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The positivity that greeted news that two rounds of Premiership fixtures would be postponed until after the Scottish Government’s three week ban on crowds perished in the cold Paisley air on Wednesday night.  Then news filtered through that the Newco game was scheduled for 2 February, a day after Tom Rogic and Kyogo Furuhashi are expected to be in World Cup Qualification action, providing a miserable end to the evening.

Celtic are expected to sign more Japanese internationals next month, leaving open the possibility that they could see to get this game postponed.  SPFL rules permit clubs to apply for a postponement if they have three or more players away in international duty, a rule Newco took advantage of when they were still a lower league club.

None of this is to be relied upon.  The players would need to be fit enough for selection, then make the cut.  A great deal has to happen in a short space of time.

Notwithstanding that, the SPFL decision was great news.  Celtic are in no position to play huge games of football right now and I include the Hibs match in that, originally scheduled for 29 December.  We need to get through the St Johnstone game on Sunday and reach the winter break with as little damage as possible.

I would take playing Hibs and Newco at a packed Celtic Park over an empty stadium whatever players we have.  A raucous Celtic Park is our greatest strength, especially under floodlight.  There are fewer more intimidating environments in football.

The one threat to all of this is the Scottish Government.  Their mantra from a year ago, about following the science, has been abandoned on this occasion.  As Jason Leitch told Radio Scotland yesterday, “There isn’t a particular public health route that takes you to 500 people…… it’s just a judgement.”

Speaking to those who work in this very particular health route, they do not expect things to be materially different in three weeks.  If the Scottish Government was consistent, they may extend the ban on scientifically-proven-to-be-safer outdoor gatherings.  Who knows, maybe this plan is as consistent as their 2017 backing of the fossil fuel industry, or their 2016 campaigning for coal power plants.

I predict nothing will have changed in the health outlook but, given feedback this week, the Government will be less keen to poke a stick at football fans, so will act in their self-interest and do nothing.

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  1. Prestonpans,



    Yep,they are doing OK.Not as easy to vaccinate inland as it is around the coasts,but they are getting there.I’ m waiting on my booster in Jan.Everyone we know,Europeans all jabbed.Fantastic Health Service here.No waiting lists.Maybe wait a week or two for some,but normally,straight in.

  2. HOT SMOKED @ 8:37



    Yes, I hope he does – opinions are opinions – but health matters are so much more important.

  3. Prestonpans Buoy,



    Talking about Operations in that last post.Not the jabs.No waiting lists for Ops.

  4. So the blog owner knows our new CEO and can vouch for how wonderful he is. Some things never change.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    I remember 2016 a lot of the restaurants were empty. Waiter said to me please tell everyone that Turkey is safe. I know and will said l, wonderful county, wonderful people👍

  6. Paul67 et al



    Around two weeks ago Nicola Sturgeon initiated the detonation of the main structure of Longannet Power Station, five years after it was closed as a result of decisions made by Scottish Power, the UK authorities and regulatory bodies, energy transmission costs and a reliance on gas fired plants, which helped make the plant “uneconomic”. The SNP had little or no role in it’s closing but shed little if any tears when it did. It’s demolition illustrates to me, that unlike with the Bankside Power Station on the South Side of the Thames, which became the Tate Gallery, there are not enough luvvies on the North Side of the Forth, as in the Kingdom of Fife, to preserve Longannet’s own historic industrial architecture. And if there were, their dreams of modern art went up in smoke.

  7. Park The Bus – is that the same Neil Oliver who appears on the right-wing GB News? He’s the walloper

  8. ROCK TREE BHOY on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 7:42 PM



    JHB on 23RD DECEMBER 2021 6:25 PM



    Only a good Celtic man would say something like that.




    Indeed.there is no doubt in jhb sentiment to jimmy.its human and simple to express.as done.


    strange tho the refusal to criticise racists who impeded rnli staff attempting to save refugees?


    Dogma over being human.


    Not Celtic in my opinion.its polar opposite.










  9. Has Sturgeon got any particular reason for being so secretive about her domestic arrangements?








    ‘A MAN has been arrested and charged after allegedly creating a social media event for a Hogmanay party on Nicola Sturgeon’s street – and revealing the First Minister’s home address.



    Police Scotland said a 33-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with “communications offences”.



    The man allegedly set up an event on Facebook titled “NYE street party @ sturgeons house”, which said it would be “bringing the celebrations to sturgeons”.



    It was due to begin at 9pm on Hogmanay.





    According to The Scottish Sun, the First Minister’s sister Gillian said: “My sister’s personal address now shared all over social media as an event for a New Year party.



    “Police been informed with your name. In case you are reading this.



    “Looks like you are in for a Merry Christmas.”



    She added: “Nic’s security on to it.”



    Other Facebook users called the event, which had around 700 people “attending” and 1100 “interested” in going, “irresponsible and dangerous”.



    A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “A 33-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with communications offences.



    “He was released on an undertaking to appear in court at a later date.”





  10. park the bus 442 long ball on



    Park The Bus – is that the same Neil Oliver who appears on the right-wing GB News? He’s the walloper




    Neil Oliver didn’t tell anybody to go to bed at 9:00pm on Christmas eve, but the so called left wing leader of the so called Labour party in Wales, did tell the folk of Wales 9:00pm get to bed, Christmas eve or not!


    If a right wing leader had made that order, you’d be comparing him / her to Hitler. Eye you would!


