SPFL hand King his rump on a plate


I could speak of having some man-love for Dave King, but at the very least, there is a growing affinity.  Hot on the heels of calling for an investigation into a Celtic fan on the SFA board, yesterday the chairman of Newco (and former director of Rangers (in liquidation)) demanded the SPFL “must immediately suspend its Chairman pending an independent investigation by a senior QC”.

This concerned “allegations of non-disclosure” that SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan was appointed as a non-executive director of an Irish media business in which Celtic director, Dermot Desmond, has a minority shareholding.

Only problem is, MacLennan disclosed his appointed to the SPFL board, two months before it took effect.  This board includes Newco managing director, Stewart Robertson.

The SPFL handed King his bum on a plate by killing the allegation of non-disclosure stone dead:

“The members of the SPFL board were each informed of Murdoch’s appointment on January 19 2018, the same day it was publicly announced in a press release from Independent News & Media PLC. That release was also circulated to the entire SPFL board that day.

“No director raised this issue subsequently [including Stewart Robertson]and it was not the subject of any board discussions.

“A non-executive position on a PLC does not constitute a business relationship between that individual and a minority shareholder in the company and, therefore, no investigation is warranted.”

Asks yourself, why would you publicly demand an investigation into an alleged non-disclosure four months after the matter was disclosed to you?  Why do this knowing the answer will be “But it was disclosed. To you”?

Based on confirmation from the SPFL that Stewart Robertson knew this information in January, we can conclude this is an entirely an entirely fabricated indignation.  It plays to King’s season ticket demographic, who may be the last constituents he has when several of the critical issues on the Newco horizon materialise.  It will not gain an inch of traction within Scottish football (please bear this in mind the next time you demand Celtic ‘take on the man’ in a futile attempt to show they care).

You would be embarrassed by such a quick and complete rebuttal of your “non-disclosure” allegation.  Not King, the fact that MacLennan’s appointment was disclosed will not even cause him a moment of cognitive dissonance.  The psychological insight is fascinating.

What’s his game?  I’ll remind you with a few suggestions:

Next month Uefa will decide if Newco have cleared Financial Fair Play rules.  If not, they will likely be denied entry to the Europa League.  This matter is down to corporate (King’s) planning, or lack thereof.  It will require an epic amount of spin, but King has prepared his placemen.

The club has survived thus far on soft loans, some of which are due to be repaid by 1 July (when season ticket money will be in the bank).  Expect some of the lenders to demand repayment.

He needs to get £11m into the UK, then wait to see how many shareholders accept his 20p offer.  My guess is this will relieve King of a substantial amount of his ‘warchest’.  There are also the issues around failure to comply with a court ruling on this within the specified period.

King was a director of Oldco when the club submitted its Uefa licence information in 2011, an issue which is now under investigation.

The man is besieged by problems all round.  What we are witnessing is bunker mentality, firing at targets which don’t exist.

I know what you are thinking, why did the SFA pass him as Fit and Proper?  He is not, of course, but don’t sweat this one.  It is much better to have him set the tone at Newco than anyone else.  He has no credible plan to build Newco into a competitive football club.  Leave him there for as long as possible.

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  1. What is the Stars on

    Beevor is a very good historian


    I have read a few of his. Well worth a read for any one interested in 20th century european history

  2. Delaneys Dunky on

    Listening to Biffy Clyro fae Kilmarnock tonight.


    I know Caltontounges hates them cause their lead singer Simon Neil is a Sevco fan. I love them live. Seen them live 3 times. Only one in four in Biffy is a hun. Ayrshire’s greatest ever band is The Waterboys though. TrashCanSinatras up there too.

  3. Hi DD, I’m grand pal. Missing the football but off on Holidays Monday morning by the time I’m back , it won’t be too long to preseason games.


    Hope all is well with you.

  4. King is doing a great job, the delusional huns in work are so buying into his watp pash.



    I remember getting messages sent to me when they had a champagne king night and sent me photos!



    Now it will be a Stevie Gee night…. There’s no fool like a hun monkey fool.



    WHITS/ WWW thoughts with you both. HH





    I read the earlier version,Enemy at the Gates. Was it Craig? Dunno. His opus on the Battle for Berlin though,is magnificent.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    Did you ever play a game World Cup when you were a wean. One Goalie v 2 teams of 2 players. Knockout tae the final. David66 of this parish and I played it in Knightswood for 14 hours a day in the summer school holidays.







    Aye,and us Ayrshire Bhoys know which websites are free,and work properly.



    Thinking about you and yours,mate.




  8. EPL — the more it stagnates the more it needs us and new blood.


    The promoted three offer very little in the long term — makeweights at best.



    The positive spin is that their promotion protes a football meritocracy rather than a fan base numbers game — however the current EPL is a geography test rather a league of champions.



    Fulham offer something to the London tourist industry — you can always get a ticket.


    Cardiff at least keep Irish who couldn’t swim involved.


    Plus Wolves bring some history.



    However it is getting to be a harder sell.


    The elastic is stretching and they will soon need us more than we might need them.



    I am no fan of a move south but the moons are aligning.



    Finally we need more EU competitions — the ECWC might have been the weakest but it offered hope to another fifty percent of teams that a QF was possible.



    I would like to see a competition of all the champions that don’t get out of the CL group stages.


    Then add teams from the other nations based on their EuL position — 16 nations playing knock out in the second half of the season.



    Keep it interesting.

  9. What is the Stars on



    Always liked the Waterboys


    They play after racing at Leopardstown during the next few weeks.


