SPFL hand King his rump on a plate


I could speak of having some man-love for Dave King, but at the very least, there is a growing affinity.  Hot on the heels of calling for an investigation into a Celtic fan on the SFA board, yesterday the chairman of Newco (and former director of Rangers (in liquidation)) demanded the SPFL “must immediately suspend its Chairman pending an independent investigation by a senior QC”.

This concerned “allegations of non-disclosure” that SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan was appointed as a non-executive director of an Irish media business in which Celtic director, Dermot Desmond, has a minority shareholding.

Only problem is, MacLennan disclosed his appointed to the SPFL board, two months before it took effect.  This board includes Newco managing director, Stewart Robertson.

The SPFL handed King his bum on a plate by killing the allegation of non-disclosure stone dead:

“The members of the SPFL board were each informed of Murdoch’s appointment on January 19 2018, the same day it was publicly announced in a press release from Independent News & Media PLC. That release was also circulated to the entire SPFL board that day.

“No director raised this issue subsequently [including Stewart Robertson]and it was not the subject of any board discussions.

“A non-executive position on a PLC does not constitute a business relationship between that individual and a minority shareholder in the company and, therefore, no investigation is warranted.”

Asks yourself, why would you publicly demand an investigation into an alleged non-disclosure four months after the matter was disclosed to you?  Why do this knowing the answer will be “But it was disclosed. To you”?

Based on confirmation from the SPFL that Stewart Robertson knew this information in January, we can conclude this is an entirely an entirely fabricated indignation.  It plays to King’s season ticket demographic, who may be the last constituents he has when several of the critical issues on the Newco horizon materialise.  It will not gain an inch of traction within Scottish football (please bear this in mind the next time you demand Celtic ‘take on the man’ in a futile attempt to show they care).

You would be embarrassed by such a quick and complete rebuttal of your “non-disclosure” allegation.  Not King, the fact that MacLennan’s appointment was disclosed will not even cause him a moment of cognitive dissonance.  The psychological insight is fascinating.

What’s his game?  I’ll remind you with a few suggestions:

Next month Uefa will decide if Newco have cleared Financial Fair Play rules.  If not, they will likely be denied entry to the Europa League.  This matter is down to corporate (King’s) planning, or lack thereof.  It will require an epic amount of spin, but King has prepared his placemen.

The club has survived thus far on soft loans, some of which are due to be repaid by 1 July (when season ticket money will be in the bank).  Expect some of the lenders to demand repayment.

He needs to get £11m into the UK, then wait to see how many shareholders accept his 20p offer.  My guess is this will relieve King of a substantial amount of his ‘warchest’.  There are also the issues around failure to comply with a court ruling on this within the specified period.

King was a director of Oldco when the club submitted its Uefa licence information in 2011, an issue which is now under investigation.

The man is besieged by problems all round.  What we are witnessing is bunker mentality, firing at targets which don’t exist.

I know what you are thinking, why did the SFA pass him as Fit and Proper?  He is not, of course, but don’t sweat this one.  It is much better to have him set the tone at Newco than anyone else.  He has no credible plan to build Newco into a competitive football club.  Leave him there for as long as possible.

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  1. Is it of any significance that the Hun’s Official website are not referring to King’s outbursts as Club Statements,


    The first one is referred to as Club Chairman calls for second Independent Investigation and so far there is no reference to today’s one.


    Is there a disconnect between King & the other Directors?.

  2. Gooooooood early evening CQN



    WiTS – thoughts and prayer she for your Mother in a Law



    Is it worth pointing out to the Glib and Shameless one, Denis O’Brien, bought Martin O’Neils shares in Celtic, when Martin left


    Denis ( who is a seriously wealthy Bhoy) holds just under 4% of Celtic shares ( or he used too)


    From memory he may also have bought Eddie Jordan’s Celtic shares at one point ?



    Hail Hail

  3. Corkcelt,


    There’s certainly a disconnect between King and Reality.



    John Terry Rumour, is it ?


    I heard that one too. Gerrard telling them he’s had enough, and Terry being lined up as the replacement.


    That one ?



  4. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 30TH MAY 2018 6:09 PM


    Overheard at the water cooler ” Are you doing anything for Stevie Gee day on Friday ”




    TheGift CSC





    Shoooorly that’s poetic, piss taking licence??




  5. What is the Stars on



    Thanks for your thoughts. Been a slight improvement.


    By the way have been meaning to ask you.remember your pal and his son who came to Dublin with you (I had a pint with them in the Gravediggers) How are they doing. Hope they are well. Tell them i said hello





    If there’s ever been a better podium,I’d be surprised. A fitting post after a superb article from PAUL67.

