SPFL will move with the herd, isolating angry losers


We received clarity from Uefa on some important issues yesterday and not on others.  Access to the Champions and Europa Leagues next season will be granted only on sporting merit.  This finally nailed hopes of the Null and Void Loyal.  If a league was declared void, its standings and results would not hold, so no sporting merit could be determined.

If Newco want access to the Europa League qualifiers, they need the SPFL to award a winner and second place, despite their protests.  Our old pal Cognitive Dissonance must keep them awake at night.

It is clear from the Uefa statement they have listened and tried to accommodate several scenarios.  Where titles are close, like Italy, where Lazio narrowed the gap on Juventus to a point, Uefa suggest a play-off system could allow chasing teams to make up the difference.  AZ Alkmaar trail Ajax on goal difference but the Dutch league is expected to call a halt to the campaign as early as today.  There are no truly satisfactory closures this season, least of all for Celtic, who will be denied a title winning game.

What we didn’t get was a hard deadline on when teams have to be nominated for European competitions.  After discussions with Uefa, the Italian league extended this season’s Serie A to 2 August, so we know for sure the European draws cannot take place until after that date.

I expect we will see European leagues synchronise their moves; there will be no incentive for any radical undertakings.  Those without rabid losers will be first to call time, the SPFL will move with the herd, as it should.  Then those who called for independent investigations into why the SPFL acted the same way as the rest of Europe will look like the angry losers they are.

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  1. stephbhoy



    Didn’t manage to acknowledge your contribution last week re the construction of the new stand. Not sure if we have any designs/plans we could work to at this point. That said I have aways agreed with you that we should re-develop the South Stand at some point. I’m pretty sure that, assuming it could be done safely, and the Construction Industry does know a lot about PPE (long before the journos tried to figure out its’ meaning) we could both demolish the existing structure and build the RC (reinforced concrete) infrastructure of the new stand in and around six to nine months. Has to happen sometime.

  2. Our golf club and I’m sure many others has one main source of income, membership fees which can be paid over 10 direct debits ,an appeal had to be made to our members to continue paying without playing at the present the club in return has kept on our Greenkeepers to maintain the course and have something to return to when this is over for playing golf,football clubs may need to appeal to their supporter base for similar support, either that or a billionaire keeps us going for more shares

  3. The Financial hit this season shouldn’t be too too bad, We will still return a very healthy profit on the Season,


    Next Season is a step into the unknown.


    Will the Sky deal hold, will the Adidas deal hold, will there be Government support for the Industry because make no mistake Football is a relatively huge industry in Scotland.


    Will it be closed doors, or limited attendances will Clubs be able to stream non Sky games & sell them privately.


    A huge question is European Football.


    Will there be Qualifiers, might Celtic go straight through to some revamped Group system.


    Thea amount of money we take from European Football will be crucial.


    There will no doubt be belt tightening all round but we are better equipped than any of our rivals to survive,


    We could be looking at a totally changed football landscape, Pedro might well end up our hero yet & we will have him unfurling League pennants for the net 10 years. ,

  4. Scottish Violence


    Reduction Unit, where she was Director until 2016. She is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health



    That’ll come in handy for her….

  5. CELTIC MAC on 24TH APRIL 2020 4:45 PM



    If your gonna build then now is the time to get it done, the south stand is long past it’s best and waiting to redevelop will just kick it down the road.



    Always felt it would be better to integrate superstore, museum etc. Into the stadium rather than a separate build.



    Maybe I just have to much time at home 😁

  6. oh the shouts of no nine in a row because was not finished, i suspect the spfl will soon rectify that speaking of in rows first of all newco never did it and the old rangers only did it by ebt cheating and that is a fact because


    your club died because of it.

  7. !!BadaBing!!



    Did you watch our man there? Saddens we as that clown Mitch is our senator here in KY.




  8. stephbhoy



    If we build out as well as up, no reason a museum or a football store could not be part of the design.


    Where does it leave Almore’s cafe that is the question?

  9. Paul67 et al



    So Nicola Sturgeon reckons people might be able to meet up in bubbles.


    Where does that leave the boy in the bubble?

  10. As much as I would love the Huns and Hertz etc to be Hammered for their statements and demands etc in relation to the SPFL, Doncaster, Mckenzie etc…have they actually BREACHED any Rules when calling for an Inquiry, suspensions etc ?

  11. Both top sides in Holland were level on points, Still it is an unwelcome development, We now need the Belgians to declare and announce Club Bruges as Champions, something they tried to do already.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    Paul67 et al



    So Nicola Sturgeon reckons people might be able to meet up in bubbles.



    Where does that leave the boy in the bubble?





    other bubbles are available



    but if u go into his you will be lifted



    you have been warned!!

  13. Big Jimmy



    Clubs have been done for a lot less than howling for suspension of Office Bearers – bringing the game into disrepute

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Aipple- just watched it,he didn’t miss McConnell yesterday either, I watch Governor Cuomo’s presser every day,and the madman at night, the difference is unbelievable.

  15. Here is an example from some years ago – Hearts done fir questioning integrity




    A troubling week for Heart of Midlothian – arguably the most turbulent in living memory – was extended yesterday when the club was fined £5,000, severely censured and warned about their future conduct for bringing the game into disrepute by the Scottish Football Association.


    The SFA’s general purposes committee, meeting at Hampden Park, ruled that Hearts had breached the association’s articles by calling for a public inquiry into what the club called “the integrity of the decision” by assistant referee, Andy Davis, who flagged a penalty kick to Rangers at the end of a hard-fought league encounter between the pair at Tynecastle on March 2.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    wouldnt be comfortable being given the title if it was close at the top



    but i dont think anyone doubts we were going to win it so im cool if we get it




    Not good news but they were level on points, we need a league to declare a winner or……..!!!

  18. The Dutch will have more than one Champions League place. Therefore a bit of consolation for both clubs. I thought the SPFL has already committed to Celtlc as Champions.

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    So who represents Holland in the Champions League?





    sevco with their orange strip on? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. Let’s all


    Well they foisted a Dutchman as king with no claim to the title – so Sevco doing the same

  21. The SPFL resolution has passed. Regardless of what happens elsewhere, we’re champions in waiting.



    I expect the decibel level will go up on follow follow but little else.

  22. I wonder if our improved ranking will hold for season 2021-2022. Sevco can’t have it both ways.

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