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The positivity that greeted news that two rounds of Premiership fixtures would be postponed until after the Scottish Government’s three week ban on crowds perished in the cold Paisley air on Wednesday night.  Then news filtered through that the Newco game was scheduled for 2 February, a day after Tom Rogic and Kyogo Furuhashi are expected to be in World Cup Qualification action, providing a miserable end to the evening.

Celtic are expected to sign more Japanese internationals next month, leaving open the possibility that they could see to get this game postponed.  SPFL rules permit clubs to apply for a postponement if they have three or more players away in international duty, a rule Newco took advantage of when they were still a lower league club.

None of this is to be relied upon.  The players would need to be fit enough for selection, then make the cut.  A great deal has to happen in a short space of time.

Notwithstanding that, the SPFL decision was great news.  Celtic are in no position to play huge games of football right now and I include the Hibs match in that, originally scheduled for 29 December.  We need to get through the St Johnstone game on Sunday and reach the winter break with as little damage as possible.

I would take playing Hibs and Newco at a packed Celtic Park over an empty stadium whatever players we have.  A raucous Celtic Park is our greatest strength, especially under floodlight.  There are fewer more intimidating environments in football.

The one threat to all of this is the Scottish Government.  Their mantra from a year ago, about following the science, has been abandoned on this occasion.  As Jason Leitch told Radio Scotland yesterday, “There isn’t a particular public health route that takes you to 500 people…… it’s just a judgement.”

Speaking to those who work in this very particular health route, they do not expect things to be materially different in three weeks.  If the Scottish Government was consistent, they may extend the ban on scientifically-proven-to-be-safer outdoor gatherings.  Who knows, maybe this plan is as consistent as their 2017 backing of the fossil fuel industry, or their 2016 campaigning for coal power plants.

I predict nothing will have changed in the health outlook but, given feedback this week, the Government will be less keen to poke a stick at football fans, so will act in their self-interest and do nothing.

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  1. PARK THE BUS 442 LONG BALL on 24TH DECEMBER 2021 5:58 AM


    And to think that wee nippy face copied the liar Drakeford.



    Ah the torygraph…


    out of interest, who is your choice of leader?

  2. park the bus 442 long ball on



    PARK THE BUS 442 LONG BALL on 24TH DECEMBER 2021 5:58 AM


    And to think that wee nippy face copied the liar Drakeford.


    Ah the torygraph…


    out of interest, who is your choice of leader?




    The choice is between centre right news, or new lefty woke news.


    My leader would be the man that all of the elections he enters are rigged to keep him out!


    George Galloway.

  3. I just found out the name of your best friend


    You been talkin’ about yourself again


    And no one seems to share your views


    Why doesn’t everybody listen to you kid?


    How come you never really seem to get through, is it you?


    Talk about yourself again, you


    Talk about yourself


    Always you, you, you


    Talk about yourself again

  4. There are some heavy duty politico types on Celtic Quick News these days, can I ask them to refrain from swearing because it lowers the tone of the debate.



    I thought George Galloway had re- branded himself as a Queen of the South supporter??? Obviously not this week.



    Undoubtedly Gorgeous George is one of the most eloquent uk socialist politicians ever…….but that is all it is, hot air. One of George’s heroes was Anthony Wedgewood Benn, who was another who talked the talk. Benn’s mother was a Paisley Buddie, from a very well – heeled family and his father was an MP who later joined the House of Lords. Benn famously won a court case to be allowed to give up the peerage he had inherited and to be sble to stand in the House of Commons. Then he would go on to be an MP forever!! His son also became an MP and a government minister to boot. Even his grand- daughter Emily with no political experience was an MP for a while….. talk about nepotism. But what really sickened me was that another of Benn’s sons, Emily’s father, reclaimed the peerage and he is now Viscount Stansfield!!! It’s what people do, not what they say that counts. If Galloway was a real socialist he would have stayed in Dundee and tried to support the working class there. Plenty of work to be getting on with and he could have been a genuine local hero. He could also have supported Dundee Utd

  5. Usual pish Rangers complaining About the winter break being brought forward. They always think they are the victims. World is against them.

  6. Stewart Robertson CEO had this to say at the last lockdown:



    “I reiterate Steven Gerrard’s comments this morning that football is secondary to the health and well-being of the citizens of the United Kingdom. Life is precious and as a society, we must endeavour to do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable in our community. As a club, we will continue to follow government guidelines and advice relating to the health and safety of all members of staff.”



    Maybe someone should tell GVB he’s going against company policy with his remarks, por cierto.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Looking through pages on CQN, have we fired the moderators😱 jesus no wonder bhoys avoid this blog😕

  8. Confusion will be my epitaph


    As I crawl a cracked and broken path


    If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh


    But I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying


    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying


    Yes, I fear, tomorrow, I’ll be crying

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