SPFL need eyes on EPL Project Restart


The progress of ‘Project Restart’ in the Premier League in England will be watched closely by the SPFL.  Three clubs there have opened training facilities for players, with plans for full training to take place from 18 May three weeks ahead of the first closed doors fixture.

I suspect these plans will be aborted by subsequent government advice, but if England play out their season and Scotland don’t, there will be an outcry, legitimately so.  We want to play the season to its completion, win the title on the field, shut the faces of the perennial losers.  It would also allow us to dispense with any thoughts of league reconstruction to save Hearts from relegation.

A hard deadline has been set by Uefa of 25 May for leagues to submit plans to restart or end their seasons.  That gives the SPFL four weeks to establish their own Project Restart, with government clearance, or call the season.  We should take as much time as is available – move with the herd, as we suggested earlier.

The Dutch, who moved early by awarding Uefa places for next season based on current league positions, but declined to award the title, relegate or promote, are now in a legal quagmire, as they have used sporting merit to determine some outcomes but not all.  This crisis will not reward pioneers.

The goings-on in England will be more pertinent to what the SPFL does than the 12 May EGM.  I suspect the League’s board already know they have the 11 required votes in the bag, but they will want to win the popular vote as well.

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  1. Thank you for contacting us. We note your concerns that DUP MP Gregory Campbell was interviewed on Sportsound on 25 April. To allow us to reply promptly and use the licence fee efficiently, we’re sending this response to everyone. We’re sorry we can’t reply individually but we hope this will address most of the points raised.



    As the MP who tabled the early day motion in the House of Commons calling for an independent investigation into the Scottish Professional Football League’s handling of a vote to abandon the season, Mr Campbell was invited on to the programme to explain his reasons for raising the issue in Parliament, a decision that was editorially justified in that context.



    Mr Campbell was asked what his motivations were for tabling the motion in Parliament, whether he had tried to speak to anyone close to the situation to try to establish what the truth of the matter is, and whether he felt the evidence that clubs such as Rangers – one of the teams calling for an independent investigation – have said that they hold should be shared with those who have to decide if an investigation should now take place.



    As presenter Richard Gordon said after the interview, the MP’s motion runs through the various strands that the programme has discussed in recent broadcasts regarding the SPFL vote – a range of contributors, delivering a diversity of opinions, having discussed these various strands – including, for example, the calls for there to be an independent investigation into the handling of the vote.



    We hope this response is helpful in explaining our approach, and thank you again for getting in touch. Your concerns have been added to our audience feedback reports for the attention of the programme team.



    BBC Complaints Team

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Might be in the minority, I would be happy if the league was changed to 14…..would love to see Hearts go down TBH,but they can give Sevco a doing now and again…

  3. MPs represent constituents.


    Where is Gregory Campbell’s constituency in Scotland?

  4. Have I missed something……what have the PFA polled their players on. The 14,14,14 idea that has been mooted, some other proposal or just any kinda league reconstruction. I smell some smelly stuff here……

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 28TH APRIL 2020 2:49 PM


    Might be in the minority, I would be happy if the league was changed to 14…..would love to see Hearts go down TBH,but they can give Sevco a doing now and again…






    I agree. The 12 doesn’t work.



    If the season had continued as normal, the fixtures would have been ridiculous.



    Celtic were scheduled to make 2 away trips to each of the other top six sides: Sevco, Motherwell, Aberdeen, Livingston & Hibs.



    Sevco on the other hand will have had 2 home games against each.



    You still have to even out home games and away games post-split. This means that Celtic would have to travel to two of Motherwell, Livingston, Hibs or Aberdeen for the THIRD time this season.



    Two of those same teams have to travel to Ibrox three times in the same season. Bonkers.



    14 team league. You play the other 13 sides home and away to get you to 26 games. Split into a top 6 and bottom 8. Play the top 6 home and away.



