SPFL hand King his rump on a plate


I could speak of having some man-love for Dave King, but at the very least, there is a growing affinity.  Hot on the heels of calling for an investigation into a Celtic fan on the SFA board, yesterday the chairman of Newco (and former director of Rangers (in liquidation)) demanded the SPFL “must immediately suspend its Chairman pending an independent investigation by a senior QC”.

This concerned “allegations of non-disclosure” that SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan was appointed as a non-executive director of an Irish media business in which Celtic director, Dermot Desmond, has a minority shareholding.

Only problem is, MacLennan disclosed his appointed to the SPFL board, two months before it took effect.  This board includes Newco managing director, Stewart Robertson.

The SPFL handed King his bum on a plate by killing the allegation of non-disclosure stone dead:

“The members of the SPFL board were each informed of Murdoch’s appointment on January 19 2018, the same day it was publicly announced in a press release from Independent News & Media PLC. That release was also circulated to the entire SPFL board that day.

“No director raised this issue subsequently [including Stewart Robertson]and it was not the subject of any board discussions.

“A non-executive position on a PLC does not constitute a business relationship between that individual and a minority shareholder in the company and, therefore, no investigation is warranted.”

Asks yourself, why would you publicly demand an investigation into an alleged non-disclosure four months after the matter was disclosed to you?  Why do this knowing the answer will be “But it was disclosed. To you”?

Based on confirmation from the SPFL that Stewart Robertson knew this information in January, we can conclude this is an entirely an entirely fabricated indignation.  It plays to King’s season ticket demographic, who may be the last constituents he has when several of the critical issues on the Newco horizon materialise.  It will not gain an inch of traction within Scottish football (please bear this in mind the next time you demand Celtic ‘take on the man’ in a futile attempt to show they care).

You would be embarrassed by such a quick and complete rebuttal of your “non-disclosure” allegation.  Not King, the fact that MacLennan’s appointment was disclosed will not even cause him a moment of cognitive dissonance.  The psychological insight is fascinating.

What’s his game?  I’ll remind you with a few suggestions:

Next month Uefa will decide if Newco have cleared Financial Fair Play rules.  If not, they will likely be denied entry to the Europa League.  This matter is down to corporate (King’s) planning, or lack thereof.  It will require an epic amount of spin, but King has prepared his placemen.

The club has survived thus far on soft loans, some of which are due to be repaid by 1 July (when season ticket money will be in the bank).  Expect some of the lenders to demand repayment.

He needs to get £11m into the UK, then wait to see how many shareholders accept his 20p offer.  My guess is this will relieve King of a substantial amount of his ‘warchest’.  There are also the issues around failure to comply with a court ruling on this within the specified period.

King was a director of Oldco when the club submitted its Uefa licence information in 2011, an issue which is now under investigation.

The man is besieged by problems all round.  What we are witnessing is bunker mentality, firing at targets which don’t exist.

I know what you are thinking, why did the SFA pass him as Fit and Proper?  He is not, of course, but don’t sweat this one.  It is much better to have him set the tone at Newco than anyone else.  He has no credible plan to build Newco into a competitive football club.  Leave him there for as long as possible.

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  1. The No.13 Shorts on

    Same flies. Different shite. 100 years of unsurpassed (in)dignity.



    Guess the year.



    Man In The Know;


    “On the Rangers terracing on Saturday there was congregated a gang, thousands strong, including the dregs and scourings of filthy slumdom, unwashed yahoos, jailbirds nighthawks, won’t works, burro-barnacles and pavement pirates, all, or nearly all, in the scarecrow stage of verminous trampdom. This ragged army of insanitary pests was lavishly provided with orange and blue remnants…. Practically without cessation, the vagabond scum kept up a strident howl of the “Boyne Water” chorus. Nothing so bestially ignorant has ever been witnessed, even in the wildest exhibitions of Glasgow Orange bigotry……”

  2. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    brill paul67



    keep going king, you’re doing a great skelping job



    BTW, hope stevie g reads cqn – might find the money he thought he had…………

  3. I don’t think it is futile to engage in some form of tit-for-tat when our club’s reputation is constantly being attacked. It is so simple to burst this man’s Ba everytime he opens his mouth yet he is left to mouth off without consequence.


    The hordes think we control the media, the SFA, the govt, UEFA . . . because this is what they are fed. We believe the opposite and with good reason after decades of being undermined. If we are now in a more powerful position I would love to see it been demonstrated in a more visible way. Speak up, speak out, defend the club.


    If we are now controlling the game, why did Levein get away with his comments on Brown without so much as a slap on the wrist?


    Take the kid gloves off, hit them where it hurts. We may never be in a better position to make serious changes to how the game is being run. This is our time. Make it count.

  4. Paul



    If Newco get told they can’t play in next season’s Europa League, would another team from Scotland take their place?



    If so, does that team know this is a possibility: are they (and their manager/players) on standby to start their pre-season … ?




  5. The No.13 Shorts on

    He he he. ? 1924 actually. The Charles Darwin Loyal. Give a hun monkey a type-writer and he’ll smash it on the floor eeeeeevery day for a hundred years. I blame evolution.

  6. Recorded the Scotland game and watched it earlier today.



    McGeoch and Morgan looked good. The rest were very average, including McGinn. Actually some were decidedly average.



    As for the manager, having the centre forward drop back into the midfield when it is 0-0 and therefore having no “out ball” was not far removed from Levein’s tactics.



    Adding Celtic players into that team would confuse the heck out of some players who have been brought up on a diet of “get the ball up the park”‘ (to nobody)

  7. If rangers do get allowed into europa league ?


    Can they start pre season early?


