SPFL vote, 2 Feb postponement prospects, Scot Gov,


The positivity that greeted news that two rounds of Premiership fixtures would be postponed until after the Scottish Government’s three week ban on crowds perished in the cold Paisley air on Wednesday night.  Then news filtered through that the Newco game was scheduled for 2 February, a day after Tom Rogic and Kyogo Furuhashi are expected to be in World Cup Qualification action, providing a miserable end to the evening.

Celtic are expected to sign more Japanese internationals next month, leaving open the possibility that they could see to get this game postponed.  SPFL rules permit clubs to apply for a postponement if they have three or more players away in international duty, a rule Newco took advantage of when they were still a lower league club.

None of this is to be relied upon.  The players would need to be fit enough for selection, then make the cut.  A great deal has to happen in a short space of time.

Notwithstanding that, the SPFL decision was great news.  Celtic are in no position to play huge games of football right now and I include the Hibs match in that, originally scheduled for 29 December.  We need to get through the St Johnstone game on Sunday and reach the winter break with as little damage as possible.

I would take playing Hibs and Newco at a packed Celtic Park over an empty stadium whatever players we have.  A raucous Celtic Park is our greatest strength, especially under floodlight.  There are fewer more intimidating environments in football.

The one threat to all of this is the Scottish Government.  Their mantra from a year ago, about following the science, has been abandoned on this occasion.  As Jason Leitch told Radio Scotland yesterday, “There isn’t a particular public health route that takes you to 500 people…… it’s just a judgement.”

Speaking to those who work in this very particular health route, they do not expect things to be materially different in three weeks.  If the Scottish Government was consistent, they may extend the ban on scientifically-proven-to-be-safer outdoor gatherings.  Who knows, maybe this plan is as consistent as their 2017 backing of the fossil fuel industry, or their 2016 campaigning for coal power plants.

I predict nothing will have changed in the health outlook but, given feedback this week, the Government will be less keen to poke a stick at football fans, so will act in their self-interest and do nothing.

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  1. 67 European Cup Winners on

    HOT SMOKED on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 6:02 PM


    And you my friend we want the same thing x




  2. DAVID 66 @ 3:28


    (from the last article)


    You say our new CEO is surrounded by “corrupt” people at Celtic – would you care to name them and the source & extent of their corruption?

  3. Anyone on here regularly will know BIG JIMMY is not my biggest fan (that’s putting it mildly) – however I see that he is unwell at the moment. I’d just like to wish him well and trust he gets back to rude health as soon as possible.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 6:14 PM





    Do Celtic TV have directorial control of what’s



    Your penchant for stupid questions continues, I commented on the volume of the background noise , not on Celtic tv’s level of autonomous authority😂👊

  5. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Well done to Motherwell’s manager


    “Crowds of 500 are based on no evidence whatsoever.”


    “How can you sensibly quantify 500 for Motherwell stadium, and 500 for Celtic stadium?”


    ….then he shook his head in a somewhat disbelieving way.


    Who can blame him when the only folk we hear from after they’ve made their pluck a number oot the sky and make it up as they go along type of bullsh*t decisions, are proven deceivers, liars, anti-Celtic driven dog faced creatures?

  6. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Any TV that has [Gerry oldfirm this, oldfirm that McCulloch] on it tells any descending viewers that Celtic is a pisstake of a club.

  7. This figure advising plucked out of thin air by those advising and being implemented by this Government will cause a schism within public confidence and a willingness of the public to follow the advice /rules.


    Even amongst people who have respected what they are trying to do see this 500 across the board and go this looks unnecessary/ vindictive /controlling, the bigger reason is why, Sturgeon can throw her hands up in the air as much as she wants but she has a credibility problem with taking this decision.




    Who decides where the sound mics are located and what there settings are at away games?



    If the GB were having a silent protest then the St Mirren fans were doing the same.

  9. I must be missing some point re Champions League Money,


    People keep talking about the Huns getting 30/40 Million if they win the League.


    Currently it’s 15.64 Million Euros for reaching Group Stages, after that you have to win or draw games to add to that, 2.8 million for a win , 930,000 for a draw, I wouldn’t expect the Huns to earn too much from that source,


    After that there is a Co-efficient Pot where the 32 teams are ranked by their co-efficient over 10 years, I assume the Huns would be amongst the lowest in that category, lowest gets 1.137 million.