    I am going to have to go to that

  10. prestonpans bhoys on




    Thanks for your thoughts, doon to Killie tomorrow and funeral at Mount Carmel noon Friday. Can’t see me being back in Killie again tbh. Cheers anyway ✌️





    That’s exactly why I said that the EPL ship had sailed.



    It is rapidly becoming less attractive.



    15,20 years ago,aye. Not now.





    My best mate at primary in Kilwinning,we both moved at the end of P4.



    I got dragged to Ardrossan,I think everyone knows my thoughts on that place.



    Bestie moved to Kilmarnock,I rarely saw him again. He moved because his Dad got the job as headmaster at Mount Carmel PS in Kilmarnock.



    That’ll be Mr McHugh to anyone who was there at the time.



    I’ll be thinking of you on Friday,mate. Stay strong.



    And smile at the memories.



    May your Mum



    R I P

  13. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Did Das Boot get a mention in that Guardian article Bobby? I think that is one of the finest movies of the war that I have ever seen.



    Anthony Beevor’s history of the siege of Stalingrad in WW2 is truly magnificent.

  14. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Best wishes to WWW and all on here tonight affected by illness or loss.

  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    As usual i’m late to the party.


    Delaneys Dunky


    Just catching up on you and Dallas’s post about Billy Smith


    the Duntocher legend, just to let you know his brother Brian


    is PADDYMAC’S right hand man in our Csc committee over


    here in Oz and apparently was a very decent footballer just


    like his cousin Jamie who starred for the hoops.


    Great to see the blog in a more positive place recently, hope


    some of the missing bloggers make an appearance again.


    H.H Mick





    Hope yer blond Adonis is concentrating on the real things in life,pal!!!

  17. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Cheers for that – gave it a quick skim because it’s cot time- early flight tomorrow – but I’ll give it a proper read on the plane. Agree wholeheartedly so far though.



    One fine movie that has stuck with me all my life is The Execution of Private Slovik (I think) – a US movie about a poor wee boy who is about 17 in World War 1 who loses his nerve in the front line, and is shot at dawn.



    Saw it when I was the same age as Pte Slovik and the harrowing nature of it has never left me. Unsurprisingly, given the issues that it raises and the lack of feelgood flag-kissing and rousing martial music, I’ve never seen it since.

  18. Www – prayers for you sir.



    Wits. And you too my friend.



    Watched Downfall recently. It was superb.



    Good night Timdom.


    Together we are so much stronger on our times of need.



    HH. ??

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Hi Mick


    Great to see you back to your best.


    What can you do with a fourteen year old 6ft bhoy who thinks


    he’s gods gift.


    He’s still banging them in but could be a lot better if he would just


    stay away from those Aussie babes.


    Just been speaking to Paddy about another wee competition for


    the blog and a chance to win one of our much sought after club


    tops which you are the proud recipient of.


    Paddy is working on a great question for everyone but i will wait


    till after MAHE THE MADMAN’Squiz night to post it.


    H.H Mick

  20. Melbourne Mick on

    Sorry to read of WEET WEET WEET’s illness, really hope


    he recovers soon.


    H.H Mick





    If I was a six fit blond Adonis in my teens in Australia,I know what I’d be in training for!



    Get him telt,bud. You didnae put all that effort in just for him to score off the park.


    Oh,and the SOCIAL CELTS top was worn at the cup semi and the final.



    Lucky charm,as well as a thing of beauty.








    Just googled that.






    Thanks for the info,I’ll try to get my hands on the tale.

  24. DELANEYS DUNKY on 30TH MAY 2018 10:01 PM


    Listening to Biffy Clyro fae Kilmarnock tonight.



    I know Caltontounges hates them cause their lead singer Simon Neil is a Sevco fan.



    Garry, ???



    Right then, what about that great Clydebank band Pish Pish Pish ????

  25. Melbourne Mick on

    He will be told in my own sleakit Glesga way, we have


    a bounce game tonight against our Metro team who are


    a bunch of older ex semi pro’s and some good players


    and everyone of them will be hitting him hard.


    I think he’ll get the message, scoring off the park will be


    out of the question 8-))))


    H.H Mick

  26. Melbourne Mick on

    Just reading the news there and the Mornington peninsula had


    a small earth tremor yesterday 2.8 and a never felt a thing.


    Must have been the Ragers coming 8-))


    H.H Mick

  27. Melbourne Mick on

    Looks as though you ghuys are all off to bed, used to be


    the Aussie nightshift took over but no MACJAY, ANTIPODEAN RED


    SUMMA OF SAMMI, SYDNEY TIM etc, come back bhoys it’s lonely




    H.H Mick





    I’m still in contact with one or two of them,but,like you,I wish they would post.



    There’s a fair few posters that are much missed. And the overnight ones,maybe more than most.

  29. Melbourne Mick on

    Hi MIT


    Just ready to switch off there and seen your post, strange hours


    we keep on here, forever catching up.


    Preparing myself now for the granddaughter arriving and baw in the


    garden time, so that will be the fence posts flying all over the place




    H.H Mick

  30. mike in toronto on

    CQN is definitely quieter than it used to be, particularly, as you say, on the night shift

  31. Melbourne Mick on

    Yes Mick, didn’t matter their point of view, you didn’t need to agree,


    but they were civil and imo enhanced the blog.


    H.H Mick

  32. Melbourne Mick on

    Ok. bhoys the whirlwind that is wee Grace has arrived


    so i’m going before i’m dragged.


    H.H Mick





    One in particular that I rarely agreed with was MACJAY. And he rarely if ever agreed with me.



    Most of the time,we kept it civil. Rightwing fascist basturt that he was.



    Much missed,btw.





    You’ll gather I try to tempt him back,but fail miserably!

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