SPFL need eyes on EPL Project Restart


The progress of ‘Project Restart’ in the Premier League in England will be watched closely by the SPFL.  Three clubs there have opened training facilities for players, with plans for full training to take place from 18 May three weeks ahead of the first closed doors fixture.

I suspect these plans will be aborted by subsequent government advice, but if England play out their season and Scotland don’t, there will be an outcry, legitimately so.  We want to play the season to its completion, win the title on the field, shut the faces of the perennial losers.  It would also allow us to dispense with any thoughts of league reconstruction to save Hearts from relegation.

A hard deadline has been set by Uefa of 25 May for leagues to submit plans to restart or end their seasons.  That gives the SPFL four weeks to establish their own Project Restart, with government clearance, or call the season.  We should take as much time as is available – move with the herd, as we suggested earlier.

The Dutch, who moved early by awarding Uefa places for next season based on current league positions, but declined to award the title, relegate or promote, are now in a legal quagmire, as they have used sporting merit to determine some outcomes but not all.  This crisis will not reward pioneers.

The goings-on in England will be more pertinent to what the SPFL does than the 12 May EGM.  I suspect the League’s board already know they have the 11 required votes in the bag, but they will want to win the popular vote as well.

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  1. Pog



    I would be surprised if there is football before the year end at this rate



    It’s a contact sport but no standards have been issued for players safety,


    None set for fans and how they get to and fro ground.


    A lot still to be decided imo


    Hope all’s good up your way :-)




  2. AN TEARMANN on 29TH APRIL 2020 7:37 AM


    Jimmy if yi need anything drop a text or call.10 min away from high st







    Cheers mate, I will text you later Today ( Wednesday)…I really appreciate your kind generous offers of help..I will NEVER forget !


    As DAVID66 posted, hopefully we can all meet asap for a right good Drinking session til we all end up lying upside doon, in a corner of the Pub…Drunk !


    Stay safe mate.



  3. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Good morning CQN from a rain soaked Melbourne.


    Nae probs locked down today, a wee rid biddy and the feet


    up on the couch, and get humpin the huns on the box.


    Ah bliss.


    Neil Lennon & McCartney


    My mate who owned the Beastie was Robbie Sutherland and


    his wife Carol, he worked offshore with me and building the


    massive leg structures at Ardiseer ( sp ) and as you said


    there were some crazy nights in there.


    Don’t know if they are still there or not.


    H.H . Mick

  4. DAVID66 on 29TH APRIL 2020 7:41 AM


    Right aff oot- hail hail and enjoy yer day bhoys and Ghirls





    Dont work too hard David.





  5. Who was the Swedish guy on The Nine last night ( around 10pm, I think !) talkiing about the Swedish approach to Covid-19 ?

  6. Melbourne Mick on

    Had a wee jaunt round the scheme the other day, my son


    hates when i say that in company, ” it’s not a scheme Da it’s


    an estate ” lol , you can take the bhoy out of Glesga etc.


    Anyhows, we have a yearly pick up here of hard rubbish, old


    fridges, suites, furniture, and i’ve never seen so much on the


    nature strips as they call them here.


    It’s well seen a lot of the folks are having a clear out while they




    The aul Glesga rag and bone man would have had a field day


    here with some of the stuff people consider rubbish, good


    working washing machines, tellys, everything you can imagine.


    Must all be wanting to keep up with the Kardashians.


    Oh what a wee hard working couple fae Paddy’s market would


    do with some of that stuff.


    Made me think back to my tenement single end days and our


    normal day out was raking the toffs middens.


    Wonder if any of you aul bhoys did that back in the day?


    H.H . Mick


    Wonder if any of you aul bhoys did that back in the day?





    H.H . Mick




    NO but we had lots of scruff in our bins.

  8. MELBOURNE MICK on 29TH APRIL 2020 8:30 AM




    If you raked my midden Mick…I hope that you put something IN it ?




    I clearly remember playing in the old back Courts in The Toonheid with my cousins ( They werent gardens !)…and we played the popular game of “Jumping the Dykes”.


    You had to jump the gaps between the old wash houses, from roof to roof etc.


    Many of these “Dykes”, were just the ruins of the old wash houses, and very near the Bins etc.


    Looking back, it was quite a dangerous past time, and many rtas etc running about amongst the dirt and filth……NO health and safety back then.


    Funny enough, if you were to step in a puddle in the street, or wanted to splash about in a street puddle, your parents would go nuts…screaming “Jimmy get oot of that puddle etc”…and yet those same parents were quite happy to us “Jumping the Dykes” ?



    I think the expression of “Jumping the dykes” has a different meaning these days !





  9. Melbourne Mick on




    Don’t forget the aul air raid shelters , that was part of our adventure


    playground, leap from the shelter onto the top of the midden and


    then land on narrow wall, if you didn’t land on a broken bottle or get


    skewered by a spike clothes hook in the wall then you were a winner.


    Who needed health and safety back then 8-))


    H.H . Mick

  10. AN TEARMANN on 29TH APRIL 2020 7:36 AM



    NHS Scotland is totally devolved. That is factual. ALL spending and policy decisions are taken by the Scottish parliament and they have been for over 20 years.



    While the Tories cheered when the nurses were refused a pay rise our parliament in Holyrood also disgracefully refused to lift the pay cap.



    If we must apportion blame then let’s do it fairly and constructively. A credible opposition will be extremely benifical in that regard.



    Thank you , we are fine. I hope and trust that you and yours are too. Stay safe.



    Cheers and HH.