    If a news channel offers a both sides of the argument on any issue, isn’t that a unique news channel who would do such a thing, in today’s swamp filled woke media environment? What does it say about the so called non right wing media who ram their agenda down your throat without any semblance of the balance that’s on offer ‘only’ at a so called right wing news channel?


    There is no left wing media or politicians in UK. Tony Blair destroyed the last remnants of left wing by not only not overturning Thatchers policies, but by doubling down and putting a rocket booster under her methodologies, he even privatised the NHS almost all of it has gone, useless UK Labour party are accompanied by the non left wing Democratic party in USA, war this, war that, etc, so there is no left wing politics or media in UK / USA, Labour party supports men with purple hair, and so called non men with bits that they shouldn’t have, even Labour party conference was colonized by leader(lol) Sir Starmer who lifted his head above the parapet to loudly claim that “Not only women have a cervix” imagine voting for that prk? and the woke UK media, all of them, apart from GB news, repeated Sir Starmer’s woke claims without any journalistic critique, because there have been no journalists in UK since “World In Action” stopped filming, a long time ago, now we have propagandists. So weirdo Sir Starmer was lionised by the woke UK media, non worse than The Guardian, the woke bullsh*t media, that’s all of them, apart from GB news, weirdo Sir Starmer was lionised for being a weirdo prk, just like the adoring woke media. So left is dead, colonised and murdered by the warmongering Labour party in UK, and the warmongering Democratic party in USA. So that leaves us with centre right GB news, centre right Conservative party in UK, centre right Republican party in USA, they are not right wing, Thatcher was right wing, and if for example she was overseeing the covid crisis there would’ve been no Furlough scheme, everybody would’ve been dumped onto UC, universal credit, that, is right wing. So the choice for viewers and voters is, 99% woke media, or, 1% GB news, woke Labour, woke SNP, woke Green party, woke Libdems, or, centre right Conservative party. Magic eh?


    Or you could get real and vote for [TheWorkersPartyGB], no left, no right, no centre, just pure 100% working class, Socialism, led by George Galloway, no media, or politician, will go face to face, with George Galloway, because they know they’ll be handed their arse, in what in all likelihood would be, a career ending face off with Mr nothing but the raw facts, the raw truth, the raw reality, George Galloway. Alex Salmond was twice offered by GG to engage in a face off, live before the Scottish elections last May, Mr Salmond refusing to even engage with the only political voice to say that Mr Salmond had been “set up” in his recent court case, that was ignorance of an unacceptable level, on Mr Salmond’s part, the quality of the man shining through, maybe GG would’ve booted Mr Salmond’s balls for the OBAF bullsh*t, given that no one at Celtic PLC would’ve dared to take Mr Salmond on.


    So to clarify.


    Left wing has been destroyed by woke neoliberals in UK and USA.


    Centre right in UK and USA via Conservative party and Republican party.


    On offer is woke neo liberalism from Democratic party in USA, and Labour, Libdems, SNP, Greens in UK.


    Left is dead, and far right isn’t on the stage yet, that might change if Biden tries to remove peoples guns from them.


    Woke neoliberal bullsh*t, or, centre right bullet*t, is all that’s on offer.


    But as time goes by and things get worse, 100% Working Class Socialism might prove to be a very shrewd vote.


    And only George Galloway’s [Workers Party GB] has the balls and backbone to offer this and not be bought off, or sell you out.


    Decisions eh.

  11. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Scotland wulny be independent because nobody’s life will be better off, or we wouldn’t stop hearing about it.


    United Ireland = Ulster Scots invasion of Scotland with thur “send the Tims home” campaign roaring fae the rafters blaring oot awe the woke TV channels in Scotland.


    They’ll be their usual polite selves….


    “Why are the Tims still here nae famine get Timmy tae fk!”


    Then what?

  12. George Galloway lost any credibility he had when he took the media shilling to appear on Big Brother, on which he pretended to be a cat,.purring at Rula Lenska. That’s a grown man doing that for money, no more no less.

  13. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Environmentalists and climate “experts” preach global warming oblivious to weather weapons and atomic warheads tested in the stratosphere.


    123, ABC, 3=C, CC=33, Climate Change=33°masonic fakery.

  14. park the bus 442 long ball on



    George Galloway lost any credibility he had when he took the media shilling to appear on Big Brother, on which he pretended to be a cat,.purring at Rula Lenska. That’s a grown man doing that for money, no more no less.




    George Galloway is offering the only route out of the swamp.


    What crazy stuff did you ever do for charity?


    Have a nice day and a merry Christmas. 👍 🎅

  15. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Politicians are like baby diapers. They need to be changed frequently and for the same reason.

  16. Happy Christmas Eve morning to all Tim’s around the Globe.



    I see Ange has kaiboshed the sunny winter Jolly as he believes it wouldn’t be right.



    Another improvement on last years fiasco under Neil, well done Ange.



    Ok let’s sign of this part of the season with a win at St Johnstone.



    By the way I put a post up yesterday saying I thought the Celtic support were quiet the other night in protest, but my Grandson who was there put me right, so apologies.



    By the way the wee man was on the telly pictures of him outside the stadium walking up and inside the stadium as well, he is proud as punch.



    D :)

  17. park the bus 442 long ball on

    John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 11/22/1963 in a public square, with an obelisk in its center, which had been home to a Masonic Lodge. Imagine that.

  18. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Why the fuck are there hungry people on this planet when food literally grows on trees?

  19. ARK THE BUS 442 LONG BALL on 24TH DECEMBER 2021 5:58 AM


    And to think that wee nippy face copied the liar Drakeford.



    Ah the torygraph…


    out of interest, who is your choice of leader?

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