SPFL fails to understand Scottish football’s magic ingredient


With no genuine drama left in the title race, the SPFL had significant licence in determining which game Celtic needed to win to secure the league title. A home game would have been a great event for supporters and the club. But, with only one more TV game allowed at Celtic Park this season, the decision was made to prioritise TV needs. We will receive the trophy on the final weekend of the season against Aberdeen, and a few thousand of us will shuffle into Tynecastle hoping to see the league won on Sunday, 7 May.

It is as though those making the decisions don’t get what it means to follow a club through the long months of a season in the hope of winning the ultimate prize, the hope of being there in person to see the event. More than anywhere else in the world, Scottish football is about the live event. We all know and understand this, perhaps with the exception of whoever scheduled our next fixture.

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  1. 18 yard man on 25th April 2023 7:48 pm






    If I am correct, St. Étienne were a top, top team at that time.




  2. !!BADA BING!! on 25TH APRIL 2023 6:57 PM


    Big Judith looking…….like she’s going to a wedding…



    BADA, did you see Big Judith late last night after the news? Literally bursting out of her dress!! Being the pro she is (!) she just carried on as usual.

  3. I don’t get home often these days and rely on Celtic TV and CQN for news and opinions about the team, players finances etc.


    When I do get home a visit to Celtic Park is mandatory, although I don’t attend games as I’m pretty restless in crowds. (Maybe I should have dropped the last three words in the previous sentence)


    Last November we visited family for a short break and of course I went on my CP pilgrimage. It was the day after we scored 2 late goals against Dundee United and the sun was shining for a change.


    My son took his drone to ensure I would have a lasting remembrance of Paradise.


    So please indulge me as I drop the video here, with a very brief appearance from myself.




    Ave Ave

  4. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 25TH APRIL 2023 6:04 PM



    I think I am one of the few who feels the fixtures are fair enough.


    I think most supporters would be glad for the final game to be at Celtic Park. That being so, three of the other four had to be Away. No matter how they were distributed, we would have had two Away games in succession.


    In this instance, I feel criticism of the SPFL is unfair.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Star Trek : The Motion Picture on Film 4 just now.



    A dated two hour piece of hokum based on a 50 minute episode from the original series.



    Slow as treacle in winter.



    The intrepid crew encounter Vger, a lifeform so intelligent ….



    … and yet incapable of cleaning the dust of its name plate.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Chairman scarpers.



    Director of Football escapes.



    First team manager blithely tells hacks he’ll do both jobs in the short term.



    No one scrutinises such foolishness.



    Chief Executive Officer walks.



    Nothing to see.



    A paragon of stability.

  7. SAINT STIVS on 25TH APRIL 2023 11:30 AM



    TT go into last nights blog, I did some research into Inter, after a fan told me they blew the 66/67 season and where crap from april till june , i found it interesting and came to the conclusion, Jock knew how to beat them once he seen them live getting beat by Juventus a day after we won the league at ibrox, have a wee read back



    *I did and was so surprised as this was a top Italian side so never read or heard any of this from the smsm, but remember the big mhan had them in his pocket so mibbees they were a bit gun shy of crossing him.

  8. Celtic Mac


    Thanks. It’s my son’s doing. I bring it up regularly on my TV to remind myself, although I was much more familiar with the 60s version of Celtic Park.




    So Paul67 clearly explains that only one Celtic Park game can be televised live and Sky have chosen Celtic v Aberdeen Trophy Day, as well as our title-winning opportunity at Tynecastle, all of which makes perfect sense and calms my initial anger on hearing the post-split fixtures.



    Yet the blog is bombarded with moans and groans about dirty tricks and anti-Celtic bias. Do most people on here not bother reading the articles before posting?




    You can lead a horse to water…




  10. EMERALDBEE @ 7:57 PM


    BADA, did you see Big Judith late last night after the news? Literally bursting out of her dress!! Being the pro she is (!) she just carried on as usual.




    JACKIEMAC on 25TH APRIL 2023 7:59 PM


    I keep staring at the league table and smiling





    These (consecutive) posts made me lol



    I’ve never heard them described as a league table before…😉




  11. the long wait is over on

    ‘GG on 25TH APRIL 2023 9:07 PM


    Are the rats getting out of Dodge before another crippling blow is delivered?






    More likely that the ones staying are the rats.



    The ones with any brains/ ability are the ones who are leaving.

  12. What is the Starz on

    Dorothy Parker famous American witty lady of letters said the above….She was challenged to come up with a saying with the word horticulture in it

  13. SCULLYBHOY on 25TH APRIL 2023 7:55 PM



    18 yard man on 25th April 2023 7:48 pm




    If I am correct, St. Étienne were a top, top team at that time




    Having lost 2-0 in France, Celtic certainly had to be at their best to beat them. My recollection is that they were better than the team that lost in the final at Hampden in 1976 (?).

  14. whenever an organisation is going breest up the board members with hauf a brain bail out as they can be liable which is why the rag and bone man flogged them for a county down and nasesurname fckd off

  15. A teacher asked a very young class to come up with a sensible sentence with the word ‘fascinate’ in it.



    Johnny piped up: “Miss, I have a coat with nine buttons. But I can only facsinate”.

  16. Tell you what McCoist is well looked after BT Sports Viaplay etc ITV Sports,Them gigs should be given to ex players who didn’t earn as much as McCoist Boyd Mc Cann ,Walker etc .

  17. 18 yard man on 25th April 2023 9:35 pm









    Ligue 1


    Champions (10) Joint-Record: 1956–57, 1963–64, 1966–67, 1967–68, 1968–69, 1969–70, 1973–74, 1974–75, 1975–76, 1980–81


    Runners-up: 1945-46, 1971-72, 1981-82



    Coupe de France


    Winners (6): 1961–62, 1967–68, 1969–70, 1973–74, 1974–75, 1976–77



    Trophée des Champions


    Winners (5): 1957, 1962, 1967, 1968, 1969

  18. Some good news on the TV front


    ‘Guilt’ is back, for the third and final series oan the BBC


    Embra Noir




  19. celtic mac watching it now, we joke in my hoose that its our guilty pleasure, those brothers actually went to school together in leith , and gary tank commander, scary bassa,

  20. 18 yard man



    Thanks for that clip – I was in the ‘Rangers end’ fir the St Etienne game, unusual for us but the same the breaks on all ticket nights. Right behind the goal for all three of the 2nd half goals, Celtic were magnificent that night and my wee pal Jinky played a blinder…….but he was only warming up for the next European game – Redstar



    There is no film of the Redstar game but if you could stick an HDMI cable into my memory it’s still there in full colour and Dolby 5.1 Sound. What a night, what a player.





  21. Looking dapper old chap. 👌






    Chairman Scarpers.


    -Share Dilution


    Director of Football escapes.


    -Share Dilution means Klub2012 5% ☝️



    Chief Executive Officer walks.




    Back to Basics.


    My edits preceded your observations with a –


    I agree with Tontine it denotes uncertainty.


    To me it looks chaotic lol


    That’s on a business level a noddy emperor!:-)


    Prepack and/or takeover.


    On a football level its identity assertion 24/7


    Jeez complaining of songs….lol goin for the low base and they have been farmed meticulously.


    You gorra nuff popcorn :-)











    Nothing to see.







    A paragon of stability.





  22. 18 yard man



    Thanks for St.Etienne 4-0 clip.magic



    Willie Collow is a great library of Celtic games.



    I scrolled along and found this clip of a 1- 0 LC sectional victory Aug 68.






    Wonder what var would say lol




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