SPFL will move with the herd, isolating angry losers


We received clarity from Uefa on some important issues yesterday and not on others.  Access to the Champions and Europa Leagues next season will be granted only on sporting merit.  This finally nailed hopes of the Null and Void Loyal.  If a league was declared void, its standings and results would not hold, so no sporting merit could be determined.

If Newco want access to the Europa League qualifiers, they need the SPFL to award a winner and second place, despite their protests.  Our old pal Cognitive Dissonance must keep them awake at night.

It is clear from the Uefa statement they have listened and tried to accommodate several scenarios.  Where titles are close, like Italy, where Lazio narrowed the gap on Juventus to a point, Uefa suggest a play-off system could allow chasing teams to make up the difference.  AZ Alkmaar trail Ajax on goal difference but the Dutch league is expected to call a halt to the campaign as early as today.  There are no truly satisfactory closures this season, least of all for Celtic, who will be denied a title winning game.

What we didn’t get was a hard deadline on when teams have to be nominated for European competitions.  After discussions with Uefa, the Italian league extended this season’s Serie A to 2 August, so we know for sure the European draws cannot take place until after that date.

I expect we will see European leagues synchronise their moves; there will be no incentive for any radical undertakings.  Those without rabid losers will be first to call time, the SPFL will move with the herd, as it should.  Then those who called for independent investigations into why the SPFL acted the same way as the rest of Europe will look like the angry losers they are.

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  1. My worry is that they limp through admin while we are rightly spending real money . Our financial advantage could be greatly reduced -the longer it goes on – if you get my drift

  2. Hi Carpet Crawler…..



    Know where you are – my kids have played for various Aughrim focussed GAA teams over the years – full bunna – football, hurling and camogie – and have “travelled” over to your neck of the woods for competitive matches…..



    Another nice part of the county !!



    Once current situation changes, which I know might not be for a while, and once we get back to on-field sport taking place, should you ever decide to come over to Aughrim to attend a match at the county ground – let me know and we can catch in the best local – O’Tooles – for a few pints and maybe even a few drams….👍






    Charlie Bhoy




  3. Neustadt-Braw on

    MADRA RUA on 24TH APRIL 2020 1:32 PM


    Yesterday saw the birth of our newest grandson.



    awfy braw….hoping mum is doing well….



    smiley the bonniest of smiles are sometimes at first seen through a windae thing




  4. Hi Adi Dassler !



    Good to connect…..



    Think that I might have been in the company of said couple one Christmas – maybe about 5 years ago !!



    Would your wife’s friend be involved with a pet rescue farm with specific interest in cats ?



    Whatever the case, the night I was in their company was pretty entertaining and won’t be a surprise to hear that there “wiz a few bevvies” involved……







  5. Dessybhoy



    Dr. Brix is a political appointee, and can be easily sacked. She is ex-military and has Trumpist tendencies of her own. While her face showed shock at how the President had misunderstood or miconstrued her briefing, she showed that she knew he was uttering dangerous nonsense. When she spoke later, she just ignored the President’s remarks and focused on the real guidelines. God only kows why she did not address the misinformation directly. Maybe she was already hamstrung by her previous comments:-



    “In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network she praised Mr Trump as being “so attentive to the scientific literature and the details and the data. I think his ability to analyse and integrate data that comes out of his long history in business has really been a real benefit,” she added.”



    There’s cognitive dissonance in a nutshell.



    She reconciled the dissonance in one of the many unhealthy ways that people process dissonance- she pretended she had not heard it and, therefore, it did not happen.



    One of the difficulties of contradicting Trump in public is the reaction of Trumpists in the Culture war of Informed opinion vs beligerrent self-righteousness. If she was too direct or harsh in her trreatment, the tendency of the Trump Faction is to dismiss her as another of the liberal elite who does not want her swamp drained.



    Gullibillies are not restricted to Ibrox.

  6. Adi D !



    Kept it quiet on the night – I’m a dog man – don’t trust the feline 😁

  7. I understand that the use of a flamethrower will definitely kill the virus – but don’t tell Trump 🔥

  8. Hi Bhoys



    Maybe the covid 19 wasn’t killing enough people quickly enough for the donald.