    By my reckoning that is approx. 17 million guaranteed to the Hun, plus of course gate money & TV.



    However while heaven forbid it is the Huns collecting this money, Celtic will be playing in the qualifying rounds & may indeed reach the Group Stages if they did, they would get the same as the Huns plus money earned on gate/TV etc as thev go through the Qualifiers.


    If they don’t make the Group Stages they would surely make the Europa Group Stages which would Guarantee them another 3.6 million plus 630K per win & 210k per draw,


    I reckon with any bit of luck & without qualifying for Group Stage Celtic could rely on approx 7 million from Europe.


    On above figures the Huns are earning 10 Million more than,


    There is also a National Pot for the Champions League which would boost the Huns take but I honestly don’t know how that one works & what the Huns might earn from it.


    Point of the Post is that if Huns do win League there is no guarantee that the extra they will earn over Celtic will be that mindblowing and again if they win & we join them in the Group Stage through the Qualifiers we would earn more than them.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    CORKCELT on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 6:52 PM


    I must be missing some point re Champions League Money,



    I don’t know the exact sums involved but wouldn’t disagree with you’re arithmetic. MSM completely over exaggerating the sums involved!

  11. JHB on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 6:25 PM



    Only a good Celtic man would say something like that🙂

  12. Ernie



    I am able to get 2 versions of Celtic tv (home version and overseas version)



    Last night on the home version the crowd voice was muted


    On the overseas version the crowd noise was much louder. Loud enough to hear our fans singing


    Different commentary as well

  13. Ange Postecoglou on Kyogo and Tom Rogic potentially missing the rearranged Rangers fixture due to international games:



    “If they get called up they will.



    “There has been a lot of violin playing around the place, mate – we’re not going to be one of them.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    31003 on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 7:49 PM



    Thanks for the explanation I had lost interest in replying to him👍

  15. 31003 on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 7:49 PM





    Thank you for the clarification which confirms what I’d suggested.

  16. 31003,



    I can assure you as a user of Celtic TV,here in Turkey,for around 10 years,the background noise is always muted.Home games the same.If the game is on Sky or BT,I switch to them.The difference is 100% better.Plus we have to listen to that idiot Mc Culloch.With no fan noise,and him,its like live from Daldowie Crematorium.

  17. 31003,



    Who is commentator on your Celtic TV.Never head of a “Home and overseas version”




    I thought it strange myself



    Why have 2 different commentators?



    They obviously sit apart and I’ve no idea who the other dude was. The crowd noise was definitely much clearer and louder on what I thought was the overseas version. Strange you get GMcC . If overseas version is the same as home……who were the other commentary team for I wonder

  19. The reason I watch both channels is when one buffers I flick over to the other. The other commentator was Scottish. That’s all I can tell you




    When I flicked over to the other channel I immediately thought Tommy McIntyre had taken over the commentary. A few seconds in I realised it wasn’t him but a different commentator altogether

  21. prestonpans bhoys on

    Yeah I asked the question on SC who Tom was and got that reply, anyway uninspiring commentator😱

  22. 31003,



    I don’t have the 2nd switch over option since I stupidly upgraded.The result being every game,around the 70 minute mark I get the buffering,then white screen.Sometimes its as if playing in fog.Missed so many goals.


    Sick of complaining.Thing is,I can get the same for free,elsewhere,but I would not do that.


    Mc Culloch is dreadful.

  23. Whoever thought Tommy Mc Intyre would be a good co commentator.FFS.Reverend I.A.M Jolly more tone.


    Tommy Boyd normally,but even he is getting bad now doing a double act with Mc Culloch.


    It ain’t fun.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on




    Non football question, Turkey was always my favourite destination. Haven’t been since the failed 2016 coup d’état. How are the resorts fairing with covid etc?

  25. JHB on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 6:25 PM



    ` RUDE ` health made me smile and I am sure Big Jimmy will have done likewise if he read your post :-))

  26. If the NHS do not get overwhelmed,and most people get the booster,they think this Omicron not as dangerous as the Delta,then I think Feb might be a goer.5 weeks to vaccine more people.Of course unvaccinated taking up NHS beds does not help,but hey ho,that’s the choices.

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