  7. BMCUW



    I’m hurt. What about when I got the podium recently and said ‘Come back Bobby’?

  8. What is the Stars on



    she has had heart problems on and off for last ten years. Had surgery last week which was a success but she hasn’t really come out of the sedation as such. Now has a lung infection. In intensive care. Was touch and go on Monday. Family called to bedside etc. She has rallied a bit but is still critical.





    Awright,bud-THECLUMPANY will just have to accept a silver!!!



    How’s trix?

  10. Fine Bobby thanks. Just trying to keep up with Dave King at the moment.



    Hope your still well.

  11. WHAT IS THE STARS on 29TH MAY 2018 11:25 PM





    Thats no problem.



    Having a few difficulties myself. My mother in law is very seriously ill and may not make it so I possibly would have to cancel myself. Had booked a trip to Lisbon this weekend but don’t think we will be going now.





    Wee prayer said for you mother in law.



    Hugs to the misses (and you!)



    Keep us posted.



    Take care

  12. WITS



    Sorry, i missed your post.



    I read back, took me a while and reposted.



    Another wee prayer said!





    Wee hug and kiss winging its way to your Mother-in-Law.



    And one to your “trophy wife”,who’ll be suffering too.




  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Re WEET WEET WEET- A mutual pal just off the phone after visiting Jim.He had a stroke day after the Cup Final, for Bhoys who don’t know the situation.No feeling in his left leg, and vision impaired in left eye, other movements have improved and his speech is fine.He is in Ward 2C , 2nd floor in Stobhill, and happy to see visitors.Visiting 11am-8pm but avoid 12.30-1-30 and 5.30-6.30 as food times.I am going up tomorrow and will pass on all the support from all on here.





    Not sure anyone can keep up wi yon eejit. Noticeable that one by one,Scottish sports journalists are doing him.

  16. Missed the news about Weet Weet Weet, hope he is getting better and gets out of hospital soon





    Aw,bloody hell. That’s a shocker,mate. I genuinely dunno what to say here,big fella always seemed indestructible.



    I’ve mailed him previously and will do so again,I just hope he gets well,back on his feet,gives me a slap for my lip.



    Thanks for letting us know,M.

  18. !!BADA BING!!



    Thanks for posting!



    Prayers said for WEET WEET WEET’s full and speedy recovery.

  19. Delaneys Dunky on




    Thanks Mick. My dad loved Johnny Cash. I just had a wee tear there listening to Hurt. Hope Robert and Johnny are listening in heaven together. God rest them and their earthly hurt.



  20. Delaneys Dunky on




    Thank you. Weet Weet Weet has been added to my prayer list. A stroke. In a bit of shock at that news. God protect and look after our CQN pal.



  21. For anyone who hasn`t read it, I would recommend clicking on he Clumpany link in the first post of this article. A click on the link in the first paragraph of the piece will also access a worthwhile read.



  22. Delaneys Dunky on

    Hot Smoked



    That Clumpany piece is satirical genius. My son has just peed himself laughing at it. He sends you his best regards to his new pal Jim in Arbroath.



  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Bada Bing 7.38pm



    Totally shocked at that news please pass my best wishes on to WWW was going to drop him a text before cup final but ended up working and all other plans kyboshed, appreciate the update

  24. Couple of new pebbles for the pond …



    1) Next season’s transfer dealings — looking at a net spend of £10mill at the very least?


    The money is in the bank so why not a £20mill net spend?



    2) Money in the bank — what about a full on rebuild / upgrade of the Main Stand?


    If we go all in on this what should the budget be?



    £50 / £60mill for 5K extra seats at least bringing in another £5mill in gate money.


    Plus space in the attic for another 10K seats for high days and holidays.


    That should bring in more revenue for 4 / 6 / 8 games a season to begin with.



    3) Why the extra seats — heading towards the X files with this rumour …


    I will run this flag up a flag pole and see who salutes it — the big switcheroo.



    More seats — lots more seats — needs a better product.


    Better product means a journey south towards the EPL.


    Possible way in — arrangement with a smaller club which we bankroll to the Championship.


    They play with our name included in theirs then we take their place in the 2nd tier and go for it.



    Just a rumour, a very thin rumour.



    However a TFOD implosion MK2 is very much on the cards so we need to plan.


    Plus the geo political plates are moving in our direction.



    Not my top priority but someone somewhere seems to be doing their homework.


    Or possibly dreaming of a bigger heated driveway.





    I honestly think the EPL ship has sailed.

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