    I ask this as I thought when their players signed a contract, they didn’t get paid for the closed season.

  8. Ye see, if, Celtic had a PLC board full of rebellious Celtic supporter’s, then Rangers FC would’ve been banned from Scottish football whilst under investigation, back in 2012.


    Indeed, Celtic PLC only opposed the move to keep Rangers FC in the top flight when, Celtic supporter’s voted to bhoycott season tickets if, Rangers FC remained in the top flight.


    But, instead, Rangers FC were allowed to kidd on that they died, enabling them to shed £150 million of debt by slipping under the radar and, being allowed to re-enter the Scottish League at the bottom tier.


    Then, when they re-entered, Celtic PLC’s first response was, to send Lawwell down to England to include Rangers FC into a new TV deal, to drip feed the much needed cash that would hasten Rangers FC’s return to the top flight. Ye see, Celtic FC are Old Firm orientated.


    Fergus McCann said that it was the worst decision in the history of Scottish football, to put Rangers FC out of the same League as, Celtic FC.


    Dermot Desmond said what he said.


    WGS said that the League should be reconstructed when Rangers FC failed to get promotion in the play off’s so that, Rangers FC could return to the top league with Celtic FC, a lot sooner. WGS was of course a PLC puppet manager.


    Its like this…..


    Celtic PLC are Old Firm orientated.


    Celtic PLC are propped up, by Old Firm orientated / obsessed Celtic supporter’s.


    Until that dynamic changes, nothing changes.


    Anywye,……….BLANTYRETIM your family are in my prayers, God bless.





  9. Harry Flashheart on

    Re the last article the Argentine centre half is Jose Luis Brown and his people were from Tipperary


    I remember watching that final on ITV and the commentator saying his grandfather was from the UK ;from Tipperary in fact and it’s a long way from here to Mexico ?? with that my father fires his slipper at the ?


    Good oul Joe he was never too fond of the empire

  10. I know I should know this but I don;t. The £100 or so million oldco diddled from Hector, is it written off totally , or are steps in place to recover this. Surely this has not been written off, surely.


    Many thanks in advance and apologies for being so stupid.




  11. Harry Flashheart on

    Most of the Irish Argentinians are originally from longford/Westmeath and Waterford


    So there you have it

  12. The No.13 Shorts on 30th May 2018 12:26 pm



    Same flies. Different shite. 100 years of unsurpassed (in)dignity.



    Guess the year.






    Rangers Now. Rangers Then. Rangers Forever.

  13. ‘It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again’



    Dave King.

  14. KINGLubo – As far as I understand it, the new club has no liability to Hector for the Oldco swindle. Individuals, who received EBTs, are liable and have until this week to agree some form of payment plan.


    I can’t imagine anyone will end up behind bars, but it would be great to see some of the higher profile recipients like Souness, Murray and Smith been given a public roasting.

  15. McPhail Bhoy on

    No. 13 Shorts



    I remember reading that match report before, a classic! Is it not from the Scottish Catholic Observer? It’s a pity they don’t still do match reports at least ones like that would even up (a bit) the SMSM ones.

  16. 50 shades of green on

    Sky reporting that Robert Lewandowski wants away from Bayern, anyone think he would be a good partner for Jermaine Defoue in Govan..????



    What do you mean Jer ain’t coming,,, ???

  17. why not just ban catholics from working at the sfa.


    why not just ban catholic referees.


    why not just ban catholics from playing football in scotland.


    why not just ban catholics from supporting football clubs in scotland.


    why not just ban catholics from living in scotland.



    on a different matter relating to the stripping of titles.


    the chairman of aberdeen has stated that rangers should be allowed to cheat.


    the chairman of hibs has stated that rangers should be allowed to cheat.


    the largest shareholder at kilmarnock has stated that rangers should be allowed to cheat.


    in recent seasons we have loaned young players to these clubs.


    we should be more careful who we deal with.

  18. kinglubo



    BDO the liquidators of Rangers FC (in liquidation) are due to publish a creditors report next month the last one, )(which you can access online but not republish) being December 2017. Total liabilities then were around £170 million, of which nearly £95 million was owed to HMRC. (Dave King is down for £20 mill) Assets or realisations are around £15 million, and depleting fast, as everybody knows the lawyers get paid before the facepainters. MIght be one or two legal cases still to be resolved before the final reckoning, (or the rapture as it is known elsewhere) but it looks like the Taxman will be lucky to get anywhere near 10 pence in the £. Facepainter ditto. That said HMRC have a Supreme Court decision in their favour, for liabilities relating to the unlawful use of EBTs down ol’ Ayebroke Way, and if they cannot get it from BDO, (the verdict was more important than the amounts involved) then as Deniabhoy has pointed out they can sure as hell try and collect it from the recipients, Big Eck et al.

  19. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Holidaying in Cyprus at the moment.in ma room hiding from the sun. GOT ma cqn,ma spotify, ma beer, read the clumps latest.brill.ah need yez tae quicken up.post more.


    Even the guys who come on and tell everybody they’re stupit and not near as clever as them.

  20. North Cyprus (Baku no more) Bhoy on



    Holidaying in Cyprus at the moment.




    Whereabouts are you, Pedro?




  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hector will get heehaw from huns, players will go into faux bankruptcy or blame their agents for bad advice

  22. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    North cypress bhoy


    They told us Paphos but you need to get a twenty minute taxi To Paphos.we’re in akteon village which is beautiful and-their souvlaki is as good as anybodies. Chloreka or something like that.(Maria the cook os sleeping or she would tell me

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