Spineless, unacceptable attack on Celtic fans


Your reputation was dragged into the mud by Social Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf, MSP,on Twitter this morning.  He wrote:

“On upcoming Celtic Vs Rangers match, we need clear messaging from everyone that fans must stay at home. If Police intelligence tells us, despite clear messaging, that groups of fans are going to gather to square off with each other, we need to consider if game should be postponed.”

“If Police intelligence tells us groups of fans are going to square off with each other” is his technique of throwing the blanket of blame over Celtic fans to prevent him addressing the threat of further social unrest head on.  He feels safe saying adding “Celtic” instead of calling out the true problem.  It is as spineless as it is unacceptable.

Be clear: there are absolutely no plans to postpone this game and there is no police intelligence that fans will square off.  None.  What there is, is a significant threat that the problems of last weekend are repeated on 21 March.  As far as this SNP government is concerned, we dare not speak that problem’s name.

This has nothing to do with Celtic and nothing to do with Celtic fans but your government is happy to trash the reputation of both.  He is toying with the reputation of the innocent and the occasionally vulnerable young.  If a Celtic lad turned up wearing lipstick Yousaf’s head would explode.

A lead in the polls does not permit you a free kick at Celtic fans.  Social Justice Minister, give me strength, you are contemptible.


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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH MARCH 2021 6:42 PM



    ‘ one of the biggest games of Ancelotti’s career ‘




    Jamie Carragher



    Everton v Man City FA Cup quarter final……..geez peace




    To be fair, I thought he said one of the biggest games of his Everton career which would make more sense.

  2. wish I had trademarked the phrase “Edwardian Toilet Block”, when i first used it, i could be flush by now.

  3. MARTIM1980 on 13TH MARCH 2021 12:14 PM


    Latchford, I think Celtic have quite well given the corruption in Scotland and the top to bottom racism and bigotry put upon us.



    Is it beyond you to think, just for a minute, that our CEO and the Board faced and fought against the corruption(because they are on Celtic FC’s Board and actually moved our status in the Scottish game forward.





    I would find the idea they Celtic really fought against corruption easier to believe if words had been followed up by action. Evidence that strongly suggested Celtic had lost the CL place in 2011 as result of a license being granted to Rangers by false pretense was not only not taken informally to UEFA by Celtic to confirm or reject in August 2018 following a neutral witnessed meeting and later refused to be used at a meeting in 2019 with requisitioners, the justification for Celtic voting down the Resolution numbered 12 at the 2019 AGM to take case to UEFA as SFA could not complete , totally ignored events at the grant period in spite of Celtic AND the SFA having the evidence. Denying sight of the 5 Way was not the only disingenuous act at the 2019 AGM. The last straw for informed shareholders.



    Indeed that evidence was formally delivered to SFA in June 2018 and in July Rangers objected to SFA proceeding using the CAS referral clause in 5 Way as the reason.



    Nothing to do with both SFA and Rangers being “fun oot”. Rangers were always going to vigorously deny the charges of May 2018 caused according to them by people bent on damaging Scottish football (Celtic shareholders to you and I.)



    I will not go into Celtic’s failure to challenge the LNS Commission by other inaction on the part of Eric Riley but the reasons for believing Celtic tried to take on corruption but failed simply does not stand up and to great dismay suggest the opposite.

  4. There was/is no football club that encouraged, or, condoned, abuse, whether sexual, or, physical, but there was a macho bullying culture in most sporting, commercial & industrial organisations for more years than we’d all care to remember.



    Most of this abuse was swept ‘under the carpet’ by management, and what little made it into the public domain was largely ignored by the media.



    Of course sexual abuse was perpetrated by individuals, or, groups thereof, conspiring together to satisfy their obsessions. Youth organisations & organisations with a youth arm we ‘easy pickings’ for these perverts.



    Times were different – an observation, not an excuse; however as we uncover & prosecute the guilty, the problem our club & others grapple with is a series of alleged cover-ups by decent people associated with clubs, who may have mistakenly believed that they were doing the right thing in ‘hushing’ things up.



    Those who make capital by malicious highlighting and finger-pointing, are no better than the ‘trash’ who committed, or, facilitated these heinous deeds.







