Spineless, unacceptable attack on Celtic fans


Your reputation was dragged into the mud by Social Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf, MSP,on Twitter this morning.  He wrote:

“On upcoming Celtic Vs Rangers match, we need clear messaging from everyone that fans must stay at home. If Police intelligence tells us, despite clear messaging, that groups of fans are going to gather to square off with each other, we need to consider if game should be postponed.”

“If Police intelligence tells us groups of fans are going to square off with each other” is his technique of throwing the blanket of blame over Celtic fans to prevent him addressing the threat of further social unrest head on.  He feels safe saying adding “Celtic” instead of calling out the true problem.  It is as spineless as it is unacceptable.

Be clear: there are absolutely no plans to postpone this game and there is no police intelligence that fans will square off.  None.  What there is, is a significant threat that the problems of last weekend are repeated on 21 March.  As far as this SNP government is concerned, we dare not speak that problem’s name.

This has nothing to do with Celtic and nothing to do with Celtic fans but your government is happy to trash the reputation of both.  He is toying with the reputation of the innocent and the occasionally vulnerable young.  If a Celtic lad turned up wearing lipstick Yousaf’s head would explode.

A lead in the polls does not permit you a free kick at Celtic fans.  Social Justice Minister, give me strength, you are contemptible.


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  1. DAVID66 on 14TH MARCH 2021 7:35 AM


    Big Jimmy – How are you and wee Rocky?




    Im not great as my Back and Legs have just about given up due to sitting about the hoose all day since last October. It can be very painful at times when I try to walk or lift anything I do try and wlk to my local shop once a week about 40/50 yards away, but I am in quite a bit of pain, and out of breath etc.


    Although I am sure I will be okay lifting many Pints of Beer when/IF the Pubs reopen ? Maybe the Huns behaviour last week has caused further delay in Lock Down being eased. ?



    The Rocky Bhoy is okay, as he still gets his Insulin Jags every day. Thanks for asking about him, hes my best Pal.


    This is one of my Favourite weeks of the year with Cheltenham Racing being on TV for 4 Days.


    Ive already got about 12 Ante Post Bets on with my Bookie, but I will also have separate Bets on for each day.


    I hope that you and the family are all good ?


    Looking forward to hopefully meeting up for a good Swally ASAP !


    Stay safe Davie mate.



  2. DAVID66 on 14TH MARCH 2021 7:43 AM


    Sorry what I meant to say was if Strathclydes finest used the same tactics as the real Police in London used at the start of the gathering last week then it would not have escalated to thousands.




    I agree 100% Mate.


    The Polis were ONLY expected to UPHOLD the Law…obviously that was too much to ask.




  3. david66



    The Met’s handling of the Clapham Common vigil was a complete and utter disgrace, from outlawing it in the first instance and then physically disrupting what, in effect, was an outdoor protest by women against femicide. The images of male police officers manhandling and subduing a young woman to the ground at a time when one of their own has been charged with the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard will live on in memory and not in a good way. I personally would not conflate a justified protest in London with the events of George Square last week.

  4. BIG JIMMY on 14TH MARCH 2021 8:50 AM


    “R.I.P. Murray Walker.


    Im trying to imagine what kind of Speed his Hearse will be going at ”



    :))))))))))))))))))))))) por cierto.

  5. Celtic Mac – Agreed re Clapham.



    The point I was trying to make was that Scottish police should have dispersed a gathering early on last week and it would have quashed thousands from gathering and if it had to resort to the same type of policing as in Clapham common then so be it.



    I think I made it quite clear that the policing of Clapham was wrong.



    D :)

  6. I dont know how clear I can be guys for such an event last night the policing was disgusting.



    For the event last week the policing was disgusting.



    I hope that is clear



    D :)

  7. Sorry if I never made my point very well.



    Must dash, she who must be obeyed wants to go to shops.



