SPFL hand King his rump on a plate


I could speak of having some man-love for Dave King, but at the very least, there is a growing affinity.  Hot on the heels of calling for an investigation into a Celtic fan on the SFA board, yesterday the chairman of Newco (and former director of Rangers (in liquidation)) demanded the SPFL “must immediately suspend its Chairman pending an independent investigation by a senior QC”.

This concerned “allegations of non-disclosure” that SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan was appointed as a non-executive director of an Irish media business in which Celtic director, Dermot Desmond, has a minority shareholding.

Only problem is, MacLennan disclosed his appointed to the SPFL board, two months before it took effect.  This board includes Newco managing director, Stewart Robertson.

The SPFL handed King his bum on a plate by killing the allegation of non-disclosure stone dead:

“The members of the SPFL board were each informed of Murdoch’s appointment on January 19 2018, the same day it was publicly announced in a press release from Independent News & Media PLC. That release was also circulated to the entire SPFL board that day.

“No director raised this issue subsequently [including Stewart Robertson]and it was not the subject of any board discussions.

“A non-executive position on a PLC does not constitute a business relationship between that individual and a minority shareholder in the company and, therefore, no investigation is warranted.”

Asks yourself, why would you publicly demand an investigation into an alleged non-disclosure four months after the matter was disclosed to you?  Why do this knowing the answer will be “But it was disclosed. To you”?

Based on confirmation from the SPFL that Stewart Robertson knew this information in January, we can conclude this is an entirely an entirely fabricated indignation.  It plays to King’s season ticket demographic, who may be the last constituents he has when several of the critical issues on the Newco horizon materialise.  It will not gain an inch of traction within Scottish football (please bear this in mind the next time you demand Celtic ‘take on the man’ in a futile attempt to show they care).

You would be embarrassed by such a quick and complete rebuttal of your “non-disclosure” allegation.  Not King, the fact that MacLennan’s appointment was disclosed will not even cause him a moment of cognitive dissonance.  The psychological insight is fascinating.

What’s his game?  I’ll remind you with a few suggestions:

Next month Uefa will decide if Newco have cleared Financial Fair Play rules.  If not, they will likely be denied entry to the Europa League.  This matter is down to corporate (King’s) planning, or lack thereof.  It will require an epic amount of spin, but King has prepared his placemen.

The club has survived thus far on soft loans, some of which are due to be repaid by 1 July (when season ticket money will be in the bank).  Expect some of the lenders to demand repayment.

He needs to get £11m into the UK, then wait to see how many shareholders accept his 20p offer.  My guess is this will relieve King of a substantial amount of his ‘warchest’.  There are also the issues around failure to comply with a court ruling on this within the specified period.

King was a director of Oldco when the club submitted its Uefa licence information in 2011, an issue which is now under investigation.

The man is besieged by problems all round.  What we are witnessing is bunker mentality, firing at targets which don’t exist.

I know what you are thinking, why did the SFA pass him as Fit and Proper?  He is not, of course, but don’t sweat this one.  It is much better to have him set the tone at Newco than anyone else.  He has no credible plan to build Newco into a competitive football club.  Leave him there for as long as possible.

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  1. Yon fella that used to come on and do a super human job, getting tickets for ticketless fans, absolutely unbelievable he was. But, when asked to use his considerable clout, to march with Auldheid, and the Res:12 Rebel Band, the ticketmiester disappeared like snaw aff a dyke. Awfy strange indeed ¿¿¿


    That’s Whit Happens When Your Owned By A Clique TCST/CSA


    They’ll sing aboot Rebels till the coo’s come home, but, when it comes to actually being a Rebel, they jist hivny goat it.


    That’s why, Celtic FC will take a long time to be free from, McCann & Desmond’s Old Firm orientation. It’ll probably take apathy, again, to empty the 30,000 seats that brought Brendan here, again, to spark the revolution that will end the Old Firm Orientation, and get the stolen trophie’s stripped!


    In ither news,….


    Was hearing that, the leader of the psni/ruc might become the leader of police Scotland.




    There’ll be a united Ireland, but, where do ye think all the pissed off Unionist’s will head to?


    Celtic supporter’s would become the children of nowhere almost overnight.


    The only hope, or crumb of hope, is an election with, Jeremy Corbyn elected, sweep out the sleekit SNP, independence would be more of a goer, if, the SNP were wiped oot, imho.


    Don’t rule that out.




    Weet Weet Weet, What Is The Stars, BLANTYRETIM, and anyone else, prayers have been and will continue to be said.


    MARSPAPA, God bless fella.





  2. Mad Mitch,



    Agree or disagree about the merits of joining the global league based in Englandshire: At least you are trying to stimulate debate of a Celtic nature.




