four games all season that they played on the Sunday they won 2 and lost 2. But there’s nothing in it, move on.

  8. BADA BING!! on 25TH APRIL 2023 12:19 PM





    Ziggydoc- Sky are part of the problem ,no friends of Celtic








    Yep. I ditched sky a very long time time ago. I think the Hearts game will be the 19th time we’ve played after Sevco this season. A lot of that is due our pals at Sky

  9. Just to add to that deadco lost 4 games this season, 2 to us and 2 on Sunday. No attempt to help them whatsoever……

  10. if fixtures were fiddled to give them some mythical advantage, why have they not won the league ?

  11. Hearts are really poor at the moment and hopefully there will be no bad luck stories and we win the title there and go to Ibrox as newly crowned champions.



    If that is what happens, I think there is a decent chance we will lose the Ibrox game. Hungover and with no support in front of 50,000 fans baying for our blood.


    And it will mean absolutely nothing other than bragging rights for 24 hours.



    Maybe someone will charter a plane and do fly pasts dragging a sign with “Stand up for the Champions” on it. Big Rod needs to get on it :)

  12. As a Sky’s sports customer for the sole purpose of watching Celtic, I want to see the moment we win the league. I want to see trophy day. I’d be livid with sky if they snubbed either event.



    It seems to me that the fixtures maximise the chances of us winning the league live on air as well as televising trophy day.



    That’s what I would expect to happen in any professional league subject to television contracts.

  13. ST TAMS on 25TH APRIL 2023 12:25 PM


    Be surprised, if there’s as many as a few thousand in Celtic fansTynecastle




    1200 I think. Those two games gaurantee least amount of our fans at the two games, which are likely to see the league won.

  14. Sky pay their money and have a deal which allows 4 Celtic home games each season. Of course they / we want trophy day to be one of them. Also flag day seems to be valued strangely. So this is why we have this.



    At least a few hundred thousand will see it on sky. Only 60k if it was v St Mirren at home and no sky.



    Not great but inevitable sadly.



    It will be better from 24/5 and the next sky deal. It has 5 games at home allowed.

  15. Not sure why anybody is surprised by events.



    Amateurs in Hampden have no idea how to market and champion the game. They are just useless administrators with a penchant for funny handshakes and orange collarettes.



    It’s us alone and that means humping der hun this weekend, beating the diets and partying towards a record-breaking 8th treble in the coming weeks, across the worldwide Celtic family.



    We break for summer, come back bigger and stronger and rinse and repeat.



    Life’s too short csc




  16. As a non sky subscriber I am looking forward to watching those two games via an illegal sausage, probably with Hearts tv and rangers tv commentators.



    whits the goalie daen Tam.



    oh and a buy the way, Hertz just won 6-1, and shankland was impressive.



    we will still do them.

  17. Seeing those magnificent photos of the Gallowgate in full Celtic fan zone mode again and knowing they are going to be repeated soon, should warm the cockles of all our hearts.



    Here we go, TIAR…….




  18. Over in Micky Beale’s world, he has to contend with a run of :












    Mwah, ha, ha ha….what possibly could go wrong….




  19. Paul 67, et al



    From Sky’s perspective this is logical.



    From our perspective as Celtic supporters it sucks.



    This is outwith our control so we need to make the best of it and ensure our journey continues on track assuring that we remain the only unbeaten team since domestic VAR was introduced.



    However what is in our control is who and how many we invite into our home next season.



    Let’s optimise the amount of Celtic fans in our ground for every game. We have a waiting list and we have supporters desperate to witness the Ange journey in person.



    If we don’t look after the interests of our supporters then nobody will.


    The lesson is there to be learned.




  20. Tell you what, if the league was nip and tuck between us and them, these fixtures would have scared the shit out of me.

  21. So, if things go to form we go to Ibrox to win the league with none of our fans there. What kind of idiot would come up with this scenario? It’s possibly the best thing they could do if they want lots of trouble in the city centre. If it plays out this way, send the B team to Ibrox and give the kids a chance to write their names into the history of the club. Save the celebration for a home game.

  22. 5 games.



    5 wins and 14 goals breaks all kind of records for this team.



    Can’t see Ange letting up.



    No kids allowed.




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