    ThAnks for the post. I will now takd more interest in this.








    I just wish everyone would and come up with a different conclusion. I can take being proved wrong a lot more than I can take being lied to.

  6. JHB on 13TH MARCH 2021 7:42 PM



    Absolutely. Weaponising others’ pain is as despicable an action as those that caused it in the first place.



    This is what it is, accurately and succinctly put by Mursheen.





    We were the turkeys who actually DID vote for Christmas.





    That is the conclusion drawn from the narrative formed after going through the Res12 Archive at http://www.res12.uk



    Well it’s the one I eventually arrived at.



    I well understand Celtic found themselves between a rock and a hard place but arguably they put themselves there and at the very least should have taken measures to ensure they would not find themselves in that position again.

  8. looking forward to the match tomorrow – keep laxalt on , 2 up front and have a go. Hopefully, we’ll get a first half goal

  9. Jackiemac – You on the 🍻🍻🍻 or the 🥂🥂🥂 or the 🍾🍾🍾 or the 🍷🍸🍷



    D :)

  10. Jamsie to start next week for sure.



    He is due a good game against thems.



    D :)

  11. jackiemac on 13th March 2021 5:48 pm



    hu* alert






    ‘The Ibrox club have joined them after taking “time to consider” the findings.’



    odd statement





    They chose to exploit a human tragedy when it suited. Anyone with half a brain knows that it is a problem that affects all parts of society, and they all have to address it. Old Rankers, new Rankers – FACE UP TO IT!

  12. jackiemac on 13th March 2021 8:44 pm



    JF to start ? any thoughts





    Personally, love him. Not match fit?

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    To observe that post-2012 Celtic decided to accept a rigged game ‘seems to me a matter of fact, not opinion. Unless anyone on here, in the face of all available evidence, believes the game in this country is clean?



    Thereafter I accept discerning motives for this strategy takes us into the realms of conjecture. Some seem to argue we had no choice. I argue we made a deliberate choice that served the interests of some (not the fans).



    We had considerable leverage around their reincarnation, including FFP rules. Why didn’t we use it? I find it hard to believe it was because the club considered itself too weak to asset itself.



    As for the political chat on here. I wouldn’t place too much faith in any politician. They pretty much all have feet of clay and that certainly applies to the populist in Bute House. Her one selling point is she’s not a bumptious little Englander member of the Tory ruling class.

  14. Scullybhoy



    I don’t think John Kennedy is unwitting about what is going on.



    The club was told that the price for having the game allowed to go on was that spokespeople from both clubs had to be seen to make strenuous efforts to dissuade fans from gathering.



    That is all JK did. He did not trash the fans. He did not say it was likely they would cause trouble and he did not apportion any responsbility on our fans for what happened last week. He has not used Bankier type language.



    There will be a few more announcements during the week and then the game will go ahead and any fans who show up will be dispersed anf told their clubs don’t want them there.



    This stuff is really small beer. What is objectionable is the Police visiting fans personally to wrn them off attending. I do not thinl Scotland is a Police State but there is a strrong commitment to Authoritarian rule an recourse to legal measures as opposed to education and enlightenmnent.



    I would like to see a few more of the Yes side call that out before it gets any more entrenched.

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    One final observation for the night. You can’t appease the fascist mob. You give them an inch they’ll take a thousand miles. That’s what we’re now enduring.



    Biden needs to learn that lesson too. Failure to take proactive steps to secure minority voting rights and the fascist mob will be back to take over in 2024.



    Our huns are their Trumpists.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    much being said about james forrest’s recent return to ‘fitness’



    as if he could maybe be our saviour



    some folk couldnt have been watching closely enough in recent years



    we are in this state to a large extent because of our obsession with filling our team with wee lightweight scottish players who fall over when the wind changes direction



    forrest mcgregor mikey christie etc etc



    i would punt them all



    hopefully the new manager changes that philosophy



    can we not fill our team with french or portugese or spanish youngsters instead?

  17. off the swally for lent david66 – but I’m off me mongers on dihydrocodeine -painkiller. I’m having a shoulder op later in the year

  18. JACKIEMAC on 13TH MARCH 2021 8:16 PM







    what was the probability o’that happenin? 😊







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