    1. Means title challengers, European place challengers & relegation battlers will finish the season with the exact same fixtures played. The competitiion



    2. 36 games instead of 38 means that Scotlands European representatives have a less taxing domestic season. Will benefit Scotland’s coefficient.



    3. Slightly more variety for our away fans.

  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    Macron has banned fitba in France until September at the earliest. Le balon est sur les ardoises.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Timaloy- good detailed reply ta,I think it would help some different clubs to try and make some money.

  8. Paul67 et al



    Of course we could always follow the route of our oldest ally, France.


    Whose government have decided that there will be no sporting events, indoors or outdoors before August.


    Following which the French FA has called time on the two top leagues, and no Champions!


    Now dont suppose that will affect the four teams they will enter into the CL, if that happens that is.


    But once again a member FA has left UEFA’s current strategy in tatters.



    Islam Feruz finished with football at 25







    Dick Whittington CSC






    As me old mum used to say, God Rest Her,



    ” What’s Feruz will no’ go past us!”




  10. Now see a more detailed response from PFA on BBC website so good to see a bit more detail. My initial sceptism appeared unfounded so well done Liam Craig for providing further background.

  11. Neustadt-Braw on

    TBB haweehaweehaw….



    smiley Macron a interdit le football en France thing







  12. TBB


    That includes


    No Closed Doors footballabsolutely no football until Sept at earliest

  13. Neustadt-Braw on




    awfy braw ….Tommy Cooper wid hiv definetely got a mention…





  14. Maybe get to watch football


    With your facemask, hand sanitiser and covid free test certificate




  15. CELTIC MAC on 28TH APRIL 2020 3:33 PM









    Don’t suppose we could go back to street fitba?






    Kerbie would allow social distancing, so maybe that’s the way to go.



    Mind you, shies aren’t exactly a strong point with Celtic.

  16. ernie lynch



    Aren’t you allowed to throw the ball one handed Ernie?


    Though the shy is the better option to be fair.

  17. AULDHEID on 28TH APRIL 2020 2:08 AM




    But will they? (come clean on their acceptance of the 5 Way Agreement)


    That would be preferable to a vote of censure at the next AGM, already supported in draft by sufficient shareholders, who have seen the evidence of mendacity to them at last AGM ,to have a motion of censure tabled for the world to see at the next AGM.


    If Rangers can obtain an investigation on a matter where they have no locus (what exactly have they lost as result of the last SPFL vote? ) then I do not see The Celtic Board surviving questions about their handling of Res12 AND LNS where they have locus on Res12 and as much right to call for AND get an investigation into the then SPL led LNS Commission (that the SFA not SPFL refused) as “Rangers” have now.


    Even if the current campaign by Rangers fails, the charge of mendacity still stands, but coming clean on Celtic’s part in the 5 Way would be a TOTAL game changer. It should open the door to closure on the stalled SFA JPDT on Res12 and justify a revisit to LNS.



    Brilliant post Auldheid.




    You smell a rat, what in Scoddish football. Clean as a whistle and honest and open.


    Huns rule ok ‘cos the ARE the peepul




  19. Sorry…but taken from the daily Ranger…



    SPFL warn Rangers probe push could result in ‘incalculable cost’ to our game


    The Ibrox club are pushing for an independent investigation but the SPFL believe money is better spent on getting football to return.





    Celtic’s Andrew Gutman keeps fit doing keepy-uppies with his MUM











    Apologises…this below is taken from the daily Record..



    The SPFL board have reiterated calls for Rangers to produce their dossier of evidence and say any independent investigation will result in “incalculable cost” to our game.



    The board have sent an open letter to all 42 clubs where they outline their intentions and admit that there have been errors along the way with a skeletal staff in place.






    Ads by Teads


    With some workers on furlough, it has left just five executive members dealing with a heavy workload and the missive insists having to put some of that aside and spend money on lawyers will leave them with damage from which the sport in Scotland may never recover.



    The letter was signed by six of the seven board members from clubs – with just Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson leaving his name off it.