  9. Thanks folks, I keep looking at his photo.


    It would take plastic surgeon to remove the smile from my face.

  10. I look forward to the Trump supporters panic buying and Fighting with each other over Dettol etc….that would be right up there with Hun on Hun action.


    As a so called “World Leader”…..surely Trump will ” Take the lead” and swally a bottle of Dettol at a media conference in the interests of Medical Science of course ?


    I would pay good money to watch him…



  11. Sftb


    While I respect your point of view, above all she wanted to keep her job as no doubt there are more waiting in the wings who will take it.

  12. Dessybhoy



    The other lad Fauci, who shares the confeence duties is a Civil Servant; he has a job to go back to. Brix is one of the few Obama appointees left, mostly because she tries to mediate Trump quietly and without dissension (a losing strategy with an attention-deficit narcissist). If sacked, she does not have a job to go to but, I agree, it is a betrayal of any Hippocratic Oath to sit there and not denounce, or at least set straight the nonsense.



    You can see that, even after another display of abject stupidiy, the Trump constituency, as evidenced by weeman67 above, will be to file it away as part of the liberal plot to undermine our side by making him say stupid things. Fox news will not even address it.

  13. I see they are poking the ibrox Bear:-





    ” SPFL announce Deloitte have carried out independent forensic investigation into vote to suspend lower league football. “No evidence of improper behaviour.” It follows Rangers call for investigation and suspension of CEO Neil Doncaster.



    — Chris McLaughlin (@BBCchrismclaug) April 24, 2020″

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.



    Who’d a thunk it,

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Friday, 24 April 2020








    Dear All,


    You will all be aware of reports in the press, calling for an independent investigation and for the


    suspension of SPFL’s chief executive Neil Doncaster and SPFL’s legal counsel Rod McKenzie in


    relation to the resolution that enabled the payment of nearly £2 million to Championship, League


    One and League Two clubs. The focus of the questions raised in the press concerned the events of


    the evening of Friday 10 April, when Dundee FC attempted to return a voting slip to the SPFL in


    connection with the resolution.


    In order to ensure complete probity and independence during this process, on Thursday 16 April,


    Deloitte LLP, a leading global provider of audit and assurance services, was appointed by the SPFL’s


    independent non-executive directors to carry out a comprehensive and independent investigation


    into the factual chronology relating to Dundee FC’s return. Deloitte has completed its forensic


    investigation and the findings confirm the following sequence of key events on 10 April 2020.


    Sequence of key events on 10 April 2020.


    1. An SPFL Board Meeting commenced at 17:00 on Friday 10 April 2020. At the start of the


    meeting 38 returns had been identified as received, and 1 further return was received during


    the meeting at 17:10, bringing the total number of returns to 39.


    Ladbrokes Premier: 10 returns in favour, 1 against


    Ladbrokes Championship: 7 returns in favour, 2 against


    Ladbrokes Leagues One and Two: 16 returns in favour, 3 against


    It was noted during the meeting that one vote remained outstanding from the Premiership,


    one from the Championship, and one from Leagues One and Two.


    2. The Board meeting concluded at around 17:15.


    3. At 17:15, Neil Doncaster called Dundee FC Managing Director, John Nelms, and left a


    message asking whether Dundee FC intended to submit a return.


    4. At 17:39, Neil Doncaster had a conversation with John Nelms and confirmed that as far as he


    knew, no vote had been returned from Dundee FC. John Nelms thought Dundee FC’s vote


    may have been returned, but would make enquiries.





    5. At 17:50, Eric Drysdale (Dundee FC Club Secretary) spoke to Iain Blair (SPFL’s Company


    Secretary and Director of Operations) asking whether Dundee FC’s return had been


    received. Iain Blair confirmed that it had not.


    6. At 18:00, a text was received by Iain Blair, from Eric Drysdale, intimating that the Dundee FC


    vote should not be considered as cast.


