SPFL turmoil is about power and control


Aberdeen’s chairman Dave Cormack reckons only an(other) independent inquiry will allow reconciliation in Scottish football, so will vote for one today.  If only.  I’m afraid the picture has moved on a mile or two from reconciliation.  Statements by SPFL Dunfermline chairman Ross McArthur and by Brechin City, on behalf of chairman Ken Ferguson (both men are SPFL board members), make it clear the schism within Scottish football runs far deeper than misunderstanding or naked opportunism.

Dunfermline’s McArthur wrote: “I have to provide this statement following the release of accusatory comments in a Club Statement made by the Chairman and CEO of Inverness.

“Since the SPFL director’s resolution was first issued, a number of clubs in the Championship would confirm it is the behaviour of Inverness that has continually been aggressive and confrontational. However, no one felt it necessary to win points in public, as robust conversations take place in the normal course of a competitive business like football.

“Turning to the “allegation” regarding the information that was conveyed by me to Inverness FC, on Friday 10th April 2020.

“It most certainly wasn’t a threat, simply a potential consequence of their action not to back the SPFL resolution currently put in front of them, in favour of a counter resolution which was being mooted at that time.”

The Daily Record chased down this “counter resolution” from Inverness chief exec Scot Gardiner, which was to null and void all four SPFL leagues, removing the possibility of Inverness being promoted through league reconstruction, reducing their SPFL financial pay-out, expose the league to compensation claims from sponsors, broadcasters and others who paid for a league that did not happen.

Why would Inverness embark on a course of action that is so clearly counter to their and the game’s best interests?

In their statement yesterday, Brechin City wrote: “in the recent dossier released in support of the EGM taking place at the SPFL tomorrow… there is an accusation which is pointed directly at our Chairman… this states, “It has also been alleged that Ken Ferguson called League 2 clubs and told them that Inverness had changed their vote to YES and, as a result, the Resolution was going to be approved and that there was no point in League 2 clubs voting NO.””

They go on to state in the most unambiguous terms: “This is categorically refuted.

“In addition to anecdotal evidence from all of the other League 2 clubs, we have in our possession verification from each club that no such call was made. Furthermore, each League 2 club is content to provide corroboration to this effect and has stressed that they are entirely relaxed (and in reality appreciative) of the integrity Ken displayed in his role as an SPFL Director in the lead up to the vote.”

At least one party is bringing the game into disrepute and it is not the man with written verification from every club in his division confirming he is telling the truth.  Today’s resolution will be rejected but the narrative will quickly move on.

Protagonists will make like as difficult as possible for Neil Doncaster, Rod McKenzie and Murdoch MacLellan and they will create havoc for the League if necessary to put their own men in the top jobs.  If you think this was all about stopping Celtic win 9-in-a-row you are wrong, it is about power and control of what happens next.

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  1. GENE on 12TH MAY 2020 11:54 AM



    I’m extremely disappointed and saddened that we are relying on the smaller clubs like Brechin to call out the Huns lies whereas our own board kept silent the new club lies and played the support on Res 12.






    Still keeping silent instead of calling out sevco for what they are – a rogue club.

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Brechin statement is a belter.



    All thoughts, though, with HamiltonTim today.






  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Also sounds as if some ‘integrity’ might be forced to come out into the limelight.

  4. “Protagonists will make like as difficult as possible for Neil Doncaster, Rod McKenzie and Murdoch McLelland and they will create havoc for the League if necessary to put their own men in the top jobs. If you think this was all about stopping Celtic win 9-in-a-row you are wrong, it is about power and control of what happens next.“



    A wee Administration event or two might come into play to sort that out.

  5. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    RIP Helen.


    Stay strong Chris on a day your precious wife and soulmate went to her eternal rest.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The bigger picture is the huns have lost their control of the SPFL,Murray’s bribes are no more, they have little influence or credibility, the voting process was a joke,but we can’t show the huns any light here,its possible ownership of other clubs is not as orange/Masonic is it was ,the SFA is still riddled with it,and they are a different matter.Imo

  7. Well all the Animal in the farm all know that they are all together but some think that they are better than others.


    If this meeting today goes south nothing will change, and we have fight on our hands.