    The Ibrox club have been at war with the SPFL over the a number of weeks with a flurry of statements from both parties.



    Rangers want Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie suspended and an independent investigation to take place and have since – along with Hearts and Stranraer – forced an EGM on May 12.




    But the SPFL have since responded to Monday night’s events by issuing a letter to clubs. Signed by Motherwell’s Alan Burrows, Hamilton’s Les Gray, Ewen Cameron of Alloa, Ross McArthur of Dunfermlin, Brechin’s Ken Ferguson and Peter Davidson of Montrose, the SPFL board say they have operated in ‘an entirely fair and even-handed manner’.



    Scottish football crisis LIVE as Rangers’ request sets up another explosive day at the ballot box


    They do admit that mistakes have been made along the way but are unhappy that their professionalism has been questioned as they once again repeated their wish for Rangers to come forward with their dossier of evidence and promised that they will investigation any allegations in it.



    The full letter to clubs said: “Following the SPFL, directors written resolution, which was passed with a large majority of SPFL clubs, we now need reconciliation and contrition from all parties if we are to safeguard the future of Scottish football.



    “We face huge challenges to ensure we can get the new season up and running on target and safely for all involved, and it is vital that all stakeholders collaborate and engage meaningfully with the Joint Response Group’s task force working groups, pooling our knowledge, experience and resources for the greater good.



    “As SPFL directors, we have volunteered our time freely, in uniquely difficult and challenging circumstances and have participated on a fully-functional SPFL board, which we believe has operated in an entirely fair and even-handed manner. We have each put our own self-interests behind us, to do what is best for Scottish football but have had to endure our professionalism and integrity as well as our compliance with our legal duties to the company being openly called into question in recent weeks.



    “All of the SPFL board meetings have been conducted in a fair and even manner, with everyone being able to voice their opinion and fully digest the many and varied issues that we have had to consider in forming our decision making.



    “In an attempt to reduce its own costs, ultimately for the benefit of all 42-member clubs, the SPFL furloughed several staff and a number of the executives voluntarily took salary cuts. As a result, only an executive team of five remain to administer and manage the on-going business of the organisation as well as planning for the end of the current season and for season 2020/21.







    The call that sparked EGM




    Gers get EGM wish


    “Their workload has been extremely onerous, managing a huge number of additional tasks – liaising with the SFA, medical officers, the government, UEFA, other league bodies, our commercial partners and clubs.



    “As a consequence, has everything been done perfectly and has it always been fully communicated? Of course it has not, and this is a point we have already raised to ensure the organisation is future- proofed for subsequent boards after we stand down. Indeed, at our request, the SPFL chairman will be issuing a comprehensive Q&A document within the week, addressing many of the claims or questions that have been put into the public domain.



    “We trust that this will give you, the members whom we have been appointed to represent, the same high level of comfort each of us has in the actions of the SPFL executive team.



    “We are unaware of any impropriety or any disregard for appropriate qualities of corporate governance. If Rangers Football Club has a dossier of evidence which shows anything to the contrary, then we would repeat the call for it to be brought forward immediately, because we, as club representative directors, have a clear duty to interrogate any allegations of misconduct or the like which it contains.



    “The SPFL board is dealing with a fast-moving set of circumstances, with a skeleton staff trying hard to prioritise matters. It’s an unenviable job, and we are sure the many fair-minded people in Scottish football fully understand this.




    (Image: SNS)


    “All of the executive team retain our full support and admiration. Further recrimination and division will only decrease our chances of playing football matches in Scotland any time soon.




    “The players, fans and officials deserve our best collective efforts. At a time when thousands of people in our communities are dying of Covid-19, Scottish football needs to reflect and consider how this looks to the outside world.



    “In keeping with SPFL Rules, we will now have a general meeting on 12 May, when clubs will have the chance to either support or reject the resolution requisitioned by Heart of Midlothian, Rangers and Stranraer. We live in a democracy and the SPFL articles are clear – if 75 per cent of the clubs in the Premiership, as well as 75 per cent of the clubs in the Championship and 75% of the clubs in Leagues One and Two vote that we should spend our executives‘ time on matters other than Seasons 2019/20 & 2020/21, and clubs’ money on lawyers’ fees, then we will.



