SPFL will move with the herd, isolating angry losers


We received clarity from Uefa on some important issues yesterday and not on others.  Access to the Champions and Europa Leagues next season will be granted only on sporting merit.  This finally nailed hopes of the Null and Void Loyal.  If a league was declared void, its standings and results would not hold, so no sporting merit could be determined.

If Newco want access to the Europa League qualifiers, they need the SPFL to award a winner and second place, despite their protests.  Our old pal Cognitive Dissonance must keep them awake at night.

It is clear from the Uefa statement they have listened and tried to accommodate several scenarios.  Where titles are close, like Italy, where Lazio narrowed the gap on Juventus to a point, Uefa suggest a play-off system could allow chasing teams to make up the difference.  AZ Alkmaar trail Ajax on goal difference but the Dutch league is expected to call a halt to the campaign as early as today.  There are no truly satisfactory closures this season, least of all for Celtic, who will be denied a title winning game.

What we didn’t get was a hard deadline on when teams have to be nominated for European competitions.  After discussions with Uefa, the Italian league extended this season’s Serie A to 2 August, so we know for sure the European draws cannot take place until after that date.

I expect we will see European leagues synchronise their moves; there will be no incentive for any radical undertakings.  Those without rabid losers will be first to call time, the SPFL will move with the herd, as it should.  Then those who called for independent investigations into why the SPFL acted the same way as the rest of Europe will look like the angry losers they are.

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  1. alex rae is comedy gold tonight, he has not got a clue of anything he is talking about,

  2. So any of the media or Independant Enquiry Brigade


    Thanked FtSPFL for having conducted such ?


    And issueing their findings



    Just curious

  3. Pretty sure I heard Alex Rae in the background earlier referring to something as “a bit of a damp squid”!

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The huns love the old War Veterans, but canny see Captain Tom getting invited to Poundland anytime soon

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 24TH APRIL 2020 4:00 PM


    Karyn McCluskey was my Boss at Strathclyde Police from 2002 to 2007. I worked for her at the Violence Reduction Unit. She has no interest in football and is as by the book person you will ever meet.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. Jobo



    You did indeed



    These radio shows are trying to keep pulling in audiences and using people out of their depth….and the hun caller who sounded as if he had climbed 150 stairs before the call.




  7. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Cause I’d tear out the pages


    That I’ve got in these books


    Just to find you some words


    Just to get some reward


    And I’ll show you all the photographs


    That I ever got took


    And I’ll play you old 45’s


    That now mean nothing to me


    And you’re a real gone kid


    And maybe now baby…..



    …..you’ll take part in the CQN quiz in just under 2 hours



    See you all at 9pm



    God Bless all who are suffering in these troubled times. May you find the strength and resolve to continue your battles….







  8. The votes have been made, the spfl and agreed average point determine the winners and losers, if season ends early. Does not matter what happens elsewhere. Any change now would show weak leadership and would clearly ha e legal implications if not fulfilled.



    Sevco are kicking up a stink because they usually win everything off the pitch 🤣 now they are saying they want to play out season because nill and void wont happen. I did not vote for the Tories or brexit and they peddled all sorts of shite and lies, still nothing I can do now that is how it goes sometimes.



    The dutch league table was tight, our is not even close. Dutch TV contract is worth 100 million a year, 5 x the value our current deal and will have different clauses, ties, agreements. We may play the same game but apples and eggs springs to mind.



    My preference is to play the season out when we can so I dont need to listen to the shite about sporting integrity.



    Do find it funny when I hear sevco talking about the limited terms of reference of investigation. I had same issue a few years ago. zombies and zoomers lapped up the fit and kept 10 titles ranger gained from tax evasion.




  9. lets all do the huddle on

    8 league games to play



    will only take 3 weeks to play them whenever its alliowed



    so just do that

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘Rangers ‘ claim this, ‘Rangers’ claim that



    Indeed. ‘Rangers’ also claim to be the same Klub.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Watching the news there,a care home worker in England had a 140 mile round trip for a Covid test,we’re really getting to grips with this now….

  12. Good evening CQN from a balmy Garngad



    That’s balmy not bammy.



    A beautiful day spent with loved ones and friends in 2……. yes 2 back gardens side by side and social distancing at all times.




    All talk about how leagues will be decided is utter baloney, as Governments will decide if or when games will be played and if not a precedent has been set by the SPFL.



    So bring on the 9.



    D. :)

  13. CONNAIRE12 on 24TH APRIL 2020 1:32 PM


    Thank you for this appreciation of a life, Connaire.


    I remember Michael from before his ordination but had not seen him in all his years of illness. He was an exceptionally fine young man. From time to time I’d get bulletins from his cousin, Duncan Berndt, or from his sisters.



    The illness was tragic. Any chronic and debilitating illness is. But Michael was so full of promise and, it seemed, fated to do nothing but good for others.


    Requiescat in Pace.

  14. Based on what I and most peeps know. SPL ls staring admin for clubs ..every one



    But excuses for goin down will be used



    This is serious , we need to get SPFL to engage wth gov & sort….





  15. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    A magnificent 7 mins to quiz kick off

  16. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Good evening folks



    Welcome to another Friday nite fitba quiz with 5 rounds of all things Celtic. Hopefully you have all disabled javascript, obviously temporarily for the duration of the quiz. A beautiful Sunny day ( couped up indoors) and why not finish it off with a wee bit of Celtic nostalgia.



    SFTB going for 3IAR.



    Everybody welcome to join in or just lurk. Remember you are permitted just one submission of answers per round.



    Firstly, I would ask you to have in your thoughts and prayers those around us that need our support and help at this very difficult time. If you have space for an extra prayer tonight, please point it towards CQNers and their families. There are a few in need of our support for a variety of reasons at the mo.



    Round 1 follows shortly.



    HH and good luck




  17. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Round 1: If you know Your Celtic History


    ( 1 point for each question answered correctly. If you are the first person to answer a question correctly then you get a bonus point. Only your first guess will count)



    1 Which Celtic player was incredibly likened to Roberto Baggio when he broke through in the late 1980s?



    2 What was introduced at Celtic Park in 1985( A seated jungle, A fully covered Celtic end, undersoil heating, or an electronic scoreboard)?



    3 Which midfielder made 21 appearances from the bench in 2003/4 season?



    4 Other than Lubo, who was the other Slovakian to play for Celtic?



    5 Who Captained Celtic during Danny McGrain’s long spell out in 1970?



    6 How many teams has Celtic played on Christmas day(0.2, 5, 10, 15)?



    7 Did John Hartson win over 50 caps for Wales ( Yes or No)?

  18. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    6. should read games not teams…flipping heck!!!

  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    You can tell I wrote most of the quiz tonight after dinner :-(

  20. 1 Stevie Fulton


    2 fully covered Celtic end


    3 thompson?


    4 cannae remember, big centre half with blonde hair, mid 2000s


    5 cannae remember, before my time


    6 5


    7 aye total guess



    Bedtime beckons…

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Steve Fulton


    A seated Jungle


    Ross Wallace


    Stan Varga


    Andy Lynch





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