  8. I believe this started as an attempt to stop the 9. Null and void was pushed behind the scenes and off record briefings to chosen journalists.



    Proxy chairmen elsewhere pushed the null and void for the benefit of their brothers.



    It failed. Infact, it was quashed mercilessly.



    Now it is very much about control. But for what purpose ?



    The answer lies in the unpublished interims and the need for some clubs to ensure they suffer no points deduction in an upcoming historic league campaign.

  9. Doncaster did everything in his power to restore the scum to Scottish Football and this is how they repay him.


    Truly you reap what you sow

  10. glendalystonsils on




    Let’s hope Doncaster has learned what Scottish football is REALLY all about since that last big mistake.

  11. Chris, thank you to Sacred Heart and you for allowing us to be with you today. Beautiful words from you and Helen’s Dad…may God Bless her Soul…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!



    We can only hope so – there has never been a better time to put the Huns and their various spawn in their


    place but I have been around too long to believe it will ever happen.

  13. Chickens are coming home to roost.


    The game was well and truly up when Craig Whyte was allowed to appoint his own administrators , and the SFA decided thar everything was ethically fine so long as THEY paid off football debts and sloped everybody else.

  14. The SPFL should fight fire with fire. Once the vote is confirmed today, the SFA must be asked to charge them with bringing the game into disrepute. Robertson should be asked to step down from the SPFL board with immediate effect. Some may say this is pouring fuel on the fire but the alternative is weak governance which has lead us to where we are. That mob are rabid and cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

  15. Paul67



    Covid 19 didn’t stop Rainjurz season it prolonged and gave them a glimmer of null and void, they were able to instantly stop paying their players, which was portrayed in SMSM as ‘deferred wages’ not furloughed, not wage reductions, just terminated till inquirygate got off the ground.



    The tail wagging the dog days are however over, despite there being 42 votes, nine Premier league clubs must vote for an inquiry, which today based on having no grounds let alone evidence is a far away as the St Etienne Bike.




  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Pog- I couldn’t watch the service as not on FB,great to hear a good few tuned in.

  17. Chris did her proud, Bada,


    Heartbreaking stuff.


    The support he is getting from the Celtic Community is a massive source of comfort to him.

  18. EGM result at 3 p.m. Wonder who’ll leak it first. Hope they get trounced and crawl away to die once again.


    BREAKING…….Police SCOTLAND have foiled a plot to burn down THE BRECHIN HEDGE…………………………………….

  20. All this goes back to when they were refused entry into the premier league and pushed down the league tables


    you know when we had the strange happening of having 2 rangers teams all at once. Remember when they were allowed to play Brechin in the Ramsden Cup they were effectively DEID at that point in time. Astonishingly they were allowed to take part in that event and until this day that contributed to they biggest myth ever forced on the public that they were the same club.


    They should have been refused entry into that competition and told in no uncertain terms that as they needed to re- apply to join the League again right from the start as a new club. DOES that mean they would have had to go and apply to a even Lower League than the one that they were allowed to join.

  21. being reported that they have won… they should never have been allowed to have a vote.


    give them an inch and they think you are weak. they are utter scum.. cany believe Wilson is now head of bbc football. I stopped buying the herald because of his lies.

  22. If this vote goes against this resolution those who brought it need dealt with, charges bans expulsion , those who backed it need asked do you want to be part of the SPFL , if you do these are the rules if not cheerio, and the SFA should be pressured to deal with Res 12 today.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Peter Lawwell is believed to have made a rousing speech during the meeting that has now ended.



    As we revealed earlier, Livingston were unsure of which way they were going to go.



    And despite Lawwell’s address and other impressive contributions, it’s believed they decided an independent probe must happen.




    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family on this very sad day.



    Take care and God bless.



    Rest in peace Helen.

  25. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH MAY 2020 1:37 PM


    Cannot see them getting 75% to back an independent enquiry…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  26. This is worse than updating every 30 seconds to hear from GG for score updates. If these lunatics have taken over the asylum, it’s time to get out of Bedlam.