SPFL turmoil is about power and control


Aberdeen’s chairman Dave Cormack reckons only an(other) independent inquiry will allow reconciliation in Scottish football, so will vote for one today.  If only.  I’m afraid the picture has moved on a mile or two from reconciliation.  Statements by SPFL Dunfermline chairman Ross McArthur and by Brechin City, on behalf of chairman Ken Ferguson (both men are SPFL board members), make it clear the schism within Scottish football runs far deeper than misunderstanding or naked opportunism.

Dunfermline’s McArthur wrote: “I have to provide this statement following the release of accusatory comments in a Club Statement made by the Chairman and CEO of Inverness.

“Since the SPFL director’s resolution was first issued, a number of clubs in the Championship would confirm it is the behaviour of Inverness that has continually been aggressive and confrontational. However, no one felt it necessary to win points in public, as robust conversations take place in the normal course of a competitive business like football.

“Turning to the “allegation” regarding the information that was conveyed by me to Inverness FC, on Friday 10th April 2020.

“It most certainly wasn’t a threat, simply a potential consequence of their action not to back the SPFL resolution currently put in front of them, in favour of a counter resolution which was being mooted at that time.”

The Daily Record chased down this “counter resolution” from Inverness chief exec Scot Gardiner, which was to null and void all four SPFL leagues, removing the possibility of Inverness being promoted through league reconstruction, reducing their SPFL financial pay-out, expose the league to compensation claims from sponsors, broadcasters and others who paid for a league that did not happen.

Why would Inverness embark on a course of action that is so clearly counter to their and the game’s best interests?

In their statement yesterday, Brechin City wrote: “in the recent dossier released in support of the EGM taking place at the SPFL tomorrow… there is an accusation which is pointed directly at our Chairman… this states, “It has also been alleged that Ken Ferguson called League 2 clubs and told them that Inverness had changed their vote to YES and, as a result, the Resolution was going to be approved and that there was no point in League 2 clubs voting NO.””

They go on to state in the most unambiguous terms: “This is categorically refuted.

“In addition to anecdotal evidence from all of the other League 2 clubs, we have in our possession verification from each club that no such call was made. Furthermore, each League 2 club is content to provide corroboration to this effect and has stressed that they are entirely relaxed (and in reality appreciative) of the integrity Ken displayed in his role as an SPFL Director in the lead up to the vote.”

At least one party is bringing the game into disrepute and it is not the man with written verification from every club in his division confirming he is telling the truth.  Today’s resolution will be rejected but the narrative will quickly move on.

Protagonists will make like as difficult as possible for Neil Doncaster, Rod McKenzie and Murdoch MacLellan and they will create havoc for the League if necessary to put their own men in the top jobs.  If you think this was all about stopping Celtic win 9-in-a-row you are wrong, it is about power and control of what happens next.

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    !!BADA BING!! on 12TH MAY 2020 6:21 PM



    Hope they stiff them for a European licence




    Perhaps the whole reason for this carry on is to try and ensure that the SPFL wouldn’t now dare to refuse a licence. ‘Victimisation’ /‘Revenge’ being cited as the reason for it not being granted and the SPFL Board being intimidated into agreeing the licence?



    Hi Pog,Hope all is good up your way



    I think you split the atom there


    Bang on


    The cheating hun can’t live within their means


    But the knuckle is deep on the 6th floor,rod Petrie on Saturday said the behaviour was ‘unedifying’


    Yep I nearly blew my teeth out hearing him commenting



  2. Park saying last week the 10 million shortfall for this season had been attended to.Really?Anyone know how that came about?No Share confetti was issued.No mention of Park,or anyone else putting up money,which just would not happen.They like to let it be known.He is either lying,or something more sinister is going on.


    Of course their Interims would cast light on this ,but so far,none are forthcoming.


    Do they hav e to publish their Interims?I know they have to,to the governing body for UEFA purposes.Surely this 10 million cannot just appear.


    Looking for enlightenment here.

  3. Was it not Sevco FC who demanded that the SPFL be run as a democracy?


    Despite zero evidence this “democratic” club managed to push through their agenda to have a vote into the running of the SPFL.


    Now that the vote has taken place and the democratic decision is overwhelmingly to reject the Sevco agenda, will Sevco FC accept the democratic decision and let the matter rest?


    Or is this one of those democratic causes which are not truly democratic until the outcome you seek is delivered?


    Aye, that’s democracy indeed.



