Spineless, unacceptable attack on Celtic fans


Your reputation was dragged into the mud by Social Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf, MSP,on Twitter this morning.  He wrote:

“On upcoming Celtic Vs Rangers match, we need clear messaging from everyone that fans must stay at home. If Police intelligence tells us, despite clear messaging, that groups of fans are going to gather to square off with each other, we need to consider if game should be postponed.”

“If Police intelligence tells us groups of fans are going to square off with each other” is his technique of throwing the blanket of blame over Celtic fans to prevent him addressing the threat of further social unrest head on.  He feels safe saying adding “Celtic” instead of calling out the true problem.  It is as spineless as it is unacceptable.

Be clear: there are absolutely no plans to postpone this game and there is no police intelligence that fans will square off.  None.  What there is, is a significant threat that the problems of last weekend are repeated on 21 March.  As far as this SNP government is concerned, we dare not speak that problem’s name.

This has nothing to do with Celtic and nothing to do with Celtic fans but your government is happy to trash the reputation of both.  He is toying with the reputation of the innocent and the occasionally vulnerable young.  If a Celtic lad turned up wearing lipstick Yousaf’s head would explode.

A lead in the polls does not permit you a free kick at Celtic fans.  Social Justice Minister, give me strength, you are contemptible.


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  1. get you specs on, although hopefully when you open the picture it allows you to enlarge in, Paradise is right on the bottom, near the centre which has the triangle of the railways sidings









    An aerial photograph of Alexandra Park and surrounding areas in the East End, taken in January 1959 by the RAF. The snow-covered open spaces of the park stand out clearly from the surrounding tenements and vast industrial production plants.



    Dennistoun, laid out as a middle class suburb in the 19th century, lies to the south-west of the park and the post-1919 council housing estates of Riddrie and Carntyne to the east. Directly south of the park is Haghill, separated from Camlachie by Duke Street which runs west to east and becomes Shettleston Road near the football stadium on the right.



    The Eastern Necropolis lies in the bottom right corner. To the north of it is the vast Parkhead Forge, founded in the 1830s and greatly extended by William Beardmore & Co before its demolition in the 1970s, to be replaced with the East End’s largest shopping centre. To the south of the cemetery is Celtic Park, home of Glasgow Celtic FC and affectionately known as “Paradise” to its supporters.



    Reference: 153

  2. squire danaher on

    JACKIEMAC on 13TH MARCH 2021 5:48 PM



    I believe the Hun statement is what is known as a Squirrel.



    Surprised it took them until Friday.

  3. JACKIEMAC on 13TH MARCH 2021 5:48 PM


    hu* alert














    ‘The Ibrox club have joined them after taking “time to consider” the findings.’







    odd statement








    And difficult to reconcile with the current ‘club’s’ previous pronouncement on matters…..




    ‘A former youth footballer who says he was sexually abused by a Rangers coach has been told by the club he should pursue his complaint with liquidators.



    The man claims he was abused within the Ibrox stadium by Gordon Neely who was head of youth development in the 1980s.



    But the alleged victim has been told by lawyers for Rangers that the duty of care is not with the current owners.



    They said that when the abuse took place Rangers were owned by a different company which was now in liquidation.



    The man, who is in his 40s, was offered help in accessing counselling services, but no apology was made in correspondence from the club’s lawyers.’






    It’s worth remembering though that Neely didn’t work for ‘the club’. He worked for a limited company. That’s because there was no such legal entity as ‘the club’, to employ anyone, there was only a limited company, and when that limited company was liquidated ‘the club’ was too.



    It tells you a lot about Scoddish society, and Scoddish public life, that it’s more acceptable to promote a lie than to tell the truth where certain vested interests are involved.

  4. Those morons last week at the square are not the brightest.



    Facebook pages are littered with images of them with no masks on.



    Employers could have a field day or a duty of care to other staff.



    Mmmmmmmm a dilemma



    D :)

  5. Paul The Spark on

    I don’t like trying to score points with the Huns statement but they actually apologise for the abuse of young boys in Scottish football but never accept any responsibility themselves.

  6. If anyone’s squeamish about what thur called, just see the recent exploits at The Toilet Block and thur


    antics up an’ doon thur Queen’s Highway………….



    Huns then, huns noo, huns forever.



    ( Unless of course, they chose to own their issues and mend their ways).

  7. PTS………..






    And no-one in the meeja challenged the reality of the statement. Awful.

  8. in time, some placeman in the meeja will casually comment that


    they have in-fact apologised and then that will be reported / quoted as fact………………..

  9. Huns are allowed to observe the subtleties and nuances…….that no-one else is.



    We are talking abooot Degrees.













    Have we ?





    Celtic are currently being sued. Insurers are involved. Apologies aren’t possible in those circumstances.