    I am to good to her.😂



    D :)

  8. The Police were asked to have a socially distanced Covid safe vigil at Clapham last night, they refused , that decision requires to be examined.


    Last week at Ibrox George Square and Im sure in other places a Police plan was in place, it was expected that people would attempt to gather, what was the plan as it looks like it was to facilitate as many people as possible being in the same place with a complete disregard of Covid rules?


    This plan also requires examination, Sutherland the Chief Superintendent in charge of it has disappered probably until the next time, Police Scotland failed to uphold the law for many many hours last Saturday and Sunday yet 28 arrests.


    Now we have a campaign warning people not to break the law.

  9. Big G



    Wow, you sound like a bitter man, hope you don’t need them to save your life one day, the greedy, self serving bar stewards that they are!



    Top trolling though, not!



    HAIL HAIL the Celts are here, what the hell do we care, what the hell do we care…..

  10. BIG JIMMY on 14TH MARCH 2021 8:50 AM









    What was it Big D said that you found objectionable?

  11. Morning all.



    I was mentioning thon Debate Night programme the other day. I was disgusted by the host, Stephen Jardine, doing his best to equate us with the deid team’s follow followers. I was given the impression on here that he didn’t get away with it. But he went almost immediately to one of them in the audience, who thanked him for doing just that. Then, he invited another member of the audience to add his tupppence worth. He too reckoned we were every bit as bad.



    BBC Scotland at its very worst, imo.

  12. Any else get the impression that some create second monikers with opposing views to theirs in order to artificially create an opportunity to project their political views? Or worse, there’s a co-ordinated effort.



    If we can pursuade Celtic supporters that those who oppose us are brit tories then we can emotionally blackmail them to vote for us.



    Where as- those asking questions, (like me) are left leaning, Catholic, Irish descent who are passionate about equality.



    I know I bite (and shouldn’t).



    Why do we get so many Union like trolls, they know they are never going to pursuade Celtic supporters. But immediately gives opportunity for response or retort often by some who never or rarely post about Celtic.



    Anyway just an observation or theory but reckon it will be ramped up in the next few weeks as it tends to on here at election time.

  13. fourstonecoppi 'Still standing for NFL' and Scottish Independence on

    BIG G on 14TH MARCH 2021 12:29 AM



    WTF are you serious?

  14. Martim, thurs a few wee sleekits right enough……………



    They can talk to thumsels as it is relatively easy to set up a number of accounts with differing emails.



    With even a cursory look around Bhlog Celtica you can see the phoney baloney pattern of some character inventions.

  15. MARTIM1980 on 14TH MARCH 2021 9:54 AM




    ‘Or worse, there’s a co-ordinated effort.’








    You should have been on here during the referendum campaign. There was an influx of new posters, all cult supporters working from the same briefing notes.

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 14TH MARCH 2021 9:53 AM



    I once had a conversation with an English woman who had just arrived as a commissioner at BBC Scotland and she’d been told by her new colleagues that calling a sevco fan a hun was the same (or worse) as calling a black person the N word. I set her straight but it shows the sort of mentality there.

  17. They always git fun ooooot tho’…..



    They can’t help thumsels.



    IMO, i’m not sure what they despise more – Celtic or just This Dear Green Place.




  18. FT- been deep rooted for years, yet we were told on these pages ,that a lot of good people work there…

  19. MARTIM1980



    There’s no point in discussing anything political on here as everybody is so entrenched in their views, no matter what side of the political spectrum they’re coming from, por cierto.

  20. Frank – I had a horrible conversation with a Shortie complaints dept person, which If memory serves me right, was actually based in the North Of Ireland – a lassie. She was fantastic at that corporate passive aggressive speak. If I remember I was complaining about some piece where Chris McLaughlin, was having to comment on hundom in Europe ( I think) and in the background the hordes were upto thur knees etc etc………..



    She listened without hearing and spoke without answering – flawless handling and deflection, she’s probably been promoted.



