SPFL need eyes on EPL Project Restart


The progress of ‘Project Restart’ in the Premier League in England will be watched closely by the SPFL.  Three clubs there have opened training facilities for players, with plans for full training to take place from 18 May three weeks ahead of the first closed doors fixture.

I suspect these plans will be aborted by subsequent government advice, but if England play out their season and Scotland don’t, there will be an outcry, legitimately so.  We want to play the season to its completion, win the title on the field, shut the faces of the perennial losers.  It would also allow us to dispense with any thoughts of league reconstruction to save Hearts from relegation.

A hard deadline has been set by Uefa of 25 May for leagues to submit plans to restart or end their seasons.  That gives the SPFL four weeks to establish their own Project Restart, with government clearance, or call the season.  We should take as much time as is available – move with the herd, as we suggested earlier.

The Dutch, who moved early by awarding Uefa places for next season based on current league positions, but declined to award the title, relegate or promote, are now in a legal quagmire, as they have used sporting merit to determine some outcomes but not all.  This crisis will not reward pioneers.

The goings-on in England will be more pertinent to what the SPFL does than the 12 May EGM.  I suspect the League’s board already know they have the 11 required votes in the bag, but they will want to win the popular vote as well.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    I love nostalgia , especially the Glesca of my childhood . Midgie bins , Dreeping off dykes , Hudgies on Lorries.


    Its a wonder I’m still alive!

  2. TIMALOY29 on 29TH APRIL 2020 9:29 AM


    Looks like the resolution brought forward by Hearts and Sevco is destined to fail.




    Motherwell, Hamilton Accies, and St Mirren may all have their own self-interest at heart. I’m sure the Ibrox faithful will be crying conspiracy and blaming Celtic.




    The point remains, they should release the evidence to all the clubs. If that doesn’t do it they should go public with it. Put up or shut up.






    I don’t think we’ll ever see their dossier. Some reports this morning in the media spoke about how the resolution was already destined to fail.



    Sevco will imo withhold their dossier and claim they’re up against a rigged system.

  3. Stolen from etims ….







    In a bar room in Govan


    Across from the Debt Dome


    He ordered a drink on the slate


    His eyes looked quite wonky


    So I walked on over to ask how he got in that state


    When the drink finally hit him, he said:


    ‘That’s me quittin’. Ah’ve finally stoapt livin’ oan dreams’


    ‘Ah’m sick o’ the laughter an’ here ever after’


    ‘Ah’ll just let that fat clown Park pye fur the team’



    In the mirror I saw him


    And I closely watched him


    I thought how he looked like a hun


    He came up to the stranger, sat down beside him


    His arse must have weighed half a ton


    His six chins were wobbling


    He looked like a zombie


    For a minute I thought he was dead


    But he started shaking, his hun heart was breaking


    He turned to the stranger and said:



    ‘Ye picked a fine time tae leave us, Dave King’


    ‘Wi’ a squad full o’ duds an’ a twat managin’


    ‘We’ve had some bad times, got aff wi’ some crimes’


    ‘But this time we’re really done in’


    ‘Ye picked a fine time tae leave us, Dave King’.



    After I left them, I pished myself laughing


    I thought how they both seemed so thick


    The near-bankrupt mug Park and penniless crook King


    Who had to buy players on tick


    They came up with some beauties


    Like bids from the Chinese


    They must have thought we’d lost our minds


    But the bullshit Dave sold them


    And the lies that he told them


    Kept coming back time after time.



    (As sung by the late Brenny Rodgers).

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I see the Russians have implemented a strategy of harvesting anti-bodies which involves mass testing, I expect they got this idea form the UK, oh wait, our strategy is to point fingers and make noise.


    We should also acknowledge the cost of such a strategy would need more free money printing that is only allowed to be handed out to the finance, military and corporate elites.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Jimtim – “null and void” is a smokescreen.



    A load of yap conceived by a truly desperate club, promulgated by a couple of rabid Sevcoites at BBC Sport Scotland and a Scottish print media who’ll go out of business alongside Sevco.



    Not impossible (few things are) but HIGHLY improbable.



    If nothing else, the potential legal challenges it throws up (not by clubs but by investors in the league including TV) will derail it.

  6. RON BACARDI on 29TH APRIL 2020 11:21 AM


    ERNIE @10:50







    I don’t know and cannot be arsed to find out why.







    I think most objective people would conclude that Labour forced the SNP into changing their policy on the wage cap.

  7. Full text:



    SPFL chairman Murdo MacLennan’s issued an open letter. On calls for investigation: “Eight of the nine members of your Board of Directors believe the demand for such an open-ended, hugely time consuming and expensive investigation…to be wholly unnecessary, inappropriate…it is for you, the member clubs of the SPFL, to decide whether you wish the time of our staff & Board members, & your money, to be spent on the exercise now sought …without Rangers having made available…any of the evidence which they claim is in their possession.



    If Rangers had been prepared to make available this alleged evidence, then the investigation could have considered that material and could have directly addressed the issue(s) which are said to be causing that club so much apparent concern



    At this hugely challenging time, distractions, scapegoating and sideshows are our enemy. We currently have a very small executive team…who are working tirelessly in the interests of Scottish football. Two of them are the subject of unexplained calls for their suspension”





  8. RON BACARDI on 29TH APRIL 2020 12:01 PM



    Can you explain why the SNP changed their policy on the wage cap?



    On 10th May 2017 they voted down Labour’s motion to abolish it.

  9. A comprehensive slap down for Sevco.



    Their next statement will explain why they’re refusing to share their dossier and why they’re walking away from the EGM to focus on their legal options…

  10. Ron Bacardi,



    Surely an effective opposition in Holyrood must be a good thing?


    There is so much failure and money wasting it must be challenged. If it wasn’t for James Kelly we would still be enduring dawn raids as part of the odious OB act.



    Today I got my letter through from Nicola, why ? It only stated the exact same as the one from BJ , which was absolutely slaughtered on here.



    HH to you and stay safe 🌈🌈

  11. ERNIE,



    Not for me to explain. I don’t know why. They did it. You can ask them if you want.



    I am not a supporter of SNP by the way.

  12. AN TEARMANN on 29TH APRIL 2020 12:08 PM





    Is covid19 and it’s response a devolved issue?




    It would seem so, why else would we be getting a separate Scottish briefing each day with sometimes conflicting advice.



    Cheers and HH.

  13. Now that SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan has released an extensive, and more detailed, Q & A session, how long do you think we will we have to wait for another, retaliatory, “statement” from Sevco?




  14. Newradboy onlooker



    Good posts and insights


    I am sure like a lot covid19 will hit our game.and how money is made from transfer and the effect on us




  15. Greenpinata



    I would say it’s UK wide, imo ,boundaryless



    A daily conference I think is given in ni and Wales.i believe too.


    The increase in icu beds is UK wide due to lab and Tory cuts.the shortage of ppe and ventilators was cultural.labour gave us pfi and it’s ongoin effect


    Alas the liars mantra of the market ,the market .such a betrayal of nhs after Tory years and covid19 will seer thro both their ideals for nhs.its reset.




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