  3. KEVJUNGLE on 31st May 2018 2:17 am


    Is that right, aye. So the fact that the CST was instrumental in getting an Act repelled which criminalised Celtic fans is lost on you. People that took flack from all quarters for sticking up for Celtic fans by actually getting off their collective arses and taking some action, like rebels do. Just keep sniping away from the sidelines while the genuine Celtic supporters are trying to do their best against all the odds.

  4. Good morning good ghuys and ghirls from a dry but Humid Garngad



    DD worldy or World Cup as we called, they were they days. It was a long wait if you never scored in the first round though, although we never had to worry about that??



    Sorry for not commenting last night but I crashed, as I have been going to the gym at 5 am every day to try and loose some weight and get fitter.???






    D. :)

  5. I had a dream that we had our summer transfers lined up before the window opened and that after a couple of weeks of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts our CLQ squad would be in place.


    We wouldn’t be waiting to see if we actually qualify or not before getting top targets in, would we? Or has past experience made me a tad too cynical?

  6. Deniabhoy



    The only thing I’d say to temper your cynicism is that I reckon our potential targets also have a v close eye on whether there’s CL Football available before they commit to signing.



    Not every VVD is going to be enticed by the new challenge and arena offered by the Tony Macaroni stadium?



    And if they’re at the World Cup, they’ll likely be focussed on that, then surveying their subsequent options.



    HH jamesgang

  7. I hope today brings better news for Weet Weet Weet and WITS. And to all CQNers who are facing difficult circumstances.

  8. Jamesgang:



    ” Not every VVD is going to be enticed by the new challenge and arena offered by the Tony Macaroni stadium?”



    Nice one. Always good to start the day with a smile.



  9. weebawbabitty on

    Morning, thoughts with WEET WEET WEET and WITS , KEVJ , hope you Patrica are good my friend tell ped I was asking for him HH

  10. 31st May. Is today the day the SFA have to submit their final list of teams to compete in UEFA tournaments in 2018/19 season?


    Are we about to find out the reason behind the daily (sometimes twice daily) rants from the criminal?

  11. it ill behoves the SFA, SPFL and Celtic to let King say what he wants unopposed. The fact that its breathtaking hypocracy by King is one thing. But its quite another when he is effectively allowed to say that anyone with any connection to celtic (whether as a supporter or otherwise) to be employed by the SFA is frankly disgusting. If we take this line and say huns aren’t allowed either then the whole of the SFA would need to resign.



    This is a form of racism and should be tackled as such.



    But as ever silence and complicity abounds.

  12. Thoughts and prayers with WeetWeetWeet and Lionsroar67 for a steady recuperation, any updates on B that I may have missed?




  13. “To sit here and talk about how tough it is and you have people starving to death, for me there is no point talking about that [his issues]”



    “It’s just the way it is. As an athlete I have to face these challenges.”



    Very refreshing perspective from the impressive Novak Djokovic.




  14. NEGANON2



    The SPFl responded on the same day I believe, you can find there statement all over the internet, full disclosure, no objections, no investigation etc etc…

  15. Oops too eager with the post button on the previous post.



    Novak Djokovic claims his struggles on the tennis court are insignificant compared to real life problems such as poverty, so he just accepts them.



    “To sit here and talk about how tough it is and you have people starving to death, for me there is no point talking about that [his issues]”




    “It’s just the way it is. As an athlete I have to face these challenges.”




    Very refreshing perspective from the impressive Novak Djokovic.




    That’s a better!




  16. Talking about missing Posters. One guy I liked from the start was The Bhoy Jinky, gone but not forgotten.


    Today happens to be his Birthday, so a Happy Hoopy Birthday to TBJ.


    I also notice that our living link with the Lions Blantyre Tim has been conspicuous by his absence in recent weeks, hope it’s a sabbatical for the close season and he will be back refreshed for the Fitbaw.

  17. South Of Tunis on




    The Execution of Private Slovik .



    A mighty fine film (IMO ) .. Martin Sheen is very good ..



    Made for tele . Hollywood wouldn’t touch it ..Seems Frank Sinatra had read the book and wanted to make a movie in the early 60s .The Kennedys allegedly persuaded him to drop it .

  18. Missing Posters:










    Tontine Tim



    Clogher celt




  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Heading to see Weet3, will pass on all the messages from here,and will update later Bhoys

  20. Very quiet on here this morning.



    I see Celtic could make £600k + from appearance monies by our players at the World Cup. More if Boyata is selected.

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Another sunny hot day in the Central Highlands. That’s weeks and weeks of great weather now… feel like I’m in Turkey or Spain… or an alternative Universe.



    Best wishes to all CQNers facing challenging times in their lives right now.



    I wonder what the conversation in the Gerrard family/camp is like at the moment?






  22. Missing Posters:










    Tontine Tim



    Clogher Celt







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