    As I was not a UK resident she delighted in rebuffing my complaint without dealing with the subject matter.



    As much as I rail against the scoddish guff, I’m a Glaswegian and Bankie and the national broadcaster ( football dept) is a disgrace – while we can bhoycott the ither commercial entities, Shortie should never be left off the hook, imo.

  21. Saturday 14th March 1981





    Again, another uneventful somewhat boring day. My weight is 58.25 kgs, and no medical complaints. I read the papers, which are full of trash.


    Tonight’s tea was pie and beans, and although hunger may fuel my imagination (it looked a powerful-sized meal), I don’t exaggerate: the beans were nearly falling off the plate. If I said this all the time to the lads, they would worry about me, but I’m all right.



    It was inviting (I’m human too) and I was glad to see it leave the cell. Never would I have touched it, but it was a starving nuisance. Ha! My God, if it had have attacked, I’d have fled.



    I was going to write about a few things I had in my head but they’ll wait. I am looking forward to the brief company of all the lads at Mass tomorrow. You never know when it could be the last time that you may ever see them again.



    I smoked some cigarettes today. We still defeat them in this sphere. If the Screws only knew the half of it; the ingenuity of the POW is something amazing. The worse the situation the greater the ingenuity. Someday it may all be revealed.



    On a personal note, Liam Og (the pseudonym for Bobby Sands’ Republican Movement contact on the outside), I just thought I’d take this opportunity tonight of saying to your good hard-working self that I admire you all out there and the unselfish work that you all do and have done in the past, not just for the H-Blocks and Armagh, but for the struggle in general.



    I have always taken a lesson from something that was told me by a sound man, that is, that everyone, Republican or otherwise, has his own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small, no one is too old or too young to do something.



    There is that much to be done that no select or small portion of people can do, only the greater mass of the Irish nation will ensure the achievement of the Socialist Republic, and that can only be done by hard work and sacrifice.



    So, mo chara, for what it’s worth, I would like to thank you all for what you have done and I hope many others follow your example, and I’m deeply proud to have known you all and prouder still to call you comrades and friends.



    On a closing note, I’ve noticed the Screws have been really slamming the cell doors today, in particular my own. Perhaps a good indication of the mentality of these people, always vindictive, always full of hate. I’m glad to say that I am not like that.



    Well, I must go to rest up as I found it tiring trying to comb my hair today after a bath.



    So venceremos, beidh bua againn eigin la eigin. Sealadaigh abu.



    (Translated, this reads as follows:)



    So venceremos, we will be victorious someday. Up the Provos.

  22. Bada



    I remember that too, I’ve never heard anything that suggests that to be the case.


    Even the fulla who did the Liquidation story ended up pulling up short………..

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    And P67 regularly features with them. Britain’s Bigotry Ceespit/Clan/Cult/Company/conglomerate etc (delete where appropriate or add something more fitting)

  24. Abuse of emergency powers was always on the cards.



    Perhaps we’re not paranoid enough.

  25. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just another of my very rare posts now to let the real Celtic


    supporters on here know how things are down here in Sunny Oz.


    Our Celtic club on the Mornington peninsula is thriving in our crazy


    Irish family owned pub THE DUBLINER .


    Paddys day coming up this Sunday and as usual fully booked, maybe


    supporting Celtic is a bit more than just winning trophies or being better


    than the Bilious Bigotted, Blowhards.


    Feel for all you boys/ghirls back home putting up with that sh*t, still no


    ugly huns raised their putrid heads here, but we’re always alert lol.


    Celtic forever, One night in Lisbon doesn’t make you a Tim.


    H.H. Mick

  26. Food for thought :



    Just been speaking to a couple of my Middlesbrough workmates, who are season tickets.



    This season they have been watching a link for all home games and any mid-week games the Boro are playing.


    They recently received E mails from the club stating that they will not have to pay a penny for next seasons ST’S.