    7. At around 20:30, Ian Blair accessed the SPFL’s email quarantine system (which is a feature of


    the email system operated by a separate third party) at the suggestion of Rod Mackenzie


    and identified an unread email from Eric Drysdale that had been sent at 16:48 on 10 April


    2020. Iain Blair released the quarantined email and it appeared in his SPFL email inbox at


    20:55. Prior to identifying the quarantined email at around 20:30, no one from the SPFL had


    seen the email from Eric Drysdale.


    Deloitte’s examination of phone records, mobile communications (including texts) and email data


    has identified no evidence of improper behaviour by SPFL personnel concerning the submission of


    the Dundee FC vote.


    I hope that Scottish football will now focus on the significant issues that face our game, otherwise


    many clubs may not survive this period.


    We will have to be forward-thinking, and work collegiately to quickly present ideas and proposals to


    Scottish Government and others which will enable Scottish football to recover and progress.


    Make no mistake, this is a critical time for all clubs, and we must concentrate on what is important


    to the future of our game.


    Yours faithfully,


    Karyn McCluskey


    SPFL Independent Non-Executive Director


    For Background


    Karyn McCluskey worked in numerous police forces for 23 years, latterly as Head of Intelligence


    Analysis for Strathclyde Police. She helped set up the international-recognised Scottish Violence


    Reduction Unit, where she was Director until 2016. She is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health. She


    sits on the boards of the homeless charity The Simon Community, Medics Against Violence and The


    Centre for Justice Innovation.

  16. DBB how about another Arthur Alexander classic sung by the Stones before they sold their souls:



    You ask me to give up the hand of the girl I love


    You tell me I’m not the man she’s worthy of


    But who are you to tell her who to love?


    That’s up to her, yes, and the Lord above


    You better move on

  17. There is clearly a lot of money leaving celtic park as is the case for every other large football clubs.



    Short team I dont think celtic will have significant problems.



    Right now no games means no cost catering, hospitality, goods policing etc.



    Most of your non-football staff wages 80% is covered by government scheme.



    Celtic are not taking in any gate receipt but most of the money has already been paid via season books and refunds if not covered insurance, which I doubt.



    Come june celtic will see 8 of our players leaving because they are out of contract or loans end. That will make a big difference as will the reduction that players and management have taken.



    The big problem comes if our season is delayed much later into the year (OCT/ NOV) because there is no new season ticket money and we might need to move on higher earners to leagues that can survive with tele money and sponsorship money, the spfl is not one of those leagues






    I see they are poking the ibrox Bear:-











    ” SPFL announce Deloitte have carried out independent forensic investigation into vote to suspend lower league football. “No evidence of improper behaviour.” It follows Rangers call for investigation and suspension of CEO Neil Doncaster.







    — Chris McLaughlin (@BBCchrismclaug) April 24, 2020″







    That’s another thing wrong with the modern world.



    The insidious, pervasive and seemingly inexorable reach of accountants.

  19. See some huns questioning the impartiality of Deloitte ( independent inquiry)



    Apparently Dermot Desmond has done business with them before..



    Seems they cant get head around billionaire using someone like Deloitte


    when they are more used to brown bags and dodgy accounting

  20. GENE on 24TH APRIL 2020 1:52 PM


    My worry is that they limp through admin while we are rightly spending real money . Our financial advantage could be greatly reduced -the longer it goes on – if you get my drift






    Sevco in administration will mean their squad will be substantially weakened as the better players are sold off for a pittance.



    In terms of ten in a row, admin knocks them out cold whether the points are deducted this season or next, they’ll be playing a youth team amalgamated with first team players too crap to move on.



    This in many ways could be the better outcome for them. The worst case is they have zero cash flow and are issued with a winding up order.



    From our point of view, our cash reserves will undoubtedly take a hit. I’ve no doubt Lawwell is war gaming right now. I expect little in the way of transfer spend this summer.



    If we can off set the impact of closed door games with a pay per view option on Celtic tv then we should be ok. I suspect we will ask players to take salary cuts if this goes on long enough but that won’t be easy.



    A CL qualification this year would go a long way to helping Peter Lawwell out.

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