    Now that the decision has been delivered, when can we expect the charge of bringing the game into disrepute being issued against Sevco FC?



    They have dragged the game through the mud, accusing the executive of being unfit for office, of bullying and various other inappropriate activity, demanding they be hounded out of office.



    Instead what we are likely to see is a pacification attempt, a campaign to quell the stormy waters “for the good of the game” etc… Had this been Celtic making the accusations, they would have had the book thrown at them long ago and no mistake.



    Sevco FC are the bullies here. They have used every power of coercion available to them, through the media, through threats/promises to other clubs etc… (not that anyone will ever own up to this).



    The SPFL needs to take Sevco FC to task and punish them severely for their actions. Their actions have been an attempted coup, to remove the current board and replace them with a collection of Sevco stooges.



    So, SPFL, if you wish to resolve this issue once and for all, you need to hammer the instigators here. A gently, gently approach will only encourage them to try again. Further to this, you need to ram it home that use of the media to push their private agenda will not be tolerated and that any future publications via the media will result in appropriate sanctions being brought against Sevco FC.



    Mr Doncaster, you really need to be careful who you share a bed with. The Sevconians have a very short memory. Whilst the Sevconian supporter may idly forget all that you did to bring the club into existence, most especially pushing the continuation myth, the Sevconian board members know full-well everything which took place. . . . and this is how they repay you!!!



    So much for loyalty.

  4. RIP Helen.



    Ar dheis láimh Dhé go raibh a hanam uasal.



    Stay strong, Chris. Lovely tribute at the graveside.

  5. AN TEARMANN on 12TH MAY 2020 10:09 PM



    Someone else may be able to confirm, but I’m sure its the SFA who issue the UEFA licence, not the SPFL. Also did Paul not say this years accounts would come into effect in 2021. The licence for next season (20/21) may already be done and dusted.



    In that vein however, I don’t doubt they have an ulterior motive in some way shape or form.

  6. One other thing…


    A wee word of caution to Sevco FC, you really should tread carefully with regards to Mr Doncaster, he knows where the bodies are buried. You really don’t want him to release a tell all book do you?

  7. This £10 Million hole which seems to have been mysteriously tended to now there are a few questions that need to be asked on that score. KEITH!!! KEITH!!! KEITH!!!! anybody seen Keith.

  8. thebhoyfromoz on

    i have never quite understood the advice to stay strong in the face of grief and loss. Grief at its most profound leaves you feeling at your most vulnerable.


    Getting through a day, an hour, a moment seems like a pointless and unwanted achievement.


    Keeping a routine, doing the basics can be useful. Allowing yourself the time and space to feel is a good thing, accepting that joy will be a stranger for a while can be helpful. Not feeling guilty when you experience a moment of happiness is healthy. Appearing strong when you feel bereft and lost is unhelpful.


    To Chris and Ritchie, my heart goes out to you both as it does to anyone else in the early stages of grief.


    As pithy as it sounds, the passage of time also helps. Look after yourself guys.

  9. Ritchie condolences for your loss, may Michelle requiescat in pace



    Take care my friend

  10. Badabing



    Last I seen novo was in a fight in the village there.like goram and bombed destined for a life touring central Scotland’s bowling club ‘circuit’!








    Just a hunch of what is at back of the false move.The sfa oversee their ‘works’ teams license you are correct.but a little tantrumming in front of their fixers if they needed to appeal to them for anything goes a long way lol.it will be interesting to see who comes and goes now



    Keep safe Celts




  11. RICHIE



    May I add my condolences on the sad loss of Michelle. You and her will be remembered in my prayers.HH

  12. Thebhoyfromoz



    Knowing you I’ll keep those words and advice from someone who knows grief so well. Thank you P.

  13. Condolences to Richie on the loss of Michelle.


    The loss of a loved one is never easy to bear.


    Only through the prayers and support of friends and family can get us through the darkest gays.


    May she rest in peace

  14. Interesting application of thermal thermometers for use at sports events. It’s use could enable a degree of safety at Celtic Park.






    We could also insist on the wearing of masks, with our logo on the front, for every fan and hand one out to each attendee.


    Anyone who sets off an alarm at the turnstile could be taken aside and offered a test for the virus.


    What a public service we could be offering.

  15. Richie,


    Thoughts and prayers with You and all who were close to Michelle.


    May her Soul Rest In Peace.


    God Bless.

  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    G’day CQN from a very happy Papa and his princess who will


    have the family over for dinner today after 2 months apart.