    “But if the resolution fails to gain the support of enough members and the requisitioners nonetheless continue on their current course, the cost to our game will be incalculable.”

  20. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Complications are possibly self made !!!!


    I do not under any circumstance advocate the resumption of football should life be in danger



    But at some point, be it May June July August or beyond football will be played again



    When the day comes, that football can be played, why not simply start from where we left it and complete season 19/20 – It can be done in 5/6 weeks. Then immediately start season 20/21.


    I appreciate I am talking 2 games a week for most of the football calender



    I would do the same with European Competitions simply play them to conclude then start again


    Yes the calendar will be a bit different but so what



    Celtic had 10 games left to play, assuming we beat Aberdeen in SC Semi Final


    The Huns had the same 10 assuming they lost in Europa



    So its a 10 game issue



    My view is an attempt to be logical but in reality I want to play and conclude 19/20


    I want to remove any illogical excuses from them about 9IAR


    I want the matter done and dusted beyond any reasonable doubt



    Health before Hate Hail Hail




  21. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “shut the faces of the perennial losers”



    That would be quite an achievement Paul, nobody else has managed it, and now with France declaring season over with no champions, of course sevco will pick that up and beat everyone over the head with it.



    the only way we will ever shut their faces is by smashing them on the pitch, the sooner the better.

  22. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    How Very True..



    “As all this plays out in the playground by the crooked cabal and vested interests running the football industry in Scotland its strange that the biggest kid in the playground who is the only one with the wherewithal to still be standing at the end remains completely silent…”



    From the JJ site

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Me too..



    “Perhaps Scotland is inherently bigoted and backward facing and I have been too naive to notice”




  24. There has been no decision yet in France re Champions, Euro Places or Promotion & Relegation.


    The Governing Body is expected to meet net month to decide on these issues.

  25. As far as I’m aware, the French have not voided their leagues. They’ve a meeting planned for next month to resolve final standings and decide on awards/relegation.

  26. Regardless though we’ve a resolution which makes Celtic champions in waiting. Points per game will come into effect before the end of May and we’ll have our 9.

  27. Rock Tree Bhoy. 4.29.


    The French Government have decided no football until Sept.



    The LFP are planning to meet in May to decide on how the tables for this season should be defined and which teams will be promoted and relegated.



    They will also decide who will be given European places at the same meeting and if PSG, who are 12 points clear at the top, will be crowned champions.


    PSG, Marseille and Rennes occupy the Champions League spots in Ligue 1, while Lille would be set for a place in the Europa League.



    It was reported last week that the LFP are categorically against voiding the season and therefore those placings are likely to be used to decide European qualification.

  28. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Apologies if I got the ‘France declares season over with no champions thing wrong’, picked it up from another site (cant recall which one).

  29. Just on the SPFL letter to clubs.



    “ We live in a democracy and the SPFL articles are clear – if 75 per cent of the clubs in the Premiership, as well as 75 per cent of the clubs in the Championship and 75% of the clubs in Leagues One and Two vote that we should spend our executives‘ time on matters other than Seasons 2019/20 & 2020/21, and clubs’ money on lawyers’ fees, then we will.”






    Sevco need 75% support in the Premiership to carry this.



    I’d be confident Les Gray of Hamilton and Burrows of Motherwell will vote against an enquiry.



    As will Celtic. If one other prem club votes against then they’re toast.



    I think the calls for an enquiry will resolutely be defeated in any case. Across all the divisions.

  30. No problem Rock Tree Bhoy, Celtic Mac made a post as well earlier than you which also stated No Champions.


    I would be shocked to mt boots if the French didn’t make PSG Champions,



    I understand the Dutch position with 2 teams level at the top & only goal difference separating them.

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