    The reason that the current huns can issue an apology is that they have no legal connection to the organisation that would be sued by Neely’s victims, ie the liquidated club.

  11. ST STIVS



    I lived in Alexandra Parade when I was in my early twenty’s.



    Happiest time of my young life!



    Loads of wonderful memories and of wonderful friends, including BORGO67 and his family.



    I also played football for Dennistoun Waverley. Another fantastic experience!













    Thanks. Surely that opens up a bigger can ‘o worms ?






    It should do, but it won’t.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ‘ one of the biggest games of Ancelotti’s career ‘


    Jamie Carragher



    Everton v Man City FA Cup quarter final……..geez peace

  14. MARTIM1980 on 13TH MARCH 2021 12:19 PM


    Same stuff said from yrs ago, repeating JF blogger jealousy of PL.







    It’s almost as if some are revelling in our failure this year just to feel validated over their hatred of PL.







    “If I was in Charge…..”




    If any if those who know best were in charge in last 15 years we’d be heavily in debt, with no commercial future.



    None one feckin’ business plan have I seen from any who moan day in day out.




    I don’t hate PL and I could post all the evidence to justify it if I wanted to but hate corrodes from the inside



    However leaving his disingenuousness aside, I am highly critical of not creating a Plan B using the situation in 2012 to introduce domestic FFP as a condition for accepting the 5 Way agreement along with other measures.



    Now I’m probably personally wed by the fact that domestic FFP and other measures were put to him by myself in June 2011 by drawing his attention to this blog






    which he noted but does not appear to have pursued as a Plan A never mind a Plan B.



    All the factors that put Plan A at risk are addressed in the reforms proposed but would have taken hard work and dare I say it courage to see adopted as well as totally undermining Rangers debt driven model, ,so we took the low road in 2012 and accepted an Agreement that arguably has turned Scottish football into a franchise like McDonalds only selling hateburgers.



    Given the loving reasons why Celtic’s were brought into existence, which appears to have been lost, we are better than this surely ?

  15. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Reclaim these streets;


    Jeane Freeman has warned any vigil in a public place would go against coronations restrictions…………but only last week….



  16. Now that there is a clear upsurge in cases in Glasgow- inevitably linked to the behaviour of ‘the peepul’ I would suggest that this variant is referred to as SEVCOVID!

  17. ERNIE LYNCH on 13TH MARCH 2021 6:05 PM



    See this previous owner crap? It was created by The 5 Way Agreement. The one UEFA never were involved in so how do we know it is legit in football regulation terms? How does it justify Rangers not being responsible for child abuse under their badge?



    The genesis of the 5WA creation is now a blog on SFM Monitor






    which delves into what that Agreement has allowed in for example the LNS Decision where his Lordship ventriloquized how the SPL saw a club.



    The 5 Way Agreement that not even Celtic thought to ask if UEFA had been consulted.



    If there is not a term UEFAphobia I am going to copyright it .



    It means fear of having UEFA look too closely at Scottish football, first noticeable at the Celtic 2013 AGM when Res12 adjourned to allow investigations with the SFA that it turns out The 5 Way Agreement brought to a shuddering halt…..



    The 5 Way Agreement reminds me of a boil about to burst unless someone has the sense to lance it.

  18. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    This is what it is, accurately and succinctly put by Mursheen.


    We were the turkeys who actually DID vote for Christmas.



    2012 was our chance to de-yoke us forever from the Old Firm crap, and position us as Scotland’s first European-based club. It was there!



    We chose instead to ignore that glaring opportunity. Instead, we gave an umbilical to the freak show playing out of Ibrox, and opted to stay in the kailyard, scrabbling with them over who gets to eat the worms.



    So here we are. All my life I’ve hated the Old Firm label, really hated us being associated with that vile, racist thug culture, for obvious reasons, but seeing my own club colluding in keeping them alive has pushed me over the edge.



    I’ll never stop loving Celtic because Celtic is my team. Met Mr Stein once; I couldn’t speak. Eyes like bin-lids.


    Bertie Auld and Stevie Chalmers visited my primary school in 1967 – St Ninians Knightswood – and brought the European Cup, and they let me touch it.



    I wonder what Mr Stein would say today.







    MURSHEEN on 12TH MARCH 2021 3:11 PM


    i think some posters are missing the elephant in the room. we deliberately hitched ourselves to the hun resurrection and old firmism in 2012 to the detriment of where the real money lay, Europe. The huns knew it was just a matter of time before all their different ways of cheating bore fruit and the celtic board were so compromised they were effectively silenced and up to this moment in time still are. It was a hugely wrong headed business decision and no doubt instigated by DD wish to enter the english league.PL was massively compensated for taking that course and that is why we need to try to get back to being our own club and make a statement coming clean and put it behind us.

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