SPFL will move with the herd, isolating angry losers


We received clarity from Uefa on some important issues yesterday and not on others.  Access to the Champions and Europa Leagues next season will be granted only on sporting merit.  This finally nailed hopes of the Null and Void Loyal.  If a league was declared void, its standings and results would not hold, so no sporting merit could be determined.

If Newco want access to the Europa League qualifiers, they need the SPFL to award a winner and second place, despite their protests.  Our old pal Cognitive Dissonance must keep them awake at night.

It is clear from the Uefa statement they have listened and tried to accommodate several scenarios.  Where titles are close, like Italy, where Lazio narrowed the gap on Juventus to a point, Uefa suggest a play-off system could allow chasing teams to make up the difference.  AZ Alkmaar trail Ajax on goal difference but the Dutch league is expected to call a halt to the campaign as early as today.  There are no truly satisfactory closures this season, least of all for Celtic, who will be denied a title winning game.

What we didn’t get was a hard deadline on when teams have to be nominated for European competitions.  After discussions with Uefa, the Italian league extended this season’s Serie A to 2 August, so we know for sure the European draws cannot take place until after that date.

I expect we will see European leagues synchronise their moves; there will be no incentive for any radical undertakings.  Those without rabid losers will be first to call time, the SPFL will move with the herd, as it should.  Then those who called for independent investigations into why the SPFL acted the same way as the rest of Europe will look like the angry losers they are.

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  1. Canamalar.


    Thanks for that pdf on Labour.





    You got mail :-)




  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    An T..,


    while I agreed with a lot of your labour party criticisms, I always suspected what has been made evident in this report has been going on since before blair

  3. The Tories, Brexiters and Trump fans have won in the same way that climate change deniers have won in Australia. Must have made them happy as their country went up in flames – and will do so again.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    For the uninitiated.




    Did Australia sign the Paris Agreement?


    As of February 2020, 194 states and the European Union have signed the Agreement.





    Party Australia


    Percentage of greenhouse gases for ratification 1.46%


    Date of signature 22 April 2016


    Date of ratification, acceptance, approval, or accession 9 November 2016

  5. What would it take to change the electoral system in the USA, both houses and a willing President?


    por cierto

  6. They say, Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be!! I was thinking about my early teenage years when I discovered how cool smoking cigarettes was and it got me to remember all the fine brands around at the time. Yeah , smoking is bad for you, I know but at the time no-one knew.


    The brands I recall, were as follows, Players, Capstan Mild, Medium and Full Strength. Senior Service, Churchmans No 1, Gold Flake, Woodbine and Woodbine Export. perfectos Finos, Three Castles, and the oval shaped ones(cant recall the name). Then filter tips arrived on the scene, Peter Stuyvesant, followed by Olivier, Nelson and many many more. Maybe some auld geezers on here can bring some more names. I do remember Edinburgh and John Cotton. Then flip tops , etc etc etc



    Obliged if anyone can add to the list







  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    POR CIERTO on 25TH APRIL 2020 5:23 PM



    Who complained about the U.S. electoral system when Obama was elected ?


    Twice ?




    hHow the feck are you. Let us know you are hiding away in a Chianti filled vaccuum



    All the best my friend




  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    The political leaders of the United States, not Russia or China, who have withdrawn from nuclear arms agreements, undermined the Kyoto Protocol (the only binding treaty to reduce greenhouse gases), rejected the jurisdiction of international courts, failed to ratify 46 multilateral treaties and systematically violated the UN Charter’s prohibition against the threat or use of force.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Who complained about the U.S. electoral system when Obama was elected ?



    The independents

  11. Death Cigarettes.



    The only place I knew in Glasgow that sold them was Tower Records. Horrible, horrible taste but the packet was CAF.

  12. I used to collect all the different ciig packets. I searched the carriages in the Singers lies in Clydebank .

  13. I got a letter from the scarecrows’ union complaining that I was making them look well groomed .



    My beard is now geography , sorry history .



    Still need a haircut though .



    I’ll end up like oddbod from carry on screaming otherwise .

  14. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 25TH APRIL 2020 5:28 PM


    POR CIERTO on 25TH APRIL 2020 5:23 PM







    Who complained about the U.S. electoral system when Obama was elected ?





    Twice ?






    And did he receive more votes than the republican candidates?



    Perhaps you should do a bit of reading and find out how it is that a US president can be elected on a minority of the votes. Just what it is about US history that allows such a thing to happen.

  15. Canamalar



    I agree it has been going on long before the liar got power over Labour party.I have downloaded the file and will read it.



    I suspect your suspicions are correct.



    My own fall out with Labour occurred in 1976


    with Denis Healey and the imf bail out.


    I would like nothing better than a popular socialist alternative I don’t see that in the Labour party.Its marketing wing has won!




  16. Never ever tried a cigarette – horrible smelly habit – mum and dad both died of related illnesses.


    Kensitas was one of the culprits ,- save coupons for an ventilator

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  18. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 25TH APRIL 2020 3:24 PM


    The joke`s on you lads.









    Four more years .




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  20. Cigs –



    Cigs were sold in packets of ten, but I can remember being despatched by my dad to go to the wee shop nearby to get 5 singles.

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