    Just catching up with your post asking about BIGYINMILAN.


    So far nothing from anyone even though i’ve sent out more emails


    than the huns have made statements.


    So don’t know what else to do.


    Just going to break open a lovely bottle of Celtic Honey for my


    bhoy arriving, don’t think it will last long, thats if wee Grace gives


    me a chance to drink it, she’s as high as our 9 league flags lol.


    I know you are alone, thats very tough, but i know you are a


    positive person and you’ll get through this.




    Condolences on your loss.


    RIP Michelle.


    H.H . Mick

  17. Good morning CQN from a sunny but wet underfoot and insomniac Garngad



    MM – Enjoy



    GG – if you are alluding to the 25th I would take tat but I would prefer to get it out if the way this week.



    Were the SPF Hell not meant to meet the Scottish Government about re starting the season??



    If it’s happened anyone know what happened or a date when they meet?



    D. :)

  18. ‘GG


    The primary reason why this virus has caused a pandemic is due to the incubation period, when infected and infectious people do not show symptoms of any kind, including thermally.



    Having a normal body temperature only tells you that you are not showing symptoms, it says nothing whatsoever about your infectious status.



    Anyone who thinks that use of thermal scanners will make it safe to gather together in the 1000s is foolhardy indeed.

  19. According to the daily rag…(sorry for clicking , but I done it so you didn’t have to ) 😜



    Celtic – No



    Rangers – Yes



    Motherwell – No



    Aberdeen – Yes



    Livingston – Yes



    Hibs – No



    St Johnstone – No



    Kilmarnock – No



    St Mirren – No



    Ross County – No



    Hamilton – No



    Hearts – Yes



    Dundee Utd – No



    Inverness – Yes



    Dundee – No



    Ayr – No



    Dunfermline – No



    Arbroath – No



    Morton – No



    Alloa – No



    QOS – No



    Raith – No



    Partick Thistle – Yes



    Falkirk – Yes



    Airdrie – abstained



    Montrose – No



    East Fife – Yes



    Dumbarton – No



    Clyde – Abstained



    Peterhead – No



    Forfar – Yes



    Cove – No



    Stranraer – Yes



    Edinburgh – Yes



    Elgin – No



    Cowdenbeath – No



    Queen’s Park – No



    Stirling Albion – No



    Annan – Yes



    Stenhousemuir – Yes



    Albion Rovers – No



    Brechin – No



    *denotes unconfirmed vote


    SPORT12th May


    Rangers break silence after SPFL independent investigation vote fails


    By Aidan Smith



    BREAK SILENCE???????????????????????????????????????



    Well i never.

  21. The best thing about this is, we can go back to talking about Celtic and stop talking about them.

  22. Morning CQN



    Just reading back from yesterday so Richie, sorry for your loss pal, RIP Michelle.



    Thoughts and prayers with you and yours at this difficult time.





  23. Neustadt-Braw on

    Frankie Boyle………..



    One thing I will say for Boris Johnson. As this nation stands on a precipice, there’s no one better equipped to take us forward.



    smiley the wee grandchild of Osman Kemal ,good old British common sense thing




  24. BBC Sport Scottish Football website showing their credentials to the full this morning



    Headline is the Sevco Statement, with SPFL and Celtic statements “relegated” below these



    Scottish Football “Gossip” has been written by Sevco News – unbelievably including quotes that they could have overhauled our lead, that they will challenge for supremacy, and other such guff



    All this following on from Tom English’s drivel the other day



    Keep at it, feed the hordes with deludamol, all the better when they come to a sorry end

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Government minister just said PPE for transport workers is ‘not appropriate….’ 20 bus drivers in London dead through Covid, the Unions should say no PPE ,nobody works.Its fkn unbelievable what this government is getting away with.

  26. Bada Bing -agreed. And yet it is Englamd that’s the country out of step although it’s Svotland, Wales and Norrgern Ireland that are constantly being asked to justify their approach. STAY HOME,SAVE LIVES. And really,not much more matters at the moment. Aff oot…


    PS Reallyconcerned with Douth Of Tunis’s continuing absence….

  27. Anyone know South Of Tunis outside the blog? I’ve never met him but always enjoy his posts.

  28. I see the


    Let’s blame Celtic for all that is wrong with Sevco, are out in force today


    Now promoting in a negative way the message delivered by Peter Lawell


    Must be his fault, they are bankrupt, in all ways