  11. Raking the midgies … early 60s (6 or 7 ) Stevenson st calton wisnae many toffs but we were still raking them ,tons of rats though , fast forward to 74 /75 me and a mate had done a season at Butlins Bognor, back in Glasgow we had moved to the barracks then , the corpy were on strike/work to rule . We got a job at Dawshome depot . First day inspector gives it ,ok Smith and Jones (we were long haired hippies , and a certain programme was popular ) but we played deaf till he called us out proper names . Anyhoo he says your on the bin lifting crew . Better bonus , but these guys really worked ,the back courts and middens were just the same only this time we had to empty bins into big wicker baskets ,bins jammed to the top with ashes, first basket ,


    filled to brim could hardly lift the rope handle never mind the basket ,and the rats seemed bigger and more of them . First drop back at depot we were dropped as well , given a brush and sent down to maryhill rd to meet our new boss . Easiest money we ever earned , Mark the corners of the street with brush ,pick up paper , and right lads in here nice cup of tea and a chat with people the boss brushed new , magic . Easter 75 back to Bognor for the easy life 😁

  12. chat with people the boss brushed new ,



    Should be …chat with people the boss brusher knew ..



    But kindle knows best …

  13. Melbourne Mick on




    Yes, thats what we called them ” the midgies ”


    thought if i said that no one would understand lol.


    Glesga culture lives on


    H.H . Mick

  14. Looks like the resolution brought forward by Hearts and Sevco is destined to fail.



    Motherwell, Hamilton Accies, and St Mirren may all have their own self-interest at heart. I’m sure the Ibrox faithful will be crying conspiracy and blaming Celtic.



    The point remains, they should release the evidence to all the clubs. If that doesn’t do it they should go public with it. Put up or shut up.

  15. Greenpinata


    Nurses in Scotland are paid more than elsewhere in the UK courtesy of the Scottish Government.



  16. RON BACARDI on 29TH APRIL 2020 9:27 AM









    ‘Was there an actual vote in Holyrood about nurses pay ?’










    10th May 2017. Labour proposed a motion that the pay cap be scrapped. SNP proposed an amendment to the motion which effectively scuppered it.



    SNP won by 62/55.

  17. Melbourne Mick hope you and yours are all well,does’nt seem like 18 months since I was having bevvy with you and Paddymacoz and your good ladies.Your mention of Paddys Market reminded me of the sign above it “We buy rubbish – We sell antiques” brilliant marketing!!! Stay safe Hail Hail Hebcelt

  18. I seem to remember there were certain closes where you could lock you brush and shovels up at the end of the shift .


    If you remember right the bin bags were stacked up all over the place . We got out on the big truck , teams of 4 plus a driver , first stop in the morning bakery , roll n square , then on to pick up , the drivers ,who were working to rule ,gave the orders ,one pick up in the morning one in the afternoon,the quicker the trucks full the sooner youse are back in the hoose , an hour later back hame Roll a joint.


    So it went something like 8 o’clock depot , 8:30 roll break , 9 :00 start filling truck , 10 ish back hame , 1 :00 picked back up , 1:30 fill truck 3:00 dropped off kelvindale rd , day over.


    Great times

  19. Midgie raking and climbing dykes brought back some of my earliest memories. I remember standing in line in Elba Lane (St Michael’s Infant School) one afternoon and John McAvoy telling me he had a sore head. Collapsed in class shortly after. Rushed to hospital. He had fallen off a dyke. We were 6 or 7…..He did make a full recovery.

  20. Radio5 discussion on how should football restart. Many suggestions of behind closed doors.


    While we discuss the best options for restart we should remember that there are many factors that have to be considered.



    One point that I had not heard before caught my attention.


    ” If a player gets Covid-19, recovers from the virus but is left with a 5% reduction in lung capacity……….. his career is OVER”



    The old Ulster proverb sprang to mind


    ‘It’s easy to sleep on another man’s wound”



    The Onlooker

  21. RON BACARDI on 29TH APRIL 2020 10:26 AM



    Funnily enough I don’t actually have a copy of it to hand.



    You should though be able to find it, eventually, on the Scottish parliament website

  22. Good morning from a damp North Staffs – now the weather has turned no more excuses – first the kitchen/diner then the living room to be decorated – I may be some time.



    Show us ra evidence

  23. On 29th June 2017 the Scottish government scrapped the pay cap on public sector workers.

  24. Did I read the other day , can’t recall where think it was one of the sevco fan sites on CELTIC NEWSNOW that the null and void was still a possibility , The hearts ,sevco mix are a scheming lot that it wouldn’t surprise me . Also now is the time if we do eventually get called champions ,to tell the laptop loyal one word about tainted titles and there press pass will be revoked ,surely we have all had enough of there hatred and bile for us .

  25. We were confidently expecting an easing of restrictions next Tuesday and I was dreaming of a return to Golf b Saturday week.


    However latest rumblings have thrown these expectations into serious doubt.


    Must admit I’m feeling a bit pissed off this morning, I fully realise there are many thousands much more worse off but when you are pissed off logic goes out the window.


    My only consolation right now but for accident of Birth, I could have been a Hun.


    Although having said that Isolation could be a bonus for Huns,

  26. I cant see it JimTim, the precedent has been set with the Lower Divisions,


    It’s our Title.

  27. RON BACARDI on 29TH APRIL 2020 10:36 AM


    ‘On 29th June 2017 the Scottish government scrapped the pay cap on public sector workers.’







    So why didn’t they support the Labour motion to do so on 10th May 2017?

  28. The Onlooker.10.29


    That’s what I was trying to say yesterday ,when I posted.


    What kind of insurance payout would a top player or even a lesser one get.


    It would be massive, that’s why I can’t see football starting until lit is 100% safe.

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